After Virginia Journalist Shooting: Hillary Clinton vows to be gun-control president

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday that she felt “great heartache” over the shooting ambush that killed a TV news reporter and cameraman live on air in Virginia, pledging that as president she would fight for more gun-control laws.

“We have got to do something about gun violence in America — and I will take it on,” Mrs. Clinton said in an on-camera statement to reports while on campaign trail in Iowa.

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  • Jimbo says:

    Another nail in her coffin. The people know our government is an out of control 800 lb gorilla that oppresses us. We’re not going to give up our guns to this bunch of tyrants.

  • TORO says:

    Yes Hillary, and more armed guards for liberals. The lib’s are nothing but dried up vomit.

  • Whippit says:

    Snake Woman, like her Frenemy Soetoro, won’t say ANYTHING about Da Ghetto Booglets gunning each other down WHOLESALE with hardware provided by Boog Straw Buyers.
    Flush Hillaryous AND Soetoro AND their symps and minions into the waste treatment facility where they belong.

  • Michael Bolger says:

    Why is this witch still walking around free in this country??

  • Pam says:

    Again, can anyone tell me WHY she is even being allowed to run for president? I said this when she first tried to run against Sotero and I am still waiting for an answer. None of the talking heads (and that includes the ones that call themselves “conservative”) are playing the video clips of her cackling about “co-presidents” and “two for the price of one”.
    IMHO no spouse or “significant other” should be allowed to run for what would be, for all practical purposes, a THIRD TERM!!
    I don’t know how other people run their households, but in mine and the vast majority of our friends and acquaintances, major decisions are made JOINTLY!

    1. Walt says:

      How could anyone vote for a liar like Hillaryous? When she campaigned in 2008, her ad said, “Who is going to answer the 3 AM call?” Well, she never did. Four Americans died in Benghazi due to neglect. I’d like to know when she ever found time to do her job, when all she did was texting on her blackberry. Obama ruined this country, and the only difference between him and her is the gender. Other than that they’re the same, lying liberals!

      1. beegeegirl says:

        you nailed it !!! in all ways … in your first post, and in the second one …. but I am not so sure that there is ANY gender difference between them …. and I call her “Hilda beast” … yours is good, but MINE is better … LOLOLOL

        1. Walt says:

          We’ll compromise, she’s a, “Hillaryous Beast”.

    2. Walt says:

      We need to have more gun laws, says the liberal democrats. We need to close gun show loopholes they say. We need to get guns off the streets they claim. What these morons don’t understand is the fact that the gun laws aren’t working. They can remove every gun from every honest law abiding citizen in America, but if a criminal wants a gun, they can buy one on the streets in minutes. This deranged idiot, Flanagan, lied on his background application and he committed a felony. What really needs to be done is simple. If a doctor is treating a person for any kind of mental illness, the doctor should be required to report the person’s name to the FBI. This way if a person lies on his background check his name will appear in the FBI data base. However, as I mention earlier, they can always buy a gun off the street if they’re declined on their application. If a federal official knocked on my door asking me for my weapon, after it was taken I would go to the street to purchase one for security. Some things will never be stopped, plane crashes, car accidents, train derailments, fires, knifings and gun violence. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a plan, just plain ole common sense. 🙂

  • oldvinnie says:

    Sounds like an open invitation to Biden?

  • Climax says:

    Well, she just lost every vote that represents someone that has a gun or believes in the Constitution. She also just said she will do everything in her power to break the Law and Constitution if she is elected to office. She is using any straw she can grasp to try and remain on the campaign trail. This was a madman and I bet his gun was illegally obtained. Now ask yourself, why did this man target these two individuals? Did they do something that got him fired from his career over something that really was not business of theirs or did they step on his toes and take his job away from him. Unbalanced people think in weird ways, look at Democrats, and justify their actions in their own minds when the majority of the people disagree with them and their actions.
    “Democratic Front Runner”, well that won’t last for long now. She is already down the road to far to recover from her illegal and unethical actions and it is catching up with the old bat!

  • savage24 says:

    The politics of destruction leads to the Democrat’s road of socialism.

  • VirgoVince says:

    More regressive BULLSHIT!!

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