Trump, Cruz pressure Kasich to exit GOP primary race

April 5, 2016

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz don’t agree on much, but they seem to have come together on one point: John Kasich should get out.

Both Republican presidential candidates have turned up the pressure on Kasich, casting the Ohio governor as a nuisance candidate whose presence in the race is only frustrating their efforts to snag the nomination.

“If I didn’t have Kasich, I automatically win,” Trump claimed Sunday evening in West Allis, Wis.

Even Texas Sen. Cruz, who is second to Trump in the delegate race and eager to whittle the contest down to a two-man battle in the final weeks before the convention, is losing patience with what he describes as Kasich’s “spoiler” bid.

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  • Ken says says:

    The Establishment has Kasich in the race to hopefully pull votes from Trump.

  • Roy says:

    Kasich seems to think that if it goes to a contested convention he can get the nomination by convincing delegates that he’s the only one who can beat Hillary in November. But him saying it doesn’t make it true. You can’t win a national election if you are a distant third or fourth choice in every state but your own.

    If he gets the nomination huge numbers of Republican voters will just stay home. Pretty much everyone understands that Kasich is another one of those establishment, RINO, Demonrat light politicians and the entire base of the Republican Party has already rejected him in the primaries. They certainly aren’t going to change their minds if the Republican establishment actually did decide to make him ‘their guy’. And even that is unlikely. They’re talking about dropping in Paul Ryan or even Mitt Romney before they would back Kasich. Either Kasich is delusional or he knows there is no chance for him so he wants to spoil it for the guys he sees as having stolen his opportunity to show his greatness to the world.

    As for Trump claiming that if Kasich gets out he wins automatically, I think he’s indulging in a little wishful thinking there. Kasich supporters tend to HATE Trump. Most of them are much more likely to switch their support to Cruz than they are to go to Trump. I think if Kasich got out Cruz would go from a middle distance second to a slightly ahead first and could even win the remaining delegate count to get to the 1237.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Not! And that is all I have to say about Ted winning fairly.

      1. ssd says:

        Shame on you for believing all the LIES that Trump has told about ALL his opponents.

    2. ssd says:

      I feel Kasich will NOT get out of the race because I read where he is being financed by George Soros now. So Kasich has unlimited funds, so he can screw over the contestants by affecting the count. If Kasich ever got in, he would be another Drama Obama because George Soros financed Obama’s run and now Obama is just a puppet in George Soros hands. He does not act on his own but follows orders. The American people, especially the RNC, should really stick together so we can keep Hillary OUT of the White House at all costs. The American people should remember 2008!!! Emotional voting does NOT work. Study the people running and decide with your hearts who would do the best job for America. God bless America and give us a good leader this time.

    3. Ken says says:

      The Establishment DOES NOT care if their Puppets Kasich or Cruz wins the 1237 votes as long as Trump is knocked out. They learned in 1980 that not controling BOTH Parties nomination is the only way to stay in power. The Establishment rules. It is time for a change – not a Professional Politician that is owned and controlled – a candidate that is willing to act on the concerns of the Citizens – a candidate that has management, business and negotiating skills. Trump offers choice.

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