Trump, Clinton trade blows on terror and guns in wake of Orlando attack

June 14, 2016

While investigators try to piece together what led the Orlando gunman to carry out an unspeakable act of terror, the attack is upending the 2016 campaign debate as the two presumptive rivals go toe-to-toe on terror with two very different messages.

In back-to-back speeches Monday, Donald Trump doubled down on his call for a Muslim immigration ban while decrying what he described as a “deadly ignorance” that is hurting the country — and Hillary Clinton renewed her call for an assault-weapons ban while vowing to stop “lone wolf” terrorists.

Trump, speaking in New Hampshire, focused largely on his plans for an immigration crackdown. Trump said he wants to “suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism” against the U.S. or its allies.

“We have no choice,” Trump said of the proposed ban. It wasn’t immediately clear whether Trump was revising his long-standing proposal to temporarily bar foreign Muslims entering the U.S., which he also defended, or referring to the same plan.

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  • Phil Esposito says:

    The fkg c*nt says “weapons of war have no place on our streets”. Yes they do you stupid beyotch as long as you and that homo in the WH keep letting radical islamist into our country, we’ll keep killing them.

  • snowyriver says:

    My my and Hillary loses. Not the first time and it won’t be the last time..

  • HENRI says:


  • Rodney Steward says:

    Trump does make a lot more sense than Hellary about the muslims coming in, and as usual Hellary sounds Obama like, and people don’t realize how much Hellary loves muslims, like Obama she takes up for them anyway possible!

    1. snowyriver says:

      Bill loved Muslims also.. Remember the civil war when Milosevich was bombing Muslims who had been encroaching on that countries ways for years.. Yes and Bill jumped right in and bombed Serbia. My granparents were from there and they were Catholic. Bill was bombing my cousins.. I will not let that rest until he is dead.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        The Clintons are at the top of the list when it comes to evil, then there is Soros! Talk about super evil, Clinton’s butt ugly daughter married Soros’s son, how sick is this!!

  • Camille Gilliam says:

    And Hillary is really so stupid that she thinks banning guns,will stop the illegals. Then they will be the only one with guns. I guess the security at these clubs are going to need to be armed, like having an off duty officer there.

  • robert sanders says:


  • robert sanders says:

    I think hitler Hillary and the wh monkey needs to be VETTING.

  • justinwachin says:

    Donald Trump’s plan is workable. Hillary Clinton’s plan has been tried under the current president and has failed. Hillary Clinton has nothing to offer but a repackaging of the same old Obama policies that have been proven failures.

  • uhptony says:

    The FBI and other law enforcement agencies especially Homeland Security need to step up their surveillance of “suspected” muslim extremists and deport them immediately. No trial, no lawyers just round them up, put them in shackles or a straight jacket and load them on a plane back to the hell hole they or their parents came from.

  • CBUJAN says:

    Trump has the answer. Hillary calling for an assult rife ban will not stop these attacks.

  • Larry says:

    Hilloass is still punishing the innocent citizens while helping the terrorists invade the greatest country in the world. Why haven’t the true leaders in America put an end to this farce as she is not worthy to be a pimple on a horses ass let alone President of the USA.

  • Worried Vet says:

    We spend billions on them so why not make a safe place in their country? They can be protected and fight for their own since most of them are military age. Solves the problem we keep them out until we can get them and that civil war is over and they have a safe space. If Hillary or Obama dont like go live with them. This country has enough problems , we don’t need to add to it by importing thousands who don’t like us. I don’t see many Christians getting to come here. They are being killed over there everyday so why are we not concerned to help them? Why are we bringing fighting age young men here? There is something very wrong with that picture.

    1. Spencer Compton says:

      I had a thought (I know it doesn’t happen often) while reading your post. Lets send obummer and killary with them (sence they like em so much) and they can rule over them in their own land. NOT OURS!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Worried Vet says:

        Great idea along with princess and Prince Nancy and Harry. Since pelosi and Reid think their royality. Send them also.

  • Luke says:

    hiltery clintoon is a clueless moron who only works to enrich herself and her friends. She doesn’t have the sense God gave a goose to deal with the problems facing America and neither has that gay muslim in the WH..
    The past eight years prove it..

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Yes it’s all about power and legacy with her. She will say or do anything to win. We have to watch for crooked tricks they will pull to win.

