With Skeleton’s in her closet, Nancy Polesi father once dedicated Confederate Statues

by Brooke Singman
August 25, 2017

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has ramped up calls to remove “reprehensible” Confederate statues from the halls of Congress — but left unsaid in her public denunciations is that her father helped dedicate such a statue decades ago while mayor of Baltimore.

It was May 2, 1948, when, according to a Baltimore Sun article from that day, “3,000” looked on as then-Governor William Preston Lane Jr. and Pelosi’s father, the late Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., spoke at the dedication of a monument to honor Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

The article said Lane delivered a speech, and Mayor D’Alesandro “accepted” the memorial.

“Today, with our nation beset by subversive groups and propaganda which seeks to destroy our national unity, we can look for inspiration to the lives of Lee and Jackson to remind us to be resolute and determined in preserving our sacred institutions,” D’Alesandro said in his dedication. “We must remain steadfast in our determination to preserve freedom, not only for ourselves, but for the other liberty-loving nations who are striving to preserve their national unity as free nations.”

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    Keep her!!! Keep Maxine Waters!!! These losers discredit the DEM–Socialists with every word and get Trump more support every day. Keep flogging the ‘racist’ bs and most of the real Americans will dump them in the next election.

  • LJ says:

    Our stalinists on the left are trying to rewrite American history like communists do. Expunging history does nothing to change it. The left shares the same intellectual bluntness as the islamofascists who tore down statues of Buddah in Afghanistan. If you still support the Dems you should be ashamed. You are destroying our history. The civil war was NOT just about slavery and many poor whites fought to defend their own land. THEY were Americans too.

  • dmttbt says:

    Our government approved all these statues when they were set.

  • roboteq says:

    Being from Baltimore, I know of the legends of Nancy Pelosi’s “connected” family well. The hypocrisy of this family goes way back.

  • dmttbt says:

    All the statues were placed by congress or some other body and sanctioned by our government and now years and years later they seem to have changed their mind. I say we do away with the people who want to do away with the statues. I assume they will be erecting one of Obama.

  • justinwachin says:

    In that day the Democrats were the party of the segregationists. While Ms. Pelosi may hope to ignore that fact, the Democrats have a long history of mistreating blacks. Removing statues is not the answer. The real answer is to create an America where everyone is free to reach their God-given potential.

    I think Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are merely trying to exploit this tempest in a teapot for political advantage. She doesn’t care about anything more than winning elections.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      They’re following the Soros plan, after all, he owns them!

    2. Jane says:

      Agreed! Margaret Sanger started Planned Unparenthood to eliminate blacks and other non-whites. Why don’t they take her statue down? Oh, that’s right…..because Cecile the Liar wouldn’t be able to make her millions aborting the most innocent and discriminated against human beings of all; the voiceless unborn.

    3. Retired says:

      So she can afford the Botox that are needed .

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Amazing how this party of pathetic clowns think, they went to calling the BLM thugs of burning and looting Baltimore and Freguson as free speech, and now calling these great statues oppression and racist! Our backs are almost to the wall and not left with many options, it’s coming people, enough is enough, leave our country along!

  • goldie says:

    Looking at the picture, it’s nancy herself who is the skeleton. Please, nancy, save yourself the shred of self-respect you may have left (??!) and retire NOW.

  • retired4ever says:

    This probably won’t make the cut, too long. Look up Dr. Edward C. Smith, American University, Wash DC.

    By Dr. Edward C. Smith

    Let me begin on a personal note. I am a 56-year-old, thirdgeneration, African American Washingtonian who is a -graduate of the D.C. public schools and
    who happens also to be a great admirer of Robert E. Lee’s.

    Today, Lee, who surrendered his troops to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at
    Appomattox Court House 134 years ago, is under attack by people —
    black and white — who have incorrectly characterized him as a
    traitorous, slaveholding racist. He was recently besieged in
    Richmond by those opposed to having his portrait displayed
    prominently in a new park.

    My first visit to Lee’s former home, now Arlington National Cemetery,
    came when I was 12 years old, and it had a profound and lasting
    effect on me. Since then I have visited the cemetery hundreds of
    times searching for grave sites and conducting study tours for the
    Smithsonian Institution and various other groups interested in
    learning more about Lee and his family as well as many others buried
    at Arlington.

    Lee’s life story is in some ways the story of early America. He was born in
    1807 to a loving mother, whom he adored. His relationship with his
    father, Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee, (who was George
    Washington’s chief of staff during the Revolutionary War) was
    strained at best. Thus, as he matured in years, Lee adopted
    Washington (who had died in 1799) as a father figure and patterned
    his life after him. Two of Lee’s ancestors signed the Declaration of
    Independence, and his wife, Mary Custis, was George Washington’s
    foster great-granddaughter.

    Lee was a top-of-the-class graduate of West Point, a Mexican War hero and
    superintendent of West Point. I can think of no family for which the
    Union meant as much as it did for his.

    But it is important to remember that the 13 colonies that became 13
    states reserved for themselves a tremendous amount of political
    autonomy. In pre-Civil War America, most citizens’ first loyalty went
    to their state and the local community in which they lived. Referring
    to the United States of America in the singular is a purely
    post-Civil War phenomenon.

    All this should help explain why Lee declined command of the Union forces
    — by Abraham Lincoln — after the firing on Fort Sumter. After much
    agonizing, he resigned his commission in the Union army and became a
    Confederate commander, fighting in defense of Virginia, which at the
    outbreak of the war possessed the largest population of free blacks
    (more than 60,000) of any Southern state.

    Lee never owned a single slave, because he felt that slavery was morally reprehensible. He even opposed secession. (His slaveholding was confined to the period when he managed the estate of his late father-in-law, who had willed eventual freedom for all of his slaves.)

    Regarding the institution, it’s useful to remember that slavery was not
    abolished in the nation’s capital until April 1862, when the country
    was in the second year of the war. The final draft of the
    Emancipation Proclamation was not written until September 1862, to
    take effect the following Jan. 1, and it was intended to apply only
    to those slave states that had left the Union.

    Lincoln’s preeminent ally, Frederick Douglass, was deeply disturbed by these
    limitations but determined that it was necessary to suppress his
    disappointment and “take what we can get now and go for the rest
    later.” The “rest” came after the war.

    Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the few civil rights leaders who clearly
    understood that the era of the 1960s was a distant echo of the 1860s,
    and thus he read deeply into Civil War literature. He came to admire
    and respect Lee, and to this day, no member of his family, former
    associate or fellow activist that I know of has protested the fact
    that in Virginia Dr. King’s birthday — a federal holiday — is
    officially celebrated as “Robert E. Lee-Stonewall Jackson-Martin
    Luther King Day.”

    Lee is memorialized with a statue in the U.S. Capitol and in stained
    glass in the Washington Cathedral.

    It is indeed ironic that he has long been embraced by the city he fought
    against and yet has now encountered some degree of rejection in the
    city he fought for.

    In any event, his most fitting memorial is in Lexington, Va.: a living
    institution where he spent his final five years. There the
    much-esteemed general metamorphosed into a teacher, becoming the
    president of small, debt-ridden Washington College, which now stands
    as the well-endowed Washington and Lee University.

