Trump selects Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as national security adviser

February 21, 2017

President Trump on Monday tapped Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, a warrior-scholar deemed an expert in counter insurgency, to be the director of the White House’s National Security Council.

The 54-year-old McMaster replaces retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as the president’s national security adviser. Flynn was forced to resign after lying about talking to Russia, before he officially took the NSA post, about recently imposed sanctions.

“He is a man of tremendous talent and experience,” Trump said in announcing McMaster’s appointment. “He’s highly respected in the military, and we’re lucky to have him.”

Trump also announced that Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg will remain as the NSC’s chief of staff.

“I’m proud to continue my service to the nation,” said McMaster, sitting next to Trump inside the president’s Florida resort home Mar-a-Lago.

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  • Tiger says:

    Strong men in place to support and get this country going in the RIGHT direction under a Strong president. Like it.

  • Webb says:

    Sounds like a good pick…
    Gen. McMasters is his on man…and will retain his rank in the military!!
    Security for The USA…

  • bobnstuff says:

    McMaster is another Trump appointee that doesn’t support Trumps views on Russia unlike Flynn. It should be interesting to see who wins. One thing for sure McMaster will push for more spending on toys for the military, lets hope he remembers the troops when it comes to spending. We can spend money hand over fist on weapons but leave our servicemen able to collect welfare. One thing for sure McMaster will have no problem speaking truth to power.

    1. Retired says:

      Any Proof of what you are saying about the man. You forget that the Pentagon is the one wasting the money that should go to the TROOPS. How many uniform changes have there been since the late 60s , the last joke was the Unisex Hats . All started by the pentagon and their pet contractors.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Last year McMaster did the review of our military and fond it lacking. He will push to a larger force and more and newer equipment. As far as pay I have heard nothing from anyone in Washington who support paying out troops a living wage. Congress has voted for a 2.1% raise in pay last year. Big deal, that the type of cost of living raise you get that just keeps you level. Our military can make the same wage working at Walmart.

        1. Retired says:

          You who never wore the Uniform have all the Answers about nothing. The cost of living should have been twice as much . As a good liberal you avoided the root of the problem ,the pentagon and the waste of money . How many times have they changed the Uniforms since the 60s. How many Billions was the cost to the navy with putting women on ships and now Subs. . then there are all the other branches . You are uninformed and read to much FAKE news.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            The cost of living increase last year was 2.1% the increase should have been at least 30%. You can have all the high tech you want but without good people you are a third world nation. No one serving our country should be on food stamps. Do you have any problem with that!

          2. Retired says:

            In all my years I never ran into one person that was on food stamps even in a place like Hawaii . Like I said you never wore the uniform but you know everything about pay and housing .Like a good liberal you avoid the problem with the pentagon and the way it wastes money .

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I guess all those food stamp being used at the PX is a myth. If you know so much what is the pay rate for a private first class or a Master Sargent. If they have a family, a wife and two kids and no other income they can get food stamps. Do you think they go around bragging about it.
            Now are you telling me that we pay our troops enough.

          4. Retired says:

            Go to Military. com and look for the pay chart . but it wont give all the other allowances which are based on where you are stationed . A retired person without a job could get food stamps , a E3 with a wife and two kids could if he was busted down . In the 80s it was changed so that lower personal could advance faster and the pay was increased when that came to light.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Lets end this here. You are saying that we are paying our military enough. I’m sure your friend in the service would be thrilled with you for saying that. A Captain should make more then a Walmart managers. A E6 should make more money then a Home Depot Product Specialist. We do think life is cheep in this country and prove it by what we pay people to put their life on the line. Most Police are also under paid.

          6. Retired says:

            You do not know the first thing about Military pay , so try your BS on someone like you , they may buy the lies . So you admit to defeat .

          7. bobnstuff says:

            Yes or no, do we pay our military what they are worth?
            Simple question. No deflecting, no BS. Answer that simple question.

          8. Retired says:

            There is no , yes or no to that . Like I told you in the past It depends on if one is single or married and Duty station. Then comes if you are in a war zone or under water or special forces . You are so hard headed that you wont listen or understand how the pay scale works. I always had a comparable pay to the outside world .The Cost of living formula was changed over the years several times so people would get less. Even your buddy Obama changed it so there would be less . Democrats and liberals like you think the Military budget should be cut but not the hungry dogs that roam the halls of the Pentagon..

          9. bobnstuff says:

            Funny thing is I have never said we should cut military spending, I have said I want my moneys worth. Personally I think getting $238 more per month to get shot at isn’t enough and that I think we need to pay better to get a better military. You say no but if you talk to the recruiters they will tell you that they are scrapping the bottom of the barrel right now and it’s only getting worse. If you are happy with the pay rate more power to you. I still thing a person who is in charge of a military company should make at least as much as a Walmart store manager. I think that even the lowest rank should make as much as a coal miner.

          10. Retired says:

            Do you always talk to yourself with your BS, you do not have all the facts . plus quit telling people what they are thinking .

  • A natural born American says:

    It’s too bad about what happened with Flynn, but he WAS an obama appointee. No matter how it played out he was still OFFICIALLY chosen by obama. I don’t know Flynn, but I DO know obama; it may not be in the USA’s best interest to trust anyone chosen by obama.

    1. Tiger says:

      I am anxious to see who the investigation on the leaks, pulls out of the swamp. They MUST be punished to the full extent allowed to be made the hanging on the rope for all to see so this will stop.

      1. Retired says:

        It would be like the old days , mass hanging .

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