Are GOP Establishment Donors Changing their Tune on Trump?

by Jonathan Swan
January 20, 2016

Republican donors are quietly coming around to the idea that Donald Trump could be their party’s nominee for president.

While many major Republican donors still cannot abide the idea of Trump as their party’s 2016 standard-bearer — and some remain flat-out in denial about the strength of his candidacy — interviews with GOP business owners and CEOs in six states suggest shifting attitudes toward the controversial billionaire.

Trump has to date rejected financial support from wealthy donors, saying he does not want to owe them if he gets into office. But winning the acceptance — or even the favor — of donors could prevent a big-money assault against Trump and ultimately benefit him in a multi-billion dollar general election.

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  • parthenon1 says:

    Elect Trump, have constitutional convention to establish term limits on elected officials, stop all executive orders, stop all attached pork barrel bills from important legislation. Ans most importantly move all house and senate members back home to their districts and govern by computer make iut harder for lobbyists and save billions spent in extravagant operating expenses.

  • jondarmes says:

    If I could be president, that’s the kind of president I’d want to be, owing no one but the voters. Protect our country, fix the economy, and by all means tell it like you see it. GO TRUMP!!!

  • James Earp says:

    Will be first real.not owned pres in my 67 years of life.

  • patricia lockwood says:

    That is why we like Trump . His own money, no orders from any fund money and is not afraid to tell it the way it is . We love you, Mr. Trump .

    1. humpy says:

      Trump is a scammer using his media savy getting free time anytime he wants it. he never mentions the constitution .
      i think/believe he will be worse than what we have now he will rule regardless of the law as we have seen for the last 7 yrs

      1. Angry American says:

        He said without hesitation that he supports the constitution 100%, I guess you missed it in the 2nd debate or was it the first or it may have been at one of his many campaign stops

        1. hoosier46 says:

          Yes, and Obama also says he supports the Constitution. It’s just the way he interprets it that creates the problem.

          Trump is an egomaniac, just like Obama. He is accustomed to having ultimate complete control of business decisions. Will he be able to work with Congress or will he resort to executive privilege when they don’t pass what he wants?

          1. Angry American says:

            That is something we will not know until he takes the oath of office, but I think he will live up to that oath unlike the turd we now have that we found out the hard way what he is like. Of course I didn’t vote for him I figured him out pretty fast, & some people still haven’t figured that out about 40% of them to be more exact

          2. Angry American says:

            Of course Trump has some thing to warrant an ego where as Obama has no reason at all except what he thinks in his own mind

          3. bytheway4 says:

            angry, obama is not an American, he hates America, he is a muslim. there is a difference, Trump can be a real president , He is an America, Obama is an illegal. He was set up, by his donors, He must laugh every day how he is screwing the American people.

      2. jondarmes says:

        Putin would be better than we have now, lighten up.
        GO TRUMP!!!

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