Boehner unleashed: Ex-speaker calls Cruz ‘Lucifer,’ ‘miserable son of a b—-‘

April 28, 2016

So, Mr. Speaker, how do you really feel?

John Boehner, the famously blunt ex-House speaker, left no doubt he’s not a fan of fellow Republican Ted Cruz, leaping off the sidelines of the presidential race Wednesday night to unleash a stunning verbal lashing of the Texas senator, reportedly calling him “Lucifer in the flesh” and a “miserable son of a bitch.”

The longtime Ohio powerhouse had not been very outspoken on the race since retiring last year, but he held little back when asked about the Texas senator and underdog GOP presidential candidate during a forum at Stanford University.

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,” he said, according to The Stanford Daily.

He reportedly said he’s played golf with front-runner Donald Trump, describing them as “texting buddies,” and said his relationship with Ohio Gov. John Kasich “requires more effort” but they’re friends “and I love him.” He also said he’d vote for Trump in a general election – but not Cruz.

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  • Nelcyn says:

    For the ex speaker of the house. That was 3rd in line to be president
    I think he knows more about lying Ted than you or anyone else does. With all the information that was at his had. As speaker. Now Paul Ryan. How ironic this all has played out. Pick a vp that has no mathematically chance to win. Except his neocon helpers like the bushes

  • Nelcyn says:

    Rev: 9-11 I believe Ted Cruz is Apollyon he is the father of lies. Ask Ted of his aspirations for the world. Ask candy wrapper what she thinks of Ted Cruz. His Owen kids don’t like him.

  • Neal says:

    MR. Boehner, Something like looking in a mirror, don’t you think? ALL you

    ESTABLISHMENT Congressmen/women haven’t been doing your jobs of protecting the citizens of this country. Not only have you allowed our Foreign Policy and Military to go downhill, you have helped take the Security of this Nation to the POOR House with a 19 TRILLION DOLLAR INDEBTEDNESS (and climbing)! Got anything to say for yourself as YOU were the one in charge of what was voted on in the House!!!

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Boehnhead’s projecting again. Must be due to the “arrogant doormat syndrome” which comes from drinking too much.

  • James G. Mothes says:

    If anybody is a SOB, it is Bonehead Boehner!! There is a good reason he is no longer in charge of the House. He was giving it away.

  • Raul says:

    Bonehead boehner I heard he said he would vote for Hillary over Cruz. Closet Democrat, Obama butt budy. Glad to see you go. Pos

  • justinwachin says:

    I didn’t consult with former Speaker Boehner before voting. There have been several instances where I thought Sen. Cruz was wrong. I question whether he is eligible to serve due to the natural born citizen requirement–Cruz was born in Canada.

    With that said each election is about choosing the best of the candidates running in that election. I don’t think that is Donald Trump. I haven’t met Boehner, Trump, Cruz or Kasich so I’m forced to base my decision based on their websites, public comments, etc. None of the Republican candidates are perfect. The eventual nominee will be running against a Democrat who is also imperfect. Any of the three Republican candidates are more likely to be a better president than Bernie the socialist or Hillary the incompetent & corrupt.

  • Devasahayam says:

    So Boner recognises his boss (Old Nick) in any guise?

  • jug says:

    Cruz has been trying to clean up DC ever since he got there!
    Maybe he had something on Boner!

  • Upaces says:

    GO John Boehner!!!!!

  • Eddie says:

    John Boehner is a PIECE of GARBAGE—typical of the Washington Cartel.

  • J.B. Young says:

    Actually, Boehner is Lucifer, and he certainly is an SOB! He gave obama everything he wanted!

  • 7818TD says:

    Seems Boehner has finally arrived at Clarity. This time he is right!

  • Terry Watts says:

    John Boehner was a butt kissing Obama lover ! So Cruz you are doing a good job ! Whoo Hoo !!

  • Terry Watts says:


  • caroleaus says:

    WHAT A RINGING ENDORSEMENT OF CRUZ! Is there ANYONE who thought Obama’s buddy, Boehner, was a good conservative Speaker?

  • xingqin says:

    Boehner was a traitor to the tea party and also cited with the liberals away too often. Ted Cruz who kept his promises to the people who he represented and followed his oath of office and the constitution called Boehner on his moves that went against the party and eventually brought him to resign. Boehner needs to take a long hard look in the mirror before calling anyone names.