    It was in Lexington that he made a most poignant remark a few months
    before his death. “Before and during the War Between the States
    I was a Virginian,” he said. “After the war I became an

    I have been teaching college students for 30 years, and learned early
    in my career that the twin maladies of ignorance and misinformation are not incurable diseases. The antidote for them is simply to make a lifelong commitment toreading widely and deeply. I recommend it for anyone who would makejudgment on figures from the past, including Robert E. Lee.

    [Dr. Smith is co-director of the Civil War Institute at American
    University in Washington, D.C.]

    1. LJ says:

      Dr Smith,thank you for this excellent and sensible essay. As a Mayflower descendant our national history is very important to me and i am devastated to see these factions at each others throats attempting to erase our history, good or bad. Slavery was not the only issue in the war, and certainly America did not invent the institution. We were however the only ones if which i am aware who were willing spill our blood to stop it. Thanks for your sensible words.

  • The Redhawk says:

    REMOVE the SF AR HEAD FROM CONGRESS PUT IT IN A MUSEUM for Future Children to see what a Completely Useless Idiot in POLITICS is or WAS all about…..Mandatory History for all SF Children…

  • donl says:

    How in Hell does this incompetent moron keep her job??? Are the Voters that ignorant? OR is she……………………….Naw, to ugly.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Does ‘SAN FRANCISCO” … Answer your Question????

    2. Bob says:

      When you have voters who do not read the slate other than “D” or “R” you get what was paid for.

    3. mudguy1 says:

      They are idiots like her that keep voting for her.

      1. Jose Moreno says:

        Your right. The people in California keep voting for the same lazy ass democRATS and the do nothing to make things better. Thank God i moved to Arizona.

        1. mudguy1 says:

          Yes but you still have idiots that keep voting for McCain. Then then the idiot Mayor of Phoenix say that Trump slapped the people of Maricopa county by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
          More good people like you need to move out of California. Just hope that the Liberals don’t move to Arizona and destroy the state like they did to Oregon and Washington.

    4. Rodney Steward says:

      Voter fraud is every where, and then there’s her money also for the Dem. party!

      1. Retired says:

        Bingo , money for the party . that is all politics today is about ,raising money .

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Absolutely my friend, and from what I’ve seen they’re not doing to well on raising money right now!!

          1. Retired says:

            The big push will come before next years primary in the hopes people got over the loss , but I highly doubt that people are going to be generous .

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            I agree RT., and I think we owe it to Obama, that an opened the eyes of MILLIONS, remember those famous words, You Didn’t Build That!!!! D’N idiot!

    5. metheoldsarge says:

      Nancy is a spoiled little brat who never grew up. She is a very cunning and evil person. As long as those welfare checks and food stamps keep coming she has job security. She gets re-elected because she knows how to play her constituents. Too many underestimate her and she knows how to use that to her advantage. Contrary to popular belief, she does have more between her ears besides air. The real air heads are those that keep re-electing her.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Times change, in case you didn’t notice. My parents were elected Republican officials; I’m a devoted Democrat. Parties reversed polarity from 1964-5 with passage of Voter and Civil Rights laws. Dixiecrats are now Republican White Supremacists and KKK members. Etc. Planned Parenthood is essential healthcare today, not its founder’s aims, more people are covered in healthcare and living longer higher quality lives. History is instructive but not controlling as ill-educated righties believe.

    1. Ken Burda says:

      Planned Parenthoods’ primary source of income is from abortions, that is NOT essential healthcare, it is murder.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        I am pro-life and pro-choice. I wish no woman would abort any fetus, but I recognize a woman’s right to choose for her circumstances. It’s not a question of income, however, it’s a question of so many millions of women having ONLY PP as their nearest and most affordable family planning option. As a civilized nation, we must both expand healthcare resources like PP and counsel women about birth control and carrying to term, not screwing women out of healthcare entirely.

        1. highspeedhotrod11 says:

          “many millions of women having ONLY PP as their nearest and most affordable family planning option”.– = liberal BS talking points…to say you are pro-life then say you’re OK with women killing another human is very telling about your credibility.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            And just who are you, and we, and congress to tell women they can’t govern their own health? It’s not a ‘talking point’–it’s common sense, or overreaching by government, and you. Just what stake do you personally have in telling women what to do with their bodies, health and pregnancies? Pretty arrogant.

          2. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            I’m not talking about any woman governing their own heath…I’m talking about a scumbag [mother or butcher] that would kill an innocent, helpless baby…”let’s just suck his brains out” mentality that you seem to endorse. That’s not arrogance, that’s human decency!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’m thinking of far broader implications than you exhibit. At base pregnancy is a medical issue–that means personal health. It’s a common experience of women, not related to socioeconomic status as abortion is chosen by all levels of women. Who are you to draw the line? Why draw any line when it involves women’s choice and health, not yours? Plus you limit your comment to partial birth and 3rd trimester which is not the only situation. DC procedures are common at the beginnings of pregnancy, hardly babies, not children. I don’t endorse anything but carriage to full term, as I said, and you ignored earlier. Decent or not, it’s still NOT YOUR CHOICE, but the woman’s. Bet you’re not a woman with your thoughts so crude here.

          4. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            What a pathetic attempt to justify your sick Sanger styled murders…just because you try to change the killing of an innocent baby to say it’s a ‘medical issue’…very sanitary to allow your conscience to let you sleep at night and feel self-righteous by not interfering with a woman’s choice… but, like you say…it’s not my choice, your choice or any woman’s choice to kill a little baby.
            I hope you and your kind are never permitted to be close to little babies… surely you would weasel a new definition that would permit you to crush their skulls and rid your vile life of these pesky nuisances. Plus PP needs to sell a few more baby parts to regulate black babies being born. No,I’m not a woman…but I know it’s evil to kill babies.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Again Sanger has nothing to do with current aims of PP. Like a dog with a bone, you won’t give it up.
            Women are subject to many conditions related to pregnancy. My own wife was ‘pregnant’ but had no fetus, only the amniotic sac that eventually burst on its own. Even her doctor didn’t know what was happening. Yet you, a layman, profess to know what pregnant women need. Ridiculous.
            Repeating, I’m pro life and wish women wouldn’t abort. But as a Christian with free choice like all believers, women should make their own choices.
            You certainly have a vivid imagination, but it doesn’t excuse you or your pals from murdering physicians who do abortions, or closing dozens or hundreds of clinics and the House legislating to defund PP. That’s murder by itself, so you are not innocent as you think.
            BTW are you also against transplants? That’s what the ‘baby parts’ means. The only thing evil is you butting into another person’s most personal and intimate decisions on their health with no reason whatsoever.

          6. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            “Again Sanger has nothing to do with current aims of PP. Like a dog with a bone, you won’t give it up”. ==== Wait…that’s what I told you…about the statues….but it confused you.

