Ted Cruz’s campaign stop in the Bronx is a complete dud

There are more than 1.4 million people in the Bronx — but Ted Cruz couldn’t even muster 100 at a campaign event in Parkchester with state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., a conservative Christian minister.

Cruz visited the Sabrosura Chinese-Dominican restaurant, where Diaz said the presidential candidate could “listen to the social, economic and spiritual needs of our community” while dining with other clergymen on the eatery’s famed fried rice and plantains.

Aside from about 70 ministers affiliated with Diaz, only a dozen voters turned up — and two of them were tossed out after screaming protests about the Texas senator’s hardline stance on immigration.

Two men caused a disturbance at Ted Cruz’s campaign event in the Bronx.Photo: James Messerschmidt
“He is anti-immigrant. He denies climate change. He’s a right-winged bigot and he’s not welcomed here,” said protester Rebel Diaz (no relation to the senator).

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  • Jan Kolacy says:

    Good for them..after the prostitution files were made known ..blows his good Christian man out the window…he is a dirty lying politician…

  • tarbella says:

    I bet many of you haven’t looked into anything about Trump or even Cruz. Your so busy listening, but not researching to find the truth as to what you hear.

    1. BrokedownMarine says:

      Again, WELL SAID! All you have to do is look past the comb-over and you see he’s as phony as his hairdo!

      1. Glenn Trail says:

        Well, Well, Well, I just heard that Ms. Clinton hired you. Guess she thinks you can do a better job running down her foes than she is.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Cruz, a Conservative, shouldn’t even waste his time in liberally biased, progressive cesspool that is New York City. Granted, he’ll lose some delegates, but his base is outside of the Rotten Apple. He’ll do just fine there, better than Trump or Kasich is my guess.

    1. BrokedownMarine says:


  • Nina says:

    Uh oh sounds to me the Bronx likely not going to warm up to the Donald either! Looking for the freebies and illegal alien goodies offered by Killery and Old man Bernie!! Reality will suck for them when they find out they are totally owned by the Marxist govt they intend to create. Will suck for all of us if we allow dumbasses to vote!!

    1. BrokedownMarine says:

      WELL SAID! The city section of the city is sucking the people of Long Island and Upstate NY dry. And the freebies just keep coming and they can’t understand why conservatives are sick and tired of footing the bill for the commie gov, ex-senator, and mayor, quite the trifecta! And Trump funded everyone of them before he has tried passing himself as a Republican, another phoney BS story he has dumped on the folks as OReilley likes to call us. O’Reilley is in the tank for Trump and tries to deny it, another phoney, narsistic, NY blowhard

      1. Nina says:

        I have to tell you this whole election season is sucking right now!! I was liking the whole “outsider” thing. Which I still do, but…… Trump is behaving like a total asshole now. Cruz is getting on my nerves, Kasich can’t stand, Hillary is a damn beast, Bernie is a Marxist, socialist, not that the bitch of Bengazi isn’t but he just says it out loud, and I do not want to give my heard earned $$ to some assholes who sit on the couch all day or come here illegally!! Case closed. Then we have the wonderful RNC who wants to steal the election, and WILL steal it bc they will make new rules the day of the convention!! Studied this convention thing hard and just heard this from one of the morons that help make the rules! Total,bullshit. So basically “We the People” are useless pieces of garbage that mean nothing in the election process. Nothing!!!!

  • gf says:

    Sorry Ted, most of the remaining primaries are closed. The Dems, cannot cross over, to help you. This is where, Donald J. Trump, will bury you.

  • billyrb1 says:

    Changes my perception of New York. I use to have little respect for people of New York but not anymore. They’re smarter people in New York than I realized.

    1. BrokedownMarine says:

      Yet they have sucked up all Trump’s BS. Not that smart!

  • Richard Hennessy says:

    Of course Cruz couldn’t get any support in New York, particularly in the Bronx. It doesn’t matter that Trump may win the Republican primary in New York, but no Republican can carry New York in the general election. Look who they elected as governor. If Trump wins the nomination, he will be another candidate that can’t carry his own state.

