Wash. mall shooting suspect voted in 3 elections without U.S. citizenship

The man charged in Washington state’s deadly mall shooting on Sept. 23 voted in three elections despite not having U.S. citizenship.

Arcan Cetin of Oak Harbor is charged with five counts of first-degree premeditated murder in relation to last week’s shooting that killed five. The green card holder, who moved to the U.S. from Turkey when he was 7, may now face additional charges related to voter fraud.

State records show that Mr. Cetin registered to vote when he turned 18 and then voted in three elections, including the 2016 presidential primary. Federal sources confirmed to a local NBC affiliate on Wednesday that he is not a U.S. citizen and is legally prohibited from voting.

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  • rwendling70 says:

    When the scumbag Demorats and lazy so-called Republicans renege on their oaths of office, it’s easy for them to allow cheating because THEY are cheating. It’s not just Barry who is a narcissist, the whole damned bunch of them are! We, the people, demand a house-cleaning in the District of Criminals! You, the people, will learn again that trickle down economics IS Capitalism; a rising tide lifts all boats. Capitalism beats the nanny state six ways to Sunday. Go Trump-Pence 2016!

  • Allan Scott says:

    Isn’t it something to know how our Home Land Security works. Ya, this is the department that oversees and controls ICE, Border Control, and who knows what else. What a waste of tax payers money!

  • justinwachin says:

    Our democracy would be better if voter rolls had the names of all dead people and non-citizens removed. The non-citizens is going to be difficult to catch but it should be done. Voting should be restricted to “members only.”

    Non citizens who are caught voting should be punished. A jail sentence followed by deportation would be a good option to pursue.

  • exoticdoc2 says:

    This is exactly why the liberals want to flood the country with scum like this. Trash tends to vote liberal and the more of the worthless “gimme” crowd they get here the more votes they will glean, and they could not care less whether they are legal or not.

  • Bob says:

    Thank God that there is NO voter fraud in the US. The denial of this unbelievable, even in the face of evidence. In VA today it has come to light that more than a dozen people in one district have recently registered to vote, despite being dead for years. The Democrats in the State House said, since they hadn’t voted yet, no fraud had occurred. (I guess using another’s name to register is not fraud in their eyes) In MD, a sitting State Assembly member was registered to vote in both MD and FL, so she could vote for a friend running in FL. Her Democrat colleagues did not remove her from office, giving her a censure only. In Ohio, a VOTER JUDGE proudly stated she voted in several precincts for Obama under different names during the 2012 election. Is it any wonder why Obama lost every state that required ID to vote?

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  • Tiger says:

    This is what liberals depend on. After the last elections the governor of Florida cleansed all polling areas. We were kept informed on the findings. Every county that had no voter ID required every vote was for O. That is mathematically impossible and turns out it was the same across the country. Then he found 35,000 dead people voted. On and on finding poll station leaders stashing votes and not counting them. O didn’t win the last election and Hellary won’t win this one but we know the outcome.

    Get ready to not be able to afford a pot to piss in with 75% taxes on all the people with a comfortable income.

  • Skip Plummer says:

    This is no big news. In most of this country if you’re breathing, you can vote. And in some cases, if you stopped breathing within the last couple of years, you can STILL vote!

  • Dan says:

    It’s water under the bridge if this guy voted. I wonder who he voted for in the 3 elections that he illegally voted? A Democrat most likely? A terrorist, a jihadist from Turkey? With a Hillary Clinton administration, you can look forward to more of these scenarios. NEVER HILLARY!

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