A moment of truth for divided Republicans

by Financial Times
April 27, 2016

Republican attempts to halt Donald Trump’s advance have so far come to naught. The latest one — a loose non-aggression pact between Ted Cruz and John Kasich, his last rivals — fits that sorry pattern. The idea was to carve up the remaining states to combine the anti-Trump vote. That way they would stand a better chance of stopping him from winning a majority of delegates before the July convention in Cleveland. Alas, it comes a day late and a dollar short.

The deal excludes the all-important election finale in California. Moreover, Mr Kasich, it seems, has not fully signed up to it. Nor is it clear whether his voters, or those of Mr Cruz, would choose the other as their second preference. They will have to pray that fate, and quirks in the primary rules, conspire to rob Mr Trump of his threshold.

Even then, as the candidate with the largest popular vote, Mr Trump would have strong grounds to claim the prize — as he has made ominously clear. The dispute is as old as democracy.

Edmund Burke, the late 18th century British parliamentarian, framed it best by persuading constituents that his job was to represent their interests as opposed to being an instrument of their will.

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  • ClarenceDeBarrows says:

    Cruz, Kasich, Clinton – all contributors to the “you pat my back and I’ll pat yours” brand of corruption which has plagued the political hierarchy in this Country for far too long. Trump is the only breath of fresh air which the established political poseurs can’t control and they’re all running scared as is evidenced by Trump’s own Party the GOPe doing their best to defeat him. It’s obvious The People are simply fed up with the Washington establishment and they are, for the first time in decades, going to impose their will on a hierarchical elite who have run our Country into bankruptcy to, among other things, line their pockets and secure votes by pandering to an ignorant electorate in order to keep themselves in power. Go Trump!

    1. Eleanor Cummings says:

      NOW READ THIS!!! Quite an eye opener, no??
      Obama’s ‘dead pool’ nachumlist”.
      Trump – America needs you to start a White House clean-out and fumigation!!

      1. SDofAZ says:

        Include congress and the supreme court and all federal agencies and programs.

        1. Eleanor Cummings says:

          Yes, you’re right! I was an unwilling witness to an injustice in which a lady was deprived of her civil rights, incarcerated with false testimony from witnesses who had never met her, a person running for “high office” got cash to fund his campaign, a judge made a dirty comment about her having a “n—–” for her attorney, and many more violations of the law you wouldn’t start to believe!! I believe the corruption is even in our grassroots. Someday, someone will read the copies of the papers I’ve sent out (to the governor, senators, congressmen, etc) and that someone will right the wrong done to this woman and her children. And I find that this is not an isolated case here in the states. God help us all!

    2. SDofAZ says:

      And now they are importing and pandering to an even more ignorant bunch of illegal aliens and violent moslime refugees. Fire them ALL!

  • wiseone2 says:


  • anne@fidalgo.net says:

    It’s now or never. Vote Trump or you’ll get the same ole same ole. It’s up to each and every one of us to vote, so don’t shirk your duty. Make America Great Again!!!!

  • Ken says says:

    This is a lesson in Real Life Economics – the Establishment does Not have enough money (with out bring in the off shore stash) to buy off the millions of voters that have had a belly full of Establishment Controlled Government and their Liberal RINO and DEM Professional Politician Puppets. The time is NOW to end 27 years of Elections with the candidates selected by the Establishment This year the Voters CAN HAVE A CHOICE. Make America Great Again!

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Well said Ken.

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