            “Women are subject to many conditions related to pregnancy. My own wife was ‘pregnant’ but had no fetus, only the amniotic sac that eventually burst on its own.” === No, she was not pregnant. “Even her doctor didn’t know what was happening. Yet you, a layman, profess to know what pregnant women need. Ridiculous…” === again she was not pregnant..but what has that to do with abortion mills?

            “Repeating, I’m pro life and wish women wouldn’t abort. But as a Christian” == You being a ‘Christian’ that has no qualms with murdering one of God’s most vulnerable and helpless creations… how do you spell hypocrite ????=== “with free choice like all believers, women should make their own choices”== sorry, but free choice does not include killing others. If that is your idea of free choice… I need to warn your neighbors.

            “You certainly have a vivid imagination, but it doesn’t excuse you or your pals from murdering physicians who do abortions, or closing dozens or hundreds of clinics and the House legislating to defund PP. That’s murder by itself, so you are not innocent as you think.” == Wow.. you’re kind of stretching it to turn it from you advocating murder to make me into a murderer of doctors… Remember…I’m the one that’s against murder…you are the one that thinks it’s your free choice.

            “BTW are you also against transplants? That’s what the ‘baby parts’ means. The only thing evil is you butting into another person’s most personal and intimate decisions on their health with no reason whatsoever.”… Oh, P.P. is so noble …but wait…if they are so concerned about lives …why do they kill one to save another..? and something to consider… do they sell baby parts to the most needy or …. to the highest bidder?… yeah…they are so compassionate…..

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’m not affiliated in any way with PP but support their good work, not abortion. I’m here to support women’s healthcare as an inalienable right, with no outside meddling by government or man.
            As I said, pregnancy is complicated. All signs pointed to pregnancy even though my wife was not, discovered later. Despite her travails, we never considered abortion. She passed the mass on her own.
            Of course I’m against abortion (read above), but it’s not my place or yours or government to tell any woman what to do with her own body. Nobody can stop the murderer, and it’s arrogant to think a man can replace God to do it. No neighbors are warned when a woman is pregnant–stop the nonsense.
            Do you accept no blame for those who stalk and murder doctors of abortion? More nonsense if you are against choice and it takes no ID card to put you in league with those murderers–hypocrite.
            More nonsense. No aborted baby is killed to get it’s parts. It’s the reverse–faulty logic by you. Or is it deliberate self-deception?

          8. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            If you support P.P…you definitely support abortion ! You can deny all you want but facts are facts…I’m not trying to confuse you BUT If you support Charles Manson…then you support what he did to Ms. Tate…now do you understand your idiotic logic?
            Why do you have trouble understanding…abortion is NOT about what a woman does to her body…it ain’t about HER… it’s about a baby! She can cut her hair, get tattoos, cut her arm off.. anything she wants, to her body but when she kills another human being… If I’m carrying an injured soldier off the battlefield on my back… I can shoot myself in the head but I cannot shoot the person I’m carrying…it’s called murder regardless of how liberals try to re-label it.
            Why should I accept any blame for anyone that murders doctors or anyone….try to be sensible.. that is crazy for you to even suggest that!

            According to your words…your god has given you ‘free choice’ to murder…so yes, your neighbors need to be warned about your lack of respect for human life.

            You are wrong once again…Yes… babies are aborted for their parts to be sold… hard evidence is available.

            Why didn’t you answer my question..about ‘transplants’? Does compassionate, caring, loving P.P. supply their harvested baby parts to the = most needy.. or to the = highest bidder ?

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            You aren’t getting my message. I support free choice as the Gospel prescribes. We are not bound any more and free to choose to sin or not. Abortionists will pay for their sin at Judgment Day, not due to anything you or I can/should do.
            I dispute there is anything more than growing protoplasm in a fetus early in pregnancy. At some unknown point there is vitality we call human, but I’m not God and don’t know when and He’s left us a mystery to not know, hence stay away from prescribing for others, not ourselves in pregnancy. It’s not your business, concern, nor mine, nor government.
            Your argument about shooting is nonsense.
            Ever hear of guilt by abetting or collusion or affiliation with criminals? Ponder that when people shoot abortionists making them on a par with the medical people. BTW you can’t murder what’s not human, a subjective judgment.

          10. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            I understand completely…we are free to sin… but that doesn’t make killing innocent babies OK…Abortionist and – those that support them –
            will definitely answer on judgment day … [maybe you can hide and make some excuse about ‘well, you said I had free choice’… see how that works for you.
            You still didn’t answer my question about who gets the baby parts?

            Don’t you find it puzzling that ‘parts’ from ‘growing protoplasm’ are conveniently interchangeable with real live babies ?? How can that be?
            If a fetus, or growing protoplasm [as liberals like to call it] is such a mystery that we can’t even tell what it is, doctors and scientists have trouble even guessing what that object could possibly be] if it’s so mystifying and insignificant that we can kill it because it will hamper our lifestyle, then why do these harvested and purchased parts that are bought and resold on the black market to be fitted perfectly into God’s beautiful creations?????
            You said = BTW you can’t murder what’s not human, a subjective judgment…you are correct… and you shouldn’t murder what is…unless your liberal god allows you to make that choice…

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            The mystery from God and subject of debate among mortals is defining the start of life. When that definition, your definition, interferes with the choice made by another, we shouldn’t interfere, especially when it doesn’t affect the health of the mother who is clearly human and alive. I don’t condone abortionists personally but they serve a purpose on this mortal coil.
            It’s the woman’s choice whether sin or not for her.
            Ever hear of ‘stem cells’ part of medicine newly emerging? They are growth cells, reproduce certain body parts, and mostly unknown by me. Because I don’t understand them, like fetal body parts, doesn’t mean I should interfere with medical use of them. God also put physicians on earth, but I’m not one. I leave it to the experts what to do, fearing to interpose myself as God. I suggest you get another hobby than trying to outguess medical people when you have not got their knowledge or understanding about ‘parts’. Remember, God also permits black markets in his omniscience, also permits ordinary murder. Stop trying to play God in these issues.

          12. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            outguess medical people
            I’m not talking about stem cells…we’re talking about organs… complete organs that are harvested from a living human , sold to be implanted not in an unknown mass but in another living human…
            Just because you can’t understand when life begins…that does not give you permission to KILL that object…..if there’s any doubt… just punch a hole, turn on the vacuum, and then sell the parts….WOW… and you call that ‘free choice’… ???
            A women’s choice –aided and abetted by liberals too ignorant to know from what their black market parts came from…is sin for her and all that support, aid and abet her.
            I don’t attempt to outguess medical people…especially when they can’t even identify a baby….Maybe you and these unknowing ‘expert’ doctors need to go get you tuition money back from DeVry…..
            Me playing God…??? My GOD told me NOT to kill…it’s not me deciding who lives or dies!
            One more time…how can the ‘parts’ from ‘growing protoplasm’ be conveniently interchangeable with real live babies ?
            Does compassionate, caring, loving P.P. supply their harvested baby parts to the = most needy.. or to the = highest bidder ?

