‘#TrumpVindicated’? Manafort Wiretap Report Could Boost Trump’s Claim After Months of Media Mocking

by Fox News Insider
September 19, 2017

A new report that former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was wiretapped under secret court order could bolster President Trump’s explosive March claim about surveillance under the previous administration, after months of media mockery.

The CNN report said the surveillance of Manafort continued into early 2017, covering the period before and after the November presidential election. This reportedly covered a stretch when Manafort was known to talk to Trump, though it’s unclear whether Trump’s discussions were ever picked up.

Also unclear is where the wiretapping occurred. Manafort has a residence in Trump Tower, as well as a home in Alexandria, Va.

But the report has forced the media to give a second look at Trump’s widely derided claims this past March that former President Barack Obama had his “wires tapped” at Trump Tower. The hashtag “TrumpVindicated” was taking off on Twitter Tuesday morning.

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  • bobnstuff says:

    The FISA warrant was from 2014 and they stopped in 2016 while Manafort was working for Trump and the they got another warrant after he was replaced in Trumps campaign. It sure looks like they tried not to be wire tapping the Trump campaign to me. The question is why Trump employed a lobbyist that worked for foreign governments as his campaign manager.

    1. Jose says:

      Why did obama only appoint mostly muslims to his cabinet

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Just how do you think were the Muslims? It must be a long list even though I can only think of two.
        Why did Trump choose so many people with ties to Russia? Also why did he hire so many ex lobbyists to work for him, I though he was draining the swamp not repopulating it.

        1. Bob says:

          Why did Obama, who promised not to use lobbyists in his administration, hire so many? Why did he invite them to the White House when he promised not to.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Trump did the same thing only in spades. Drain the swamp, we are waiting. It turns out the people who understand both industry and government are lobbyists. The difference is Trump put them in charge of the departments while Obama kept them as underlings.

          2. Retired says:

            The only spades is you and your leader Obozo the clown Many of Trumps appointees are still on McConnell’s desk , so where are all the Trump people , he is working with Obozos trash bags .Try snowing someplace else .

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Obama was the leader of the free world, respected by other nations, Trump has given up that roll and is joked about by the other world leaders. Trump also can’t even lead his own party. There are 158 appointees waiting and 121 passed even though there are 600 jobs to fill. Trump has only come up with half his staff in 10 months and the hold up is the republicans fault, the presidents own party.

          4. Retired says:

            You did not listen today at the UN where he put the leaders to shame . Your WP would not make good but wipe .It is no wonder that you are screwed up when it comes to politics .

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Yes it sounded real good to have the president of the United State calling someone names in front of all those world leaders. Rocket Man. Very grown up.

          6. Bob says:

            Yet you have no problem with Obama breaking a primary campaign promise to have NO lobbyists in his administration, as you have with Trump breaking ANYTHING said during the campaign. Interesting. (BTW-Trump promised to find the best people for the job. He never said he’d not use those who are in government, directly or indirectly, to fill the posts. Again your prism of hate is causing you to not understand the language as said and to twist the meaning to your views.)

          7. bobnstuff says:

            So just what did drain the swamp mean? Trump has filled his cabinet with Washington insiders.

          8. Bob says:

            Your mind is so narrow your scratch pads can’t be more that 1/4″ wide. “Drain the swamp” means getting rid of the dead wood, you know, like Democrats who feel they “own” seats in Congress. “Drain the Swamp” does NOT mean get rid of anyone with ties to Washington. You need to start having better people read to you.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
            Remember, I am self-funding my campaign, the only one in either party. I’m not controlled by lobbyists or special interests-only the U.S.A.!
            5:07 PM – Jan 2, 2016
            1,561 1,561 Replies 5,858 5,858 Retweets 15,228 15,228 likes

            He has more lobbyist in his cabinet then any other president in history.

          10. Bob says:

            “He has more lobbyist in his cabinet then any other president in history” And you have proof of this statement, right? Hyperbole dose not make statements true, just hyperbole.

            You can not have it both, or many, ways. You seem to claim he is controlled by lobbyists, yet you complain he is out of control. Which is it? I realize your brain is where independent thought goes to die in a sea of talking points, lies and half truths all twisted through a prism of hate, but is he controlled or not? Make up your mind, or have who ever is feeding you the material for your trolls do it for you.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            He has over 100 lobbyists working for him.
            That beat the record of 65 set by Obama.

          12. Bob says:

            So, again, you have NO problem with being lied to by Obama, who promised NO lobbyists in his administration, but have a problem with Trump hiring former lobbyists because you think they “control” him? Again, make up your dang mind…is he controlled or not? Can you please make up your mind which lie you are pushing?