  • Rick Rogers says:

    This is a Terrible comparison.. LUCIFER SHOULD BE OFFENDED.

  • helensatmary says:

    Sorry, John….You resemble Lucifer and act like Lucifer..I believe that is why you were relieved of you cushy job. It is so like you to blame someone else.
    We the People were fed up with you…It was us the People!!! I do not want anyone else taking credit for it.!! or being blamed for it, You blame him because you are not man enough to take us all on!!,

  • Steve Politte says:

    Sorry that John Boehner described himself in such a way. He was the most “allied with Obama” Speaker of the House there ever was. He left office because he was bad for the Republican Party, they kicked him out. Not many of the RINO’s cared for Ted Cruz because he called them out. He is a true conservative and that didn’t go so well with them. As for Trump, he may get the nomination, but he isn’t the best man for the office of President (in my opinion). Ted Cruz is not liked because he Constitution to the bone, and our leaders have ditched the Constitution. I wonder if Donald Trump has even ever read it.

  • Wayne C. Perelman says:

    John Boehner, the only reason you think the way you do about Ted is you are a worthless Rino who blows with the wind: if the wind SEEMS to be blowing with Traitor Obama, you’ll blow right along with Traitor Obama! Ted has repeatedly given you the verbal KICK in the behind that all you and all you worthless RINOS deserve! Nuts to you, John, and maybe the good people of Ohio will see you for what you REALLY are and kick you out of Congress one day!

  • jemb says:

    Son’t worry – Cruz will not get the nomination….

  • LJL says:

    Boehner is a fool. Cruz is a straight up guy. He lives what he speaks, he gives a coherent answer on anything you ask him about. Trump changes his mind on everything all day long and never gives an answer except “that’s bad”, “that’s not fair” or “we’re gonna win so much”. But never an answer on how he’s going to accomplish anything. He read a speech written for him yesterday and it was clear he new nothing about what was written for him. Name calling and whining that’s his platform. He’s a liberal who says he’s changed but he’s 69 and I believe he is who he is and I don’t want any part of it.

    1. Nelcyn says:

      Lol. U no nothing of trump. Except lying Ted. U should stay with him. Maybe he will make u a Canadian

      1. LJL says:

        Thanks! Your comments just proved my point.

        1. Mary Lou Collins says:


    2. plum82 says:

      He knows what he’s doing PERIOD ~~~~~~~~~~jerko

  • Factualist says:

    It is probable that some of the delegates to the Republican Convention who are required to vote for Donald Trump, at least on the first ballot, are as appalled as I am that he could become the President, but they are prevented by The Rules of the Republican Party from voting as their consciences demand.

    This is undemocratic, in that a candidate with a majority of delegates may not (and probably will not) have received a majority of votes cast in the primaries, and unrepublican, in that it does not allow elected delegates to exercise their best judgment. It also means that the first ballot is a sham, since all votes are predetermined.

    Correcting this unconscionable situation requires only deleting Rule 16(a)(2)(iii), which says that any delegate who fails in any way to vote as bound will be deemed to have resigned, and that his or her vote will be recorded as if he or she had voted as bound.

    This change would mean that delegates who voted would have to vote as bound, but that they could refrain from voting. If this meant that no candidate received 1237 votes,* a new round of voting would be called, in which more or perhaps all delegates would be free to vote as they chose.

    *According to Rule 40(d), nomination requires “a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the convention” – i.e., 1237 – not just a majority of the votes actually cast.

    Note: The Rules of the Republican Party are online at

  • rockcut says:

    I finally can agree 1000% something Boehner said. He hit Cruz right between the eyes. Maybe Carylie can nurse him back to humanity .

  • Seedman says:

    If Boehner had lived in Jesus’ day he would have joined with the Pharisees and scribes in attributing Jesus’ works to Lucifer; not a wise thing to do.

  • JP says:

    I will support Trump (or ANYONE) over Hillary. So should we all! But Cruz is
    the true conservative and a an intelligent guy. It is unfortunate that the
    Congress and the GOP are opposed to Cruz because he would be in a position
    to create grief for them if elected.

  • ehutch says:

    Please don’t shame the devil with that comparison. Lucifer was after all an angel he can’t be that bad.

  • Karin Isbell says:

    Speaking of Lucifer, perhaps lush Boehner ought to look at himself in a mirror, invective, tasteless foul-mouthed bum that he is..

