37 senators warn Obama to tell the truth about climate deal

November 21, 2015

A group of more than three dozen senators are pressing President Obama to tell the truth in talks with foreign leaders on any deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and explain that the ultimate say is with Congress and not the administration.

Republican Sens. John Barrasso of Wyoming and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma led a group of 37 senators in sending a letter to the president Thursday night, saying that any global agreement with “binding” timetables and emission targets, as well as financial obligations costing taxpayers, “must be brought before Congress for approval.”

The GOP argues that the Obama administration is attempting to go around Congress in its plans to sign onto a United Nations climate change deal at a meeting in Paris, Nov. 30-Dec. 11. “Our constituents are worried that the pledges you are committing the United States to will strengthen foreign economies at the expense of American workers,” the letter reads. “They are also skeptical about sending billions of their hard-earned dollars to government officials from developing nations.”

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  • Faithful American says:

    P.S. Regarding “global warming”, I am 67 yrs. old, and grew up to experience this NORMAL WEATHER CHANGE that has existed since the BEGINNING of CREATION (remember studying about the “ice age”, and when it got so HOT on earth that the “dinosaurs literally melted”)? There were NO factories back then so there is NO proof THEY or us PEOPLE created “global warming”. I remember when it reached 105 degrees one summer in northern OH when I was real little, and remember it being a lot COOLER than OTHER summers. Anyone who spoke to their FARMER/RANCHER folks and grandparents who DEPENDED on the Farmer’s Almanac every year, THEY told you that the WEATHER kept CHANGING from ONE generation to the NEXT–that it would be HOTTER one decade–than COOLER during OTHERS.
    AL Gore CREATED the “Global Warming” SCHEME so the E.U. could create a way to “tax” ALL the NATIONS of our WORLD–literally STEAL MONEY from them–to BUILD UP the COFFERS for the EUROPEAN UNION’S PLANNED ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. A GROWING number of SCIENTISTS who possess COMMON SENSE in ADDITION to SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE say “Global Warming” is B.S.!

  • Faithful American says:

    It will take LONGER than 2 yrs. to UNDO all the DAMAGE that this TRAITOR has done! EVERYONE who VOTED for Obama for PRESIDENT–especially those who voted TWICE for him–are largely RESPONSIBLE for all the BAD things Obama has done! It was THEIR job to INVESTIGATE him and ALL the candidates BEFORE voting for them. They SHOULD have VOTED for a man with CHRISTIAN MORAL VALUES! They also SHOULD have known BEFOREHAND that Obama VOTED for PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION, the most HEINOUS form of ABORTION (although ALL abortion is HEINOUS in GOD’S eyes and in the eyes of all TRUE Believers). They should have also KNOWN about Obama’s IRRATIONAL HOMOSEXUAL agenda for the US and that Obama was NOT a CHRISTIAN–as he CLAIMED to be–but Obama WAS and STILL IS a MUSLIM whose LOYALTIES are NOT to AMERICA or OUR citizens but to the NATION OF ISLAM! I went on Obama’s WEBSITE when he was running for PRESIDENT the FIRST time and I was SHOCKED to read a NOTICE posted on his site, ASKING for FINANCIAL assistance from members of the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY! Anyone FAMILIAR with the BLACK PANTHERS already KNOWS they are a RACIST group made UP of USA BLACK MUSLIM AMERICANS. Obama ALSO received FINANCIAL and POLITICAL assistance from the AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY! There were also indications from the very BEGINNING of Obama’s FIRST Presidential Campaign that he WASN’T born in AMERICA, and he; therefore, DIDN’T QUALITY to RUN for US PRESIDENT, let ALONE run for COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of our US MILITARY FORCES!
    Black AND White Americans were totally “charmed” by Obama, like many TODAY have been “charmed” by Trump! Being “charmed” by a POLITICAL CANDIDATE is NOT how to CHOOSE a candidate. They MUST have the following TRAITS: be COURAGEOUS and possess STATESMANSHIP and COMMON SENSE. They must FOLLOW-THROUGH on doing GOOD and PROTECTING America and OUR citizens! They MUST be a MORAL man who BELIEVES in the SAME God our FOUNDING FATHERS believed in: the one and only TRUE GOD of the HOLY BIBLE, the GOD of our JUDEO-CHRISTIAN heritage!
    Simply WAIVING a Bible around ONCE during a CAMPAIGN STOP (like Trump did) to make people THINK you are a CHRISTIAN does NOT prove one is INDEED, a CHRISTIAN! Ted Cruz is a BELIEVER in JESUS CHRIST and his FATHER is a CHRISTIAN PASTOR, so we KNOW Cruz QUALIFIES to be a MORAL LEADER who will ADHERE to our US CONSTITUTION our FOUNDING FATHERS created.
    Being QUALIFIED to run a CORPORATION(S) does NOT qualify Carly or Donald to be US PRESIDENT and US COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF because running a CORPORATION(S) is NOT the SAME THING as knowing HOW to run our GOVERNMENT! The candidate MUST possess GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE, either as a US SENATOR, US REPRESENTATIVE, or as a STATE GOVERNOR to know HOW to be PRESIDENT of our AMERICAN GOVERNMENT! Cruz not ONLY is a US SENATOR but has ALSO been a member of the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE in the SENATE. Trump does NOT have this VITAL EXPERIENCE!
    NO American should VOTE unless they FIRST PRAY to GOD and ask GOD to SPEAK to their HEARTS about WHO would be the BEST person to be US PRESIDENT and COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of our US MILITARY!