          13. bobnstuff says:

            Trump lies four times as much as Obama ever did but really who cares what Obama did. Last I heard Trump was president and what he is doing right now counts. Funny the only defense Trump supporters have is Obama did it. I guess defending him on his own is impossible.

          14. Bob says:

            Again, hyperbole. “Trump lies four times as much as Obama”. PROVE IT. I can say “Obama lied directly to the American people on 3 occasions” and you would demand proof (btw – shovel ready jobs, keep your doctor, no ransom for hostages). Why not just fall back to the old tried and true, and blame it on Bush?

          15. Bob says:

            Try again. Politifact judges truth or not by THEIR standards. Even looking at your links shows they use their spin on what is true or not. I can go to conservative sites and find the exact opposite. Obama’s lies, like “you can keep your doctor”, “shovel ready jobs”, “you healthcare costs are going down”, etc are well documented and not open to interpretation.

          16. bobnstuff says:

            “We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump told The Washington Post. Do you see that happening? Do the bills supported by Trump do this? Calls from the head of the Boy Scouts that never happened. Pulling Troops out of Afghanistan. Keystone Pipeline made with American Steel. The list goes on and on. How do you know Trump is lying? His lips are moving.

          17. Bob says:

            “Do you see that happening?” Have the bills passed? You KNOW exactly what is in each bill? No, you read what the media and the Democrats (redundant) TOLD you was in them, and like the obedient little liberal you are, you believe everything they say. The media told you Trump removed the MLK bust from the Oval Office (a lie), that there were fewer people from the Patriots to meet with Trump than with Obama (a lie), that Trump never called out the White Supremacists in Charlotte (another lie) and you not only believed them but I bet you passed it all on as fact. Why? We are back to the prism of hate you view all things Trump through. How do you know a liberal has been fooled by a lie? They listened to the media and repeated it as fact.

          18. bobnstuff says:

            Do you know what’s in those bills? I bet not, you are ready to except getting the short end of the stick just to support the greatest liar we have ever had as President. He is destroying the country and you don’t even understand it. He has lied to you about healthcare and what he supported. At one time not long ago he supported a single payer system like Australia’s. He also promised healthcare for all more then once. Now he supports a bill that will take insurance away from as many 30 million Americans. This bill is so bad that everyone in the healthcare and insurance industries as well as every consumer group is against it. The only good thing is when this one goes down in flames it will be the last time they try for a while.

            In case you didn’t know this but not only would this bill make the country less healthy but it would hurt the economy.

            You are the one who likes to believe lies. You believe that Trump is a great businessman, he isn’t. Not only isn’t he a good businessman but a number of his actions so far have hurt businesses, more then all the regulations past under Obama has.

            You think he is a great leader but no one follows him. This man is a fake as Pro Wrestling but you believe what he tells you.

            You keep calling me a liberal but in fact I’m just someone who wants government to work and to do those thing government can do better the private sector can. When industry puts the public at risk I want the government to step in and protect us. When serving the common good needs taken care of I expect government to be there. There are places I don’t want the government sticking their noses in. Most of all I want value for my tax dollar.

            If the Republicans would come up with a bill that promoted general welfare of the county I would be the first one to support it. Do you believe that this bill does anything to fix healthcare, make us a healthier or stronger nation or is in fact for the common good? All it does is put more money into the pockets of the rich at the expense of the middle class.

          19. Bob says:

            And, again, no answer to questions asked, just a return to talking points. Do I know everything in the bill? No, but I do know that the media is lying about some of what’s in it. Case in point, the democrats started the narrative, parroted by a drooling, compliant media, that the bill would not protect pre-existing conditions. There is SPECIFIC language in the bills that preclude insurance companies from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions, and protect the consumer from price gouging in these cases. Yet those who only listen to one side and view the world through their prism of hate refuse to even look it up.

            You bring up that at one time he supported a single payer system. I guess opinions can not evolve. I guess you didn’t believe either Obama or Clinton when they came out FOR same sex marriage when they had spoken in favor of traditional marriage before they needed the “gay vote”. Nope, you probably praised them as “enlightened”.

