Trump Fires Warning Shot At RNC: ‘That Wasn’t The Deal!’

by Alex Pappas
November 24, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is firing a warning shot at the Republican National Committee after it was reported that some establishment Republicans are forming an outside organization to try to harm his candidacy.

In a tweet on Monday, Trump referenced a recent Wall Street Journal article about these anti-Trump efforts, tagging the RNC’s official Twitter account, @GOP, in his complaint.

“@WSJ reports that @GOP getting ready to treat me unfairly—big spending planned against me,” Trump tweeted. “That wasn’t the deal!”

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  • Charity Blake says:

    Trump is very popular because he is the ONLY candidate in 30 years that will give a straight up answer, no matter the question. Politicians for 3 decades have side-stepped every single question with a non-committal, non-answer, so they don’t alienate one base or another. A candidate (or any human) that gives their honest opinion is much better than the ones who tell lies at each stop to appease whomever is strongest at that stop. I WANT profiling done for suspicious people, I WANT politicians to tell the truth to everyone, not just their supporters. I want candidates who are NOT politically correct. PERSONALLY, I want homosexuals back into closets and out of our elementary schools; I want our troops home keeping OUR borders safe and not off in Africa fighting ghosts; I want alternate energy used and Big Oil to drown themselves in their black pits of poison; I want solar energy (given to us FREE by Nature) being the most prominent of energies used; I want mass transit; I want Americans to come together as proud people and not divided by politicians and hyphens; I want animals treated with respect and not used/abused for amusement; I want parents to stay together and raise their children responsibly to eliminate gangs; I want more schools built and less prisons; I want marijuana legalized for anyone over 21; I want racism to end; I want the products we buy to be made in America and I want an end to career politicians (2 terms, then you are DONE). If I were to run for president – these are the truths that I would campaign on and stand by. I may not get elected, as there are voters on both sides of MY WANTS – but the voters would KNOW where I stand and then they elect the person they TRUST the most to stand by what they said while campaigning. Lastly, I want taxpayers to realize – if we took ALL the money we have spent on WAR in the last 15 years, and spent it on finding/implementing sustainable energies and improving our infrastructure, we would have enough left over to build a house for every American family (no more homeless,) to improve every city, pay off our debts and still have millions of dollars left over. Another upside: we would not be overseas fighting for oil, angering other countries enough to want to kill us; they would want to imitate us, not destroy us. What a utopia it would be. And it all boils down to politicians telling the truth when asked a question.

  • billwhit says:

    If the GOP wants to play unfairly with Trump, then Trump has every right to run as an Independent and not keep his oath to the Oath Breakers of the GOP, who never keep a Promise to We, the People or anyone else! The only GOP Republican I would vote for is Ted Cruz and I am hoping for a TRUMP/CRUZ 2016 Ticket, either with the GOP or as an Independent. Piss on the GOP RINO SOB’s!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    There is good reason for Trump to believe this! A … direct GOP death threat!


    On Tuesday evening, establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson said the GOP establishment donor class must find a way to “put a bullet” in GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

    In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Wilson conceded that “Trump is still a very powerful force right now” because he appeals to part of the of the conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his “nativist” message. Wilson insisted that the donor class “can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, ‘oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.’”

    “They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” Wilson said. “And that’s a fact.”

    …I reported this P0S to the FBI Washington DC field Office. Do the same!!

  • bobnstuff says:

    Poor Mr Trump, someone is going to campaign against you and they are Republican. How dare they. I guess the NRC controls all the candidates. Your saying you would not run on a third party was a lie. You thought no one was going to campaign against you. The NRC isn’t running the ads and they aren’t paying for them. Get over it.

  • Carrie says:

    The rnc needs to back off Trump if they think the establishment is unpopular now then they’ve not seen anything yet and will be left looking like a fringe group of spoiled over privileged rich kids that don’t know how to share their toys and the only friends they have are the well paid ones!
    Trump is ahead with most every group except the establishment for a reason even Rush Limbaugh has spoken of the fact that many of Trumps supporters are BLUE COLLAR WORKERS AKA TAXPAYERS AKA THE BACKBONE OF AMERICA normally they would be TRADITIONAL DEMOCRATS HOWEVER THEY’RE SICK AND TIRED OF BEING IGNORED AND SCREWED OVER BY THE ESTABLISHMENTS Trump is doing the Republican party a favor by widening its base and they’re just too blind and spoiled to see it or maybe just too stuck up to appreciate the backbone of America and only want the white collar workers that don’t get their hands dirty everyday! Whatever its their choice to make, Trump can become an Independent and if he does he may well have much of middle Americas votes! The Republicans should have noticed Blue collar Americans especially with all the outsourcing and factory closings! I HAD MY JOB OUTSOURCED during Bush and then the Factory closed during this so called presidency They ALL Suck as far as I’m concerned right now and I’m not alone either
    Trump seems to understand and I and many others will vote for him regardless if that’s as a Republican or as an Independent! I hate hearing how Americans are lazy by the establishment people most aren’t lazy just DAMNED DISCOURAGED its not easy to go from a decent paying job that paid for the basics in life down to competing with invaders for service jobs that pays PEANUTS and don’t cover the basics so people end up forced to get foodstamps and stuck up people talk sh-t like your lazy! And then they wonder at the number of people on drugs legal and otherwise like its a damned mystery and its the establishments policies causing the problems and its BOTH PARTIES!
    Trump understands that we got thrown under the bus and ignored, I know people that lost not just their jobs but their homes and near everything else one guy I know even ended up living in his car and this is what happened to a lot of people but many turned a blind eye to blue collar Americans except for Mr.Trump and we won’t be the silent majority anymore. Just mho and based on experience with Republicans and Democtrats in charge running. things…..obviously I needed to. vent.
    TRUMP 2016 make America great again.

