Trump remarks prompt Apple to abandon RNC: Report

by Andrew Blake
June 19, 2016

Apple has decided it won’t provide funding, technology or other assistance for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month as a direct result of controversial comments made by presumptive nominee Donald Trump, Politico reported Saturday.

Despite contributing towards previous conventions — including roughly $140,000 worth of equipment split between both parties in 2008 — two sources familiar with the matter told Politico that Apple won’t be assisting this time around when the GOP likely picks the New York businessman as its presidential contender.

Specifically, Politico reported that Mr. Trump’s comments concerning women, immigrants and minorities played a part in Apple’s decision not to offer support for the RNC.

Apple and Republican Party representatives declined to comment when reached by Politico, and a spokeswoman for the RNC did not immediately respond to similar requests.

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  • Ken says says:

    Hey Tim Cook – I was proud of you earlier this year – but the phone I’m replacing next month will be a Samsung not another Apple. Dragging your business down with you is bad business.

  • Climax says:

    Throw the Apples in the Trash and get Banana’s to shove up their tutu!

  • Climax says:

    Perhaps all Republicans and Government should either stop using current or not purchase further Apple products since they have now entered the ring of political BS. This is not the way a company should act in any way, shape, or form. If Trump is elected I would hope he orders all Apple products to be removed from Government offices and use.

  • k.b . mcdan says:

    Apple has crossed a bridge to never, never land! They have gotten political and insulted millions of Trump voters! To use this to slander Trump, take sides and use muscle, because of what he has said?(even though much of it was taken out of context to invite riots) NOPE! DONT BUY IT! You are liberals and follow the money.
    Who cares what you think!

  • onefour says:

    Apple what has Trump really said about women. Hillary threw women under the bus when she attacked those that accused her husband of rape, molestation. And Apple Trump is right we do need to put a TEMPORARY ban on all immigrants until we get a handle on who is coming into the country. We did it in the early 1900’s so people could become assimilated. It lasted until the mid 1900’s. When did Trump say anything against minorities except those that are coming into our country illegally and those that are committing crimes?

  • justinwachin says:

    It’s ironic that Apple has pressured governors to veto laws protecting the religious freedom of its citizens. In those cases Apple believed that companies should have to provide their services to the customer whether they agree with the customer or not. Maybe Apple could demonstrate that mindset of serving all regardless of ideology by rethinking their refusal to serve the Republican National Convention.

    It looks like Apple is doing the exact same thing that they don’t want wedding photographers to have the right to do–decline serving customers they disagree with. Can anyone say double standard?

  • Jake Midkiff says:

    I’m still struggling to find any remarks that I find inflammatory or offensive. All I see are the remarks he’s said, and then the remarks the media tells us he’s said…..out of context……or intentionally misquoted……or deciphered for us so we can understand his coded messages and what he REALLY means…..

  • Rick says:

    Not surprised at all! After all Apple abandoned us when they sided with the Islamic Muslim terrorist by refusing to help the FBI to pontenionally save more lives! Socialist liberals they get a lot of innocent Americans killed every day!

  • Roy Johnson says:

    The Chinese love apple and our making a lot of money off them! That gov doesn’t have to ask for help because they have the code!

  • EARLYDAWN55 says:

    I was going to buy an apple, No not going to happen, Boycott

  • GreatGrannyInGeorgia says:

    I own nothing that belongs to Apple, and I never will… The guy creates these “cool” electronics for our kids and pushes them down out throats, but bans his own family from using them… Something is rotten in Denmark if you ask me.

  • ed28 says:

    They do this all the while waiting for someone to enable them to bring back $billions in off-shore profits. Dumbazzez. Trump is the only one who has a positive solution for this. Apple is now run by a bunch of idealogs with zero capacity for individual thought.

    Never needed their crap products and never will. Only the social media lemmings use them.

  • SDofAZ says:

    Apple had better rethink their position unless they are for all the BO crapola but then again even if they are not prehaps they are just NWO supporters. In any case though I like the products, there are alternatives. Good bye Apple!

  • Bill Blackstone says:

    This is great news. Every time some business or politician makes all silly about Trump. His numbers go up.

  • Pete says:

    Apple and politico are water carriers for Hillary Rodham Clinton. What else would anyone with a lick of common sense expect.

  • Robert Briggs says:

    19June,2016 Screw APPLE & their lame excuse! They are in the Demo pocket & they are just using it as an excuse to not support Trump. Apple I’ll never use anything made by you! MN1 Robert Briggs USN Retired & Vietnam Veteran

  • Blue 3 says:

    Too big to fail now, but very telling about where they see the country moving. When they’re all playing both sides they’re betting on America and industry. These guys always and constantly know more than us. Appears to me that this is the time to be Pro Trump rather than anti anything. Lines are being drawn.