  • PC Bob says:

    John Boehner certainly wasn’t/isn’t everyone’s favorite Republican, either! The fact that Cruz isn’t ‘loved’ by those in the Senate is a PLUS, actually! We don’t NEED or WANT another go-along-to-get-along like Boehner! We need a real conservative and one who will OBEY the US Constitution! We tried it with a Constitution-hater, and that hasn’t worked out well at all! The more DC hates Cruz, the better candidate he appears to me and MILLIONS of other conservative patriots! This nation wan’t built by liberals, just as it wasn’t built by Islamics or any other America haters! As for me, I will #ChoseCruz

    1. Mary Lou Collins says:

      Very well said. I agree 100%!

  • Mike Zimmerman says:

    Boehner isn’t the first person to express a negative opinion about Cruz. It’s been widely reported in both conservative and liberal media that he’s not well liked. If I remember correctly, so far there’s been only one person in the senate and none in the house that have endorsed his bid for the Republican nomination.

  • BOC says:

    Pot, May I introduce you to Mr. Kettle……..

  • Titan Rox says:

    Boner gave Obummer and the Dems everything they wanted. Cruz is a conservative and therefor an adversary to Boner. They both should be fed to the lions for sending America down the Debt Train with no thought to the citizens of this once great nation.

  • sue lenhart says:

    After the miserable job that Boehner did as Speaker (think “Obama rubber stamp”), if he hates Ted Cruz that much, that means I like Ted Cruz that much.

    1. PC Bob says:

      That much and MORE!

    2. mabera19 says:

      Ted Cruz is NOT a Legal U.S. Citizen at all – Dr. Rich Swier.mhtml

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Perhaps they did not have good relationship when Speaker Boehner was still in office. This is very serious. I think Boehner might have left office, one reason is due to Cruz

    1. kerijay says:

      He left because everyone was sending him messages to get out. He gave Obama everything he wanted.

      1. so does paul ryan! we need to dump them all.

    2. J.B. Young says:

      Boehner was in the House. Cruz is in the Senate. They did not work together ever.

      1. James Wherry says:

        I think Cruz tried to filibuster and block some of Boehner’s work.

    3. Neal says:

      Boehner NEEDED to go!

  • 7papa7 says:

    Another foul mouth classless loser supporting trump. People should be concerned about those who are supporting trump, all insiders. Boehner was the worst speaker of the house in history and he supports trump. I don’t know about you but IMO if I were trump I would not want his endorsement. It seems as though all the inside Washington are supporting trump and not Cruz. That being said I guess we know who the real outsider is and it is NOT trump.

    1. gvette says:

      Do you actually know what an outsider is?

  • tarbella says:

    John, Satan has many followers on this earth, followers that speak as you have just spoken. To know evil, you have to look at it in the eye and you have, but can’t see real evil, because you have become blind to the real evil. In order to know the truth, you have to know God. As God has said, “I don’t think as you do.” His thoughts are not our thoughts, and as such, his knowing of evil is different from ours, but being close to him by way of studying, research, and prayer, He can show us the truth.

  • American Me says:

    Boehner is a jackass…I will vote for whoever the Nominee turns out to be,because we must win or lose everything.But I wouldn’t believe anything old Drunk Boehner has to say.Cruz probably wouldn’t listen to him or do as Boehner wanted,so he hates Cruz.I have heard Cruz is not liked in DC.But Cruz has no shot at it,unless they steal the nomination from Trump.If that happens we lose because Trump supporters will sit it out and we get Clinton.That will be the end of America as we know it.I can’t even imagine that Old Bag as President.

    1. Sara says:

      I wonder if boehner was a crying drinking train wreck because of things going on inside. Perhaps he knows too much and couldn’t live with the dirty dealings, was made to do things he didn’t like and why he retired in such an odd manner. I’d be crying and drinking in the corner of the bathroom at night if I had to work with those evil entities all day. I’d be a train wreck too.

      1. Sara says:

        Besides-he’s retired. He can afford to say whatever he was feeling now. If Cruz was a miserable sob, then why not let him speak his mind? I’ve heard many say Cruz puts on a good show but is actually a very mean nasty sob He’s no longer bound to them.

        1. kerijay says:

          Lies, lies and more lies that was coming from Trump.

