Trump Slammed for Treating John Lewis Like an…Equal?

by Chuck Muth |
January 17, 2017

So liberal black Congressman John Lewis – who author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza rightly describes as a “nasty, bitter old man” who appears to have been weaned on a pickle – said something incendiary and stupid last week.

Like so many other whiny Participation Trophy Liberals, Lewis declared that duly-elected Donald Trump was not a “legitimate president.”

Historically, most Republicans would have responded that the “honorable” Mr. Lewis was a civil rights “icon” and given him a pass.  Most Republicans would have been scared to death to challenge such a black leader no matter how ridiculous or outrageous his statement.

But Trump ain’t most Republicans.  And unlike most Republicans, when you take a swing at him he swings back.  He doesn’t start these fights, but he doesn’t back down from them either.  Which he demonstrated last Saturday by tweeting…

“Congressman John Lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities of the U.S.”

Bingo!  It’s about time somebody stood up to these race-hustling bullies and called them out.

But here’s the thing that really struck me about the whirlwind of righteous indignation that oozed from the left and remaining small band of hard-core “Never Trump” Republicans…

Apparently because he’s a veteran of the civil rights movement in the 60s, Lewis is supposed to be immune from criticism.  White people aren’t allowed to give him a dose of his own medicine because…well, because he’s black.

But isn’t that exactly the OPPOSITE of what Lewis and others fought for?  Shouldn’t we treat him with the same scorn and ridicule we’d heap upon a white person for saying something so stupid?  Isn’t that what equal rights is all about?

Thank you, PRESIDENT Trump, for treating Mr. Lewis with equality.

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37 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Frederick Smith says:

    I wonder how many times he risk his life fighting for his country not just his race. Maybe he should have spent the better part of three years in Vietnam like some of the rest of us did but we do not consider us to be heroes still living on past accomplishments. In addition we were fighting for all Americans not just the black the white, native Americans and all nationalities but also protecting the people of South Vietnam. It is time to consider the good of the nation and not just your self.

  • Tiger says:

    Tight Lewis is not Equal to Trump in mind/body or Soul. Lewis is a lying Democrat who is a disgrace to the once Democrat Party. He is doing exactly what his O does, lie, distort and do it over again.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    “White people aren’t allowed to give him a dose of his own medicine because…well, because he’s black.”
    All part of that “white privilege” that freaks like Lewis obsess about.

  • Pete says:

    Mr Lewis was beaten by bunch of southern democrat clansmen fifty some years ago in Selma Alabama. Those thugs were democrats since at the time there weren’t enough republicans in Selma to fill a school bus. Mr Lewis instead of laying the blame where it rightly belongs, has joined the very democrats who beat the he!! out of him & blames people that had nothing to do with the injustices of the 1960’s.

  • Jose says:

    One less black card (aka racist) that can be taken down would be sharpton for tax evasion as he will no longer be under the wing of obama.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Sorry Johnny, YO days are over, like 40 years ago but yet all of your kind are still fighting a war, what war, the one Obama filled your head with just like the rest of your kind!! Pull that big ole bottom fat lip over your head and swallow!!!

  • the whistler says:

    Lest we all forget….Benedict Arnold was a war Hero before he was a traitor!! The moral is being a hero only applies as long as you perform heroically ( prime example is George Washington) living on your laurels and subterfuging a new President ala John McCain and John Lewis is no longer heroic OR even worthy of prefacing their name as ‘The Hero [insert name]’.
    A Hero is the closest thing we have to knlghts. Knights were expected to be brave and honorable . If you held the title of knight you had to be a knight 24/7/365. You don’t pick and choose when you are knight. If you dishonored your knighthood you were stripped of your title and your ‘moral authority’ and declared a knave.
    So! Are the actions of Lewis and McCain the actions of a Hero OR a Knave???

    Sort of like Trump …I prefer my Heroes to actually act like a hero not a spoiled brat OR a backstabbimg coward !!!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Lewis is a Loser. Ignore him.