  • kathy diamond says:

    This is BULL. Apple is simply playing political Games like they played with the Cell Phone. They are clearly Democrats, another group that benefited financially . Just like Washington DC

  • bpgagirl22VAnow says:

    I won’t buy anything Apple BECAUSE of their arrogance! Samsung, Microsoft, Toshiba, HP, etc. girl here!

  • Michael says:

    is opposing Trump because they are the largest exploiters of offshore
    financial loopholes. 181 billion dollars are being held by Apple
    overseas. Without those loopholes Apple would have had to pay 45 billion
    in taxes. THATS why they are opposing Trump and backing Clinton, no
    other reason. Spread it around. Get the truth out. Copy and paste this

    1. Milt Wirth says:

      It is…….

  • uhptony says:

    Screw Apple!!!! Wait until Trump puts tariffs on China and see how fast the Apple idiots come running to Washington crying about their diminished profits. Boohoo.

    1. Milt Wirth says:

      Congress levies tariffs, not the executive branch of government…….

  • Frank Tillman says:

    ESAD Apple lead by a f@660t,
    Sorry assed iPhones created in Chinese sweat shops.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    fuk Apple

  • Laura Austin says:

    Oh ya, time to Boycott all of Apples products then.. good luck sucker APPLE see how you like it.

  • itsfun says:

    Does Apple make anything in America? Their products are made by low wage or slave labor in foreign countries. Some of these countries hate gays and execute them. Women have no rights also.
    Why does anybody buy from them

    1. Laura Austin says:

      I will never after their insane statement boycotting the convention because of Trump… shame on them.

      1. bpgagirl22VAnow says:

        “I will never…..after their insane…” never what?

    2. Beverly Miller says:

      Yes they and most companies have their products made over seas for little of nothing and fleece us over here.

    3. SDofAZ says:

      Been migrating out of the country and security of their products might already be compromised in China, a new hub for them.

  • Shofar threading says:

    Apple is rotten to its smelly Democrat core. Was just looking for a reason to defund any RNC tie.

    1. Laura Austin says:

      Absolutely the real reason.. instead they want to play the blame game.

  • mesaman says:

    An apple a day keeps patriots away.

    1. Laura Austin says:

      Love that saying

  • SickoftheBS says:

    But they will continue donations to the DNC even with the actions of Obama and Clinton. I for one will not be replacing my apple products with new Apple products. There is plenty of competition with good products out there.

    1. bpgagirl22VAnow says:

      Probably because they’re all getting under-the-table funding from who knows where and they don’t care unless they get their pay.

      1. Milt Wirth says:


    2. SDofAZ says:

      Exactly what I posted. We all need to do business elsewhere and that applies to Disney and who ever else is swinging their weight to the dem lemming side. They are companies who do not represent the best interest of the citizen’s fo this country, support the NWO agenda and open borders, etc. Boycott them all as they clearly identify their less than friendly leanings to the legal citizens of this country. Course congress loves em anyway but that is why we have to cull the dem lemmings and rinos form DC. McCain is going and Ward is his replacement.

  • gerald Hughes says:

    I wish I could boycott Apple, But I already did, dagnab it.
    I did get the opportunity to switch a computer order still that was on 13 computers

  • mdk4130 says:

    By the time election rolls around Trump will have pissed off just about everybody except the voters.

    1. Laura Austin says:

      That’s alright because were still strong and getting stronger as time goes on when folks continue to know the truth of the matter.

      1. Milt Wirth says:

        All right…….

      2. mdk4130 says:

        Laura, let me tell you the truth on the matter.

        I know the truth. I know how I am going to vote. I am going to vote for Mr. Donald Trump. I can give you my reasons, and they are many, but let me tell you how I made my decision.

        Let’s suppose you are in a society in which the parents select the husband of a young lady. And that is not uncommon as you may know. Let’s further say your parents have been especially nice and instead of ordering you to marry a certain man that are going to allow you to make a selection between two suitors for your hand. Both are very wealthy, both are extremely ugly. Both give off a bad odor. One is elderly and one is middle age. You must make a selection, how is a selection to be made.

        Let me tell you how I think you should decide. . You select the one which you feel, all things considered, you will have the least to regret over time — far less to regret had you chosen the other one.

        I will regret less with Trump than with Mrs. Clinton. Had I voted for Mrs. Clinton I know I would be kicking myself for the next 4 years.

    2. PC Bob says:

      Uh, even many of THEM!

      1. mdk4130 says:

        Just remember — the New York Times headline after an earlier election where some people expected a sure thing; “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN”- People’s mind is not going to be changed at this time because we all expect the Clinton gang will spend all it takes and will still fail –Why? Just look at her and listen–you want THAT for President!