          1. Sara says:

            Wait, what was coming from trump?

      2. American Me says:

        You could be right.But I always thought Boehner was the SOB.

        1. Sara says:

          So did I biut after a statement like that and looking back on his deterioration, I’m wondering.

  • D Hall says:

    Hey John ,i doubt that you have EVER worked or talked with Cruz,you hate him because he won’t go along with YOUR STUPIDITY
    GET STUFFED john the day you are out of the Government will be a good day
    go home and cry in your beer you poor excuse for a man

    1. Sara says:

      Ive talked to Cruz until I’m exhausted and he’s full of hot air and bs. His responses to my questions never even came close to an actual answer but he was masterful at repeating the same old rhetoric that doesn’t hold water anymore, like “I stand for conservative and Christian values”, “I’m going to fight terrorism”, which are pretty old nonspecific answers that say nothing. I asked direct questions, and that’s all I could get. How can you fight terrorists if you won’t even admit the first thing that needs to be done is to stop the funding and arming of them?

      1. SDofAZ says:

        Obfuscate and avoid is what politicians do and you have just described it perfectly. And the rhetoric Cruz uses would never have hit the campaigns without Trump bringing those issues to light first every time. First on illegal aliens and open borders, first on stopping the muslim young men refugees we can’t vet, etc..

  • downs1 says:

    Wonder if Boehner was sober when he called Cruz “Lucifer”?

    1. just me says:

      He was probably as sober as a judge, besides, anyone with a brain to think with, eyes to see with, and ears to hear with, would know that Teed Cruz’s only traits are lyin’, cheating, and stealing, all of what are consideres Lucifer’s traits. So I’d say Boehner’s right on track
      with his assessment!

    2. SDofAZ says:

      Probably not, I think your question fits the man.

  • Harvey Thomas Creech says:

    Do Boehner and Cruz have a mutual admiration society? did they both graduate from the Don Rickles School of Insults. I expect that kind of language from Donald but an ex-Speaker of the House should be more dignified than that. Glad Boehner’s gone from the House. Paul Ryan(so far)has shown much more class than Boehner. I am hoping that the Cruz-Fiorino ticket will be in play come November rather than Trump and his lackey.

    1. disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

      Donald does not talk that kind of language. Hillary does.

      1. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

        Actually, to Hilary’s defense(as much as I hate to say it)has never called an opponent ‘Lucifer’ or ‘miserable son of a bitch'(at least not in public). I believe that Trump probably calls Cruz and others miserable sob’s in private and has come close to saying it in his rallies.

        1. WARGI says:

          You need to go read what the people in the white house had to say about the bitch when she was first lady. Bohner compaired to her is just a kid trying to learn bad words

        2. Eleanor Cummings says:

          Ask the secret service people or people who have worked at the Clinton Foundation, or the senators and congressmen who’ve worked for her how foul her (and her daughter’s) mouth is. Funny thing, her tomcat husband wasn’t as bad.

          1. SDofAZ says:

            Good point Eleanor and it is well published.

          2. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            Did not know about foul-mouthed Chelsea. That must have started after she went away to college. It doesn’t matter though. Chelsea is not running for political office. And Bill did far worse things than curse. Whatever presidents do behind closed doors doesn’t bother me except, of course, ol’ Bill and Monica Lewinsky.

    2. joe says:

      keep on dreaming

    3. helensatmary says:

      I am with you!!!! Cruz and Fiorino are two fighters….I think they can pull it off…
      Trump is just an insulting mouth!

