Bibi About To Deliver Another ‘Smackdown’ On Obama?

by Western Journalism
March 11, 2015

Everyone knows that President Obama does not like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama’s famous comment to the French president, that he doesn’t like spending time with Netanyahu, which was caught on hot mic, speaks for itself.

The animosity between the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of one of America’s closest allies is a matter of public record.

It is also well-known that the Obama administration has been funding the opposition against Netanyahu in the upcoming Israeli elections through various intermediaries and proxies. The Daily Caller reports:

A top appointee in President Barack Obama’s 2012 election campaign is now working to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming March election. Jeremy Bird was the national field director for Obama’s 2012 campaign, and he’s now working for an Israel-based group, dubbed V15, an anti-Netanyahu group that is backed by a U.S.-U.K. group titled “One Voice.”

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  • Owen says:

    So we are AGAIN meddling in the Mid East; we are meddling in foreign elections. Wouldn’t we consider that a hostile act if they did that to US??? Clinton was impeached because he accepted campaign contributions from Communist China

  • D&BA says:

    God Bless Netanyahu, a man with integrity, courage, class and all the other positive accolades one could think of. Obama has NONE of them and the worst of all is his obvious hatred for the United States of America. The man is a Muslim-Communist who has surrounded himself in OUR White House with dozens of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, supporters of Hamas, ISIS; you name a Islamic Terrorist group and Obama defends it. I do not believe he is a black man as he claims. His physical characteristics betray his Arab DNA. He is a man who is a usurper, who was brought up, trained to be exactly what and who he is. The talking heads on TV will say, he is an ideologue, that’s all. No, Obama is a man who continues to do, successfully I might add, exactly what he said he was going to do….FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Sadly, it looks like he is right on schedule.

    1. Philip Mckee says:

      You sure hit the nail on the head, U are correct about his changing this once great country.

      Thank You!!!!!!!



  • Francine Lashinsky says:

    Not only did Pres. O. send his campaign manager and his campaign team to Israel to run a campaign to defeat Natanyahu but in December he honored a group dedicated to increasing Israeli-Arab voter turnout. The Washington Free Beacon reported last month the Givat Haviva was one of the groups included in a confidential strategy memo which revealed that a coalition of U.S. progressive groups was planning a campaign to encourage Israelis who most likely to vote against Bibi to get to the polls. Givat Haviva received State Dept. funding, The memo was sent by the U.S. based tax exempt non-profit AmeinuTheState Dept. helped obtain last minute visas For Arab-Israeli Mayorsto visit the U.S. to learn community organizing and voter outreach techniques. Another group aiming to increase Arab and left wing voters is Victory 15. That group is advised by former Obama campaign strategist Bird.

  • k Scott says:

    God said “he who blesses Israel I will bless, He that curses Israel I will curse. Be careful
    America that we are not cursed.

  • James in Texas says:

    Oh that we were so Blessed to have such a leader. Instead, we have a so-called leader of no courage, no clue, and no principles. But, he surely is the “best liar” in the history of the profession of “Professional Liar aka: Politician”!

    1. William says:

      It’s Netanyahu versus Nut and Yahoo (Obama and Biden)

  • From your lips to God’s ears !!!!

  • Sheileagh says:

    2016 can not come soon enough! We need a CIC who is courageously respectful toward our friends & does not cower in deference to our enemies.

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