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            I guess your lack of knowledge extends to stem cells as well as Gospel which are tissues that grow into complete organs. Sorry for the overestimation.
            WE don’t know exactly when life begins as it’s always up to who defines ‘life’. It’s simply a mystery to thinking people. And be more thoughtful, people kill life or living things all the time from trees to squashing cockroaches. I don’t have to understand them to harvest for firewood, buildings, removing disease. You really are too superficial to be on these threads. Go back to your slogans and leave the thinking to your elected representatives.

          14. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            So you group bugs, trees,disease and cockroaches in the same category as human life…..very telling of your mental capacity
            You statement about the individual gets to decide /define ‘life’…also very telling of your mental capacity…
            I’m ‘superficial’…but you are dumbfounded at a couple of simple questions…..
            #1 how can the ‘parts’ from ‘growing protoplasm’ be conveniently interchangeable with real live babies ?
            #2 Does compassionate, caring, loving P.P. supply their harvested baby parts to the = most needy.. or to the = highest bidder ?
            and don’t forget..
            #3 According to your god…can I kill that other human that I’m entrusted to carry …[FYI -My GOD would say Absolutely Not.

            After you study this and ask permission from your permissive free choice god that allows babies to be butchered, just go ahead and admit that you’re wrong… I’ll understand, I promise.
            Sure enough, you should see about that refund from DeVry…
            BTW…I am leaving my critical thinking to our elected representatives..MAGA

          15. DrBillLemoine says:

            It was you who mentioned life generally.
            When the world is split on definition of ‘baby’ life, its pretty much an individual definition, outside of propaganda.
            I’m no physician. Answer your own protoplasm/parts question.
            Again, ask PP about their sales of ‘parts’. It’s immaterial to me, just like transplant processing.
            And anyone can kill at any time through free will of God. Who and what is moral, ethical and spiritual choosing. I never said fetus termination was killing.
            You keep returning to God for argumentation when God said the believers do not quibble. Cut it out–if you believe.
            Do you even know what DeVry is? Irrelevant here.
            I guess the finger points to you for electing Trump and to congress for sending mental midgets to DC.

          16. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            It was you who mentioned life generally.==>
            But it was you that said life was expendable…kinda like cockroaches and firewood

            When the world is split on definition of ‘baby’ life, its pretty much an individual definition, outside of propaganda.==>
            You can’t be serious…”baby life” depends on an individual definition.??
            That is so stupid…I think Hitler used the same logic.

            I’m no physician. Answer your own protoplasm/parts question==>
            That’s what I thought…..It does become nauseating when you realize it’s not just protoplasm…it’s really a baby….I knew you couldn’t justify that.

            Again, ask PP about their sales of ‘parts’. It’s immaterial to me, just like transplant processing.==>
            It ‘s immaterial to you what P.P. does with the ‘dead baby.?..was it immaterial what Charlie Manson did ‘on his own time? If you support illegal aliens…is it immaterial if they shoot up a night club…you wouldn’t even be concerned???

            And anyone can kill at any time through free will of God. Who and what is moral, ethical and spiritual choosing. I never said fetus termination was killing.==>
            You’re right… you never would admit it but science tells us… abortion means to kill, or stop from progressing…My God even says you shouldn’t murder He wasn’t talking about firewood & cockroaches.

            You keep returning to God for argumentation when God said the believers do not quibble. Cut it out–if you believe.==>
            My God says if a fellow believer is wrong… he needs to be corrected…do not tolerate anyone attempting to pervert what God has forbidden…if they refuse to listen…they need to be cast out.

            Do you even know what DeVry is? Irrelevant here.==>
            I do know that people that pay a certain fee, are then given a sheet of paper, and told they are a lot smarter than anyone that hasn’t paid for their own sheet of paper.. [most really believe that everyone else is less intelligent than themselves ]… and no…it’s not irrelevant for any that feel that way.

            I guess the finger points to you for electing Trump and to congress for sending mental midgets to DC.
            Mental midgets…No. I didn’t vote for Schumer, Pelosie, Watters, or Cummins or Bath-house Barry..& not even the mush-brain that’s afraid the island will tip over if all go to one side..
            I did vote for Trump…No matter what negative things can be said against him…he is miles ahead of Lying, E-mail deleting, Benghazi Clinton..she thinks it’s OK to kill soldiers and kill and sell baby parts just like you. [Not sure if she went to DeVry or not.]

          17. DrBillLemoine says:

            Do you just keep prattling on with brain disengaged? Life is expendable to conservatives who defund Planned Parenthood and Affordable Healthcare Act, to those who constantly foment aggression toward North Korea and Iran, to those who call fellow citizens with different viewpoints as ‘enemies’, probably to you. Not to me.
            When rape is the cause of pregnancy, it’s easy to see why any woman might not value the resulting fetus. When very low economics challenges putting food on the table, and doesn’t include baby rearing, it may be the same. When birth control has been overlooked in the heat of passion on a one-night stand, who wants a ‘baby’. You just have no depth of understanding into other people’s feelings, status, wants or needs. How about the teenager experimenting with an causal boyfriend who gets an unwanted reminder of the night? That’s serious, and life changing, but you don’t care. No abortion for you.
            You can realize anything you want, but keep it to yourself, your relationship, your life–don’t foist it onto another human being because your beliefs are different. That pregnant woman isn’t the ‘enemy’.
            You can ply your juvenile or sophomoric questions to someone else; I’m not interested in banter that lacks depth, or compassion, or understanding on your side.
            ACA and PP are both valuable resources for a certain kind of woman and family–stop trying to play God and eliminate them. It’s really aggravating to us thinking and feeling human beings and fellow citizens with just a modicum of spiritual understanding.

          18. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            The way you twist and distort my statements..the way you evade direct proofs, the way you ignore evidence and go off on abstract tangents… you could go to work at CNN or maybe be a writer for Rachael Madcow. With far less that 1% of abortions performed because of rape…
            you entire justification of defending a baby killing institution that does horrible things to infants…is nothing more that an attempt to cover your self-righteous butt. You endorse baby killers and instead of recoiling in horror..you bury your head in the sand and try to convince everyone that it’s not murder.
            I just hate that you come in contact with young impressionable minds with your disrespect for human life…I’ll bet your parent are real proud of your callous self-centered attitude…no ..they’re probably not…
            try living in the real world, spit out the silver spoon and see what truth honor and dignity really is.
            Did you have any luck with a refund from DeVry ?

          19. DrBillLemoine says:

            Better than many, you understand twisting and distorting statements–you’re doing it to me; hence my last lead-off crack. I have been a paid writer in NYC for international newsletters and school superintendents. It’s far more factual and persuasive than your favorite outlets at CNN and MSNBC gaining me many thanks.
            You have misconstrued and misrepresented what I wrote plainly for you. No sense in my continuing to dignify your continued search for notoriety among right wing nuts by lying about me.

        2. Bob says:

          Look at the facts: (from their 2016 annual report)

          1. They showed an increase of 4349 to 328,348 abortions over 2015

          2. They showed a drop of 136,244 in contraception services from 2015

          3. They showed a drop of 16,974 in cancer screenings from 2015

          4. The showed an increase in revenues or $58.2 million over 2015 and had a reported increase of $18.8 million “Revenue over expenses” .

