Trump reportedly shakes up campaign ahead of big primaries

April 20, 2016

Donald Trump reportedly has ordered a major campaign shake-up ahead of upcoming Republican primaries, handing over control of operations to new hires Paul Manafort and Rick Wiley – a move said to be upsetting long-time staff.

Politico reported late Monday that Trump has given Wiley and Manafort a $20 million budget for contests in May and June, including the vital June 7 California primary. Trump likely faces a must-win in California to have any chance of clinching the GOP nomination outright and avoiding a contested convention.

Manafort was hired last month to lead Trump’s push for delegates, while Wiley was hired last week by Manafort as the campaign’s national political director.

The shakeup reportedly is alienating staff headed by campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Sources told Politico that the resignation Monday of national field director Stuart Jolly, a Lewandowski loyalist, came as a result of his displeasure with the reorganization.

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  • wiseone2 says:


  • Little Bright Feather says:

    Why couldn’t they ALL work it together – there is an awful lot of territory to cover and they need ALL of them. And Trump stayed loyal to his head man and did not abandon him or fire him when he was FALSELY arrested. So why can’t they all work it together ? There is no need at this point to get mad over additions. They needed additions to cover all that is needed. Come on guys – work as a real team ! The country is at stake here !

  • The Redhawk says:

    OK Shake up moment is HERE…So Donald Shake up your CRAPPY personality, Do some Major GROWING UP, Quit WHINING and showing your ASTROTURF Personality with NO DEEP ROOTS…and GET a freaking hair cut..or put curlers in the back
    B UT
    C LINTON the Hacked Cankels!!!

    1. Patricia A Galle says:

      Donald Trump cannot beat Hillary. Every poll says so. He has been a liberal Democrat all of his life and he has supported Hillary, and every policy she stood for.George Soros has a fortune invested in her, just like he did in Obama. He was a big investor in the Chicago Trump Towers, and he loaned Trump money after one of his bankruptcies. Does anyone really believe that Trump woke up as a Republican one morning at the age 0f 70 and wanted to run for President. He is running to keep Ted Cruz from being nominated, by dividing our party enough to not vote. Either way, Hillary wins. Trump is not even running a campaign. He tweets, he calls his rich media friends for free air time to tell lies and whine. He has temper tantrums every day and accuses everybody of doing what he really does. He is too lazy to work, so he yells its rigged. Now we are supposed to feel sorry for him. He is doing exactly what Obama did, almost word for word. He has conned, scammed, lied, swindled, bullied weaker people all of his life. He acts like a spoiled child. He can’t control himself, and he has no manners and no class. A President that acted like him would get us all killed. He is promising a million things that he can never deliver. He is not educated or qualified at all. He is a worse narcissist than Obama. 75% of women won’t vote for him at all. I pray this country wakes up in time to see the complete fraud he is.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        FRAUD?…. NOBODY is a BIGGER FRAUD, Liar, Incompetent , Thing than that FAILURE SHIL-LIAR-RY…..BUT between the two…..YES ‘ll Hold my nose and go ABC
        A nyone
        B ut
        C linton

  • Carol Burkhardt says:

    THIS is the characteristic that makes Trump such a winner: He REFUSES to lose! The night Colo gave ALL their delegates to Cruz (and tv pundits said, “Cruz could win this thing!”) called for Trump’s drastic changes!Trump didn’t say, “Oh darn, Obamacare’s going to happen” or “Oh gee, looks like residents won’t let those South American kids get off the buses in their city but gee…they’re already here.”
    Instead, against all odds, Trump gets RESULTS! And they’re the results we Americans want!!!!

    1. Reasoned thinker says:

      Carol Burkhardt — Outstanding! Go Trump 2016.

    2. Patricia A Galle says:

      What has Trump ever won? He is 70 years old, he will never be quick on his feet, and his mind is already not real sharp. He is as always a great con man. He is a life long liberal Democrat, and close friend of Hillary. He bragged about having voted for Obama. He supported gun control, Planned Parenthood, Gay rights and same sex marriage. Now he is pretending to be a Republican. He has no policies, no solutions, and has not even campaigned. He tweets lies, and calls honest people names like a selfish child; then he calls Fox for free air time to complain and whine. He is all complaints and whining about rules that he doesn’t like. He is too lazy and too stupid to read them, like everyone else. By yelling I am getting cheated or this is rigged, he thinks we will feel sorry for him. He is pathetic. He is a born rich spoiled snob and egomaniac. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and his rich friends. He is running so Hillary wins, and he is a bigger fraud than Obama.

