Ten Times in Past Two Years Terrorists Slipped Through Immigration Process into U.S.

by Matthew Boyle | Breitbart
September 20, 2016

NEW YORK CITY, New York — In the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York City and Minnesota during the weekend, the focus of the national debate has again shifted back to America’s enemies exploiting weaknesses in U.S. immigration screening processes to get into the country to attack the United States.

While President Barack Obama’s administration, and his would-be successor, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, have promised to increase the amount of people they bring into the United States through immigration, refugee, and asylum programs, the Republican nominee for president, Donald J. Trump, has promised to put the brakes on allowing potential terrorists into the United States.

Below is a by-no-means comprehensive list of at least ten times in the last couple years—there are certainly many more instances—that terrorists have exploited the Obama-Clinton immigration weaknesses to get into the United States. This is the first in a series of stories that will examine specific examples on this front.

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  • champion2211 says:

    Someone said that these terrorist are slipping in our borders. there is no slipping at all. With Obama’s open borders policy they just walk in. Once this crap is over and Trump is in office the borders will shut. No body, no drugs, no nothing will pass through. If you are seen attempting to cross out borders you will be shot on the spot. It is your life. Once the wall is built there is no excuse. And those here will be returned home. If you want to come back you had better do it the right way or forever be out.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The DHS & FBI are not watching the terrorists for our benefit, to protect us.

    The FBI are “managing” the terrorists in order to stage “FALSE FLAG” attacks designed to promote Obama’s treasonous agenda.

    More “Fast & Furious” American style to come.

  • bobnstuff says:

    We have 40 million non native born people living legally in the US today, over a million came in last year, legally. Immigration agents get it right 99.99% of the time. Terrorist don’t sneak in over our borders, they become terrorist once they get here and deal with people like Trumps supporters, kick a dog often enough and he will bite you. If you call people names and worse after a while they will get mad and go a little crazy. People who bully others do the job of groups like ISIS in turning people to them. If you want to keep terrorist out stop creating them here.

  • Allan Scott says:

    Well folks, thanks to that black man in the White House, you can expect more terrorist attacks to come. He should be held responsible for them and lined up against the wall.

  • MolokaiAdvertiserNews says:

    The flood of terrorist acts by jihadist Muslims against Americans is just beginning. Obama the criminal alien Muslim jihadist infiltrator enemy#1 of USA who is usurping the Office of POTUS is promoting the Islamic War against all Western society. To stop this bloody “Tsunami” of anti-Christian anti-American slaughter that is increasing with the arrival of Obama’s Sunni Muslims, Americans must Arrest Obama for TREASON, ETC ETC to NDAA Prison for life. Take Hillary and Michelle/Michael and Pelosi, et al.

    By law, the USA needs to ARREST ALL illegal aliens STARTING with Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro!

    Americans have no lawful contract with the illegal alien criminal Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro who is not even eligible for POTUS, because FRAUD vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, elections, and even judgments. The elections of Obama in ’08 and ’12 are based on Obama I.D. Fraud, and a conspiracy with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and DNC et al, therefore We The People have no valid contract with Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro to allow him to occupy the Office of President of the united States of America. United States v. Throckmorton [1878] 98 JU.S. 61, 70. The illegal alien Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro is criminally impersonating a Citizen of USA by fraud I.D., and he is usurping the Office of POTUS. Obama is criminal alien Usurper. Our biggest national security threat is Barack Obama. He must be ARRESTED as a criminal, as an illegal alien, Usurper, I.D. fraud, Election Fraud, etc., by Hawaii law enforcement and/or where ever by FBI, CIA, HS, CG , ICE; not impeached as IF he was POTUS.

    The Father of the Constitution, James Madison, warned: “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” That is where we are now, today, in USA, under attack from within by Barack H. Obama, et al who have infiltrated all of our republican institutions of government, making WAR against Citizens of USA and our Constitution.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Geez, get a life. You’ve been whining for almost 8 years about this. STFU already.

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  • I Seigel says:

    Many more people have been killed by American-born terrorists than foreign jihadists. Even more people have been killed in Chicago or other big cities due to gang violence than ANY kind of terrorist activity in the US.

    1. chw2000 says:

      your point?

    2. chw2000 says:

      I guess you don’t consider 9/11/2001 a terrorist attack by foreign jihadists??

      1. Worried Vet says:

        Well something that is never said except in Obama blaming bush. George Bush had been in office less than 8 months when the towers came down. Clinton had access to information about all this and even had a chance at bin Laden. So why keep blaming bush, because it’s the only way liberals can deflect the truth. If liberals started telling facts instead of spin maybe then people would believe some of what they say. It’s very hard when things happen like Hillary and her email and foundation look so crooked, when CNN puts racial in Trumps words to make him look bad. This is turning more and more honest people away from democrats. So keep lying and spinning Trump wins in Nov. It’s disgusting how many lies are told every day in the crooked in the tank giddy for Hillary media. Your base is becoming sick of it, and are leaving the party. Good foe them

      2. I Seigel says:

        Well, if you want to go there, then the statistics show that MANY MANY more people were killed on Bush’s watch than Obama’s. I was just trying to be nice, but since you brought it up…..

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