  • andydog says:

    Hey, Get used to it. Obama will go down in history as one of the “GREAT” Presidents of our country. Really, get used to it. Oh, that’s right. You “just don’t get it”.

    1. db says:

      I think it is you that ‘doesn’t get it’ because you have been drinking the Kool Aide for too long and have forgotten God.

  • debi feldet says:

    The taxpayer funds he uses personal use skyrocketing. He is no. King!

  • Julia says:

    What else is new, he thinks he is King, and always tries to go around congress?

  • Judy McKinney says:

    This video (2 min long) is of an Egyptian news show laughing at Obama thinking Climate change is the whole problem. Hope you can get it. The whole world is laughing (and worrying) about how a strong country like the US could collapse so fast, I think.

    1. db says:

      He’s just a puppet who is miming everything he is told to mime. He is an idiot and he cannot think for himself, that is obvious from the beginning. OMG this is really horrifying that these people can see what the reality is but he cannot! And what they are saying is totally true! WE must RID ourselves of this BLIGHT!

  • Fedup says:

    When has this poser ever told the truth?

  • bobnstuff says:

    There is something wrong about our weather, if you haven’t noticed it you live in a cave. My growing zone has moved and plants that I couldn’t grow twenty years ago do fine now. I should be getting 60″ to 80″ of snow but have broken 60″ in years, last year we didn’t get 50″. and they are saying this year 40″. Sea level is rising, There are places that go under water at high tide that never had the problem before. I don’t need a scientist to tell me something is changing, my garden is telling me. As far as getting rid of coal as a power source, A-men. It’s nasty dirty stuff. It destroys the land taking it out and kills the air when you burn it. I live in coal country and have seen what it does. In the long run other energy sources will be cheaper then coal and we are creating new jobs in industries that will be here for the next 100 years.

    Now explain to be why we have people in congress who don’t know how the government works and who has what powers. It’s the Congress that passes the foreign aid bills and says who gets money. The President can sign some agreements without the congress voting on it. Didn’t these guys take US Government class in high school?