    2. Spencer Compton says:

      She and Bill left AR is a debt hole, they were a disgrace to our state, and I could say much more about there crooked dealings, just don’t have all the proof needed.

      1. Luke says:

        They robbed a lot of retired people in the savings and loan scam they ran, when it failed they left a trail of bodies, too bad evidence was scarce.
        They learned a lot since then, now they call it the clintoon foundation and money laundering operation, except they don’t mention the money laundering and neither does the clitoon butt licking press..

  • John Siemens says:

    Making more people potential victims is not the answer. Clinton would make us all victims. There is only one way to deal with a school yard bully or a terrorist. FIGHT BACK. The bully and terrorist both pick their targets because they want targets that will not fight back. The only logical answer is to have a gun and be ever vigilant. Be a sheepdog ready to protect the flock.

  • bobnstuff says:

    How many terrorist acts have we had in this country by non US citizens? How many terrorist acts by illegal immigrants? Just why are we worrying about a group that is not the problem? I guess he doesn’t want to face the real problem, hate, home grown. The more hate speech the more terrorist acts. Who is talking fear and hate? Who is talking uniting against terrorist, working together to try to stop lone wolf terrorists. Nothing Trump wants to do would have stopped this latest act but it’s Trumps only solution. He wants an easy answer that fits into his simple world view.

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Well it may have. This maniacs paerent came here. The father swore to the Taliban. I am working to find out when he came to this country if he was Taliban before or after. If he came being a Muslim with Taliban ties don’t you think he taught his son the same ideas as him? I mean really because he was born here that’s where you stop. No research no waiting to see what the truth is. This is why this country is failing. Liberal policies and liberals not caring about facts or the truth. Say what fits the agenda.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        We were allies of the Taliban back in the day. We armed then for their fight with Russia. It would have to have been back then, They came in under Reagan if what I have read is correct.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          I think your right. It was Clinton or Reagan. One of those but in the 80s we helped them fight Russia. We should have learned the Russians fought the Taliban for what ten years and still lost. It pisses me off we lost people in Iraq and Afghanistan and now Isis has much of Iraq back. It’s like Obama wants our people’s death to be in vain. You can’t win a war giving back real estate. I believe Patton said he didn’t pay for the same real estate twice.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            America is very bad at nation building. This whole mess is because of us meddling in their affairs. Most of the failed governments in the region are ones we put in. The Iraq people are now fighting to get their country back and winning. The had a rough start but they have won back most of their country. We can’t do it for them and can only help. We should have learn from how Patton did things. He put the the people back to work doing their old jobs even if they had been part of the other side. He also understood how to fight a war. We seem to have lost that skill because the bean counters don’t want to spend the money up front. The main thing we need to learn is it’s not our country and we need to respect the peoples will who live there.

          2. Worried Vet says:

            Yes I to know Patton. He did that and it seems we have lost that ability to put the right people in the right place. Now it’s about who owes who a favor. We should help with supplies , weapons but no cash. The corruption is disgusting. As far as money goes yea these idiots don’t spend on what is needed just what they want for political favors. Thanks for updating me on itaq. I knew a little but your right they need to do it on their own. We can’t run all these countries. It’s about time we got out of the nation building business it don’t profit us. When WWII was over Patton used Nazis that knew about their government. McArthur used Japanese because they knew their government. He left the emperor because the Japanese worshipped him. He believed it would make it smoother to run the country and to transition back when it was time. Truman wanted to hang them both out to dry. Patton was the one who was sacked if memory serves. This is why the president should listen to their generals. Sometimes they may be more war like but the president should be able to tell the two apart. We don’t have a president like that now. If he had listened maybe the wars would be over and not like it is.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Obama did listen to his generals. They said with out an agreement to get out.

          4. studi30 says:

            No, all Obama’s generals said don’t pull out. Obama thought he was a better military strategist than his generals. Obama rarely goes to the military briefings every morning like Bush did.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            All of his generals said without an agreement stating our troops could not be held under local law that we could not stay.

          6. studi30 says:

            In 2010 Obama did exactly what Bush warned against and pulled the troops out of Iraq according to the Washington Post. That was six years ago so we haven’t had troops in Iraq for six years. ISIS reared its ugly head four years ago or two years after we pulled out.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            Bush set the date for the withdrawing of the troops. Obama tried for months to change it but in the end gave up. ISIS was around for years before that date. Do a little digging and get facts.

