Trump White House: DOJ ‘Should Certainly Look At’ Prosecuting Comey

by Alex Pappas
September 13, 2017

The Department of Justice should consider prosecuting James Comey for his “improper” actions while serving as FBI director, the White House said Tuesday.

Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, argued during the daily press briefing that Comey’s actions as FBI director “were improper and likely could have been illegal.”

Asked if President Trump wants the Department of Justice to prosecute Comey, Sanders said that’s “something they should certainly look at.”

Sanders said the former FBI director “politicized an investigation by signaling he would exonerate Hillary Clinton before he ever interviewed her or other key witnesses.”

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  • Tiger says:

    We know what the Trump DOJ should do to all the following:
    Hillary for what she did and we have the proof.
    Comey for what he has done and we have the proof.
    Lois Lerner for what she did but Sessions let her go.
    Soros for inciting riots.
    Obama for inciting riots.
    Holder for what he did.
    Lynch for what she did.

    We know who deserves to be prosecuted, we hope Trump’s administration would do it. We would like to see Emmanuel brought up on charges of breaking our immigration laws related to harboring illegals, etc. Many more doing it. The laws are on the books.

    If Trump had the gumption, the honor, the integrity he would clean house, yes I know the great stuff he has done but he isn’t doing all he could and I have not a clue why. Even funded PP in the deals with Satan’s own on earth the Progressives. Then gave congress DACA to work on and believe me they will.

    Sigh…………………………..thought things would be different.

    1. Leslie Woodhull says:

      Now watch UKRAINE ON FIRE. That’s what Soros/Clinton/Obama are truing to do to Trump now. That’s what all these riots are about and why Clinton came out in a Purple blouse and hubby had a purple tie on during her concession speech. It was code to start the Revolution. This is SEDITION and TREASON. I spoke to Senator Mike Lee about this last weekend when he was home. His eyes widened in surprise and hee said he’s going to go back to DC and get some things going.

      1. Tiger says:

        Leslie of course and Hillary is the one who called for it and called for “Resistance” , Obama has a site on the net doing the same, along with Soros organizations along with Moore and others. You ought to visit the sites of BLM and others like Antifa.

        They would like to burn us to the ground but will be hard with Trump in office. The military and police backed him along with X military. If it breaks it will be Bloody Hell, I can’t believe your congressman wasn’t aware of all this. Hillary and all have made it very public.

        1. Glenda Jordan says:

          Hi Tiger-been a lil’ bit. I know you are in Fla so I just wanted to say happy to see you here. My nephew and his family came here (Northeast) from Fort Myers area-ended up not all too bad there…hope you and your family just as fortunate xo

          1. Tiger says:

            Thank you so much. What didn’t happen to our little area was amazing. 4 miles down the road it is devastating and still no electricity. We boarded the windows and they turned our electricity off before the storm even hit. When all cleared and we tore the boards off and viewed the damage, there was none. None what so ever. Even my delicate flowers were not destroyed and the blooms on them. My roses and all. I had prayed for angels wings to cover our street and it is my firm belief that is what happened. Trees galore all around us and sitting a few feet from power lines, not one fell, not one.

            The four squirrels nests still there, I expected to see pinkies on the ground. All we had was lose branches ends that shook off and not even a limb came down. We cleaned the yard up yesterday and it was so easy. We are praying for all those still hurting. Our outside cats all here, no trailers on our street were damaged. Butterflies all over the day after, all my tiny birds and cardinals and doves came to eat it is just like nothing happened.

            I believe like a child always have and even my husband and my neighbor amazed when all around us devastation. Of course many counties in Florida unscathed and didn’t even lose electricity. We lost ours for two days but it came back up yesterday. It was some experience for sure.

          2. Glenda Jordan says:

            Wow that is amazing…not even a flower damaged!? We had severe t-storms here wks back and I was staking and tying my sunflowers, roses etc but still lost others. Irma was in the Lord’s hands and he certainly calmed it for many areas…w/in hours it was down to cat 2 from a 4 for Fort Myers area.

          3. Tiger says:

            That is what happens when people facing this sort of thing, when that wind howls like a million sirens and you hear things hitting your house, feel it shaking at times and you have done all you can to protect your property and life, you just accept what comes and for us it was miraculous.

            Now also the rest of this story is that in Florida the developers are unscrupulous, they don’t care about the people or their safety unless they are the filthy rich. Look at downtown Miami, Ft. Lauderdale all those big cities up and down our coast with their huge condos and buildings built right on the beaches, blocking the views given people for our souls, they can withstand 250 mile an hour winds and have generators. Nothing happened to them, street flooding yes but the buildings stood.

            Then you look at the filthy rich who build anywhere they want and certainly can afford to lose their homes, they don’t care, they are covered. You have people who want to live in Key West, or on our coastal islands, they know the dangers. Key West should never have been attached to Florida by hundreds of miles of bridges and this isn’t it’s first rodeo with devastation, again they take the chance and live there. That goes for all the tin can trailers and trailer parks in every city in Florida, they know the problems and the dangers. People put them out here where I live, people put them on the rivers, near the ocean they know. Then when something like this hits they cost American tax payers huge dollars, why because they did what they wanted to do with no thoughts of the consequences.

            We have a hurricane season in Florida we always have, now when we moved out here we did it to get away from the big cities and we checked out the history of the area and found it was one of the safest places to be in a hurricane.