      1. Eleanor Cummings says:

        Really??? You didn’t check him out did you?? You got your information from the liberal mainstream media and Teds speeches, same as I did at first. I too, liked Cruz at first, until I started really checking him (and Trump) around February before casting my primary vote. I’ll not say he has done NO good at all, but his agenda is different than most people know. Because I am retired disabled l’ve had time to do extensive research, starting around July last year, ALL candidates and ALL parties . Yes, I was VERY disappointed in Ted, but then, such is life. Trump for president!! sure Trump has vetted Cruz’s Meet the REAL Ted and Heidi Cruz!!!
        Ted Cruz lies about Trump: He said – A vote for Trump is a vote for Obamacare. Trump has said this entire race at most every rally I’ve watched, we are going to repeal and replace ObamaCare. If Ted wants to criticize what Trump will replace it with, fine. ( But it is a lie to say that Trump supports ObamaCare and he knows it because of course he’s brilliant. Also, you can’t tell me that a man who is solicitor general for Texas and has argued before the Supreme Court is so ignorant of the law that he didn’t know he had dual citizenship. Just another Cruz lie. Cruz said Trump will appoint liberal justices, yet Trump gave the names of 2 conservatives at the debate that he would nominate.
        Although he lies about Trump, Ted Cruz is NOT adverse about doing a flip-flop on his own original campaign rhetoric to steal Mr. Trump’s speeches, almost word-for-word. Oh, yes. Cruz has plagiarized from some of Donald Trump’s speeches!! Listen to what Cruz said at the BEGINNING of his campaign about IMMIGRATION and OPEN BORDERS, and what Trump has always said. Donald Trump hasn’t changed his position, but Cruz did a complete flip flop, USING PARTS FROM TRUMP’S SPEECHES. It stunned me! He’s stealing parts of Mr. Trump’s speeches now! Go back and listen. WE ARE FED UP WITH HIM – BIG TIME!!!

    4. Eleanor Cummings says:

      Presidents and other politicians, who at times forget they’re mere mortals like the rest of us, can be and often are vulgar and profane in private and public, like the rest of us. Did that make them bad men? No! Just a few examples.
      Bush’s father said after his TV debate with Democratic candidate Geraldine Ferraro who was running for vice president in 1984. He said, `We kicked a little ass,'” Baker recalled in a telephone interview from his Leesburg, Va., home the other day. If “kicking ass” became the trademark verbal fusillade of George H.W. Bush’s administration, it was given added heightened application during the Persian Gulf War, when the president said before several members of Congress that Saddam Hussein was “going to get his ass kicked” and, after the cease-fire in the war went into effect, described his adversary as getting it “kicked.”
      Richard M. Nixon was another president who, between the hells and damns in tapes from the Watergate era laced with “expletive deleted,” revealed that he, too, resorted to the derriere for inspiration. He asked White House counsel John W. Dean, “Have you kicked a few butts around?”
      Harry Truman turned the air blue with his use of “son of a bitch,” especially when discussing anything that had to do with Gen. Douglas MacArthur, whom he later fired and relieved of his command.
      In 1949, his military aide, Maj. Gen. Harry H. Vaughan, came under criticism after accepting a medal from Argentine dictator Juan Peron. In a speech defending the general, Truman said, “If any s.o.b. thinks he is going to get any member of my staff or Cabinet changed by some smart-aleck statement over the air, he’s mistaken.” However, in an interesting historical twist,
      Paul Hume got Truman’s steam up when he panned the singing of the president’s daughter, Margaret, at a Constitution Hall performance. “Someday I hope to meet you,” Truman fumed in a 150-word handwritten letter. “When that happens, you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below.”
      “After Truman referred to something as `Republican manure,’ a prim and proper friend asked Mrs. Truman whether she could get Harry to do something about his language and stop using the word manure,” recalled Theo Lippman Jr., a retired editorial writer for The Sun and author. “Mrs. Truman replied that it had taken her a lot of time to get her husband to use it in the first place.”
      According to historians, big fans of the f-word included Truman, Nixon and Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.
      In 1962, , JFK blew up at Labor Secretary Arthur Goldberg in a tirade dotted with the classic earthy Anglo-Saxon profanity.Another controversial comment by Kennedy “My father always told me that all businessmen were sons of bitches, but I never believed it until now,” Kennedy said in published remarks
      And surely you’ve heard about the foul language Hillary and Michelle both use??

      By the way, I am an elderly lady and heavens to Murgatroid, see what I just put on this page!! And no, we don’t use these words in our home, but I condemn no one else. But you know, and I know, especially in this day and age, we’ve ALL heard this kind of language from friends and family. You can’t hide from it!

      1. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

        You, dear lady, have provided us with an interesting history of Presidential profanity. Where did you go to obtain all of this information? You left off some presidents over the last 70 years though – did Ike, Ford, Carter, Reagan, B. Clinton, and GW Bush not swear once in a while during their times as POTUS? Ford and Carter swearing would surprise me a little bit but not a whole lot. The others not swearing would surprise me. Thanks for the “blue history” of our men in the White House.