  • The Redhawk says:

    WE have Messed up with a Totally INEXPERIENCED IN GOV"T AMATEUR ALREADY… WE Have BHO-ZO

  • Pam says:

    The rnc is so power/money hungry that Trump is giving them fits. He is showing the American public that running a “political campaign” does NOT have to involve conning millions of Americans out of billions of dollars OR licking the boots of “big donors”. Priebus is a sniveling rino and needs to go as much as McConnell. I just wonder if Michael Steele would have acted this way. Does anyone have a link to where he might have been asked about this?
    As an aside, this is my problem with “citizens united” and BEFORE that with “unions”. I firmly believe that anyone or any entity that has ANY CONNECTION WHATSOEVER, including any possible “future” bids/negotiations on government contracts SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTRIBUTE TO ANY POLITICAL CAMPAIGN. Such contributions represent a CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST. To bring it down to a local level example, imagine the private citizen who contributes $500 to the campaign of the local county treasurer and then “miraculously” gets his property tax assessment “reevaluated”. That, my dears is how we get $600 toilet seats, $400 hammers, and PIECE OF CRAP BODY ARMOR FOR OUR TROOPS!

  • John Mackey says:

    You want to help TRUMP Call 202-863-8500 that is the RNC number Call them daily and tell them to Endorse Trump and to quit trying to Destroy him.

  • firstdingbat says:

    Now we all know whom we should vote for and it definitely is not the GOP! TRUMP YES!!!!!!!

    1. Carrie says:

      TRUMP 2016. Come hell or high water I’m not changing my mind.

  • John Mackey says:

    Now what gets me why is the GOP/RNC be so stupid as to want to destroy Trump who to me seems to be the only one running that has a plan to get us out of the mess for which the others have gotten us into all these years. I know lots of Dems that are worried that if Hillary or Sanders gets in the white house we are screwed and they plan on voting for Trump. This might be the Best chance not only to take back the White house but also Fix the things that are broken with this country. RNC/GOP Please endorse TRUMP

    1. Bob in Florida says:

      John Mackey –
      I’ve given this very question some thought because, like you, it baffles me why the GOP/NRC would spend so much time, energy, and other resources – not to mention risk losing the election – to push Trump out of the race.
      The only conclusion I can come up with, that supports what we see happening, is that the GOP/NRC does not care what the grassroots Republicans are telling them; hence, one can only conclude that their agenda is not the same as our agenda.
      I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time comprehending an organization, presumably looking out for the best interests of the country (at least as the conservative side of the country sees it), that seems so set on defeating the wishes of their base.

    2. Kent2012 says:

      they are of the same ilk as boner and mcdoogler…the new guys are upsetting their “share the wealth” conga line…next thing you know one of the new guys will say let us have real welfare reform, end foreign aid, exterminate cair and the communist party USA, eliminate the Fed Reserve, and the rinos will have a triple coronary…

  • VirgoVince says:

    If the rnc and the gop are against Donald, that’s all the more reason WE, the people, should elect him! TRUMP is the MAN THIS country NEEDS at THIS time!! NO more rinos or liebturds!

    1. George Cullen says:

      I wish we had a crystal ball to see just what would happen if Trump were elected. Part of me says yes, he’s our guy. Part of me says I dunno.
      BUT, regardless… I fully concur with the theory that if the establishment GOP/RNC are afraid of him and are going to these lengths to destroy him, then it tells me Trump is in fact right for the country. The establishment RINO’s are what got us in so much of the mess we’re in. Thankfully Boehner is out. Major RINO and obstructionist. Boehner was so RINO, he was Harry Reid wearing a RINO costume.