            I know for a fact there are huge numbers of Christians all over Florida and I also know they prayed. But then I don’t believe God sends these things, the world was created and the elements are part of it, but I also believe you ask and he gives you cover. Why cause he said he would never leave us. Ask and it will be given, I was taught to ask then know it will be given. Now I get bashed by Christians on posts for my attitudes on immigration and Muslims, they forget I am not a preacher nor a Saint and that many saints had much to say about immigration. St Thomas of Aquinas one, he said compassion without reason is just emotion and can be used for good and evil and we see it being used for evil with DACA.

            Take a look at this. You know someone will act out on this.


          4. Glenda Jordan says:

            Sick…just sickens me they would do such to ANY child!! And some find this entertaining and this rapper would refer to himself as an artist?! They are twisted and mentally ill from the evil they participate. As for some Christians you refer…the term is so loosely used these days my guess is they are not true if they are bashing you. We have the abortionist Willie (something or other-don’t remember his last name) claims himself “a Christian doing God’s work by doing abortions”. Hey-even boybarry claimed to be a Christian…he is no more a christian as I an atheist!! The bible says we will know them by their works…sometimes it is difficult though cause lot good fakes and false prophets out there and them the ones we have to be alert for. Far more are the fakes that claim one thing and same time display their evil for all to see.

          5. Tiger says:

            Glenda I am not sure of much anymore except my Daddy in the heavens.

          6. Tiger says:

            There are only a few homes on our dirt road, the rest are down the dirt road closer to the river and they are trailers, but with foundations etc. It was just an amazing thing, The preacher came and was checking on our neighbors down the road and Glenda he was so surprised at our area. He said all over the place electric out, huge trees blocking the roads, flooding.

          7. Retired says:

            Good to hear you was one of the fortunate ones in Florida .

          8. Tiger says:

            Thank you so much. The news was so dramatic and even though places like Key West devastated people have to remember, those bridges connecting those islands are hundreds of miles long and people have known that this is a precarious place to live. The other thing is builders in Florida are unscrupulous, developers care nothing for our state, when I first came here you could drive down A1A all the way from Jacksonville to Daytona and on from there. With the view of gorgeous beaches filled with sand dunes, which protect naturally against erosion and sea oats. We fought when developers began to build on those beaches, destroying not only our views but the sand dunes and sea oats. They don’t and didn’t care. They even cut off the A1A that went from Jacksonville beach on, they cut our access off to it and built a huge wealthy community, but they did worse than that they built on a National Park, then the people had the nerve to complain the gators eating their dogs. Like the wealthy stupid who build out here in the woods that belong to our animals, next to our National Forest. So the stupid city slickers didn’t have bear boxes, they know nothing about our black bears, so naturally the bears ate their garbage, swam in their pools and ate their animals. Many of the stupid fed the cubs and of course momma bear attacks.

            So our beautiful, gentle black bears who have not been hunted in a hundred years, long ago the stupid came down our rivers in vacation steam boats and slaughtered thousands of birds and cougar and bears etc waiting for them to come to the river to drink, big hunters right. So we had our first bear hunt in a hundred years/ The price was 300 dollars, the filthy hunters came from all over to kill a bear. They were all over our little town and within the first day they slaughtered the amount that was to be culled. Our rangers were shocked. They stopped the hunt immediately They slaughtered mother bears and the cubs were lost. Just before the hunt we went ATVing in the forest and we saw a half grown black bear in our path, because they were never hunted it didn’t fear us, we came right up on it and watched it eating at an ant hill, we saw it wasn’t going to move so we just backed up and went the other way. We thought about these ruthless, blood thirsty bastards did they kill this animal, how easy to kill it, it wasn’t afraid.

            Then you have the filthy rich here in Florida, they try to block off our beaches, they succeeded, the condos and huge buildings they promised us would never be built on our shores was built. There is little left of the A1A that is along the sea. People fight furiously to keep it. But someday the developers will win. Those filthy rich wanted to block our access to the beaches, keep us from walking them but the state of Florida told them they didn’t have that right. But their condos stand because they can withstand 250 mile winds and have generators. So those buildings in Miami and everywhere in the big areas withstood the storm.

            The other thing about Florida is people have been allowed to buy a tin can trailer and move anywhere they want. We have lots in our area because we are one block from a major river, then they pay the price with death and loss of life when something like this happens.

            Like Paul Harvey says this is the rest of the story.

          9. Retired says:

            Nature has been ruined where ever you go in the USA.

          10. Tiger says:

            Want to get riled up today, look at this. You think that those blood thirsty Antifa and BLM etc won’t try this? The day they do something like this is the day it starts. We won’t ever allow this.


          11. PatriciaMDecamp says:

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    2. gvette says:

      Tiger, you’ll never see one of those DemonRATS in jail. With Trump, or without him, the DOJ has turned into a joke!

      1. Tiger says:

        Sadly I must agree with you.

        1. gvette says:

          That’s why they refer to it as, the Department of joke!

    3. Askjrsk says:

      Don’t give up yet. More, like Benghazi contractors silenced by Clinton state department are coming forward. The obstructionists and the failure of some to do their jobs. Washington is big buisness. We have let it spin out of control. Being aware of how deep the corruption is is the first step. Comey and Hillary and all will be prosecuted in due time. MAGA

      1. Tiger says:

        But we know that, there was huge discussions on Lou Dobbs about all that has come out and nothing, nothing.

        I hope you are right.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          I hope so too, Tiger. Consider the alternative.

  • itsfun says:

    Didn’t the young woman now in jail do exactly the same thing Comey did? She mailed classified documents, so did Comey. Either she should be released or Comey should be in jail.

  • PhyllisRShaw says:

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