Trump leads GOP presidential field in new national poll

Media coverage of Donald Trump’s controversial immigration remarks have lifted the GOP presidential candidate to the top of the Republican field, according to a new Economist/YouGov poll.

Trump was the preferred GOP nominee for president for 15 percent of respondents — 4 points ahead of former Gov. Jeb Bush (Fla.) and Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), who were tied for second place.

Gov. Scott Walker (Wis.), Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and former Gov. Mike Huckabee (Ark.) shared the third spot with 9 percent each.

In addition to being the first choice for the majority of likely voters who participated in the poll, Trump was also the primary second choice for those who preferred another candidate as their nominee.

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  • ijohnc1 says:

    Wait just a minute, the lame stream media had (get ready for this statement) Trump in first, tied with the Bush guy, how does that work? must be secular progressive math

  • JOHN VAUGHN says:

    This country needs Trump for president. A man with backbone and not a bunch of do gooders in office because that has not worked out for America so far. and if the people vote any one but Trump in office nothing will ever change. So make your bed and lie in it.

  • Why is Ted Cruz never mentioned? I am a big Cruz and Trump fan, none of the other will get my vote, only those two. Trump is an exDemocrat who got saw how bad Obama was and changed Parties, same as I did, course, I also never voted for the illegal Kenyan, I could tell the man was a pathetic Narcissist Con Man the first time I heard him speak! No one honest bone in that Kenyans entire being! And Ted Cruz is the only Constitutional Conservative Christian running and the only True Statesman who actually knows what he is doing! A Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump would be a dream ticket! No Bush, No Clinton, No Corrupt Democrat, and never again another Obama!

  • gerald Hughes says:

    Areyou listening RINOS>
    Perhaps if we can elect Trump, we won’t have to force partition to get away from the liberal dem bloodsuckers



    1. Shirley Harris-McMahon says:

      Yes and we have to keep it going or we get poor Hillary or Jeb who does not want the job

  • Ralph Long says:

    Go The Donald All The Way To The White House! Trump 2016!

  • I Seigel says:

    You go, Donald!! You’re the best hope for the Dems in 2016!

    1. MeForever says:

      Thought O’Bummer claimed to be the Hope dispenser to you boyz.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Yup, and now it’s time to move on. Get ready for the next one. Leave the past behind.

        1. dmacid says:

          On this you can’t leave the past behind. It’s going to take any one elected decades, if ever, to clean up after that anti American usurper that’s in office now. If anyone can it will be someone like Trump. I really like 4 others but The Donald has by passed them. The other classed as top 4 are not on my list. Wish there were more with military experience. And more that will rebuild our military. I don’t want Sharia law or over run by any of the terrorist groups or a war on any of our North American soil. Tough is what we need not wimpy cowards bought off by anti/un Americans like Soros and a couple NWO groups that want to take America down to 3rd world status & taken over by the UN to be under control of agent 21 & NWO. I want America to be “Our” America.
          God Bless our America and keep us strong and free.

          1. I Seigel says:

            So, basically, the same span of time necessary to clean up W’s mess?

  • teaman says:

    I pray he wins for he will be a million times better than the Manure Spreader we have, Hillary Ramrod, and Bernie Sanders all put together!

  • theresa anne says:

    I usually only laugh at The Donald but you know what? He does get things accomplished, I guess. I suppose his politically incorrect in-your-face language upset alot of people but I’ll bet it was only cause they couldn’t bring themselves to make alot of his comments he just blabbed right out!! If he could accomplish most of what he said he would do, I bet I could convince myself to vote for him. It is people like me that like his in-your-face talk. I didn’t really see him being a bully like Meghan or Bill O-I really hate the way they act. I think I might like this fools gold Donald T-so strong, so polished, so polite, so rich that he really could not care less. I like it!

    1. MeForever says:

      please add that he is Refreshing to this STALE citizenry.