    1. setemfree says:

      Notice Obama tried to push Solar on us. It did not work.. but now that he no longer pushes America it is becoming a reality. You ask someone to do something they most generally will but if you try to push someone especially Americans, stand back because you may get a poke in the nose instead. As far as coal goes it may be dirty, but if you want a change put a solar factory there and see how many mine workers you put to work.. I bet 95% would lots rather work in a clean environment. this is the way you do things, not put them out of a job.. There are still many in theis country that have pride, and believe in a days pay for a days work, not you owe me.. the ones that say you owe me STARVE, you are nothing but a leach on society. Don’t like what I have to say TO BAD, its the truth.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        There are more people working in solar in Pittsburgh then Coal. Very few young men go into mining today because the jobs just aren’t there anymore. We don’t mine coal like we used to, now it’s take the top off a mountain and take the coal. Six men can do what it took 60 to do just a few years ago. The pay isn’t what it once was either. a little over $20 per hour. They get laid off for the winter and are lucky to work nine month a year. They get to collect unemployment the rest of the time. On the plus side the mine owners have never been richer.

        1. db says:

          They are probably being paid NOT to work the mines by the GOVT, like they did with the farmers whom they paid NOT to grow crops!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            No, They got unemployment and went off to do other things. Some did get black lung benefits, and there are a lot on disability because they are to busted up to work. The job cuts have been going on for years. There are only a handful of big under ground mines left. The Coal industry has been dying for a long time and cheap natural gas is the final nail in the coffin. The young people are leaving the old mining towns an going to where the work is if they can. Most of those town aren’t places you would want to live anymore. The town I live in was once one of the largest mines in the world and it has taken 70 years to clean up most of the mess. People still have to be careful where they build their house.

      2. db says:

        Oh, that was so that those solar companies that he ‘funded’ with our tax dollars could give him A BIG KICKBACK and is why they all went bankrupt so quickly! Yes, that was how he was robbing our coffers and why there is not enough SS money in there now to cover our recipients! Get with the program and stop being blind to this sabotage and planned population extermination!

    2. db says:

      Have you ever considered that this is all manufactured and influenced by their ability to CONTROL the weather? Yes, they have lasers that can cause earthquakes and they are spraying our air with poisonous materials, not just to poison the air but the water and the ground so that nothing will grow, drought will happen and we will all starve to death as the result of their manufacturing of ‘global warming’ so they can control how you set your thermostat and how much water you use, or how many times you go to the bathroom, how much toilet paper you use, etc. It’s going back to the dark ages which is were this mindless freak is from!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        You need to take a good look at the myths about earthquake laser and spraying the air from contrails. The amount of power and size of a laser that could have any effect on the earth crust make an earthquake laser impossible at this time. If you took all the power from all the power plants on the planet you wouldn’t have 1% of the power needed. As far as the contrails, think about how big the sky is and how much a plane can carry. To get enough chemical up there to do anything is once again not something that can be done today. The Air Force hates the contrail myth, Every time someone brings it up they have to spend a lot of time explain why it can’t be done. It seem people don’t think thing out well.

        1. db says:

          It only takes a little bit of poison to poison our water, earth and that doesn’t include the AIR! Lung cancer is on the rise, emphysema and when your lungs go, it’s all over!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Even enough to be measured would be out of reach. I’m no scientist but I have a number of friend that are and they tell me that it’s a joke. I looked into it when Rush said it on air and found that the people who know laugh at the Idea. The story has been around since the 60’s. Lung cancer and emphysema are on the rise because of the stuff we dump into our air from factories. People who live near coal fired power plants have a increased rate. The plastic put out a lot of toxic gases. My wife can tell when we are down wind of a power plant, we still burn coal in the largest one near us. If you tell me what color the dust on your porch is I can tell you where in my area you live. The waters in the rivers near me have come a long way in the past half century, you can fish in them now, I would eat one of those fish but they are there. The coal mines dumped a lot of heavy metals into the rivers over the last century and some will never go away. The air is much better also It took loosing the oldest of the steel mills but the air is better. but still not as good as it needs to be. The government doesn’t have to dump chemicals into the air from planes, We do it to ourselves at ground level. One thing that I find interesting is that a coal fired power plant puts out more radiation every day the Three Mile Island put out when it crashed.