      1. Carol Burkhardt says:

        Let me begin by stating that I don’t dislike Cruz. If Trump doesn’t win the nomination, I will enthusiastically support Cruz. (fundraisers, $, & volunteer hours).
        I just think Cruz can’t win the general. His religious beliefs are not those of our Christian/Judeo American population. His beliefs are those of the Southern Baptist Convention denomination…and are MUCH more extreme than ordinary Christians’ beliefs. Hillary would destroy him. (Remember the 1960 election fears that JFK would follow the infallibility of The Pope?) Also please remember that our conservative FISCAL issues are winners for us with the majority of the general public…but Southern Baptist SOCIAL issues are not. Right or wrong, that’s the reality.
        The second problem I have with Cruz is that he doesn’t have Trump’s uncanny ability to “make a deal” in OUR favor. Altho I understood Cruz’ filibuster, I also saw that he had no Senate support (except maybe Mike Lee.) Cruz is a FABULOUS debater…but he doesn’t have that rare, rare, rare ability to carry through and WIN. “Talking” is one skill but getting unbelievably difficult things done is quite another.

        1. Patricia A Galle says:

          Ted Cruz is very electable if you know his record of service. He beat a very popular ex Attorney General with sixteen million to his opponents thirty-four million, and then beat a 10 year incumbent to win his Senate seat 4 years ago. Before that he was Solicitor General of Texas for over 5 years, and he appeared before the Supreme Court for us 9 times. He won our right to openly display the Ten Commandments, and the right to leave under God in the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools. He represented 31 states and won our right to own hand guns for protection. He has been our Senator for 4 years, and he has fought for the people over the party always. He stood on the Senate floor for over 21 hours and filibustered Obamacare, because he promised us he would fight it. He has never told us a lie or broken a promise. His religion has never even been mentioned, and has no part in his politics. He is a strict constitutionalist, and a friend and admirer of Justice Scalia. He took time from his campaign and attended his funeral to show his respect to his family. That is more than our President did, and Cruz never bragged about it. He is not a bragger or a liar. He is a brilliant man, too. He memorized the constitution in high school for debates and speeches. He made speeches to help pay his way through Princeton, where he was the number one debater of the year (all US colleges), and number two in the He graduated from Harvard Law School magna cum laude with honors, and was the head of the Harvard Law Review. His professor said he was off the charts smart, and the most brilliant student that he had ever taught. He is 45 years old and has a spotless record. Trump is 70 years old with a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Wharton. He is a life long liberal Democrat who has obviously has never read the constitution. He talks of giving orders for things he can never do. Congress will stop him, because he is not qualified to deal with them or to handle foreign affairs. With his egomania and temper, I do not think he could do the job at all. With his past, I would never trust him. He has been in court for fraud and swindles and bankruptcies so often. I could never vote for him.

          1. TrueRedWhiteandBlue says:

            Cruz would make a good nominee and I will support him if he gets it. However……this country needs a strong, smart, take it to their face president and Trump is the one we need at this time in history. We need someone who can make our enemies fear us again and Trump is the one who can do that. What we DO NOT need is another politician attempting to lead and pandering to a corrupt congress or like Ovomit and playing like he is a dictator. Trump is for the everyday working AMERICANS in this country and I have never seen a politician yet who put the needs of the American people and this country’s needs above the needs of his political cronies in congress!

          2. Carol Burkhardt says:

            I wasn’t clear. I meant that Trump will use his uncanny ability to win for us…AFTER he becomes president.
            And re your impressive info re Cruz’ history of winning elections IN TEXAS, please remember that winning POTUS is totally different. (I’m a FL resident who worked hard for Rubio for Senate. It was EASY for him to win a Senate seat. But as you know, the competition for POTUS is brutal!) Hillary would pounce on Cruz’ Southern Baptist Convention extremism such as his quoting bible verses as proof for some of his positions in the past…and he would lose the general by double digits.

          3. Patricia A Galle says:

            I am older than you, and I remember Trump supporting the far left liberal Democrats for 45 years. He supported gun control, abortion even partial birth, gay rights, same sex marriage, which are all things I am deeply opposed to myself. I don’t trust him at all. I truly believe he is running in our party to beat Cruz, so Hillary will win. How at the age of 70 could you pretend to be a Republican. and change everything you have always believe. I do not believe him at all. He is a fraud just like Obama. I love America too much to vote for a man who is so selfish and vulgar. I will never trust him.