    1. andrew says:

      I wouldn’t bet the farm on that if I were you…

      1. BrokedownMarine says:

        I believe Richard has a point. If you look at the Socialists that got elected by the brain dead voters of NY, Clinton, DeBlasio, Cuomo, quite the track record. New York has become the Peoples Republic of California’s Eastern copycat. The poor people of Upstate New York are forced to pay for the government sucking illegals and minorities of the city. SAD!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Everything about the Bronx is a DUD, a place for losers!

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      Losers, like the ill-mannered and scientifically ignorant illegal alien poster child, Rebel Diaz.
      Rebel Without A Brain

  • BrokedownMarine says:

    I find it interesting that this protester thought Ted’s stance on immigration was “anti-immigrant” when just up the road the “biggest Bigot” in the country was giving a speech. Why wasn’t he at Trump’s rally, oh right, they would have given him a “beat down” at Trump’s event! The worst anti-immigrant and biggest anti-woman person that can be imagined is campaigning in NY and you don’t hear a word about his “looks based” value system. If you don’t look like he thinks you should, he will ridicule you! I don’t know why he doesn’t go after “GQ Magazine” they posted his wife’s picture all across the country! He has always been more interested in his “trophy wives” so that he thinks it makes him look better if he has a model for a wife. I hate to tell him that he is still ugly, on the outside and especially on the inside! He is a superficial BS artist who has ruined people’s lives by filing bankruptcy on all the contractors and banks that thought they could trust him, or even the young students (Trump University) that he bilked out of thousands of dollars and continues to screw by forcing them to pay legal fees trying to get their money back. That why he says he “doesn’t settle” because he can outlast them in legal fees trying to get their money back. He is a liar and cheat who enjoys playing the “tough guy” while what he considers to be the “peons” suffer because of him! HE IS A DISGRACE!

    1. kbfallon says:

      IT seems that you have a serious anger issue here…it really must make you feel smart knowing how Trump is holding a commanding lead. You should have been taught some manners.

      1. BrokedownMarine says:

        Are you kidding me? Manners? In what way was I unmannered, I spoke the truth about someone who truly displays a lack of manners. Trump wouldn’t know manners if he was slapped over the head with them! A man who ridicules a woman because he doesn’t think she is pretty enough but married a woman who posed nude for a national magazine. If he didn’t have money he would be lucky to get a homeless woman in NYC to give him the time of day. He’s a lying piece of crap who takes pleasure in screwing over the very “working men and women” that work for him and has the nerve to say he wants to “HELP” the working stiffs. He complains about China but has his Trump line of clothes made in China. His wife has business that uses Chinese labor to make their products. He uses sweat shops in Asia to make his products and screws American’s out of jobs. But remember, he is going to help us!

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      What college do U teach at!

      1. BrokedownMarine says:

        Thank you, at least this old Marine knows HOW to correct misspelled words. Yet, I am being ridiculed because I try to point out how much I detest the most dishonest human being on the planet. At least he (Trump) admits to being as phony as his hair looks and says he will be “presidential” later, right now he’s just a loser who ridicules women that don’t look like he thinks they should! This coming from the king of the combover with a penchant for insults. I just wish the remaining candidates would tell the truth about him. The only one who had the balls to call a con a con was Rubio. But God knows you can’t be insulting to a fragile little man/boy like Trump! Please, people, do a little research on this phony and if you come away with anything short of disgusted, there is something wrong!

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          I read where a guy has said that this could very well be the last President this Country ever has! There’s nothing really running on either side that’ll be good for the country, everything is driven by the NWO scam! But I’m a Cruz man, and just maybe he’ll be a little better than the rest. But if either one of the socialist Dems. get it, it’s over, I just think Cruz can make it last a little longer! It’s just a matter of time before the muslims do their thing anyway, we’ve steadily been set up now for over 7 years!

          1. BrokedownMarine says:

            The reason I will vote for Cruz is because I CAN”T imagine how much damage the phony asshole Trump will do to the Constitution and the freedom of Americans. You give an asshole Narcisist like him a little power and he won’t relinquish it later! I just read where Obummer is going to give illegals SS and Medicare! How can that work because those of us who paid all our lives into SS and they (Congress) have stolen BILLIONS from it over the years and not made ONE effort to pay it back but he is going to give millions to illegals? They should be prosecuted and deported along with all the little illegals they created while here! If you are right and this is the last President, I PRAY that it is not TRUMP! We all need to get on our knees and pray to God to protect America from itself!