  • reagangs says:

    Global warming (gw), climate change (cc), social and environmental justice (sej) is a socialist/communist program (the UN Agenda21 and now UN Agenda 2030) to install a One World Order (OWO) and convert the USA to the USSA. The UN and their minions (Georgie Soros and the UN and EU elites and minions) will become the legal and political rulers of the World and to hell with our Constitution. Will there be another American Revolution ???? Maybe. Will you be ready ???? I will. It appears this is another cause to rally the American militia.

  • Patriot1955 says:

    It will take at least 2 years for the next president to undo the damage this liar in chief has done. Which world leader even listens to him anymore. He is a disgrace .

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      Actually, if the next president is Trump or Cruz, and if either one them really does have a backbone, it would only take about 4 hours to undo most everything that Obama has done. Simply go on T V before the nation, use the National Security Act, then void all this junk, including treaties and agreements.

      1. db says:

        From your lips to God’s ears! Amen and Amen!

      2. db says:

        yep, all they have to do is void anything and everything this illegal resident has done and signed into ‘law’. He’s a joke and everybody knows it but they are using him for their own personal agendas!

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:


  • graylens says:

    While we should be concerned about pollution, fossil fuels, waste etc. We are at a technological stage where the west has drastically reduced its negative impact, footprint, call it what you will. We can intelligently continue to clean up without massive and disastrous impact on our society and economy. The greatest dangers are in developing areas where there is little control and deforestation,n open pollution, countries like India, China, Bangladesh etc. The global warming scare is being used to cripple the west. Back in the 1970’s we were warned that soon we would have no resources left, the air would not be safe to inhale, the oceans would be totally dead. The nations who harm the oceans most now are Russia, China, Japan, Denmark,Norway, Iceland Korea.
    Politicians are using Global warming as a diversion from specific problems. By stressing a huge undefined nebulous problem they can claim success or blame failure as they please

    1. SDofAZ says:

      graylens, good points. We can all conserve and reduce but you are quite correct about where the current pollution is out of control.

      1. db says:

        No, you missed the point, SD. Graylens said that this gw scare is being used to CRIPPLE THE WEST and they are so correct! It’s also being used to obfuscate the obvious, which is the terrorism threat and all those terrorists that the liar in chief is allowing to, no inviting to, enter the USA! He is one of them, which is really scary and needs to be removed from office asap!

    2. Chris Rasmussen says:

      Hello graylens ~ I’m curious as to where you found the stats on countries that harm oceans, as they may be confusing proportional impact with absolute impact, out or date, and some that are just incorrect.

      China does lead the world in absolute impact from both water pollution and marine capture. The US follows in 2nd place with water pollution and is in 3rd place for marine capture. India comes in 3rd for water pollution while Peru takes 2nd place for marine capture. Russia takes 4th for water pollution while Japan takes 4th for marine capture.

      The others you site don’t rate in absolute impact, though in proportional impact to its populace, Denmark is in 12th place for marine capture.

      You can read the entire Bradshaw/Giam/Sodhi report here: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0010440

    3. db says:

      This ‘global warming’ is nothing but a distraction from the REAL issues, which is what the administration is ‘signing into law’ while they are making you look ‘over there’, they are secretly doing stuff ‘over here’. Get a grip and wake up, America! We are being duped and have been for centuries. It’s finally coming down to the wire with whom we will serve, whether God or mammon. Don’t throw away your eternal destiny with something temporary like those in this admin have.

  • db says:

    The whole thing is a scam in the first place. There is no such thing as ‘global warming’ that doesn’t even itself out and has been going on for eeons! It’s too bad that they confuse kindness with weakness and play us for fools because they are going to have a very RUDE awakening one of these days and they will wish they had not messed with us at all! This guy is so bent on promoting his own programs that he will stop at nothing to accomplish it whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing and anything that has come from this admin. is BAD! All of it and it’s a perpetual and constant assault against the PEOPLE of America. Of course, he doesn’t care since e is not an American and he can try to fool some of the people but he will find out he cannot fool all the people all the time! There will come a day of reckoning.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Well said,db.

