Attorney general says she will defer to FBI on Clinton emails

by Jullian Hattem
July 1, 2016

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says she will accept whatever recommendations FBI investigators and career prosecutors make about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

“I fully expect to accept their recommendations,” Lynch said Friday during a conversation at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado.

“I will be accepting their recommendations and their plans for going forward.”

However, Lynch made clear that the decision to follow the advice of her subordinates is not the same as recusing herself from the case, as some lawmakers and legal experts would have liked.

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  • Bob says:

    I would bet this means they got to the people in the FBI who are writing this report and it will either be a complete white wash or so weakly written that she can walk. Had these charges been filed against a Republican, you can bet your last dollar it would be a bigger deal (look at how they are ramming the Trump “University” story on every broadcast, yet ignoring the Clinton “University” story)

  • Warrior says:

    Oh, I was on a “gubmint” plane wid my husband and weez juat happen to land in phoenix and low and behold bill clinton just happenes to beez takin off, but we spots each utter and he gits onto “my” plane and weez talks about da granchillens and iz offer bills a gubmint “drank” anz he axecepts and theres aint nuthin to seez heer! You fuckin idiots!

  • Susan Meyer says:

    I cannot believe that our government has stooped as low as they can stoop. Indict Hillary, we all know she is guilty of jeopardizing the security of our country, not to mention she did not send help when 4 men (and others as well) begged for backup in Benghazi. These four men did not have to die. I do not understand how ANYONE could trust this woman to protect our country and its people, protect the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, make the right decisions on trade deals, etc., etc., etc. Wake up people!!!! Hillary is way wrong to be President of the USA. She is a monster. Why would people who worked for her and with her lie about her tantrums and nastiness toward her secret service and other who worked under her. America cannot withstand another 4 years of Obama’s agenda and worse. Please ask yourself with an open mind if you really want a Socialist/Communist/Muslim country before you push the buttons in the voting booth.. I sure don’t. I want my freedom. I don’t want to depend on the government for my livelihood. Government is necessary but it does not need to be the big conglomerate it has become. With all due respect, do your homework.

  • Donnie Buchanan says:

    To save her and the Zero, this might just push her to indict Killery. I wouldn’t be surprised if Killery committed ‘suicide’.

    1. Discusted says:

      Please make it so …. I dream of just that !

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    she will do as the freak in the white house tells her to do, or she may die mysteriously

  • Popsalong says:

    Next Bill will “just happen” to run into Director Conley. Ha-Ha

  • twspears6007 says:

    The problem is that the AG Lynch already knows that the FBI will not indict Hillary already she may be a traitor but she is not stupid. Loretta Lynch will not lynch Hillary. If the American voters except this then our nation is toast, burn’t, history,and destroyed by voting for the wrong people. The new nation of socialism is on its way and you the American voters did this to America no one else to blame. Lie in your stupidity and enjoy your sow that you reaped. God help us all. Trenton Spears

    1. Worried Vet says:

      It’s sad but true. I don’t see Hillary being charged in any way. The amount of voters who are blind to the corruption or don’t care is astounding. Because of this I think your right were doomed. The liberals have the electorate rigged ahead of the election so Trump has to win many states that are a toss up. With the governor of Virginia giving over 200,000 felons the right to vote democrat the fix is in. I hate to admit it but we have let the far left stay in power to long. They have become almost to strong to beat. They lie, cheat , steal and bully.

  • justinwachin says:

    That makes a lot of sense. Another alternative would be to appoint a special prosecutor.

    It would be interesting to know how the reporter found out about this meeting. If we knew the source it would be much easier to figure out the ramifications of this Clinton Coincidence.

  • CCblogging says:

    Sure Ms. AG, we got it. The FBI is also controlled by the monkey with a hand grenade. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  • game50 says:

    The AG should NOT take on Hillary case…they both should go to Jail for TREASON…and take alone the follow people with them…Bill, Obama, Joe, Harry, Nancy , Numa, Valier Jarrett, John Kerry and Holder.

  • myfordtruck says:

    She needs to recuse herself to make this anyway legal and unbiased

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      I kind of don’t think that would be such a good idea. If she removes herself, then they appoint a special prosecutor, the whole thing stops, as they have to start all over again, it could take two years or more to get the hilda-beast into a court room, if she is president, then that won’t happen, either will anything else.
      If Lynch stays right where she is, then this thing can move foreword. Her and Obama’s butts are on the line, funny business, spins, deceit, and media intervention would not be tolerated, there is no way that they could pull a fast one.
      The nice thing is that no matter what they do, even a presidential pardon, if Obama is really that stupid, it all sinks the democrat party.

      1. myfordtruck says:

        If you say so because I don’t know am not a lawyer and have as little to do with them as possible I stay legal that way I don’t need them

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          I am not a lawyer either, but aside from that, far too many of us really don’t know what are rights are, many people think that they do, when they really don’t, then far too often they find themselves is some sort of small confrontation with a police officer, like a traffic ticket, or a car accident, then they start shooting their mouths off about their rights, which tends to get them into a bigger problem then with what they started with.
          We scream and yell about our constitution, and bill of rights, yet when it comes down to it, we know little or nothing, when we should, because those things tie in with the ins and outs of our justice/legal system.
          So, I think it might not be such a bad idea if we educate ourselves a bit more in those areas, if only to have a better understanding of what is going on around us. There is an old saying, “a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous” so when in doubt when dealing with any authorities, or even if we think we are 100% correct, a rule that my dad taught me when I was around 8 years old, was eyes, and ears open, mouth shut. Then deal with the problem later, and never ever, volunteer any information.

  • SDofAZ says:

    Can we trust her, the woman who says she has not discussed any of this with BO, her boss, or with Bill Clinton in their recent meeting in Phoenix? Just grandkids, right! Nope, we cannot trust her to do the right think like the other AG’s with other cases against people much better than Hillary in the past. They did what they had to do, enforce the law. But we already know this administration does not apply the law equally, fairly or sometimes at all depending on what suits BO, (the supreme arrogant, narcissistic sociopath in charge). Watch, BO will pardon the whole thing and Lynch will let him with no thought to the laws and the deeds. Some head for that agency, the DOJ.

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    She is the AG? Blow Job Bill was the president. So can we can all take away from all of this that these Left Loons are just CORRUPT/INSANE/WIMPS, who would rather focus on bathrooms rather than the world’s and this country’s security

    1. Jessicacarndt2 says:


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