          So, despite reports in the media that the number of abortions performed in the United States is declining,
          Planned Parenthood once again reports an increase in the number of human lives ended in their facilities: 328,348 abortions last year. Additionally, despite
          their repeated claims that American women rely on them for life-saving health care services, many of their non-abortion services have continued to decrease.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Citing 2015 stats in 2016 you overlook the fact that women in states have suffered closings of PP outlets over several years, so may accelerate their plans before being closed out of any or all healthcare. I suppose they are finding alternative sources, signing up for Obamacare, or stopping important screenings and treatments they would ordinarily have with closer and more PP outlets. The numbers alone don’t tell; is that your purpose?
            Obviously your definition of ‘human lives’ in the womb is not the same as desperate women, maybe single, maybe poor, maybe raped acting on their best interests, which you want to interfere with.
            You must distinguish individual states from national aggregate figures to get a real picture you don’t provide.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            And you claim to be a Christian man, Cod!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you claiming to be ‘Christian’ with your not knowing scripture? Christ facing the adulterous woman at the well, did not condemn her nor stop her personal healthcare options. He simply admonished her to go and sin no more, far more than you want to do.
            Plus in Gospel and Epistles Christ prescribes ‘free will’ for everyone to sin or not, accept The Way, or not–so you want to supplant God and prescribe for women contradicting scripture? It’s very arrogant and reprobate of you.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            I’ve not claimed ANYTHING, but I do believe in God, you think PP is just fine??? And many of these sluts have had more than one abortions, I know one girl that’s had 3!!!

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your ‘sluts’ are my neighbors in Gospel. That difference is everything in reality and at Judgment Day. As I wrote, we need more education of women about contraception.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            If they don’t know what contraception is by now they never will !! I guess they’ve been dumb down by your kind on everything, they can’t figure out what causes babies, “WOW” !!!

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            See, this is a big problem with conservatives–they don’t know how complex birth control is for women. Your attitude prevents much instruction in public schools nationwide. It’s far more than a man’s slipping on the condom. Plus many parents are embarrassed to discuss reproduction with their children–mine were, and my sister got pregnant out of wedlock. Hormones are tough to control, if you ever had any. lol Procreation is easy compared to birth control.

          8. Rodney Steward says:

            I know women that have put their girls on birth control pills as young as 14 years, and trust me, they find out all the need to know at school, I didn’t need anyone to teach me anything! I miss those hormone days, I played very hard and had a ball till I was 25 then got married!

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            No doubt there are some women like that with sexually active daughters. But that’s not widespread. As a teacher close to many health/physical education teachers, I know the schools try, but also having scored many of their tests, students/girls aren’t learning very much in those classes even through college health courses.
            As I said, men have no clue about women’s reproduction and men’s contraception is simple. Hooray for you sowing your oats–how many babies did you father and not support?

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            COD, I’m White, not black, none at all!! 🙂

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            Is it none that you know about? Are you sure?

          12. Rodney Steward says:

            Know for a fact, still don’t have any and never wanted any, but if I had, I would have been a father!!

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Now I see clearer about you. Without the leavening of either a wife or church family, you are adrift in a sea of sin and immorality. No place to go for grounding. Nobody to reflect your many absurd thoughts and feelings. I’ll pray for you to begin and start a walk in Christ to resolve, repent and replace some of those thoughts.

          14. Rodney Steward says:

            Thanks Cod, Repent and become a real American and believe in our Constitution!

          15. Jan says:

            If you think Jesus would stand by and let millions of babies be ripped from their mother’s wombs and thrown in the trash, then you are sadly mistaken. Do not call yourself a Christian.

          16. DrBillLemoine says:

            Jesus in fact said to expect persecution, but read again his treatment of the woman at the well. Christ is Love, not about preventing ripping of anything. God is also Peace and freedom of choice. It’s really none of your business. I’m a practicing Christian, unlike some with bellicose and intrusive attitudes.

          17. AZtejas says:

            Maybe you should try to read the Bible and take it in totality. Christ did not condone her, he did call her actions a SIN, which does condemn her ACTIONS. What he did in that lesson was condemn her accusers and redirected the blame to them. I still want to know what he was writing in the ground. I am pretty sure, he was discussing actions and sins of the accusers in words only they would know! Now if you consider SIN acceptable, then continue publishing your misleading statements.

          18. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’m a practicing, not head, Christian. That means everything and I’m still learning, something you should embrace. Christ contrary to your interpretation did not condemn anyone but simply said to sin no more. You by contrast want to close healthcare units of PP, cut all funding–not acceptable, not Christian.
            We all are sinners, like it or not, even you. Christ said, there are none righteous, no, not one. Don’t compound your sin of replacing God’s judgment that PP exists and so does abortion, with passing judgment yourself. There’s nothing misleading that I favor women having their personal choice to avoid abortion, or not.

          19. AZtejas says:

            Let me go back and take a look. Where did I judge someone? My comments are directed at Christ’s condemnation of our actions, not the individual. He came to save, not to condemn the world. He is also considered the Word, so the Bible is his words. Do you know when life begins in Christ’s Words? Somehow I doubt you have a clue on that. Do some research, it may do you some good. If you knew that you would know without a doubt, Christ condemns the act of aborting a living human being, it is taking a life.

          20. DrBillLemoine says:

            You said that Christ condemned her SIN, and you evaluated that to mean he condemned the woman at the well. You evaluated or condemned her by your interpretation, maybe just wrong phrasing by you. But words have meanings we must guard carefully as you can’t take back what comes out of the heart. Christ says what’s in the heart will come out–condemnation in your heart.
            You realize of course that you are known by your heart that emerges here. I’d turn your question around and say your concept of life beginning is subjective. It’s not the same thing as God knowing you before you were born or even conceived. Actually Christ never addressed abortion, so your ‘Christ condemns the act of aborting a living human being’ is again your believe, not Gospel. Don’t confuse human reactions and rules or interpretations like yours and the Pharisees which Christ did condemn. You are making all the abortion stuff up and finding spurious words and phrases in the bible to justify it when it isn’t there.
            BTW there’s the example of John the Baptist leaping in the womb, but that wasn’t a fetus ‘leaping’ if you know gynecology at all. Just where does a fetus turn into a baby or living being? There’s a mystery for your to mull.

          21. AZtejas says:

            i doubt there is anything God/Christ did not address. You are a fool if you believe he did not address abortion and or when LIFE begins, according to God, it begins at conception Gen. 3:16. As determined by many great theologians.
            “Conception; Conceive: Physically, the beginning of a new life in the womb of a mother, ” , essentially when blood flows there is life, not when the child takes it’s first breath.
            Once again Christ did not come to earth to CONDEMN the world, he came to save the world. A fetus was never discussed in the Bible, by the way, that is a word of men not of God. The Bible talks a lot about the heart, but it never indicates man will be able to tell what is in our heart, so you are a man of make believe. My beliefs not “believe” are generally tied to the Bible as interpreted by many theologians and in many case simply literal. I don’t have time to take each one of your statements apart an tie your errors to the Bible, but there are many errors in your opinions.