      1. db says:

        Thanks, it’s the truth. my comment to reagangs adds to it.

    2. reagangs says:

      Exactly. Here’s my take on the situation. The socialist/commies have been trying to change America ever since the 1880s with socialist from Europe. Karl Marx, his Communist Manifesto (~1850) and his buddies and minions put their modern utopia dream on steroids. When the russkie revolution happened and the former USSR was formed (1920), they were so envious of our successful system that they sent spies over and infiltrated our bureaucracy, as did the Nazis and Communist China. By the 1940s, the FBI had a list of some 300+ spies. Joe McCarthy approached FDR, Truman and Ike with the dilemma and they brushed the list off. Evidently. old Joe Stalin had them in his pocket. By now, the russkies wanted to take over America with their communism. When JFK, an avowed anti communist, took over, they had him murdered when he cleaned house. Then the radical 1960s and 1970s happened and America was changed for the worst. The commie led protest started and continue today. There are many card carrying socialist/commies in our bureaucracy and even the executative branch, Congress and Justice system, today. Ronald Reagan said something to the effect: Socialism is only one generation away from happening. So, be careful what you wish for. The radical commies and islamo-jihadist are no longer outside the gate. Someone once said: when we fall, it will be from within.

      1. Givendoly says:

        So true!

      2. db says:

        yes, I agree but behind it ALL is the Illuminati, those in this world that want to control everything. Yes they had JFK assassinated and it’s been proven now with many that were accomplices coming forward. Only God can intervene now and we need to be praying that happens fast. This nation is founded on Godly principles and that’s why satan wants to control it and will stop at nothing to accomplish that. God is greater! And those that serve Him will win in the end!

    3. Chris Rasmussen says:

      OK db, I’ll bite ~ If you are correct and nearly 100% of actual climate scientists are wrong, let’s say we follow their advice; what’s the worst case scenario? We become entirely energy independent from foreign countries and wind up with cleaner air, water and soil.

      If, on the other hand, we follow the Republican prescription of using ever more oil and deregulating industrial pollution and you turn out to be wrong…. wanna take a stab at a worst case scenario there?

      1. Robert Early says:

        Wow ! 100% of actual climate scientists you say? Why must you begin your statement with such a blatant lie? I possess a list of highly credible and honorable (not paid off) scientists that affirm that man-made global warming is a fraud and scam. So, that can only mean two things: Either you are a scam participant, or an absolute idiot.

        1. Chris Rasmussen says:

          Hi Robert ~ Whoa with the insults, mister! Why on earth does every right winger I encounter lead with name-calling and insults? Really. Grow a pair and learn to communicate like an adult.

          As to the “credible and honorable” denialist scientists, if they’re actually climate scientists and not eye doctors or brain surgeons – please share! Don’t McCarthy us with “I have a list…”

          1. Robert Early says:

            Please don’t treat me like I’m stupid. I am highly educated, highly knowledgable, and highly intelligent. I personally know a few climate scientists; and, as far as I know, they are not “right-wingers” or “denial scientists”. They are credible and honorable professionals, far above your capacity to understand. They stand for truth. You are the denier. I have found many ocean fossils on the high plains, panhandle Texas. The oceans have covered land masses many, many times through history. The earth has gone through immeasurable eras of warming and cooling. Absolutely nothing can man do to either cause or prevent such changes from happening. If you really think so, then you truly are an idiot.

          2. Chris Rasmussen says:

            Robert ~ Firstly, I addressed a question respectfully and was met with insults and name-calling – and you’re seriously griping because I commented on your manners?

            That aside, I wrote “nearly 100%” because in the 2010 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences survey, 97% of the scientists declared it is “very likely that anthropogenic greenhouse gases have been responsible for most of the unequivocal warming of the Earth’s average global temperature in the second half of the twentieth century.” In the five years since, the number sharing this conclusion has increased.

