Anti-Trump Agitation: Who Is The Most Determined For President Trump To Fail?

by 1776 Coalition Staff
January 6, 2017

Despite his victory in November and majorities in both houses of Congress, Donald Trump cannot guarantee that all his policies will be enacted. The President-Elect faces fierce opposition from Democrats in Congress, who are eager to preserve the Obama agenda. If he wants to succeed, Trump must identify and counter the Democrats who will give him the most trouble. These include:

Senator Chuck Schumer (NY)

As the highest-ranking Democrat in the Senate, Schumer intends to slow down Trump’s cabinet appointments. Accusing the Republicans of trying to “quickly jam through a whole slate of nominees without a fair hearing,” he insists that the Senate spend at least 2 days evaluating each of eight key officials. Not only will this make it harder for Trump to appoint people who share his vision, but it will also distract the Senate from other legislation. Schumer will likely succeed at slowing down Trump’s appointments, though whether he can stop them entirely is unclear. “If Republicans think they can quickly jam through a whole slate of nominees without a fair hearing process, they’re sorely mistaken,” Schumer told the Post Sunday. He added, “President-elect Trump is attempting to fill his rigged cabinet with nominees that would break key campaign promises and have made billions off the industries they’d be tasked with regulating.”


Senator Dick Durbin (IL)

The second-ranking Senate Democrat hopes to preserve DACA, an Obama executive order allowing certain undocumented immigrants to remain in the country. If successful, this could severely slow down the President-Elect’s planned deportations. Durbin has partnered with moderate Republican Lindsey Graham (SC) to draft a bill preserving DACA enrollees’ legal status. He hopes to encourage immigrants to “shadows and contribute more fully to the only country they’ve ever called home.” If Democrats unify around this bill and win more Republican allies, they may undermine Trump’s deportation effort.


Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA)

Trump’s victory in November was due to the support of working class voters, who saw him as their champion against elites like Hillary Clinton. Warren, however, is also revered by the working class, and thus Trump supporters may take her more seriously. She has already raised publicity against Trump, notably by calling his appointees “swamp monsters.” This could aid Schumer in his efforts to slow down Senate confirmations.


Representatives John Larson (CT) and John Lewis (GA)

Because the minority party has less power in the House than in the Senate, Democrats may have to use unconventional tactics to make their voice heard. Representatives John Larson and John Lewis have experience doing just that, having organized a sit-in during the summer of 2016 to demand gun control legislation. They have continued using direct action in the new Congress, organizing a protest last Tuesday against the House’s new prohibition against taking photos.

Lewis has been critical of Trump, having accused him of “emboldening racists and bigots” and comparing him to the “violent storm of hatred whipped up by racism and bigotry” that existed in the US in the 1960s. He and Larson are thus likely to oppose Trump however they can. Their direct action tactics may be an effective way to create negative publicity for Trump, drumming up Democratic support for the 2018 elections. They could backfire, however, making the Democrats look rowdy and irresponsible while Trump and Republicans work on real legislation; given that 57% of Democratic voters want Trump to succeed, this could be a serious problem in future elections.

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  • William R. Sullens says:

    John Lewis has outlived his usefulness. This is not the 60’s or 70’s and if that is all he can come up with, he needs to move over and let those who can govern, govern.

  • Climax says:

    This is easy, as the old saying goes, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. An investigation and public reports issued on each person who does not support the Constitution, Laws, and orders of the President in the official and legal duties of his office should be openly investigated, and reports made public of any illegal or socialist activity via any means possible to the American Public for their determination of what should be done with them. Are they truly representing the people who put them in office or are they on a personal or socialist party mandate to stop our Republic from keeping the power of the people, by the people, and for the people from their Constitutional rights?

  • janniefay says:

    Term limits, term limits, drain the swamp. Nothing will get done still we drain the swamp. Hope we can get the number of states we need for the convention of the states article 5, and then we can over ride congress and put term limits in whether they like it or not. You and I know that congress will never vote their self out of a job. Ck to see if your state is on board, my state is on board, Florida. Do your home work people. God bless.

  • calhar says:

    I hope Trump puts them on his s***list and tweets them every day to remind them what kind of horses ass** they are.

  • Elizabeth Davis says:

    John Lewis (the pot calling the kettle black)? He needs to think of all the money the illegals are taking away from his district.

  • texexpatriate says:

    Of the people named in the article, they are all equally invested in a Trump failure. Then there is the entire Democrat Party, all the democrats working in D.C. today, and all the foolish democrat voters out in America (if intelligence were required for a person to vote, there would be no democrat voters). They are all invested in a Trump failure.

  • Bob Biggs says:

    They have got to get term limits enforced ASAP on the Senators and Congressmen and woman that are just acting childish and have been trouble makers way to damn long. This is the reason these asses are wasting to damn many hours in a day acting like school kids. Grow up and be adults! Your being payed way to damn much. How would you like to live on Welfare.

    1. Bonnie Schulte says:

      You said childish, because I think their mommies took away their nooks. Poor, poor little losers..They cry so loudly..not that I care, not that Real Americans care…I think they and their diapers are full of poop!

      1. Bob Biggs says:

        I agree with you Bonnie 100% on the mommies taking their books!
        They are spoilt wrought! Yes their diapers are totally full of poop!
        True American see right through the lot of them!

      2. Climax says:

        Not only their diapers being full of poop, their heads too!

    2. Climax says:

      Actually should the Senators and Congressmen not have to pay to be in those positions? Should the SCOTUS not have term limits as well?

      1. Bob Biggs says:

        Well for all the money they are payed yearly and all the deep pockets they are around daily and all these PAC groups that are always throw money around like it candy at a parade I think they all should pay something!
        The wages that they want pay hikes on years is frightening all government office unless it’s a grunt wages they are all over payed as far as I can see.
        There not many of us everyday working or retired folks out here that could afford at home that cost well over a million dollars!
        Well needless to say they waste a ton of money yearly that could go for homeless or starving folks across this nation. These figures are scary as well!

        1. Novajcallahan says:

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  • GrizzMann says:

    Democrats, all. Making a smooth transition, the best they can.

    1. Climax says:

      hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah, only if they get elected.

    2. Patriot47 says:

      Yet, lest we forget McCain and Graham.

  • David Stewart says:

    How tasteless; elected representatives protesting like teen-aged college punks! Glad I never voted for them!

  • kbfallon says:

    I see the names of five people who have missed the boat and are beating a dead horse. These are the ones who would have trouble filling an order at McDonalds….and may be looking for work soon.

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