          22. DrBillLemoine says:

            God addressed everything??? The bible is finite. There are many things in modern living in our country or on this globe that are not addressed in writing. Nonsense statement.
            Gen. 3:16 does not talk about abortion. But you need to see your pastor as Christians are not to dispute each other as you are doing. Let’s have your citation for the ‘great theologian’ that wrote that. No doubt there is life in the womb, but that doesn’t say ‘when’ it starts. Your anonymous theologian doesn’t cite a source either. All you and he are doing is acting like the condemned Pharisees and Sadducees, making up your own definitions aside from Gospel. BTW you cite Mosaic times and law–are you Jewish? All OT scripture and prophesy was fulfilled in Christ, so Christians are governed by Gospel and Epistle, not the Pentateuch. And it’s a copout to refuse citations and references to refute my scriptural ways.

          23. AZtejas says:

            My Pastor tells us to challenge him, if what he says contradicts the “Word of God”. If your Pastor tells you not to challenge any “Christian”, you might want to look for another church family. If you know the Bible and are aware of the various commentaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias, you could find my reference for “Conception” yourself, IBSE, published in 1915. I actually use up to 10 different dictionaries, but usually use only three or four commentaries for study purposes. God addresses abortion in the 10 commandments, which shows up in both the Old and New Testament. “Thou shalt not kill”, look it up sometime. Since I believe He has told us life begins at conception, abortion is, in my opinion premeditated murder.
            The Bible is the “Word of God”. God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and above all Omniscience, or at least that is my belief. I also believe, He has given us through his Words, everything we need to guide us spiritually, morally and in all our daily interactions. His Words include both the Old and New Testament. Obviously Christ died on the cross to lift the penalties of the Mosaic Laws. His death on the Cross was the ultimate sacrifice. But what God has identified as sin is still sin, no matter which part of the Bible it is in. The Old Testament still has some of the most stirring prayers I have ever read and will be relevant to the end of the earth.

          24. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s not like you imagine. The word is edification, which Christians are always open to receiving. We are all on a walk to perfect ourselves on earth heading for heaven. I’ve found many clergy who don’t know they violate Galatians 5 or Ephesians 1-3. I learned mightily from my 3 church families due to 3 moves. Just remember Christ indwells us in the Holy Spirit which governs our every action when we are believers and learning apace. Again, Christ fulfilled all OT prophesy so we are not bound by Mosaic Law as believers, only Christ’s commandments. You read, act and believe as a Jew; not me.

          25. AZtejas says:

            So what I believe the Bible says is my imagination? I see you have left the original discussion and have chosen to attack my Christianity. I expected that, but that’s alright. I see you have no references to most of your suggestions. Your comments relative to Gal. 5, & Eph. 1-3 covers a lot of territory. Only someone that does not believe the Bible is the “Word of God” could fail to follow all of Gal. 5 and Eph. 1-3. I don’ t attend Churches that have Clergy, just Pastors/Bishops and Deacons. I haven’t found clergy mentioned in the Bible, so they are of little interest. The Holy Ghost does have a lot of control, but God did give us a right that often fails us, the right to free will. We do not always follow the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Do you have a reference that talks to “a walk to perfect ourselves on earth heading for heaven”? That would be an interesting study. You need to go back and review prophesy, there are several that have not been fulfilled and that was not His purpose while on earth. He did fulfill the Mosaic Law, which seems to give you a lot of problems. There are several verses in the NT that include reference to God’s commandments, 1Jhn 5: 2, 3 are excellent examples. So we are reminded to follow all of God’s commandments, not just those restated by Christ. Christ of course did give us a NEW commandment, Jhn 13:34, which I am sure you know. I don’t know many Jews that believe Christ is deity (the Messiah), so maybe you know something new? How I act you have no knowledge of. How you interpret what I write is entirely up to your imagination.
            May God bless you and may you find the path to that perfect world called Heaven. There is nothing on earth that is perfect, as Christ left almost 2,000 years ago, just about 17 short of that milestone. God wanted perfection in the Jewish people and they are still God’s chosen people, only a few ever achieved something close to perfection. I think you can count them on one hand. So I do chose to ask God’s blessing for the Jewish people on occasion and pray for their salvation even more often. Since Christ was also a Jew, along with his Disciples, I probably do believe as a Jew. You just have to identify the right Jews.

          26. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your pastor apparently didn’t tell you believers don’t argue their scriptures. They remain open to edification in the earthly walk to greater perfection aiming for Judgment Day. So that’s off limits for me. You can challenge your pastor but not me. Simply obey as in Luke 10:27, not 10 commandments.

          27. AZtejas says:

            You are absolutely correct, my Pastor has never told me to accept what ‘men” say as being of the Gospel of Christ, unless they can support it through Scripture. Your reference to Luke 10:27 indicates you follow the traditions of the Catholic church or something very similar. It indicates salvation through works, which is contrary to the teachings of Christ. Christ continually tells us we are saved by the grace of God through faith, not of works. Jhn 3:5 “Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”
            Eph 2:8 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
            Eph 2:9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.
            Eph 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. ” There are various passages that talk of our works in Christ, which are the result of our salvation GIVEN freely by our Lord. Your rewards in Heaven are enhanced by your works, in Christ. The Book of James is a good study that ties your works to your faith in Christ. Study it carefully as it can create confusion to those that want to think they can earn their way into heaven. Those of the Jewish faith could earn their way into heaven or so it seems. Bit an in depth study tends to show they first had faith in God and the Messiah.

          28. DrBillLemoine says:

            Luke 10:27 is Christ’s commandments fulfilling the promise of Mosaic Law in prophesy. Many pastors who run for president as evangelicals don’t know this in these pages, a certain AL candidate in newspaper accounts from AL lately and years ago postings by evangelicals in these pages who were edified enough by me to stop their campaigns for fame and fortune via the presidency. You have misunderstood my thread if you think it’s works that save, but faith without works is dead.

          29. AZtejas says:

            Luk 10:26 He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou? Luk 10:27 “And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” Luk 10:28 “And he said unto him, Thou hast answered right: this do, and thou shalt live.”
            Let me ask you, what Law was Christ talking about (Luk 10:26)? This as stated does say you can obtain salvation through your works alone. If we could follow this commandment in its entirety, it would be within our works. We would be perfect and never sin. This isn’t the only time Christ addressed this. I think this is the new commandment he gave us. As you continue your studies it becomes very clear that this is not attainable by man, as shown to us by Rom_3:23 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” Most Pastors, I know recognize the weakness of man. Your reference to “fulfilling the promise of the Mosaic Law” is confusing, as the Covenants associated with Mosaic Law are for the people of Israel. I cannot find an explanation of that promise that applies to Gentiles. I have seen mention of eternal life in the Old Testament scripture, but they are usually tied to faith. In addition, the simple fact that God forgives many sins and we know many sinners are in Heaven, tells me there is something else besides this commandment to base my salvation on. Being born again is the first step…
            God Bless and have a great day.

