Trump aide charged with misdemeanor battery vs. ex-Breitbart reporter

by Lulu Ramadan
March 29, 2016

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump campaign manager, was charged this morning with misdemeanor battery after allegations of forcefully grabbing a reporter at a Jupiter news conference, town police confirmed this morning.

Following a March 8 conference at Trump National Golf Club, Michelle Fields, a 28-year-old reporter formerly with the online Breitbart News Network, said she was grabbed on the arm by Lewandowski, 41, after she asked Trump a question about affirmative action.

Washington Post reporter Ben Terris wrote that he witnessed the battery.

Jupiter police later said they were looking into the incident after Fields filed a report, although investigators had not named Lewandowski.

Lewandowski turned himself in to Jupiter police just after 8 a.m., according to a police report.

Surveillance footage captured at Trump National, off Donald Ross Road, corroborates Fields’ claim, the arrest report says.

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  • Gary Smith says:

    Trump is an arrogant SOB his people do not care what he does

  • juniemoon says:

    Watched the tape many times and still couldn’t see a grab; a touch but not a grab. She did not look off balance or make any quick movement, which usually accompanies a grab.

    Am glad Trump is standing by Lewandowski. We’ll see what happens in court.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    I hate this dirty politics. I believe this woman Michelle Fields, former Breitbart reporter, purposely provoked the campaign staff of Donald Trump in order to get reaction. The purpose is to make the Trump look bad in the eyes of the women voters. I believe this woman is highly paid to create this provocation, to test how far will the Trump support team could handle it. Now that the Trump team took this woman’s bait, now she has the reason to make million dollars by suing Trump for sexual harassment. This woman Michelle Fields has a filthy scheme. She is not only wanting to make million dollar by suing Trump, but also to drive all women away from voting for Trump. In addition, I believe this woman was also paid by Trump opponents in order to do the provocation. Very dirty politics. Shame on her! And shame on the Trump opponent. I hate it!

  • kathy diamond says:

    I watched the tape & didn’t see him grab her. Something isn’t right. Sounds like she may be looking for a big pay day.. I also respect Trump for standing by his employee. I guess we’ll see what happens in court.

    1. pamela says:

      Something is not right. I watched the video 4 times. Not even close to being pulled to the floor. Don’t think she’s looking for a payday. More like just causing trouble for Trump. Why wait so long to file a complaint? Someone else is pulling her strings now.
      And yes. Good for Trump to stand by his employee. He did nothing wrong.

  • smankes says:

    if a member of isis or muslem brother hood or panthers she would have kissed them and gone home and cept her pad.

  • smankes says:

    if a member of isis or the brotherhood or panthers she would have kissed him and had to change her pad after.

  • Seedman says:

    I really do hope that the Fields incident does not ruin Corey Lewandowsi’s reputation and life; but the fact of the matter is that Donald Trump is unfit for the party nomination. Stephanie Cegielski is correct in her article that Trump does not know policy, nor does he have the humility to admit what he does not know-the most frightening position of all.

    1. kathy diamond says:

      Seedman, Unless you have been President before, no one has experience He, like anyone else will surround himself with the right people to work with. The last thing we need is another political figure, then we will have more of the same & America will be gone forever. Kasich is a roaring Politician, Cruz as a Sitting Senator is part of the Establishment. Trump will be a ” PRESIDENT FOR THE PEOPLE” and God knows, that’s exactly what the AMERICAN PEOPLE need

  • JT1964 says:

    Oooooo, grabbed on the arm. I hope that the poor dear isn’t permanently disabled.

    1. Jeff Warner says:

      She keeps going after the incident, as if nothing happened, and then waitsctgree days to file a charge? Seems kind of fishy, but just to clear it up, Trump should fire Corey, and get back to the campaign!

      1. kathy diamond says:

        Jeff Warner, I don’t agree with firing Corey. That would be saying he’s guilty & I didn’t see anything happened in that tape. I respect Trump standing with him & I guess we’ll see what happens in court.

  • CMSgt, USAF, Retired says:

    Goes along with Trump stating I would like to bash him in the face. No malice in the Trump camp?

    1. Jeff Warner says:

      There are a few people I would have liked to bash in their faces, but have not done so to stay out of jail! From the video, which I slowed down, it appears Corey, who I do not like, was trying to get to Trump, and did not grab her arm, rather he pushed his way through the crowd and bumped into her! The video is not at an angle to see his hands, so grabbing her is not really at issue, as much as bruising her! And three days for bruises to show up is quite a long time! Her boyfriend could have done it, and together they plotted to go after Trump! Trump had nothing to do with the entire incident, so attacking him is like saying the protestors outside were hurt by Trump, who was inside!
      Get rid of Corey, he has never been a good campaign manager, and he was never a good cop!

      1. kathy diamond says:

        Jeff, I watched the tape also and it looked to me like he actually turned his back to her to squeeze between her & Trump

        1. Jeff W says:

          I agree, but if Cruz is going to use this, which he already is doing, Trump might think about dumping Corey, or at least relagating him to a less visible position, to keep Cruz out if the mess! We all know everyone of the candidates will use whatever ammunition they can, to get the nomination, and Trump like,all leaders, is under fire everyday, for many things he had nothing to do with! That’s politics, and it will remain so, since they are all greedy, power hungry, broke like Hillary, a genius on Socialism like Bernie, a vote splitter like Kasich or a accused but not proven, adulterer like Cruz, or sometimes a nut case like Donald Duck!

      2. CMSgt, USAF, Retired says:

        Sorry Jeff. I didn’t drink water. It can cloud your judgement.

    2. kathy diamond says:

      CMSgt, Haven’t you ever wanted to bash someone? You need to remember, Trump is not a politician He talks like we do, no P/C bullshi# but truth. Can’t bash a guy for being honest

      1. CMSgt, USAF, Retired says:

        Sorry Kathy. I wouldn’t bash him if I thought he was honest or qualified and fit to be President.

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