            “This bill is so bad that everyone in the healthcare and insurance industries as well as every consumer group is against it.” The exact same was said about Obamacare before they forced that monstrosity through, and you now see how GREAT this program is (rising costs, companies and practices leaving program, consumers disgusted)
            Do I think he’s great? Not yet, but he has potential. Far better than that carnival barker we had for the past 8 years, or the liar who opposed him. No one will dare to give him a chance since his MAJOR UPSET WIN over the shoe in candidate was soundly defeated. The democrats and the media (redundant) have been nipping at his heels, twisting and lying since he gained the nomination and were emboldened by his victory in November. there is normally a “honeymoon” period when a new President takes office. Not so here. According to the Media Research Council, prior to the nomination the press was 91% unfavorable towards Trump. IN January, it dropped to a miniscule 89%, before spiking back up to 91% in March. Compare that to the fawning they gave to Obama. You know the guy who railed against Wall Street for his entire term and now takes MILLIONS form them to hear him say how great they are.

          20. bobnstuff says:

            If you look deep into that bill you will find that the states can over ride the protections. In fact there are no protection for either price gouging or per-existing conditions, it’s up to the states. You bring up the ACA, no republicans voted for it so in your thinking that makes it a bad bill but this bill will have no democrats voting for it so by the same logic it to must be a bad bill. The difference is the ACA was debated in open congress for almost a year and amended 41 time by the republicans as well as the democrats. This present bill will not be debated, no amendments, we won’t even know the price tag. Trump is supporting an action that you have condemned over and over.

            You try to blame the media on Trump approval ratings when it’s not their fault that Trump keeps doing and saying things that are just plan stupid or wrong or dangerous to the world and they report it. Not many people want our president to act like a fifth grader. He has already hurt our standing on the world stage, angered those we will be dealing with on a number of very important issues and lost their respect. I don’t know why anyone would call people names that they were going to try to deal with. Trump has done this on both a national and international level.

            Trump also attacks the media for reporting his actions. He call anything he doesn’t like fake news. He complains when the media points out this he flip flopped on and his lies. Doesn’t it bother you that he told his son to lie about his meeting with the Russians? Didn’t it send up red flags when he made claims about phone calls that never happened? I neither case were the lies needed or smart. Rule one if the lie can easily be uncovered and is not needed don’t lie. Trump doesn’t understand this fact.

            I wanted Trump to prove me wrong about how he would do as president, only a fool would want the pilot of the airplane they are flying in to crash and burn. I had little hope but I still wanted proven wrong. I did a lot of research on Trump, I can tell you about just about every deal he made. The more I learned the less I respected him as a businessman. If you look at his personal life he is even more of a wreck. When he worked the deal with the Democrats I took some hope that maybe he had at last figured out what his job was but he seems to have gone back to the Trump that is so full of himself that there is no room for thinking.

            You blame the media for liking Obama, well so did the voter. He won big unlike Trump who just squeaked by thanks to the Electoral College. Obama was articulate and personable. He behaved in a civil fashion to everyone including the press.

            The media does in fact love Trump, he sells papers. Every day there is some great story about something Trump said or did. He is the gift that just keeps giving for the media. He sells ads and make the media money. Trump got more free advertising while campaigning then any other candidate in history, he is very proud of that fact.

          21. Bob says:

            “The difference is the ACA was debated in open congress for almost a year and amended 41 time by the republicans as well as the democrats. ” An absolute LIE. EVERY amendment put forth by Republicans was tabled by both Pelosi and Reid. Not some, not one, but every dang one.

            Do I blame the media for Trump’s approval ratings? Yes, I do. they put out reports like he removed the bust of MLK form the Oval Office, it get repeated by morons who refuse to check the fact, then ask blacks what they think of it and say how “out of touch” Trump is with the black voters They twist the message, put their spin on his words, and you wonder why he by passes them to go directly to the voter?

            Has Trump made mistakes? Yes, but they are no where near as dire as you and the media wish them to be. He condemned White Racism, but because he decried left racism and violence, they say he never did. Has he said thing I wish he hadn’t? Of course, but so has every President in my life time. I especially did not like a President calling a Police Officer “stupid” for doing his job and not saying a thing about the actions of the Professor who caused the incident.

            Yes, Trump won the Electoral College, as did Bush. This was put in place so that one state or region would rule the country. I know it is upsetting to those in CA and NY that they can not decide on the President with out any other state having input, and I realize that Liberals want to change this every time they lose, but there you are.

            In addition, where is all this cooperation demanded by Obama to ensure a smooth transition of power? Oh, that’s right, his party’s hand chosen, heavily bribed, candidate lost, so that’s out the window. The liberals in this country have been having a hissy fit ever since Clinton lost and are doing everything in their limited capabilities to make his transition either extremely difficult or stop it entirely. They are acting like the “banana republics” he warned us against, and not acting like “Americans” as he demanded the Trump supporters act like. They, and YOU, are extremely upset when ever there is good news to report, when ever he gets any part of his agenda going, or, God forbid, he actually accomplishes something. You can take your “I want Trump to succeed” line and try it elsewhere.

