Ted Cruz Will Be Knocked Out of Race By April 26th

by Jim Hoft
April 4, 2016

Based on current delegate counts and poll numbers Ted Cruz will be mathematically unable to reach the delegate count required for him to win the Republican Presidential nomination.

By the end April it will be clear that Ted Cruz has no chance of reaching the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination.

Actually in only 3 weeks, on April 26th, it will be clear that Ted Cruz cannot win.

Currently Cruz has only 463 delegates. Even if Cruz wins Wisconsin, which is a state whose delegates are winner take most (WTM), he still will not have enough delegates to win the election by April 26th.

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  • ohmama says:

    And Trump has only 737 delegates todate. So you are saying he will gain 500 delegates by the end of the month?

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Then it goes to the third party if the GOP leadership is true to form! Change is coming, time to make a new path to the presidency. Go Trump!

  • Ken says says:

    We can only hope this will happen. If it happens who will the Establishment turn to next – they are NOT going to give up Control of both Parties nominees.

  • ADRoberts says:

    Are you a propagandist for Trump. Or maybe you work for the Establishment Republicans. We know that NO ONE will get the 1237 votes. So does the Republican elite, who are determined to eliminate both Cruz and Trump;. This is the downfall of the REpublican Party and maybre America, all because the elite want to eliminate the votes of real conservatives. And I don’t mean votes for the Trojan Horse Trump.
    I stilll have difficulty believing how many people close their eyes and declare how wonderful Trump is WHEN he shows EVERY DAY that he is not real: that he will say ANYTHING to get votes and that IF he ever got elected, he would throw it all over, just like Rubio did when he got in the Senate

    1. Gabino Cuevas says:

      You say 65% of Republicans oppose Trump. But I say 75% of Republicans oppose Cruz using your same rationale. Both are minority candidates that will never draw a majority support. The GOP is too fractured at this point to continue as a viable party anyway. The anti-immigrant nativists have destroyed the future of the party from ever winning national elections down the road. So you’ll have 70% majority Republicans states in the “old south” (take out Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia) and some western states. Everything else will go blue. The Republicans lost Hispanics by a 44% margin in 2012. They lost Asians by more than that. And Blacks by 84% margin! You think there are enough angry white men left to win national elections? We had a chance to consolidate and grow conservatism this election cycle if our base had any brains. But its obvious they only harbor anger. I’ve already left the GOP. Like me, millions more soon.

      1. ohmama says:

        Good luck with Trump winning the general election with only the white male population. Donald Trump has managed to alienate the blacks, hispanics, conservatives, evangelicals, women on both sides of the aisle, and has an unfavorable rating as high as 70%. All of the negative images that the Republican party has been fighting for decades, Donald Trump has brought them all back again.

      2. ADRoberts says:

        We have been fractured for a long time, just like all of the nations of Europe. Too many people who have their own agenda, their own tit on the hog. Their own guy who will take care of them IF he can get into power.
        And this is why great nations have fallen in the past.
        Oh, and don’t forget the millions who refuse to work because they don’t have to. The MILLION who just last year filed for and got DISABILITY.
        Just how many people can draw money from the taxpayers and the nation NOT go under? We are already well past that point.
        And there are just TWO options.
        1. Cut the entitlements to the BONE and cut off all who could work, including most of those who are now on disability. (I know a quadriplegic man who still works at a computer when someone will hire him.)
        2. Watch as the money suddenly becomes worthless and people lose faith in it.. That will be followed by anarchy and a lot of death.

        And that is exactly what the ONE WORLD ORDER people want. You see, they have to create a situation that is SOOOO BAD, that people will in desperation ASK them to take over and take away their rights and freedoms in exchange for a little order and a little food.
        ANd this is the ANTICHRIST.

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Pretty sad commentary but you might be pretty close to the truth. We shall see soon enough.

  • John D Fronk says:

    No one is going to get the 1237 before the convention. So what’s your point?

  • Patriot41 says:

    April is not over yet and delegates have not yet been confirmed for the GOP convention. If Trump does not receive the required number of delegates, then the floor of the convention is still open to all who meet the requirements for the nomination. In politics, never count your chickens until they hatch.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      ANd in the Republican Party, be aware that the elite control the RULES and can make is so that the ONLY person who is qualified by THEIR rules is the guy THEY want.
      I say again. The Establishment Republicans are so determined to have their way that they WILL destroy the entire party to block Cruz and Trump.
      That would be in line with what the Bilderbergs want. Another FOUR years of a liberal criminal Democrat.

      1. Patriot41 says:

        Cannot disagree with you at all. We are witnessing the demise of the grand ole party.

      2. SDofAZ says:

        Their rules are like a moving target. Why play their game? It is time to do something they cannot control. Time for real change folks, time for even a third party. Follow the leader and you will get the same old stale results. Be brave, accept the changing party lines, the dems and GOP are just the same old. If Trump goes third party, why not? What will be gained in this revolution against the party leaders in both parties if we do not support this non politician in his efforts to change this horrid status quo. It is far worse than realized but this election has shed a lot of light on some very shady dealings in both parties, in congress, and in the entire government entity. Ugly, dirty, trashy stuff and it is time to take out the trash.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Agreed. But a very dangerous move as so many are terrified of the “Ross Perot”: effect.
          Once again, there are millions who are saying, “lesser of two evils”.
          God give us the courage to stand and do what is RIGHT.

        2. Reasoned thinker says:

          SDofAZ — I completely agree with you, and I admire you for your forthrightness .

          Go Trump 2016

    2. SDofAZ says:

      And the delegates are where the real game is being played by the establishment right now. This delegate game is the real affront to the voters. That is where the establishment negates the legal constituents vote. Dirty, sneaky, underhanded, despicable, etc.. barely fits the description and that is why the GOP will destroy the party, guaranteed! Again, I have been amazed and horrified at their blatant attempts to control the outcome. Stupid men doing stupid things for greed and to perpetuate their powers. It is time to change this outcome by not staying in the norm. Third party with Trump anyone?

      1. Reasoned thinker says:

        SDofAZ — Here’s another post from you, in which you show your great insight (I mean this, seriously). I’m a long-time Republican (over 50 years) . . . but I have never before been as suspect of the RNC, as I have become in the last three months.

        I realize that I’m much more energized about THIS Presidential election (as I believe MANY other Republicans have) . . . mostly because of Trump, very frankly. I’d certainly hate to see him lose this one, BECAUSE of the despicable, underhanded stuff ORCHESTRATED by the RNC.

        I believe that the internet too (this time), and many postings on topics like these . . . have added to my awareness. I have been frustrated in past years with the seeming ineffectiveness of Republicans to “force” its will on important issues — I’m starting to see now why this has been happening.

        I’ve recently learned (via one of these topical postings) that delegates are permitted LEGALLY to sell their votes . . . thereby being able to “override” the votes made in the primaries in the various states — to me, this is stunning . . . and essentially disenfranchises voters. Anyone have ideas on how this can be fixed?

        Go Trump in 2016.

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