  • Gale says:


  • Daniel Hebert says:

    People like Lewis deserve to be treated the same way THEY treat others. When does the ‘hands off’ occur? Yeah, he was an icon in the civil rights movement days, NOW he is turning back the clock to a time before Martin Luther King. Thanks a lot you bigoted old slob – time for you to step down and let a REAL man take the helm in your district, maybe there will be progress for the people.

  • justinwachin says:

    Donald Trump isn’t going to sit quietly by and allow someone to attack him. His response should come as no surprise to anyone.

    Mr. Trump has a point. It’s easy to criticize the future president. It’s more difficult to do something to fix your problems. For too long black America has looked to Washington for solutions. The congressman and the local politicians need to look no further than themselves to see how to fix their problems.

    There will be a crowd at Friday’s inauguration. Rep. Lewis’ absence will not be noticed by anyone other than the talking heads on TV. In a best case scenario it will open up a seat that can be filled by someone who wants to be there.

  • itsfun says:

    The Democrats are so afraid that a President Trump will actually help the inner cities they are in a panic. They are afraid of losing part of the black vote to Republicans because President Trump will actually help those in the inner cities.

    1. Bowserb says:

      That would be great, but I fear that for many it is too late. They’re third generation “Great Society” and all they know is they get a LOT of stuff free, so they must be entitled to a lot more. And what they want is not jobs, but rather more for free of what working people buy for themselves.

    2. Bob says:

      If the inner cities show any sign of improvement, first and foremost the Democrats will take the credit. Since most inner cities a bastions of Democratic “leadership” for generations, they will say it just took time for their “programs” to work. Yeah, right, just like it took time to find Bin Laden and they got credit for that.

      If the cities show any improvement, the Dems are mostly afraid that they will lose a certain insane voting block. (Insanity = doing the exact same thing in the exact same way and expecting different results, like voting repeatedly for the same Democrats or their children and expecting it to get better). When the Dems lose the “Black vote”, or if it doesn’t show up, they lose elections. (as they just did)

  • Webb says:

    Respecting Lewis for his civil rights movement work, especially in the 60’s…
    Yet, He must remember, he is in Congress and is expected to Respect the President, whoever that may be!
    Trump Won…As Obama stated back when, Trump is President For All Americans!

  • Luke says:

    A now proven liar like lewis will never be an equal of Trump..
    The democrats in Selma Al are the ones who beat and ran him over, the dems are the ones who have destroyed the black communities of America and lewis is part of that, he has joined those dems that have destroyed their lives with crime and drugs..

    1. Daniel W says:

      Oh how the democrats have forgotten that they were the ones running around in those WHITE SHEETS terrorizing the newly freed black slaves !!! THE NRA FOUGHT FOR AND WON THE NEWLY FREED SLAVES RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.

  • Herschel Weintraub says:

    Trump was repulsive in his tweet to Congressman Lewis. You Trump supporters have no respect for anyone. You are indeed deplorable to make the comments that you have made here.

    1. Webb says:

      Mr.Lewis was repulsive in his statement of an Illegitimate President…Directed at Trump!
      Comments made as derogatory will be rebutted by most…Lewis like all Democrats knew Hillary would be Anointed by America as President But She Lost…
      Progressives and Lewis can live with that fact or make dumb comments as Lewis did.
      Lewis’s past as a civil rights leader does not give him a Pass from Criticism…He is Paid by the Tax Payer, All Colors!

    2. gvette says:

      Hell, two thirds of what demonRATS say, is repulsive!

    3. Bob says:

      First off, you do realize that in his statement he will not attend an Inauguration for the first time in 25 years is an outright LIE. He boycotted President GW Bush’s Inaugural also. I guess this RACIST just hates white, Republican Presidents.