          4. Carol Burkhardt says:

            Ummmm Patricia, I don’t think you’re older than I. In 1960 I volunteered for Nixon mainly because I preferred his tight money policy over JFK’s loose $ policy. And I worked DAILY for Reagan in 1976 when we lost the primary to Gerald Ford who went on to lose the general. I’m a little older than Trump and I vividly remember his HUGE accomplishments over the years, beginning with the NYC skating rink. His skill is that he’s able to GET THINGS DONE…things govt performs PATHETICALLY! Yes, I agree that he’s probably moderate on SOCIAL issues…but so is most of the country. WHY is that? Because even liberal SOCIAL policies won’t infringe on YOUR rights (but liberal FISCAL policies would!) We ALL see our taxpayer monies going for things we abhor. For ex, there’s nothing that disgusts me more than paying for disability payments for alcoholics and drug addicts, because they’re unable to hold a job because of loserism. But those payments won’t ruin my life. Liberal FISCAL policies would!!!!!

          5. Patricia A Galle says:

            I am 72, so I remember all the way back to Truman. I do not understand how a country who fell for Obama yelling hope and change twice, would even consider Trump. No one bothered to look at Obama’s past either. Trumps past is full on cons, scams, swindles, and fraud. He doesn’t own his buildings outright, they are all in debt to every big bank in New York, including Goldman Sachs. He is also invested and close friends with George Soros, whose only desire is to destroy us. He gave us Obama. Trump’s pretending to be a Republican is his most obvious fraud. He talks like a Democrat, he has always supported Democrats and liberal policies. I can’t believe anyone in America thinks this old egomaniac fraud is going to make us great. He will destroy everything we stand for walk away with his rich friends laughing at how stupid we are. We never seem to learn from our past mistakes.

      2. Intelligal says:


        1. Patricia A Galle says:

          His children are not running for office. Ted Cruz has two beautiful young girls, and the same wife is the mother of both of them. I don’t like anything about Trump, and I honestly believe he is a complete fraud just like Obama. Nothing about him is real. He knows nothing about running a country, and it is in no way like running a business that you own. He has no policies, a horrible tax plan, and no idea how to conduct foreign affairs. I can see him now having a tantrum in front of someone like Putin. He would get us all killed. He will not protect Israel either. His own kids couldn’t vote for him in the New York Primary, because they did not switch parties in time. They had to vote in the Democratic Primary. That rich elite man is going to look after the rich and elite. I could never vote for him. I love America. Trump loves Trump.

          1. Intelligal says:

            I was not referring to the liar-Cruz-Go Trump!!!! I don’t really care if you like TRUMP-I am a veteran and RN and I do-Period! Trump is a very real and good man-You don’t know him-Right? All hear say-so, typical woman-listens to gossip-Period!

          2. Patricia A Galle says:

            As a veteran I want to thank you for your service to our country, and God bless you for that. Ted Cruz took a case for the VFW and the American Legion all the way to the Supreme Court and won their right to keep the cross on the Veteran’s Memorial in the Mojave Desert, and he did it pro bono. He did not charge them a penny. He also fought with our Governor and got Purple Hearts for all the military that was killed or injured in the Fort Hood Terrorist attack and the pay they had coming. That was the one Obama called work place violence. Everyone talked, but Cruz got it done. He is such a good honest conservative constitutionalist, and he loves America. He is capable of taking care of Veterans, and Israel, and keeping us safe and so much more. He has done amazing things for Texas, and he has never told us a lie or broke a promise. I don’t want to lose America to a fraud like Trump.

  • My2tigersJan Stanko says:

    Agree. He is a finisher and that is why I support him.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Other than Insults what has he “finished”

      1. TrueRedWhiteandBlue says:

        I can’t believe you even asked that question.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          BELIEVE IT!!!

      2. HENRI says:


        1. The Redhawk says:

          OK NUMBNUTS! SO which T-rump wiull be the Ultimate Candidate??? tHe ” IT IS ALL AN ACT in the PRIMARY”??? OR the REAL TV CLOWN with YELLOW HAIR?? and What will he be “DEALING” to us???

      3. HENRI says:


        1. The Redhawk says:


  • My2tigersJan Stanko says:

    Congratulations to Donald Trump. He is not a politician, however, he is in their wheelhouse and if he want to be POTUS he needs people that know how to play the game and win.

    1. Mike N says:

      I think Trump finally figured it out. If he is elected President I hope he is quicker on his feet.

    2. Reasoned thinker says:

      My2tigersJan Stanko — Totally agree. Go Trump 2016.

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