Will Obama Force U.S. To Submit To ‘International Climate Justice Tribunal’?

by WND
March 14, 2015

While Washington focuses on whether President Obama will sign on to a nuclear agreement with Iran without submitting the deal for Senate approval, the administration is following a similar strategy on a global climate change policy that could leave the U.S. beholden to an International Climate Justice Tribunal.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or UNFCCC, recently released the negotiating language for the agreement to the public. The official purpose of pursuing a “universal climate agreement” is to renew the Kyoto Protocol, the 1997 deal championed by then-Vice President Al Gore but resoundingly condemned by the U.S. Senate. President George W. Bush eventually cut all U.S. ties to Kyoto.

Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Chris Horner, who raised alarm about the proposed tribunal in Sunday’s edition of the Washington Times, says that provision is ominous for the United States.

“What is climate justice? This is troubling for several reasons,” said Horner, who added that his first concern is President Obama attempting an end run around the Senate’s role in ratifying any international treaties.

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  • al dell says:

    barb & doe,
    do believe that most americans, by this point in time, are fully aware of the failed policy of obama and allies. obama wishes to continue to subjugate the american population to rules / regulations that will cause an economic disadvantages to each citizen financially. more so, even, to the corporate establishments. i seriously believe that obama will surely fail to achieve this much sought ‘victory’ for himself and other very questionable characters. there are existing problems brewing for mr. soros / & son, and even more so for obama personally. he has reached a point in his public life that has technically exceeded the need of his presence in office and as a viable leader here in usa. obama will be ‘priviledged’ to personally witness the demise of his corrupt actions in full view of the american people … especially those who have ‘blindly clung’ to him as if rust to steel! obama, will, indeed, suffer an even worst fate prior to the next ‘election’ in november 2016. all so called ambitious ‘tyrants’, those who subvert and subjugate, will in turn become subjugated at both the human level and in the spiritual realm. the burden of both financial incremental harm to each citizen during of these past six-plus years as well as the hardships of submitting to ‘imposed regulations’ will be more than effected upon his person. please, do attempt to listen to this advanced advice and comply with the will of the people … you will surely enjoy the remainder of your short stay to a better degree. al.

  • Barb says:

    You can bet that during the remainder of his second term Obama is going to pursue any avenue that will help to destroy the United States. He is a Muslim Communist and has no conscience nor any positive feelings about the U.S. Have no doubt that he will make every attempt to bring the U.S. under control of the United Nations. He is attempting to obey the orders of George Soros (his puppet master) who has destroyed other nations with his billions and through Obama is trying to destroy the America. Soros like Obama want a One World Government with the wealthy and powerful in control. Obama sees himself as the one person on the earth who should be at the head of such a world.

  • Dee says:

    I sure hope he doesn’t force the United States to International Climate Justice. There is nothing to this climate change. It’s just another way for him to steal more of our money.
    He should have never been elected in the first place as he is not eligible.

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