          30. Bob says:

            You are so very good at putting your words in other mouths, aren’t you? I quoted the stats form the last available annual report, since they have yet to put out their 2017 annual report. I NEVER mentions lives. My post was bout the financial increases to PP with a marked decrease in “Women’s Health Services” and a marked increase in abortions. You try, so very often, to twist words to fit your narrow and increasingly wrong views. All you have are tired platitudes, Democrat talking points, and attempts to tweak heart strings with your comments like “…maybe single, maybe poor, maybe raped…”. But never let facts get in the way of good rants and wanks, huh?

          31. Rodney Steward says:

            A goooood one, and why I no longer call him Doc, just turned it around, it’s more like him!

          32. DrBillLemoine says:

            If your report is about 2 years ago or today, women for several years have been facing shutdowns of PP offices for that time which would cut services and affect your stats greatly. What PP earns is not your business unless investing. What fraction of income is due to abortions is again not your business. Try Gospel and Roe v Wade for broad and legal and spiritual guidance, not ‘narrow and increasingly wrong’, not ‘platitudes’, ‘talking points or ‘tweak heart strings’ words. Those scriptures and laws speak loudly, but still you bay at the moon.

          33. Bob says:

            They released their annual report in late 2016, so it is less than a year old, not 2. They have failed to release their 2016 – 17 report as yet. The director of PP herself testified before Congress, under oath, that what “women’s heath programs” they provide are being picked up by other sources, with no increase in costs to the women. Further, since Mammograms are the big thing that you libs have been wanking about, not a single Mammogram has been done by either PP itself of any of their surrogates.
            “What PP earns is not your business unless investing.” They received $554.6 million in Government reimbursement and grants in 2016, so you’re dang right I am an “investor”. Federal law prohibits federal funds for being used for abortions, so we should just be sure they are not, and PP has refused to provide any documentation that they are not.
            I have read the Gospel, especially the “Thou Shall Not Kill” part. Obviously, you and PP gloss over that one. I have read Roe v Wade. I know it is the law of the land. I also know the USSS is not infallible. That is, unless you and Sanger and the rest of the racist Democrats still believe as strongly now as you di them in the Dred Scott Decision, handed down by another prominent Democrat.

          34. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are not acknowledging that NO MONEY of yours or mine goes to abortions. Yet you want to meddle in women’s personal intimate affairs not your business. Roe v Wade makes abortion legal–get over it. You are simply making judgments not your business, just butt into women’s lives with no stake in them as taxpayer or partner.
            If you are a Christian, you are free of the bonds of Mosaic Law, specifically thou shalt not kill. Don’t confuse Old and New Testaments, Yahweh and Christ. It’s different for us Christians involving loving our ‘neighbors’. Are you a Jew; follow 10 commandments and leave us Christians alone?

          35. Bob says:

            You are such a mess. I am saying that PP will NOT acknowledge that they are NOT using taxpayer funding for abortions. If they are, they are breaking federal law. Roe V Wade is the law, as was the Dred Scott Decision. You have the opinion the I can not campaign for the over turning of Roe because you agree with it. I am sure you would have campaigned for the over turning of Dred, but apparently your belief is that only you and your kind are allowed to have the rights of free speech and to petition the system (that pesky 1st Amendment that protects even we Conservatives).
            You want government out of women’s health decisions. If you actually believe that government has no place in healthcare decisions, welcome to the repeal and replace Obamacare crowd. Can’t have it both ways.
            I am not sure what Christianity you practice, but the Catholic Church I grew up with and the Episcopal Church I now belong to actually DO practice the 10 Commandments. Also that pesky 1st Amendment again says I practice as I see fit. Government can not tell me what to believe and how to worship, and you sure as heck can’t.

          36. DrBillLemoine says:

            Cecile Richardson, head of PP, has constantly affirmed no federal/public money goes to abortion. I gather she’s no fan of abortion, but they do it out of service and necessity with private funds as required by court decree.
            Don’t bring in unrelated court cases to Row v Wade.
            Providing a safety net like Obamacare isn’t prescribing treatment for individuals–nonsense thinking. ACA is valuable to millions and thousands might be dead without it. How can you repeal PP and accept repeal of, is it now, Trumpcare? Give it a little personal thought.
            Be clear, following Christ means obeying his commandments which encompass ALL the Mosaic Laws and 10 commandments. Remaining bound to Old Testament law is Jewish while Christ came to free us from that bondage, initially the Lost Children of Israel, then the gentiles in the rest of the world.
            Your walk in Christianity and Gospel is just beginning; learn more every day, if you truly have the Holy Spirit in you. Read your own bible to learn.

          37. Bob says:

            A liberal lecturing about not bring up “unrelated” issues? How hilarious!! Bringing up Dred Scott to show the fact that the USSC is not infallible IS RELEVANT, especially if you are discussing the over turning of Roe. Any person capable of independent thought and not relying on Democrat talking point would realize that. Your disdain for the Old Testament is obvious and your assertions that Christian Churches do not teach or follow them is idiotic. Why not go to church sometime and ask tell them why they should not follow the Commandments and see what follows. I do realize why you probably find them offensive. After all, any set of rules that include not lying, stealing or coveting others goods or wives would create a “hostile environment” for those of the liberal persuasion.

          38. DrBillLemoine says:

            For some reason you aren’t getting my meanings. I am overjoyed that Gospel and Christ fulfill ALL OT prophesy. But as Apostle Paul says, that frees us from bondage and following OT puts us back in bonds. One commandment, treat your brother as yourself, covers 9 of 10 commandments in the Spirit. You have lots to learn about Gospel and Christian walking.
            Nobody is talking about overturning Roe.
            Your pastor is not telling you about Gospel; he’s sinning in his duties.
            There are no laws, including Mosaic Law, for the righteous, those on the strait and narrow path. Join me.

          39. Bob says:

            “For some reason you aren’t getting my meanings”. No I get your meaning. I am just amazed that you are preaching with such a limited understanding of the subject.

            “Nobody is talking about overturning Roe.” Yes they are. You’re just not listening.

            “There are no laws, including Mosaic Law, for the righteous, those on the strait and narrow path.” You sound like ISIS. I am very happy with my church that follows the Commandments you choose to ignore.

          40. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are simply an early traveler on the Christian path. You will learn more and understand better in time what I’m relating from scripture. I’ve used many talents in service to my Lord, including teacher, so I suggest you attend more bible studies and services with sermons or Sunday School as I have. When your pastor can say to the flock, ‘Bob and I are the only ones attending everything at the church’, you will be far enough along to know what I do. Scripture reminds us to have knowledge but to also get understanding. Finally there will be prayer for wisdom, it says.

            So you think Roe, a Supreme Court decision, will be overturned anytime soon with dysfunctional Trump and the congress in power? Be a significant trick.
            Gospel is anything but ISIS sounding. But I find it curious that you think anything from Gospel reminds you of anything done by those criminals, barbarians and crooks. Your pastor is also on a Christian walk and has much to learn with you. He and you aren’t the first ones rebuked by me with more advanced understanding and wisdom. Obey commandments, but follow Christ if you are Christian–check Gospel definitions, not Pentateuch.

