Electoral College Delivers Exactly As Founding Fathers Planned

The past six weeks we have watched the Left have a meltdown as their candidate captured the popular vote but lost the only vote that matters, the Electoral College vote. They have begged and pleaded with republican Electoral College members to ‘flip their vote’ away from Trump, while the elite media and others have complained that this year’s election is proof that the Electoral College system is an old, antiquated idea that no longer works in today’s world. They could not be more wrong.

As professor James Campbell of the University of Buffalo recently pointed out, regardless of whether you hate Donald Trump or love Donald Trump the Electoral College in 2016 delivered precisely as it was originally designed to do. It did not ‘misfire’ as the Left claims.

There are two fundamental reasons. First, had our system been based on the popular vote and not the Electoral College system then the candidates themselves would have campaigned differently. Trump for example would not have strategically spent his final weeks and days of the campaign in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Instead both Hillary and Trump in all probability would have spent their time strategically campaigning in those states where each believed they could boost their biggest voter support turnout.

The voters are also likely to behaved differently in a system based upon the popular vote. Here in California for example, which is solid blue, I have spoken with several registered republican voters who did not vote this year because ‘what difference does it make?’. In a system based upon the popular vote it could make all the difference in the world. It is difficult to compare the popular vote outcome when that is not what the system is based upon.

The second reason is the beauty of the Electoral College. Our founding fathers created the system so that no one region or state would would dominate the election outcome over the rest of the nation. Yes, Hillary won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes. However she largely ignored and never mentioned, is the fact that Trump won the national popular vote outside the state of California. In other words a single state, California, delivered Hillary the national popular vote. Precisely why the Electoral College was created and designed to prevent from happening. It allowed the American people to select our next President, not the state of California.

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  • justinwachin says:

    Like it or not the electoral college was around long before any of this year’s candidates were born and will probably be around long after they are gone. The candidates knew how they the winner was going to be determined. This recurring controversy shows the importance of teaching civics in school and having teachers competent on the subject.

    A popular vote election would likely mean large portions of the country would be ignored. A national popular vote election would conceivably make each case of vote fraud around the nation a major problem in close elections. Under the electoral college system voting inconsistencies in most precincts become irrelevant to the nation as a whole in states where one candidate wins overwhelmingly.

  • Mark Sauck says:

    There seems no end in the moronic juvenile behavior of these idiots who possess the intellectual capacity of a 10 year old in the American public school system. They’re embarrassing themselves and this country to the rest of the world.

  • wellilltellya says:

    Electoral are not the way I want to see my vote I voted for TRUMP and so did most of AMERICA . then this Electoral WHAT A WAIST OF TIME and taxpayer MONEY, our president chosen by someone chosen by a congressman ? WHAT? and I DO NOT BELIEVE that is what I want in the most corrupt congress I have ever SEEN! TRUMP won in over 30,000 counties hillery 57 she DID NOT win except in a CORRUPT MEDIA ! and then the vote was made into a sideshow by politicians ? the electoral was because IT WAS A HARDSHIP TO GET to the voting booths ! and sometimes there was NO VOTE! that is when this Electoral was put up. now it is TWISTED by a government that makes it into a select few DOING THE VOTE? check it out they were NEVER SUPPOSED TO PICK the president. and even NOW the they are caught voting their own politician ? its time that was taken OUT of the process it is like a socialist government ? they pick their winners also

    1. truthseeker says:

      When Jill Stein insisted on a re-count, why didn’t they check to see the Two Million recently granted Illegals get their Citizenship. ” Lock her Up” !

      1. truthseeker says:

        What I was trying to say is, it is just widely believed that she pushed for these Illegals to Vote for her and in return they get their pathway to a guaranteed Citizenship .

  • ArcticGrayling says:

    Turns out that Hillary had more rogue electors than Trump.

    What do those pompous assholes in Hollywood say now?

    1. gvette says:

      LOL….I’m sure we will hear more feeble excuses. That’s all they have. I just enjoy watching the DemonRAT party blowing up.

    2. CharlieSeattle says:

      The Russians made them switch!

    3. CharlieSeattle says:

      Liberals will follow Cher and Madonna to the socialist paradise of Venezuela.


    4. Tracydcherry says:

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    5. truthseeker says:

      A lot of them stated that they would leave our Country, so what is keeping them. Especially Oprah who felt our inner city kids only wanted I-Pads, so Oprah goes to Africa and invested 40 Million dollars for an All black private girls school and if that was not enough, she invested another 40 Million dollars again for an All Black Private Girls school. I wonder what is wrong with our Country that made her so rich and yet is not good enough for her to invest in our American Children.

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