          8. studi30 says:

            Saddam was the Sunni minority in Iraq murdering the Shiite majority. For 1200 years the Shia and Sunni have murdered millions of each other over a difference in religious doctrine. Sunni ISIS is invading Shiite Syria to start a CALIHATE, a Sunni controlled nation.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            ISIS is not a religious group they are a power grabbing group. This is a history you should read.


  • USCBIKER says:

    Great, let The Hag run on gun control! Her own husband has repeatedly warned Dems not to f**k with guns, but she probably stopped listening to him after the 2nd or 3rd serial cheating, LOL.

    1. Donnie Buchanan says:

      Are you referring to his or hers with other women?? 🙂

  • SDofAZ says:

    Clinton needs to be deported with the ISIS trash she helped create. This woman is an idiot as well as an arrogant sociopath like BO. Jail for her crimes or just send her to the middle east for good.

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      Or a rope! I’ll happily supply a good (rough) hemp rope. It should be good for at least three short drops.

    2. HENRI says:


  • Rodney Steward says:

    More and more Hellary sounds JUST LIKE Obama, and I agree with Trump! FOX News talked with the Gov. of Florida this morning, and he said that when the SO CALLED refugees come into an area, how do we get info. on them about their background, and of course the White house said there will be no info. So no one knows what kind of rats they’re getting!!

  • John E Strom Jr. says:

    I agree with Donald Trump. Until we can vet them there needs to be a moratorium of bringing in refugees from Muslim countries.

    The FBI and other police agencies need to monitor social web site for anti-American posts and compare them to gun and ammo sales. Especially weapons with high capacity magazines. Then interview those people. They need to profile suspected terrorists – something Obama opposed. Who cares what he opposes.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Vetting them is not enough. Help em in place but do not import these lunatic fanatics. Leave em in their shit hole countries.

      1. USCBIKER says:

        You’re 100% correct. We need to seal off our nation to any new camel vermin and gradually root out the ones here. We will NEVER vet, reason with or please this scum.

      2. John E Strom Jr. says:

        I’ve got to agree, but we need to first eradicate/crush/decimate ISL/ISIS. Then repatriate all of them back to the Middle East.

    2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      Profiling shows critical thinking skills, something he really lacks!
      He will cry discrimination or racism but what profiling actually is a step by step logical sequencing of if this-then. Its the brains flow chart. Dumbed down or agenda driven people can not understand that.

  • willr3 says:

    It is the logical and best protection. FDR suspended visas from all AXIS powers. We are at war, with islam, but our muslim pres and his muslim staff will not say so.

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      Do you think Obama would be going to Orlando if the club that was shot up with 49 dead were it a heterosexual (straight) club? Not a chance. Barack Hussein is our in the closet gay Muslim.

      1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

        He failed to go to or even send monetary aide to Joplin after major tornadoes. Once he found out it was 10s of thousands killed, he wasn’t interested any longer.

        1. John E Strom Jr. says:

          I wonder if/ when the homosexual left will ‘out’ Barack! I guess never so long as he does everything he can for them. He’s a fraud and would NEVER have been elected had people known.

          1. reggie says:

            I don’t think he was honestly elected the 2nd time.

      2. Ken says says:

        He goes anywhere that he can drum up his confiscation of all firearms – the Citizens DON’T need protection – or do we?

        1. John E Strom Jr. says:

          Unless you want to be a slave to a leftist government you do!

      3. Dolores Adams says:

        Too bad the muslims don’t know this or do they? They could go after him.

        1. John E Strom Jr. says:

          Obama should be tried for treason. In the oath of office every president promises to protect and defend THIS nation against ALL enemies, foreign or domestic. He has shirked his primary duty as president. Too bad our speaker of the house is too busy trying to oust Donald Trump do that he, Paul Ryan can take his place. America needs a speaker with balls and, no, that’s not you Nancy but you DO seem to have more balls than Paul Ryan.

          1. Dolores Adams says:

            I’ve been saying that for a long time. But who has to initiate the procedure? If it’s Loretta Lynch, forgot it.

          2. John E Strom Jr. says:

            In a crime by the president I think it can initiate in the house (good luck with that, WE gave the Wisconsin eunuch) or by the FBI referring the matter to the Attorney General. Not likely as Obama selected a Republican as AG for a purpose – I suspect that he has dirt on Director Comey which is why HildaBeast hasn’t been indicted.

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