  • mudguy1 says:

    I to are unhappy I have any Apple products. Why is Apple supporting Hillary when she takes money from country that disrespects women rights?
    Sorry my wife just bought a Mac.

    1. Milt Wirth says:

      Subject-verb agreement??

      1. mudguy1 says:

        Are you perfect? Do you correct everybody?

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Can anyone say, APPLE, you’re a 2 faced SOB!! Apple is a Chinese based company, yes the same China where there are NO RIGHTS at all, NO MUSLIMS, and nobody else that they don’t want in their country, even Americans! Now Apple, go eat a big ole WORM!!

    1. Laura Austin says:

      awesome.. thank you

  • bill says:

    Just mailed my Apple I Phone back to them… Ripped up my contract and told them to sue me… I refuse to do business with any company or corporation who takes sides politically by showing favoritism regardless of the party.. I own a business and show respect and donate to everyone equally… Apple can K M A …

    1. bpgagirl22VAnow says:

      If enough of you Apple-exers do that they’ll get the message that we’re fed up with Corporate America’s BS! Good for you!

      1. k.b . mcdan says:


      2. HadEnough says:


    2. k.b . mcdan says:

      Good for you. If I used them I would gladly say take them back!
      To strong arm Trump over things that have been blown out of proportion, and twisted by the media is telling millions of Trump voters you don’t care and are using your power against our choice!
      Than you for taking a stand!

    3. HadEnough says:

      bill, you are fantastic !! — Good for you.

    4. Cawaynus says:

      Good for you Bill, and the rest of you that would boycott Apple. These major corporations like Apple, GE, etc, are making $billions off of taxpayers through corporate welfare. They make huge donations to Democrats and Republicans campaigns and get laws and rules passed that give them billions of dollars of our tax dollars. They had rather have Hillary as someone like Trump, because they know he will most likely put an end to this cronyism and corporate welfare, and Hillary won’t make any changes to this corrupt norm for both parties of our government! We must make them pay dearly, just like Target has done for their bathroom policies.

  • Sue says:

    Guess I’ll trash my Apple products and get another technology. Time for an Apple boycott. Apple may be concerned about women, immigrants, and minorities, but they repress their gay employees. If they want to support the Dems who are pushing the transgender bathrooms, they are not for protecting children either.

    1. Milt Wirth says:

      Your proof??

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Milt is an idiot and a disgusting dem lemming troll obviously.

      1. SDofAZ says:

        Dah! You have got to be an idiot or a dem lemming. Proof is in the need to inject men in women’t bathrooms with a febble claim of I am a woman in a man’s body. So sad, and every pedophile in every city, state, county will be using that one. Women should be screaming discrimination to every politician in the country. But Hillary is okay with it, says a lot about here and the dem lemmings supporting her. And you too Milt. Want to flag me for that comment Milt?

      2. mesaman says:

        Add all your simple minded one liners together and you have instant proof that your brain is to be found somewhere between your sigmoid and your hemorrhoids.

    2. Miguel526 says:

      Apple =’s Georg Soros, (the Super Uber-Wealthy 1 percenter after whom every google/Apple/Micro-Soft/NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/HLN/MSNBC/NPR/PBS/Huffpost operative models themselves). By means of Apple’s cynical, self-serving perversion of The Forth Estate, Apple will have to co-sued in an array of multi-hundreds of billions of dollars Class Action lawsuits!!!!

  • Grandpa82 says:

    Apple and the GOP both committing SUICIDE ?
    Simple solution – Boycott Apple !

    1. SDofAZ says:

      And Disney too.

  • Kent2012 says:

    more retard parasites will now support apple…oh and the ahole coffee shop socialists will be wetting their panties over this news…

  • Worried Vet says:

    Apple is sucking up to Hillary. The big shots over there are liberals for the most part.

  • dumbvet says:

    What is Apple going to do when Trump is President?

    1. Laura Austin says:

      Exactly.. Amen

    2. CharlieSeattle says:

      They will take the offensive American “A” out of their corporate name and change it to be………..☭PPLE

      To be followed by………………..F☭CEBOOK

      Not to be outdone will see ……………G☭☭GLE, MSNB☭ News,
      ☭BC News, ☭NN, etc. etc. all supporting Killary ☭linton.

    3. k.b . mcdan says:

      Play nice and say Hillary made me do it?

  • SickandTiredofObamaTheMuslim says:

    F_ _k APPLE ! …. Maybe they need to have a Boycott of their Products! Kinda similar to Millions of people decided to boycott Target over their “warped mind” bathroom, and dressing room policies they created!

    1. REM says:

      Exactly. They too protect terriosts.

      1. Milt Wirth says:


  • Sharpshooter says:

    Apple doesn’t want to lose all that cheap labor that they enjoy now!

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