Ten Senate seats most likely to flip

by Alexander Bolton
June 6, 2016

Republicans face an uphill road to keeping their Senate majority in the November election.

They must fight to protect 24 GOP-held seats, while the Democrats have to worry about only 10.

Here are the top 10 seats likely to flip, nine of which are held by Republicans.

1. Illinois
2. Wisconsin
3. Florida
4. New Hampshire
5. Pennsylvania
6. Ohio
7. Nevada
8. North Carolina
9. Arizona
10. Missouri

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  • bobnstuff says:

    The republican congress could run on their record if they had one. They don’t support Trump and even if they didn’t get voted out Trump wouldn’t work with then and they wouldn’t work with Trump so the do nothing congress would set a new low, which would be hard to do since they are at zero now. The republican party has forgotten how to govern, they think that holding hearings that have nothing to do with writing bills is governing. Just when did suing the President become the way the congress does things. Vote them out, even a democratic congress would be better then no congress.

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      That is such a knowledgeable reply.

      1. studi30 says:

        You obviously don’t understand what you are looking at.

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          Right on. I was replying to

    2. studi30 says:

      What insanity. Obama is vetoing most of the bills sent to him from the Republican Senate. Any Republican Prez would stop the vetoes. A Republican Prez would counteract any Dem gains in the House and Senate. A Republican Congress and Prez would keep the liberals from putting 3 or 4 liberal judges on the Supreme Court.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Just how many bills do you think the President vetoed? He vetoed eight bills. so far the 114 congress has passed 165 bills, They are on track for the least productive congress in history. Obama is way behind most presidents in his number of vetoes. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/statistics
        The Democrats only need the White House and the Senate to appoint judges,

        1. studi30 says:

          Look again starting with the 112th Congress on down. That was when the Senate was Dim controlled. Look at the difference in the numbers. The 114th congress can’t be compared to the others as the year is only half over.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            They will have to pass more then a bill a day once the get back to keep from being the least productive congress in history The 114th congress is three fourth over. It was the 112th congress that the republicans took the house and congress set the record for being the least productive.

          2. studi30 says:

            I guess you can’t reason very well? Yes , the Republicans have control of the House and Senate for the first time in 50 years. Obama is the one who vetoes the bills given to him by the Senate. Coincidence that Republicans can’t get bills passed?

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I guess you didn’t check the facts. The republicans took the house which shut down congress as a governing body. Obama has vetoed 8 bills total. Now that the Republicans control both houses why can’t they pass bills? Also look at the bills they are writing, Even the republicans won’t vote for their own bills. You can try to blame Obama but he does not run Congress. Explain why Ryan is setting up a agenda for next year when he has control of both houses this year. The republicans have forgotten how to govern, pure and simple.

          4. studi30 says:

            A bill vetoed by the Prez can be over ridden by a majority of the Senate and made into law. The Republicans don’t have the extra votes to over ride Obama’s vetoes. When the Senate was Dim controlled there weren’t enough Republican votes to do anything.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            They are just not passing bills. The President isn’t vetoing them because there is nothing to veto. The republican party is so split that couldn’t agree to leave the building if it was on fire. They do agree to take vacations though.

          6. studi30 says:

            Gee I guess you forgot that of those House and Senate members taking vacations many are also Dems. While the House and Senate are on vacation do the Dims still sit there? Also vacation is voted on by both parties.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            It is the speaker of the house that sets the calendar for the house, that’s been a republican for the last six years. No I don’t hold the Democrats blameless.

          8. studi30 says:

            The Republicans have had the House for years. Over 300 Republican House bills never made it to the Senate floor because Harry Reid blocked them. Now with the Republicans in control the bills are at least making it to the Senate but still being vetoed by Obama. Which 8 bills has Obama vetoed and show me where you got the info?

          9. bobnstuff says:

            I took the time to find out how the congress work. There are always bills that don’t get to the floor. 300 is less then in most years. Many bills never make it out of committee.


            The republicans have held the congress for a year and a half now. The 113th congress came very close to the least productive congress on record and the are way behind the last congress’s pace. The 114th is republican controlled.

    3. Lkfeinb says:

      Your replies are knowledgeable in contrast to the majority of rants on this post. Is it really worth the time?

  • teaman says:

    If the voters who put these Senators in office stand their ground, they will when again. If not, it is just more proof how STUPIDITY is driving our Nation.

  • Webb says:

    Republicans / Conservatives lets make it “Game Over” for Hillary…
    Also Lets KEEP the Senate Seats and Control Congress…Vote!
    Also remember The Supreme Court Justices…

    1. WRBuchanan says:

      Vote, vote, vote, Damn it vote!
      Any body who stays home to protest is an idiot,,, and I don’t want you in this country. #POS! Anybody who doesn’t vote for Trump for whatever reason is voting for Hildegard! End of Story!

      1. Webb says:

        And vote twice if you can…Democrats will!

    2. rockcut says:

      Your dream wish list will never come about, for the majority of Americans in Nov. are going to tell Trump You’er Fired.

      1. Webb says:

        There is a 50/50 chance…
        On that other 50% the majority of Americans may say:
        #NeverEverHillary…and “Game Over”

        1. rockcut says:

          You should go back and learn the meaning of the word majority….for in Nov. the majority of voters will tell trump he is fired and that will be over 50%.

          1. Webb says:

            50% plus… Is A Majority!

          2. rockcut says:

            That is what I posted MAJORITY !

          3. studi30 says:

            rockhead you should go back to school and maybe your posts wouldn’t be at a fourth grade level.

  • USNavyPatriot says:

    North Carolina Richard Burr isn’t good conservative leader. House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “The Republican Party is not necessarily the Conservative party.”

    I hope North Carolinians vote out Richard Burr. #TermLimits

    By the way, I’m a former GOP supporter who is now simply a Constitutional Conservative.

  • Garry A DeManty says:

    not even a third of these Senate Seats are going to flip.Very few presidential candidates have had coatails to cause that much change in Congress.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Special thanks for this go to Harry Reid Jr (Mitch DcConnell) and Nancy Pelosi II (alternately played by John Boehnhead & Paul Ryan – his understudy).
    Moral of the 2014 election = Buyer Beware

  • J.B. Young says:

    Better to have the republicans back in than the democrat communist party.

    1. grandmary42 says:


  • daddybull says:

    Why not just call them republicrats or democans? Am I mistaken, or have these people been lackluster and ineffective in even expressing a concern for upholding the Constitution?

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