          41. Bob says:

            “Gospel is anything but ISIS sounding” Again, twisting words. I never said the Gospel sounds like ISIS. I said YOU sound like ISIS. Get a grip and have some read to you that can comprehend the English language.
            Listening to you reminds me of those days, way back in Catholic School when the Nuns taught us that even the Devil can preach the Gospel. He just doesn’t understand it, just preaches it to a confused flock. Jim Jones ring a bell?

          42. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’m understanding now why you don’t know Gospel or scriptures very well. Missed catechism did you? Evangelicals who dwell on Gospel have a head start on your understanding. Nothing wrong, just less mature. We also rely on the indwelling Holy Spirit more than an intermediary priest. Yet I’ve sung at catholic masses and assemblies, planned with the Nuncio for a better city and married a catholic with pre-Cana instructions from the Indian priest heading the Society for the Propagation of the Faith in Bangalore. And I would add to your nun’s story, the devil lies while spewing anything to mortals, not me.

        3. ROBERT POWELL says:

          planed parenthood is not nor has it ever been for the women’s health . it has been setup for “the reduction of blacks and other inferior races”. SANGER WAS A RACIST FIRST AND FORMOST.she hated blacks,mexicans and jews. so GET OVER YOUR DUMB STREAK.democrats and the kkk are one in the same .allways have been ,and still are. president johnson pushed the welfare for the blacks as a “vote buying stunt.it has made an occupation of “being on welfare” we are now into the third or forth generation of welfare bums. most by having kids like rats,they are increasing the amount of money the feds and the state give the families .hince the un-wed mothers swarming our hospitals with fatherless kids for the people that work for a living to support..this is fact not racist.this has killed the black and latino family setting .mainly in the larger cites.THE LIBERAL LEFT IS ENCOURGING THIS.”don’t work for a living,just have more kids”

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Robert, times, leaders and objectives change over time, i.e. PP. Sanger is dead with her goal.
            Another example of you being behind the times is about party composition–no more Dixiecrats, they’re KKK Republicans now and increasingly post 1964-5. Ever hear of LBJ who said he lost the South?
            In any society some will not be viable citizens in education, jobs, earning power, productivity–as a society following Declaration prescription to install government insuring life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, our Constitution aims at promoting the general welfare. Don’t believe it–find another nation. Move out. This is fact; not political.
            Your Democratic mantra is false; progressives are compassionate–and biblical.

          2. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            you state…”times, leaders and objectives change over time, i.e. PP. Sanger is dead with her goal.”…. so if statues were built for one purpose [falsely believed to represent whites suppressing blacks]..but today they have a different [historical and artistic purpose] but because of their original intent… they still need to be torn down in this day …so likewise P.P. was built for whites suppressing blacks…even if their purpose has changed today…because of their original intent = shouldn’t they be torn down as well?

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            There’s much confusion here–1. comparing healthcare with artistry; 2. comparing a racist abortionist with an anti-union military leader; 3. comparing operating clinics with dead iron icons. Not comparable.
            Statues were erected mostly to reinforce black suppression regardless of their timing and still thought of that way by Charlottesville KKK and white supremacist marchers last weekend. PP serves vital life needs of women and men. Blacks hate symbols of their slavery and subjugation for centuries; women need cheap healthcare. Not the same ballpark.

          4. highspeedhotrod11 says:

            Sorry, but you’re the only one confused…I made it very simple to show how biased you are and because it proved my point, you try to complicate it by adding unnecessary details … very much in the same ballpark.. ]
            Statues are ‘symbols of slavery’ to blacks… if you believe that…you have some real problems… [they have been just statues for the past hundred years…now in the past few weeks they have become symbols of slavery… if you can’t see through that… you are simple.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            I couldn’t make the issues simpler: 1, 2, 3. Yet you have not one rebuttal idea to respond. Pal, life is complicated so making it difficult for you to respond to important issues like this. Now what about statues that evoke thoughts of slavery and humiliation as chattel? Shouldn’t they be in museums, not in public put there by segregationists, designed to evoke rebel spirit from 1860, supporting Jim Crow successes? You have no empathy for another human being and fellow citizen to think blacks weren’t put off for decades by such statues. Till now they simply had insufficient power to get them removed. It dates back a long time, even if you don’t know it.

    2. gvette says:

      LOL…you have a 50 cent mail order doctorate in education, and you are calling the rigt ill-educated?

      1. Retired says:

        Back in his stone age it was a 3 cent stamp !!!

        1. gvette says:

          He sure has a high opinion of himself, that’s for sure.

    3. Ironmike4610 says:

      Doc, a skunk still has a stripe on his back.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Don’t confuse genetics with politics. People, men, parties change positions. Life processes like procreation and birth don’t change. What’s missing here is education and birth control for women having unwanted babies. It’s not productive in either case to eliminate Planned Parenthood.

      2. Rodney Steward says:

        HA, HA, HA, D’N RIGHT!!!

    4. Retired says:

      DR.Bull — Well it proves one thing you was the black sheep in the family that got everything screwed up , you joined the Union and they finished you off with the lies that they provide you.

    5. NM Leon says:

      Still can’t stop lying Bullschitte Billy?

  • chw2000 says:

    Well, Nancy sees nothing wrong with having a statue removed since she had most, if not all, of her brain removed for the Obama care experiment. Poor senile old thing.

  • Uncle Pat says:

    The “history” of America will not be changed by any person or group. It will remain as fact. Here is fact for Nancy : ALL Confederate soldiers were American’s, to remove monuments honoring them , you dis-respect ALL Americans !

  • Jane says:

    Nancy Pelosi is NOT Catholic, she is NOT a true American, and she is NOT a politician! She is an IDIOT and an evil witch!

    1. Retired says:

      Change the W to a B would be more appropriate ????

      1. AZtejas says:

        I would ask you not to insult dogs in that manner! Most dogs have actual love for those that feed and care for them. I am still looking for something that shows love of any kind in Ms. Pelosi.

        1. Retired says:

          Gee wiz , there was no comparing her to a dog .They are mans best friend and Pelosi does not fit that . All she cares about is Botox and Money . They would not let one post what she really is . Ask a woman what the worst thing you can call them and that is Pelosi.

  • Humble Servant says:

    Nancy, you are a prime example of the failure to teach our young people the truth about our history and the love of God for all mankind. When you failed your lessons as a child you become a pampas idiot that thinks they know everything and can make decision for all people. This failure you have encountered in your life, you have ignorantly passed onto many other Americans and so we have these problems today. You would think that if one was still able to learn that they would change their ways or get out of the light so they would not appear to be ignorant. This leads me to believe that you have a bad case of liberalism, the inability to know and do right. This can be considered a break in sanity and should be treated quickly but kindly by removal from public presence.

  • Bob V says:

    Nancy Pelosi , an inconvenient Liar just like her buddy Al Gore , “Billionaires” from the 12 Trillion dollars stolen from the American people from 2008 – 2012

    1. Mariajguild says:

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    2. Pete says:

      Nancy Pelosi ID10T

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