Trump hires ex-Cruz aide as communications director

by Lisa Hagen | The Hill
June 28, 2016

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has hired a communications director as he continues to expand his campaign, according to Bloomberg.

Jason Miller has joined Trump’s campaign and will be in charge of the campaign’s messaging and dealing with the media.

Miller formerly served as the senior communications adviser to Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) presidential campaign and is also a partner at a Washington-based campaign consulting firm.

Trump’s staff expansion comes as the real estate mogul shifts to run a more conventional presidential campaign, in an attempt to overcome recent speed bumps from the past few weeks.

Earlier this month, Trump hired Jim Murphy to replace Rick Wiley as national political director.

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  • Sanity Please says:

    Trump hires ex-Cruz aide as communications director. Translation: Trump rearranges the deck furniture on the Titanic.

  • James Maxwell says:

    The American people have become so wussified that the plain out truth
    scares the hell out of the majority of them. They would rather wallow in
    the Political correctness of crap. This is what the politico of both parties
    have done to block the truth from slapping people in the face and making
    them face reality head on. Like the sticking their heads in the sand to
    block out reality which is not always pleasant.

    1. kathy diamond says:

      James Maxwell, It is that exact Political Correctness that Trump is fighting. Look at the Democrats, still covering up each & every Hillary misdeed for the purpose of getting her in The White House so their lives don’t change, their pockets stay full & ours goes down the drain. These damn people work for us and treat us like idoits Example Nancy Polosi actually said regarding Obama Care, ” You actually have to read it to know whats in it” HELLOOOOO and guess what? It became a law that ruined jobs, small businesses, brought hours down to part time. Hillary is a Democrat, part of that scam to screw millions of Americans yet there are fools out there still backing her, still voting for her. GO FIGURE

      1. James Maxwell says:

        Look at our educational system who control it and who has
        put forth the Common Core indoctrination seminars. The
        youth of our Nation have been fed the Pablum of Socialism
        and Karl Marx over the past few years so they are brain
        washed in the democrat socialist school of thought.
        They depend upon Google, Facebook, Twit and Twitter to
        educate them on who to vote for, how to think and how
        to surrender to the demands of government rather than
        Government follow the demands of the Citizens who work,
        fight and lay their lives on the line for our Nation rather
        than roll over for traitors, deserters and criminals as we
        are seeing in government circles today. Our politicos
        have lied to the people in order to keep their jobs at the
        expense of the TAX Payers while surrendering our
        nation, destroying the morals and value and our
        Constitution as fast as they can. We need real Americans
        and not corrupt lawyers in political office who are willing
        to stand up for the values and morals that made us a
        great nation in the past and will do so again.
        GO TRUMP 2016

        1. kathy diamond says:

          James Maxwell, GO TRUMP right back at ya TRUMP, ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE

      2. Donnie Buchanan says:

        Pelosi actually said that we had to PASS it to know what was in it.

        1. Dolores Adams says:

          Pelosi in an idiot.

        2. kathy diamond says:

          Donnie, You’re right, whoops !!!!!!!!!!

      3. Josephine Woods says:


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