      1. Shirley Harris-McMahon says:

        Bravo again MeForever

    2. Shirley Harris-McMahon says:

      Great points Theresa Heq qis a real man not a politician asking for more money

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Republican establishment, don’t you get it yet? People want straight answers, not politically correct drivel. People want a strong individual who can lead while reestablishing an America that produces goods and services as a means to achieve a better life for all people. People want an America where people work for what they get. People want an America where political operatives do not control the fate of all Americans. People want a federal government that works for the people not an ideological group of socialists that seeks to control lives. People want a less litigious society where lawyers can not sue for frivolous reasons with impunity and where judges hand down enormous awards way out of bounds in relation to damages. Who might do a better job doing what the people want than Trump? I support Cruz, but give Trump his due.

    1. joe says:

      well said. the media wants to control the talking points. lets hear the truth for a change.

      1. MeForever says:

        speaking of the “media” wanting to control the talking points… we’re very disappointed with C-Span’s Washington Journal hostess Greta.. she has become too comfortable in her position and thinks the program is the Greta Show. She cuts off callers, speaks over or interrupts guests and asks guests her own personal questions taking much time from callers. She has become very annoying, must have some kind of contract that can’t let her go. Washington Journal is a great source for listening to callers from all over the country and some internationals… but power corrupts and too much power ruins the “show.”

        The other hosts and hostesses do not do that… Pedro usually checks himself when he overflows with his authority.
        Ya’d think with all the callers complaining about “media” Greta would get the message.

        1. megan says:

          Peter is the worst. I don’t even try to watch when he hosts.

    2. RAYMOND KENNEDY says:


    3. KDC says:

      People want strength in the president to reflect the strength we have as Americans.

    4. Shirley Harris-McMahon says:

      Bravo Bob we feel the same as you. VOTE TRUMP AND SAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY.

  • Luke says:

    This just proves that the views of the far-left wackos is always wrong and mostly lies and the majority of true Americans believe as Trump does.
    Trump is not a politician in the normal sense of one, he can tell the truth and it will set him apart from the all the liars who say one thing and do another. We’re tired of those liars.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Wow, you sure do read between the lines a lot! “Far left wackos are always wrong”? “The majority of true Americans…”? Dream on. He’s getting all the attention right now, just like Pizza Guy did, or EyeDoc. After the first debate in about a month, we’ll see where things are.

      1. Luke says:

        Post one left-wing wacko policy that ever helped the working man in this country..
        Ignoring our border gets Americans killed, but it’s for a just cause right, they vote liberal wacko..

        1. I Seigel says:

          Social Security.
          GI Bill
          Export-Import Bank.

          Now it’s your turn. Name one right-wing wacko policy that ever helped the WORKING man, not the corporations or 1%.

          1. Luke says:

            SS is not entirely a liberal policy nor or the others and the latter only helped the rich liberal steal..
            Republicans create policies to promote jobs, not policies the working people have to pay into..
            And BTW, not one of those policies you posted ever put a ounce of bread on the working man’s table, it only helped the gov’t..

          2. I Seigel says:

            First of all, read some history. Look up Franklin Roosevelt. Second of all, tell retirees that Social Security doesn’t help to put bread on their tables. Tell GIs that being able to afford to go to college or get a home loan doesn’t help to put bread on their tables. Tell a small business that being able to compete with bigger, foreign companies to sell their product doesn’t help to put bread on the tables of their employees. Your ideology is blinding you to the simple and obvious facts.

          3. Shirley Harris-McMahon says:

            Bravo ISeigel

      2. MeForever says:

        You don’t get it.
        Don’t hold your breath… er, maybe Hold your breath and start now… tick tock.

        1. Shirley Harris-McMahon says:

          Bravo MeForever

      3. KDC says:

        Well you better hold on to your seat!

      4. Shirley Harris-McMahon says:

        If you think someone could do better, Let’s hear about them

  • James says:

    Great NEWS Go Donald

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