Trump would end ‘gun free zones’ on military bases

Donald Trump was unfortunately proven right on another one of his top issues Thursday: “gun free zones” at military bases.

Indications that Thursday’s shooting at two military bases in Chattanooga, Tenn., occurred at or near “gun free zones.”

In an interview with the website, Trump decried the zones on military bases, suggesting that they left highly-trained gun operators without a weapon to fire at attackers, with the exception of military police.

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  • pete G says:

    Only a damn fool would put forth an order like this. J. C. i have never heard of such utter foolishness. This is the kind of BS that you get when you elect a damn fool for President who doesn’t know which end of a gun the bullet comes out of.

  • scott says:

    end gun free zones everywhere in america if you want to stop mass shootings

  • MeForever says:

    Love you Americans, my countrymen and women!! YOU are the BEST! closing for now, have a beautiful day!

  • MeForever says:

    I Trust Trump.

  • KDC says:

    The military with gun free zones? Where is the common sense in that? I just can’t beleive our gov.t. that time and again, shows such poor judgement at the risk of our men and women!

    1. MeForever says:

      The military ChiefsOfStaff are not worth anything anymore. Cowards. They agree with anything Obbabla and the NeoconZionistCommies are doing to this country. GunFreeZones are ordered by the NZCs through puppet Obbabla.

      The speeches by Politicians at WestPoint graduating ceremonies are stabs at masculinity and courage…. the speeches are twisters.

      Tell you one thing for sure. Commander In Chief Trump will give those grads an AMERICAN speech and will not leave a troop behind in any foreign country.

      1. megan says:

        And our men will be men again!

        1. MeForever says:

          and the women will say THANK GOD!!!

      2. KDC says:

        Amen, to that!

  • gfinms says:

    You know what, they say about payback. It is a, MFer! When Donald Trump, becomes the next POTUS. The USMC, is going to mow down, these POS, Muslim/ISIS/Al Quida bastards, and what ever other MFer’s, that happen to get in the way.
    “Semper Fidelis”

    1. MeForever says:


      1. gfinms says:

        Thank you, God Bless America, and our Men, and Women, in uniform, defending our great country. Well, it will be a great country again, when Donald Trump, becomes the POTUS. BO, has done enormous damage, to the USA. Donald Trump, is the person to: “Make America Great Again!”.

    2. megan says:

      I don’t think we will be able to wait for the election. They are pushing us harder and farther than ever.

      1. MeForever says:

        they are running scared. we won’t disappoint them. damn the torpedoes full steam ahead. remember the alamo. we are AMERICANS.

      2. gfinms says:

        I do not see, anything happening, while BO, is the POTUS. The Muslim scum, will have a year, and a half, to raise hell. They are worried, that BO, will soon be out of office. I am sure, that if ISIS, and company, could vote, they would pull the lever for, HRC. This would be like, an Obama 3rd term. The Muslim scum know, that Donald Trump, will kill, every GD, one of them.

  • Yevrah Kahn says:

    All LEGAL citizens should have the right to carry openly or concealed. When and I do say when we are attacked in a big way I feel sorry for the few good muslims living and obeying our laws in this country for no one will know the good from the bad and mosques will be attacked.

    1. megan says:

      It won’t just be mosques. Check out the Capital when the shooting starts. Congress should be first on the list.

      1. MeForever says:

        Our Founders said it will be necessary now and then for the Tree of Freedom to be refreshed with the BLOOD of Tyrants and Patriots. Got Blood Will Travel. Know how to “garden” and remove strangleholder weeds.

  • Shane says:

    Trump is right again! We are at war with the global jihad and our military personnel should be allowed to defend themselves.

    1. megan says:

      EVERYONE is allowed to defend themselves. We do still have a constitution, let’s use it.

      1. MeForever says:

        USE it or LOSE it. Common knowledge.

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Who is better trained to use fire arms than the military and police? You see stories about weapons and ammunition being bought for government agencies like USDA and other agencies? Why? But our military can’t have weapons. This is ludicrous.

    1. podunk1 says:

      The military is a REAL threat to the Obama administration. They might actually defend the Constitution against its enemies!

      1. MeForever says:

        that’s the fear of the NZCs, the puppeteers who are dancing Obabbla. That’s why they are feminizing our military, crippling it from within, with the cooperation of the AzzH Chiefs Of Staff, and why Schumer’s puppet blonde big mouth airhead Gillibrand yaps about bad men and good girls getting raped in military. Equality should be applied by returning females to their own corps… WACs WAVEs etc… THAT would prevent the issue of rape in the “fox” holes…..

    2. MeForever says:

      Ludicrous? It’s Feinstein Boxer Schumer et al. THAT’s Ludicrous.

    3. megan says:

      Absolutely insane! Who do you trust, our military or government agencies?

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