          2. Glenn Trail says:

            Let me know how that vote for Cruz works out for you in five years. I bet you voted for oobbaammaa also. Are you sure your marine duties were not on a garbage scowl?

    3. Ken says says:

      Brokedown – yeah you sure are – now that you have had your little Lying Ted type rant – put your head back where it was, the brown ring around your neck is showing. You must be a Bush Troll.

      1. Rocky Scott says:

        Nice going there Ken. Like what you said.

        1. Ken says says:

          Sometimes I have to fight with my fingers to keep them from typing what I would really like to say;<).

      2. BrokedownMarine says:

        VERY GOOD you can spell troll! You and Ricky are also showing off the ignorance by being, how do you say, a TRUMPIST troll. Why can’t you folks use Google and look a little deeper into the history of the man you so ardently support! I am trying to help you from being embarrassed when the Leftist press starts going after Trump’s character flaws and business dealings. He espouses the Trump BBB theory of business BorrowBorrowBankrupt. He’s only done it five times yet he says he’s such a great businessman. I feel sorry for the people he put out of work and the contractors he hired, who bought more equipment and hired more workers because they bought into the Trump BS train and then got stuck with the bill when he went BK on them. He’s a fine example of high character but you guys have blinders on and won’t figure it out until he has his ass handed to him by a loser Democrat or Socialist old man. Wake up and smell the kibble!

        1. Ken says says:

          Hey Broken – the World is probably better off that you don’t go into business – no one would want to hear the whining. Put your head back in its safe place and at election time vote for more of the same or take our Government back from the Establishment.

          We have what is left of a free Country – so choose wisely – it may be the last time we can choose.

          1. BrokedownMarine says:

            I find it funny that you say I should not go into business, interestingly enough I was in business for 40 years and NEVER filed bankruptcy, I never got in the gutter with insults about other men’s wives but you fail to mention that the Leftist press is going to have a field day with his dishonesty and thievery.What whining are you referring to? If people have blinders on, I can’t help stupidity! I am a conservative and I believe in the Constitution. I am a FFL and have a gun business so don’t tell me about being in business. I have no idea what you do but it seems insults are constant amongst the Trumpists and they are just parrots for whatever the guy seems to want them to say. He talks and the Trumpists repeat without taking half a minute to think. SAD!

          2. Ken says says:

            Hillary does not want to face Trump because he is the only candidate that would dump her BS cart. The Establishment needs a RINO (Kasich or Cruz) so they don’t have to worry about losing control of the Government. I’m sure you will be happy with the other 4 Establishment candidates. The agenda the winner will be given will guarantee more of the last 27 years of destruction. Be Happy.

          3. BrokedownMarine says:

            I find it amazing that Trumpists will never accept that he is full of BS just like the liberal (Hillary, Cuomo, DeBlasio) he gave thousands to in contributions.. He basically is accusing everyone else of lying while he diffuses any discussion of how he will implement any one of his preposterous, blowhard policies. I’ll hold my breath while he makes Mexico pay for a wall, I doubt he will get ANY contractor to build the wall, just on his track record of destroying contractors. Who would ever trust him? As soon as you try to discuss the issues with Trumpists they do just like their mentor, and start insulting the messenger and they are incapable of an intelligent conversation because they have no more substance than he. He is just a bag of wind with money.

          4. Ken says says:

            What ever starts you day – put your head back and enjoy your safe space.

    4. Rocky Scott says:

      Than you don’t know the real Trump.

      1. BrokedownMarine says:

        You do?

  • Raul says:

    Why he would visit this communist shit whole is beyond me. If anywhere in NY, I’d be upstate.

  • Phyllis says:

    The people in the Bronx are smart enough to recognize a snake oil salesman.

    1. josebear5 says:

      And Trump is not o please he is the biggest of all.

    2. BrokedownMarine says:

      Apparently, they can’t recognize a racist bigot, anti female (unless you pass his “looks” test) hand cheat, who was in Long Island, just up the road! I wish someone would explain to him what an UGLY human being HE is!) Trump has his own idea of what is or is not pretty, he should start by taking a hard look in the mirror!

      1. kbfallon says:

        You should follow your own advice …is the bar closed?