          22. bobnstuff says:

            “According to a HELP Committee document about bipartisan aspects of the health reform bill the committee passed July 15, 2009, its final bill included “161 Republican amendments,” including “several amendments from Senators [Mike] Enzi [R-WY], [Tom] Coburn [R-OK], [Pat] Roberts [R-KS] and others [that] make certain that nothing in the legislation will allow for rationing of care,” and reflected the efforts of “six
            bipartisan working groups” that “met a combined 72 times” in 2009 as well as “30 bipartisan hearings on health care reform” since 2007, half of which were held in 2009 [HELP Committee document, 7/09]. And
            according to the Senate Finance Committee’s September 22, 2009, document detailing the amendments to the Chairman’s Mark considered, at least 13 amendments sponsored by one or more Republican senators were included in the bill.”
            Can you say this for the present bill?
            Go back and read what iI have said. I have praised Trump for his actions more then once. I’m the first to give him credit when he does something right. The problem is he doesn’t do that very often. His 9/11 speek was very presidential. His working with the Democrats was a good start. Some of the ideas he had while campaigning were good, to bad he seems to have forgotten them.

          23. Bob says:

            During the floor debates on the HCA there were more than 25 amendments proposed by Republican Senators and Representatives. In EVERY case, Pelosi and Reid blocked any debate or vote on any the proposals. Not a single one was brought to the floor, much less voted on. As for what’s in this bill, I guess we’ll just have to pass it to find out what’s in it. Is that not the standard set by Pelosi?

          24. bobnstuff says:

            You do know that the ACA was debated and votes were taken on every change. The bill was introduce nine months before it was passed so anyone who didn’t know what was in it didn’t care. I don’t get a say in this new bills passage but John McCain does and he has a problem and I agree with him.

          25. Bob says:

            “You do know that the ACA was debated and votes were taken on every change. ” Parsing words AGAIN. While this is partially correct, it is not totally correct. Every change the “leadership” allowed to come to the floor was debated and voted on. But Reid and Pelosi did not allow a single Republican amendment to come to the floor after the bill left committee, so none were debated or voted on. No such restriction was placed on the Democrats, however. And much of the debate to get the needed Democrat votes was done outside the Congress. You folks decry Trump for calling Republicans to the WH to get their support, yet Obama bribed, arm twisted and threatened Democrats in private to get all of them to vote for his bill. McCain is NOT voting with the wishes of his voters. The Gov. of AZ has come out and said so. He is trying to remain relevant for what ever time he has left in the Senate.

          26. bobnstuff says:

            History doesn’t agree with you. go check the record. 161 republican amendment were in the final bill.

        2. Retired says:

          Still trying to bash Trump like a good drummer for the Demon Rat Party .

    2. Bob says:

      Sound to me like this is a “I did not have sex with that woman” moment for the Obama Administration. I am absolutely sure that they turned off the wire tap when he became Campaign Manager then turned it back on when he was dismissed. If you honestly believe that, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. (ie “Those who believe in nothing will fall for anything”)

      1. bobnstuff says:

        It turned out those wire taps were justified. When Manafort move his office into Trump Tower they stopped the wire taps and when he left the campaign they got a new warrant and started again. You see the warrants didn’t cover the phones of the campaign. After the Bush years the DOJ became much more careful about those things.

        1. Retired says:

          Still out defending the Demon Rats !!!!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I’m just pointing out the facts of the matter, you know those nasty little things that you hate.

          2. Retired says:

            What you call facts are mostly fake Media BS , you did not talk that way about Obama or the Clintons .No double standard with you is there ????

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Those facts came from Fox News. I guess they must be fake media.

        2. Bob says:

          So you admit that the Obama Administration authorized wire taping the Trump Campaign, through Manafort, as Trump said they did and Obama said he didn’t. Your parsing the facts, like “…the warrants didn’t cover the phones of the campaign” is just using carefully worded statements to hide the truth that Obama lied when he said the trump Campaign was being spied on. You would not accept these Nixonian type statements form Trump, yet you applaud them from Obama.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            In fact they were careful not to wire tape the Trump campaign, they didn’t have to since they were doing it to the Russians they were calling. Face it Trump and Company are as dirty as they come. Even the people he is trying to appoint to his cabinet are having problem passing the back ground check.

          2. Bob says:

            “In fact they were careful not to wire tape the Trump campaign…” Yep and the IRS never targeted Conservative groups for “special handling”, Benghazi was caused by a You Tube video and the e-mail servers at the IRS and the Hillary server dumped themselves.

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