Tea Party Patriots launch new super-PAC

by Alexandra Jaffe - The Hill
February 4, 2014

Tea Party Patriots, a prominent national group, is launching a super-PAC to engage heavily in Senate races and plans to target at least three Republican incumbents.

Jenny Beth Martin, the group’s president, highlighted Senate races in South Carolina, where Sen. Lindsey Graham faces four primary challengers; Kentucky, where Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is facing a challenge from businessman Matt Bevin; and Mississippi, where Sen. Thad Cochran is facing a challenge from state Sen. Chris McDaniel, as priorities for the political action committee.

“We are currently huddling with activists on the ground in South Carolina looking for an alternative to Senator Lindsay Graham, and in Kentucky, where many have lost faith in the Senate Minority Leader,” she said in a statement. “We will be expanding the mission into the Mississippi, Nebraska, Louisiana, Arkansas and North Carolina Senate races shortly.”

The open Senate race in Nebraska features five Republicans running in the primary, while Democratic senators in Louisiana, Arkansas and North Carolina are top Republican targets in 2014.

The super-PAC, and others from the same conservative wing of the party, could complicate Republican chances of picking up some of those seats, however.

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  • modernminuteman says:

    I see very little difference in the Rino’s listed in the article and the progressive democrats. It is time to replace these fake conservatives!

  • Jrmags says:

    I would think the money would be better spent defeating democrats!

    1. BH says:

      That’s step two.

      1. Jrmags says:

        I would think they learned their lesson in Nevada when they gave Reid the election, not to mention Missouri or Indiana … there’s a risk when you unseat an incumbent … we all know incumbents have an advantage over newcomers.

        Always keep your eye on the real enemy and never over reach! I can see the zealots snatching defeat from the jaws of victory yet again!

        History has a habit of repeating itself if you don’t pay attention!

        1. BH says:

          Well, you see that’s where you have been listening to the establishment Republicans too much. Those elections were not lost because of the more conservative candidate. They were lost because the “establishment” Republicans were mad their guy lost and decided that it would be their man or nothing. Often they not only failed to support the GOP candidate but actively worked against the candidate. Some of these older guys think they are entitled to the position, whether they are doing the people’s will or not.remember the 2008 and 2012 presidential races when conservatives were told to back the candidate for the good of the party? Sometimes they establishment people need to do the same.

          1. Jrmags says:

            Attacking incumbents because you wish to replace them and then blaming them for your failure to do so, sounds too much like democrats. I shouldn’t have to point out that democrats love republican infighting, they actually encourage it and they probably come on here to help it along. I’ve never been a registered republican, but I’d like to see them quit shooting themselves in the foot before the race even starts.

            I’d say voting your ideology is a losing proposition for the country, it will keep the present administrations flawed ideology in power for that much longer!

          2. BH says:

            With your way of thinking, once a Republican gets in, it doesn’t matter how he votes. I would rather knock him out in the primary, then hope the other people will go along with the non-liberal. Why should I be required to vote for the lesser of two evils all the time? My theory is that you battle it out in the primary (or caucus) and then come together in the general election. Why can’t establishment GOPers do that? Do they think they are too elite to vote for a real conservative? Karl Rove lost the election in Delaware and Nevada by convincing establishment people not to support them.

          3. Jrmags says:

            Please don’t keep making those statements like a liberal democrat, by telling me about my way of thinking or that I listen to the republican leadership. What I know at this moment in time, is that, this country is at a crossroads and to attack your own incumbents especially when you need to elect more Senators from your party … that is not a very smart strategy going into an election. You sound like you have decided to follow your ideology of supporting strong conservatives … I don’t have a problem with that … but, when you are in a war you don’t ask your fellow soldiers how patriotic they are, you fight the battles with all your fellow soldiers to try to win the war, if you have to give everyone a litmus test then you’re going to fracture the core moral of the unit and surely lose the war! The republican party should be a big tent that all views can be heard,

          4. BH says:

            To follow your war analogy, would you support your fellow soldiers if they were constantly shooting other soldiers in the back on purpose? That’s what some of these guys are doing. If they are not voting constantly as a conservative, they are a part of the problem. And as to views being heard, the Tea Party members are being shut out by the establishment.

          5. Jrmags says:

            Okay that’s it for me no more kicking this dead horse, so this is my last comment .. shooting them in the back … really? Besides who says all republican Senators and Congressmen and women need to be tea party republicans. The tea party had a very good grass roots beginning, but something went awfully awry during their on stage performance. They need to reboot before the republican party self implodes.

          6. BH says:

            I assumed you would get the comparison to “shooting in the back”. Too many of the “established” Republicans will, on critical bills, vote in a way that is a “compromise” that undercuts the conservative principles they should be defending. They seemingly are too worried about upsetting their friends on the other side of the isle. Some of them would make better Dems than Republicans. But, have a good day.

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