Who’s a contender? Why Scott Walker is, and Donald Trump isn’t

by Susan Page, USA TODAY
July 13, 2015

Who’s a contender?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Monday became the 15th prominent Republican to declare his candidacy for the 2016 presidential nomination, a field so crowded it takes a scorecard to keep up with all the names — and it’s still growing.

While close to half of Americans say they never heard of Walker or don’t know enough to have a view of him, other factors have vaulted the Badger State governor into the top tier of candidates from the start.

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  • 7papa7 says:

    I think either of these men would be an excellent president. We finally have some very good candidates not like in previous years. There are a few others also like Senator Cruz.

  • ijohnc1 says:

    DNC/RNC As my grandfather use to say, the only way to tell a democrat from a republican was the cost of their suit.
    In todays market, they have become synonym’s they are comparable in almost all ways, leaving us poor saps(because we keep electing them on their promises) holding the bag with the wet bottom, we must not lose sight of Trumps refreshing “Tell it like it is”, versus, “Tell them what they like to hear”
    Of course the attack from both sides of the aisle is to be expected, but like in a game of cards, “We the silent majority”…”HOLD TRUMP”
    Go Donald!… May the force be with you.
    Same go’s for Governor Walker, the GOP hierarchy, will tear him down also, the GOP ‘s problem there, is the democrats/communists have tried for five years and were not able to do it, to Karl Rove and his wrecking crew, I say have at it, you turn coats

  • amarvin says:

    The RNC is not interested in ANY conservative candidates or those who represent the will of the people. Which why they put up Romney (who didn’t want to run) and McCain the time before (who didn’t try to win). How serious do the American people take politics when the 2012 election announced the TOTAL vote count at 8 pm Pacific time and a great majority of California still has ballots which must be counted by hand ?

  • margo1942 says:

    susan page please refrain from telling usa citizens who has a chance. you sound like a lefty!

  • Poptoy1949 says:

    Oh I don’t know…..He seems to be holding his own Trump is.

  • KDC says:

    You should have seen Carl Rove’s face talking about Walker and trying to play Trump down on everything. He had fear all over his face! Scott Walker is a good guy, one of many, and he has done a lot for Wisconsin. We’ll see when the talking begins.

    1. gfinms says:

      Of course, Karl Rove, is deep, within the Bush camp, and will say, and do anything, to help Jeb.

      1. gfinms says:

        Also, Donald Trump, is taking all the oxygen, out of the room, for other candidates. He has gone from 0%, in the polls, to number one. I think that, it will be a battle between, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump. I am all in, on, The Donald. The USA, needs some serious help, and Donald Trump, is the man, to make it happen. It will be like night, and day, in this country, after 8 years, of BO, and the next POTUS, Donald Trump. There is light, at the end of the tunnel, USA. Unfortunately, we will have to endure, another year and a half, of this idiot.

  • Devasahayam says:

    Why is 1776 Coalition quoting from USA Yesteryear?

  • gfinms says:

    “Who’s a contender? Why Scott Walker is, and Donald Trump isn’t
    by Susan Page, USA TODAY”

    She works for Gannett, what would you expect? Of course, she probably supports, HRC. Donald Trump, is being attacked by, the Dems, and some Republicans. The more they attack him, the higher he polls. They are worried, very worried. Donald Trump, has all the money, he needs. And this scares, the hell out of them.

    1. George Cullen says:

      I agree. The DNC and probably more so, the RNC are deeply fearful of The Donald. Mostly because he represents a very visible, high profile, conservative and INDEPENDENT voice and viewpoint. He’s not going to grovel at the feet of the RNC for funding. He knows how things work. He knows right from wrong.
      He clearly displays a willingness to say exactly what needs to be said, and will tackle the issues the RNC has been pussy-footing on for decades. Traditionally, but increasingly over the past 20+ years, the repubs roll over and pee on themselves whenever the democrats name the issues and control the direction and dialogue that will take place. The dems say “BOO!” And the repubs whimper and pee themselves. Its sickening. And its already fully run us to ruin as a country. As a people. But Donald Trump? No. He’s not beholden to anyone.
      And THAT is why “We The People” cheer him on, and the RNC, Boehner, etc. are trying very hard to minimize Trump.
      I think he shows a lot of promise.

      1. margo1942 says:

        i hope, got to be better than most we have.

      2. gfinms says:

        Donald Trump, is our best hope, to undue the damage, caused by, 8 years of, BO. Please America, we need a man, a real man, to lead us, into the future. Heaven help us, if HRC, becomes the next POTUS. The USA, will be so screwed, we may never recover. This is not sexist, just the facts! I lay awake at night, thinking about our great country, and what has happened to the USA, under BO.

  • Jan Worthen says:

    You can’t push who isn’t known or popular. As for Trump?
    Got to love em’ …He’s got guts…now firing back on Cartel, and El Chapo..whose also worth billions…on drug money. Mexicans, signing on in comments on FB who are legal, and worked hard to be citizens…going to vote for Trump. He might surprise the whole GOP. Trump would not kiss up to anyone…Do I agree with everything? No, but I sure agree with his stand on our borders. We have Isis in America now..training. This darned President now has FEMA camps IN TRAINING…for what? Against our citizens?


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