            So no, I didn’t lie – I presented a figure that I and educated people around the world believe to be true. You claimed first to “have a list” of reputable scientists who disagree which I encouraged you to share. The “list” dwindled to “a few climate scientists” whose names or affiliations you still haven’t shared. This might cause the cynical to suspect misdirection or untruth, but I’ll allow that they may wish to remain anonymous for fear of a nefarious cabal or some such. Sorry for the snark, but the claim sounds like Trump’s “I have a plan” to solve the immigration problem – to which, when asked the nature of his plan, he replied, “It’s a good plan!” … and wouldn’t address it further.

            You inferred that scientists who acknowledge climate change being anthropogenic were “paid off.” To whose possible gain would be paying off the vast majority of global climate scientists? Who is funding this pay off? For what purpose? To trick the world’s populace into attempting to clean the air we breathe, the water we drink, and soil in which we plant? I see a logical fallacy here you might be able to address. You and db assume my mind is closed, but I’m the one asking for an argument to support your stand; give me something substantial and I’ll gladly reevaluate mine.

            As to the earth having gone through “immeasurable eras of warming and cooling,” – what do you think climate science is all about? It’s specifically the measuring of eras of warming and cooling. And there’s “nothing” man can do to affect such changes? You’re severely downplaying humanity’s role on our planet.

            Let’s say we’re in a pool – a really big pool, and the few people there just pee whenever they need to. For quite some time, their proportion of pee is negligible and the PH balance of the water is unchanging. Over time, more and more folks get in the pool and they, too, pee when they need to. See where I’m going here? Eventually, even in a really big pool, the cumulative amount of pee will change the PH of the water.

            Humanity currently generates 40% of the nitrous oxide in our atmosphere – a gas with roughly 300 times more impact per unit mass than carbon dioxide – and obviously it has impact. When you partner this with ever increasing percentages of human generated carbon dioxide, methane and fluorinated gases, you have a greater impact.

            We can argue over degree of impact, but to imagine that, for instance, the 2.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide per second (as of 2012) that we humans generate doesn’t have an impact…? I’d call that poppycock. If you’re as educated, knowledgable and highly intelligent as claimed, I invite your argument. Show me where I’m wrong with substantive facts and as noted, I’ll gladly reevaluate my position.


          3. db says:

            Keep on drinkin’ that kool aide!

          4. db says:

            Maybe if you weren’t talking like an idiot, we wouldn’t feel we needed to use this approach with you! But you have your kool aide mind made up, just like the Jim Jones bunch that died because they believed the lies and acted accordingly. Wake up and start getting your education on the truth, not some concocted kool aide they are forcing down your throat!

          5. db says:

            There are no ‘insults’ here, just the plain, unvarnished truth that makes those who are fronting the lies very nervous. Sounds like instead of discrediting Mr. Early, you should be discrediting those who are claiming this facade so they can place more restrictions on us all. They mean to micromanage your entire life, and if that’s okay with you, then you are alone in your ideologies.

        2. db says:

          Yes, exactly what I was saying above! Thank you for verifying it. There have been many scientists that refused to go along with the lie and were fired or killed. This is serious stuff from the left, they mean to take control of the world and every thing we do on a daily basis. Too bad they are dreaming!

      2. db says:

        What you aren’t being told is that those numbers on the scientists are not accurate, they are manufactured, just like everything else this zany admin creates to create confusion and death to our people! So there really isn’t any ‘actual climate scientists’ that are saying this nonsense, it’s all concocted. Don’t drink the kool aide! Listen, this world is eons old and God is in control of it. If you have a problem with it, talk to Him about it. But don’t be a fool and fall for this false evidence appearing real…fear. Got it?

    4. tchr says:

      I agree. There is no global warming. There is no climate change. It is the greatest hoax in American history next to Obama.

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