What This Key GOP Senator Just Said Could Dash Obama’s Dream

by Western Journalism
March 14, 2015

“Republicans break another obstruction record with Loretta Lynch nomination.” So reads the headline of a post on the far-left website Daily Kos, which continues its indignant cry of liberal outrage that the Senate doesn’t simply bow down and automatically give President Obama what he wants.

“Hand it to Mitch McConnell, whether he’s in the minority or the majority, he leads Republicans in setting all sorts of records for obstruction.”

Yes, in actually doing its job of “advice and consent” — in taking the time to thoughtfully examine whether Obama’s attorney general nominee should be confirmed — the Senate has subjected that nominee, Loretta Lynch, to the longest wait ever for a person being considered to become the chief law enforcement officer of the land.

Now, as the vote on Lynch’s future looms, a different Daily Kos post reveals the wringing of liberal hands and gnashing of progressive teeth over the stark reality that the vote count in the upper chamber for the Lynch nomination is “uncomfortably close.”

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  • Dave says:

    They think they’ve got us, but it won’t work, because our God reigns.

  • Geo blumel says:

    Holder was, by far, the worst Attny Gen’l ever! He was totally political and racist. Loretta Lynch is the type that would try be worse than him. I wouldn’t be giving McConnell credit yet –he still could chicken out as he has done before, notably on amnesty.

  • Mloraine says:

    McConnell better find his inner courage and say ..”HELL NO…we won’t just go along to get along!!!
    Real Republicans are waiting and watching…..!

  • Lorette Drew says:

    Loretta Lynch must not be confirmed. Beware of this Holder clone: selective prosecution (anyone who opposes Obama), anti law enforcement, pro illegal immigration. Hand picked by Obama to undermine the Constitution.

  • Johnnyappleseed says:

    Well GOLLY!… is this the same Mitch McConnell who just funded amnesty? he looks like the republican base has been working him over, time to Cr*# or get off the pot, and this may be the start of something, we can only hope.

  • John says:

    Her nomination should not even be brought to floor. She must not be approved as she will be no different than Holder. If Obama wants it – STOP IT !

  • Political Rants says:

    She said she would rubber stamp Obama, why even consider her? Obama is not for any one but himself and islam. What do those idiotic democrats need to get this?? He doesn’t like whites, christians, jews and our constitutional rights. Maybe that big hammer he will bring down on them.

  • dww says:

    Please, please, please DO NOT confirm this radical, non defender of the constitution, unlawful woman!!!

  • mark barnes says:

    Just when you thought Holder was the most evil AG that ever disgraced the US. Then his evil twin shows up, with a WORSE RECORD, and a racist attitude just like daddy’s. If there is EVEN A VOTE, we’re screwed!

  • David in MA says:

    The Senate MUST NOT even bring this nomination to the floor for consideration.

    1. Bill Peddie says:

      That would be an excellent move.
      Lean over the podium and whisper to Harry Reid, how do you like this??????

      Considering how much strife has caused in the Senate, this would be a photo opportunity.

  • James in Texas says:

    The Daily Kos, just another “Useful Idiot” for the coming overturn of our Republic! And, are they going to be surprised when that day comes and they are all “shot” for the “good of the Dear Leader”! History is very clear, all dictators always kill those who helped them “fool the Idiots” into believing that he cares about the “little folks”!

    1. Thomas Garrett Hewes II says:

      You guys are the reason we love Texas. You see what’s going on and you’re one of the few states that makes sense.

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