        1. BrokedownMarine says:

          I don’t recall mentioning a bar. After Obama got elected I decided to quit drinking! Unfortunately, it didn’t help!

      2. Rodney Steward says:

        Sounds like you’re voting for Hellary!

        1. BrokedownMarine says:

          Not if my life depended on it!

      3. Rocky Scott says:

        Just because Trump is out spoken, doesn’t mean that he can’t run the Country. Get a grip on real life.

        1. BrokedownMarine says:

          There is a big difference between “outspoken” and outright racist bigot and narcissistic jackass that derives pleasure at denigrating a woman’s
          looks.Unfortunately he doesn’t have the ability to hold a conversation without resorting to insults, he claims if he is nominated he will be “presidential” which belays the fact that he is a phoney and has no intelligent policy ideas. If there is one thing that the “Trumpists” lack is a grip[ on real life!

          1. Ramon1710 . says:

            “Hope and Change”
            “Make America great again.”
            Am I the only one seeing a similarity between the two claims?

          2. BrokedownMarine says:

            Ramon, your preaching to the choir. He is just as full of —- as the jackass we have now! Obummer gave Trump hope, he figured one con man got elected, another one is on the way! I just don’t know why he decided to convert from liberal to being supposedly a conservative. He could have smoked Hillary as a Democrat but now the Lefist press is going to expose him for what he is,a cheat and conman who derived pleasure out of cheating students out of their money and brags about beating them in court. He just forces good people to make a choice between being destroyed by legal fees or chalking up the money he cheated them out of as a lesson learned about dealing with con men. But I agree with you there isn’t much difference between Obamma and himself.

          3. trishae61 says:

            Trust me, you aren’t. I saw through this one just like I did the first one, who I refer to as gutterbutt!

          4. Osamabeenscrewed says:

            Trump is far from being a racist or bigot. If because he wants to check out illegal immigrants before they come into our country makes him a racist, then I am also a racist. Would you allow strangers to come into your house without your permission? If you did give them permission, would you want to know who they are? Enough said.

          5. BrokedownMarine says:

            My comment has nothing to do with his stance on Syrian immigrants entering the country, frankly that is the only intelligent thing he has said. His stance on trade cracks me up since he rails on China taking jobs away (he uses Chinese labor on his clothing company) he uses SouthEast Asian labor on his and his wife’s clothing lines yet he claims he is gonna bring jobs back to America, I guess he can do that by just getting his company to use American’s labor. He hires Eastern European illegal laborers (he married one) I guess she got the short stick (no pun intended) on that deal, she has to put up with his BS but she got to be a citizen. When he tires of her, he’ll find another trophy wife and she’ll be rich, we all have to sacrifice!

      4. Phyllis says:

        LOL, Hi Brokedown Marine, If any of the candidates in both parties were running on their looks, we would not be having a president at all. I don’t like Cruz’s wife, based on her track record and it defintitely would influence him. I didn’t like the junk that happened in Wisconsin either, Mutt Romney just can’t seem to accept his opinion doesn’t matter to the American people, they rejected him twice. I did sort of like Fiorina clear up until a couple of weeks ago and then the real her showed through. Whether Trump is right or not, we need a change and everything that has been done for years now is crap, so much for ‘experience’ counting. The racist accusation against Trump is false, simply because he didn’t denounce David Dukes immediately, regardless of Dukes past position, he still has a right to vote for whomever he pleases and the present Klan leader endorsed Clinton and he defintitely is crazy but still has a right to vote. I am looking at Trump’s family which is extensive and they love him so he is at least, a good Dad. I live in the middle of the country so my values probably differ from those of NY but after the 9/11 situation I felt my heart, just like the rest of the country go out to them and I realized the new yorkers from all the burroughs were truly a great people, not the politicians, though I thought your mayor was outstanding, but the people themselves. I am no one important, lived on a farm most of my life so I view some of the present policies differently than most. Under it all , I am banking on NY, the people, to not endorse Cruz, he isn’t real. Yet, my instinct is ,that you are, as an individual. Please do some more research on wives and their lessor halves, lol, and pick a MAN for the job of president. I am counting on you and others like you.

    3. joe says:

      or a junk car salesman

    4. Ken says says:

      Texas knows him – He only got 39% in his home State of Texas. After 27 years of “no choice” the Citizens want THEIR Country back.

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