“We Just Got A Tip” – Email Leak Reveals More Collusion Between State Department And Hillary Campaign

by Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge
October 13, 2016

A new Podesta email released by WikiLeaks today reveals further direct coordination between the State Department and the Clinton campaign during what should have been a confidential investigation. The following email chain starts with a note from Clinton Deputy Communications Director, Kristina Schake, on April 9th, 2015 informing Mook, Palmieri, Mills, Podesta and Samuelson that “Someone here just got a tip that the State Department may be planning to release her Benghazi emails tomorrow or Monday.”

The emails further reveal a continued coordination between the State Department and the Clinton campaign with Heather Samuelson providing frequent status updates over the course of the following week.

As legal experts pointed out previously, ultimately another month passed before the State Department finally released the first Clinton emails on May 22, 2015. It is unclear what accounted for the delay. It is also extremely unclear why Samuelson would have received frequent updates from the State Department on the status of ongoing FOIA requests as she was no longer employed by the State Department in 2015.

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  • Stikit says:

    It isn’t Russia…that is for sure! Why would they want her to lose? Russia became powerful because of her policies…and we have become insignificant to the eyes of the world. She is destroying their enemy, without firing a shot! Putin is not insane…he can’t believe what is happening…and laughing every waking moment!

  • fish53 says:

    It might be someone in their own party that’s disgusted with Killery and her cronies and decided to leak all this information on her “crooked, deceitful, corrupt, wicked, evil, and manipulative butt. Somebody ought to have revealed the real Killery Clinton. They always saying it was Russia. They act as though they wants to start WWlll with Russia. Everywhere Killery go there’s a trail of death, destruction, deceit, and poverty. With her lies, she caused the Middle East to be in chaos with her and Obumo’s failed policies. Stop her in November. Vote all these career politicians out of our government. We have to make a strong stand America. Enough is truly enough! Trump/Pence

  • jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

    Just VOTE TRUMP… and put a stop to all this syndicated crime… NEVER EVER HILLARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    The system is determined to put Hellary in the White house, and they blam Putin for everything, and it’s the Communist party here doing all this dirty work! Get ready people, things are going to get very nasty, SOON!

  • Mark Pascucci says:

    I just thought of another name for the so-called Democrat party…..the DEMOROT party.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Be nice if we could call them the Demodeads!

      1. Mark Pascucci says:

        AMEN!! Dead politically and socially, that is.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    And they say Hellary is leading because of the college educated White women, must be the brainwashed Millennial’s, and I sure would hate to see the dumber ones! What part of this very kind of BS do they not get, or maybe it’s over their educated heads!

  • justinwachin says:

    This is a good example of the culture of corruption that has prevailed during the Obama administration. The best way to change the culture is to change the party in power.

    Hillary’s corrupt behavior will continue if she is elected president. That is why I plan to vote for Donald Trump.

  • Dan says:

    The Democrat party is the most corrupt organization in the history of the nation. America WAKE UP! UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING! They blame Russia as being unfair for possibly being the ones behind these leaks. But it’s not how and who might have obtained this information. IT’S THE CONTENT! This is who these people really are. NEVER HILLARY!

  • Tiger says:

    There just is no doubt that there is deep and rooted evil plotting and planning for years to get Hellary into office to complete the final chapter on America. These emails, all of them have laid it out clearly along with all those involved, voluntarily or through threats, we know these people follow through on threats don’t we.

    We have a totally corrupt FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, DOJ, IRS on and on and on. If they stunk with every move they made they would be rotting and they would have maggots eating them by now.

    Thankfully America doesn’t have to guess how they got to this point. All they have to do is read the emails. That Hellary is still running is a disgrace. That this administration and all named still in place proves, beyond a Shadow of a Doubt you Congress, all of them who has been in on this and agrees with it. Unlike other countries that fall who have to dig to find out why.

  • farmboy1993 says:

    Crooked hillary and company gets caught again with their pants down! Crooked hillary has bribed everyone involved with her investigation! It’s clear that crooked hillary must be stopped at all cost! All costs! Crooked hillary belongs in prison!

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Or much worse!

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