      Second, it is Mr. Lewis who is acting repulsive. After the President stated that the Russians did NOT hack the actual election, he is still saying they did. He is more upset at how the information was obtained and released than in the content. What are his, and your, feeling of the DNC referring to Hispanic events as “Taco Bowl events”? What are you opinions of the way they showed disdain to Jewish events by asking why do these again and why be so beholding to Israel and the Jews? How to you respond to the bigotry and hate filled rhetoric of the DNC and the Hillary Campaign? Or are you just as bigoted and racist as the DNC, the Hillary Campaign and Mr. Lewis?

      If you were being honest and upright about his whole mess, you should also be irate at the illegal leaking and publishing of President Elect trump’s 95 taxes by the media. After all, they were trying to influence the election by openly attacking one candidate and supporting the other.

    4. Bowserb says:

      Speaking of illegitimate, the only reason Lewis ever got elected is that congressional districts were configured so that there would be majority black districts, where any black person, regardless of qualifications–or even the ability to use the English language properly–could be elected.

    5. Anouk says:

      You and your bunch of phoney low life liberals are rotten to the core.
      President Elect Trump was first insulted by this ugly liar Lewis.
      He has the right to defend himself from unfair insults.
      Is Soros your pal?

    6. Maria says:

      You are the one who is repulsive and blind!!! You can’t see that Mr. Lewis was the one who was disrespectful to Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump is a legitimate president because more than 62 million americans voted for him voluntarily. I chose to vote for him on day one and no email had any influence on my choice. Also, you are disrespectful to us when you call us deplorable without examining yourself first. God bless you!

    7. Bogart1950 says:

      YUP, It was us “deplorables” that voted TRUMP in.. YOUR, “God giving right to be your POTUS” Girl got her azz handed to her on a plate.. so get over it .. And with term limits get put into place,, Lewis will be gone,gone,gone!

  • Climax says:

    Mr. Lewis, is an icon of past times. His time has come, been, and passed. It is only people like him, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton that keep race baiting going on over and over again. They enflame racism in order to keep themselves in the position of appearing to be needed, and for what I ask? In the case of Mr. Lewis perhaps he was brain damaged when he got thumped on the head in the 60’s. It’s time to Retire Mr. Lewis, you had your time in the lime light and let me ask you what you have really accomplished for the people you represent. Nada! The crime that overshadows your represented people is worse today than it has ever been, what is your excuse?

    1. Bowserb says:

      His excuse for the behavior of his thug constituency is that they haven’t been given enough freebees. Housing, food, medical care, transportation, cell phones with data plans, cable TV, head start in schools, hiring quotas…their just not enough. There are still things that working white people are buying that are not also being given at no charge to his black constituents.

      Add to it that when these thugs commit crimes, they get arrested, and when they resist arrest and attack police, sometimes they get hit back and rarely, they get killed.

      John Lewis is billed as a “Veteran of the civil rights movement”. I’m sorry, but “Veteran” is a term reserved for those who have served our nation in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard…not career whiners.

      1. Climax says:

        Thank you Bowserb. the truth hurts only those who are obviously guilty. RA16897089 12/66-12/68

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    2. Gregg Jensen says:

      Well said.

    3. CharlieSeattle says:

      Pity Lewis did not pass while he was respected and relavent.

      Today, is a bitter, twisted, senile, old f***k!

  • Daniel W says:

    Mr. Lewis should realize, as you so, so shall ye reap. What did he expect the President-elect would have to say about his disrespect for the office. You don’t have to respect the man but you are required to respect the office.

    1. Climax says:

      Is he not violating the very oath of office he took to become a Congressman by not accepting the new duly and truly elected POTUS who ever it would be?

  • GoldenGirl2u says:

    Mr. Lewis has had his 37 years of government dole, time for him to be retired, what he said is factually untrue and is beneath his office, as many of the dems. have shown, they are a hateful, self-serving bunch of hypocrites.

    1. Jo Ann Kowalski says:

      He is a racist bastard. Needs to go home n sleep on his rocker. Demonrats r racist communistic terror loving bastards

  • Ghost Forever says:

    Excellent! I agree 100%

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