      1. Tricia Harris says:

        Agreed that it’s a good thing that Boehner is out, McConnell needs to be next. But I don’t think Trump is the answer, I believe Ted Cruz is the best solution. He is cool and collected under pressure, brilliant, LOVES our Country and our Constitution, and stands up to the Liberals and Democrats and Progressives brilliantly time and time again. Trump is used to getting his way – so is the POS TRAITOR currently occupying OUR White House – and he’s used to firing people when they don’t do the job he thinks they should be doing. Can’t do that as President – you can’t fire leaders of other countries when you don’t like what they do. The establishment is every bit as afraid of Ted Cruz and they try to minimize him by not reporting how he’s doing in the polls, but he’s gained a lot of grown, and is steady and consistent. The establishment said he could NEVER beat their guy David Dewhurst in Texas, but he did by an overwhelming majority! They say he can’t beat Hilary, but just wait, that bitch should be in prison with Obama awaiting trial and hanging for treason. We need to work very hard next year during the election because the fraud will be rampant from the Democratic party trying to get the murderer of Benghazi elected.

      2. CharlieSeattle says:

        The only other, long time, anti-illegal alien candidate is Rick Santorum.

        Ted Cruz’s very recent change of heart is suspect.

    2. The Redhawk says:

      Careful what WE GET next time around… I am NOT sure that THe Donald is the REAL Answer. Let’s see what pans out in 2016 as who can separate from the overcrowded field…

      1. Kent2012 says:

        any of the Republican candidates would be far better than any of the socialist/comunist hate America clowns running in the democrapo camp, most especially the ho clintoney…

        1. The Redhawk says:

          Heck a Domesticated WEASEL is Better than any of those DUMBASSED CLOWNS that the DUMMIE C RAT party has to offer…So let up hOPE tat whoever gets the GOP nod gets FULL Backing of all and that the UBER rights Ding Bats do not go” COUCHING” instead of Voting…

    3. Faithful American says:

      We do NOT need TRUMP! We do NOT need a BILLIONAIRE who during the very FIRST debate with FOX, had ADMITTED to everyone that HE has supported BOTH of the major POLITICAL PARTIES and their CANDIDATES in ELECTIONS, and said the reason WHY he DID so was so he could ask for SPECIAL FAVORS for HIMSELF and for his CORPORATIONS! I do NOT want a PRESIDENT, like HIM, who could be BRIBED by EITHER on the MAJOR political parties (or by ANOTHER political party), expecting HIM to show them SPECIAL FAVORS! Obama has been DOING this during his ENTIME time he has been PRESIDENT!
      Furthermore, TRUMP has ZERO experience in working for EITHER one of our STATE Governments or for our FEDERAL Government! He MUST be FAMILIAR with the US CONSTITUTION and HOW it is SUPPOSED to WORK and know HOW to NEGOTIATE with ALL the various FOREIGN governments–PARTICULARLY our US ALLIES–and also SOME experience with our US MILITARY (like having been someone who has served on the Military Intelligence Committee, like Ted Cruz) ! If you have paid ATTENTION, you KNOW how Obama’s ZERO experience with our US MILITARY has worked out (Obama has virtually been DESTROYING our US MILITARY with his OWN personal PRO-ISLAMIC POLITICAL AGENDA)! He has treated our only REAL ally in the Middle East–ISRAEL, and PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu–with total DISRESPECT and utter DISTAIN!!
      AMERICAN can NOT afford to AGAIN “experiment” with TRUMP as PRESIDENT, because we have NO idea HOW he will REALLY lean during a CRISIS! Right NOW, TRUMP is ALL TALK; NO ACTION, just like Obama was during HIS campaign for PRESIDENT!
      However, we DO know how CRUZ will behave because HE has been TRUE to his BELIEFS in SUPPORT of our US CONSTITUTION and OUR citizens, and has STOOD on the US SENATE floor for HOURS on END to FIGHT for what is RIGHT! Furthermore, TRUMP waving a BIBLE around ONCE during a STUMP SPEECH does NOT mean that HE is a REAL Christian, anymore than Obama claiming HE is a CHRISTIAN, and then doing everything in his POWER to PROVE he INSTEAD is a MUSLIM in DISGUISE! However, that ISN’T true of CRUZ, who has OPENLY spoken about his CHRISTIAN beliefs ALL during the ENTIRE time he RAN for US SENATOR and SINCE he’s BEEN a SENATOR, and PROVEN by HIS actions HE is INDEED a REAL Christian; NOT one in name ONLY! America MUST have a REAL Christian for PRESIDENT or America will NOT SURVIVE as ALL of our FOUNDING FATHERS were BELIEVERS, and that has been PROVEN by their OFFICIAL writings and letters, and by their PERSONAL writings and letters!!
      Remember ALSO that Obama was ELECTED because of having the SAME kind of CHARISMA (an ability to CHARM people into VOTING for HIM by PROMISING them ANYTHING), like “The DONALD” has been doing.
      AMERICA needs a STRONG, COURAGEOUS man for PRESIDENT; one who is also a STATESMAN, and THAT describes TED CRUZ!

  • VirgoVince says:

    If the rnc and the gop are against Donald, that’s all the more reason WE, the people, should elect him! TRUMP is the MAN THIS country NEEDS at THIS time!! NO more rinos or liebturds!

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