    5. SDofAZ says:

      You think Ryan is any better? That is pretty frightening. He makes Bon*er look good in hindsight. He folds for BO faster than Bon’er did. Right now he is trying to shove through the release into our society of many more illegal alien criminals incarcerated right now in jails and prisons. They are not deporting them, just releasing them. Woopie!

      1. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

        I think you misunderstood the tone of my post. I am not a big Ryan supporter. He is from Wisconsin and I live in North Carolina so it’s not like I have followed his political career. I did vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket in 2012 but it was not because Ryan was Romney’s VP pick, but because I wanted Big O out of the White House. I was contrasting Ryan vis a vis to Boehner on the class issue and I’ll stick to my point unless and until Ryan goes off on an expletive-filled rant that is picked up by somebody’s cell phone video and posted to social media and/or the mainstream news.

  • Robert Early says:

    Is Boehner still alive? I did not know that. If anyone knows Satan, it would have to be Boehner. GO TRUMP 2016.

  • Mary Lou Collins says:

    I’m not surprised. This speaks all why I never liked Boehner. I was always disappointed in his decisions. Now, I know why. He’s definitely not a Ted Cruz. I’m voting for Cruz and definitely not Trump, no matter what!

    1. florida3guy says:

      Well that is going to be difficult since Cruz is not going to get the nomination.

      1. Mary Lou Collins says:

        You make a good point, but I will not be held accountable for voting for either Hillary or Trump. One is as bad as the other, but in different ways. The GOP in Congress will be strong against Hillary as president. With Trump as president, it’ll be just as bad since congress won’t fight against his crazy ways of doing things, which I feel will be very detrimental to our wonderful country.

        1. American Me says:

          Mary Lou,Our wonderful country as you put it is on the verge of Bankruptcy and pretty much laughed at around the world.Obama has been trying to destroy America for over 7 years and has done a lot of damage.Trump is a highly respected Businessman.Don’t believe everything you hear.Why else would he have lead and defeated everyone else for the nomination.Do you think all of his supporters are stupid.If you throw your vote away I predict you will be sorry when Hitlery gets elected.

          1. Mary Lou Collins says:

            Believe me, I really do understand what you are saying. I’ve been fighting socialism/communism since I was 23 and I’m 73 now. I almost blame the people of our country (us) as I would with the decisions Hillary as president would make. Our morals and spirituality and studying of our Constitution are really dropping to the ground. We can’t see clearly. There’s a lot of pride in our country and its going thru it’s cycle right now. Things may get worse before they get better again. But I have hope. It will all work out.

          2. helensatmary says:

            And Trump is NO Christian. He made fools of those at Liberty College. Cruz had given a great presentation and he made them think, like he has tried to make America thing that Cruz is a liar…..The Liar is Trump and he proved it at Liberty!!

          3. PC Bob says:

            “Do you think all of his supporters are stupid.”

            No, not ALL Of them, but certainly MANY of them! Think about it: WHY in the world would a conservative, supposedly Republican, even CONSIDER voting for a liberal? WHY? What is the justification for that? Instead of the usual choices between tweedle dee and tweedle dumb, we have added tweedle-even-dumber! Maybe the world is right, America HAS gone insane!

          4. SDofAZ says:

            Sick of the nasty comments by the Cruz supporters. Who the hell do you think you are? Nasty and demeaning to others, turns off those who might be even slightly open. Rude, crude and shows who is dumb. YOU!

          5. Neal says:

            THE reason is because a Full Fledged Conservative CAN’T GET ELECTED TO THE PRESIDENCY! Without the Democratic Cross-Over vote NO REPUBLICAN can be elected PRESIDENT! REMEMBER REAGAN DEMOCRATS? You obviously also like the DNC/RNC Establishment which has gotten this country 19 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT AND CLIMBING!!! Time for a change and it needs to start at the top!

          6. Sara says:

            Like the rest of us, he was left with trying to choose between the lesser of evils. I don’t stick to one party line- they have to choose something to run under- I don’t think Trump is either but nobody has won an independent ticket yet. That’s a terrible choice when you have only a bush or Clinton left to pick from. I can’t really blame anyone for that, I’m praying they won’t get away with that this election- both parties (defunct/same shi7/different plate) have crossed the line.

          7. kerijay says:

            A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary.

            The real Trump to destroy the republican party to elect Hillary It’s a toss up who lies more Trump or Hillary for God’s sake listen to his own words.


        2. Sara says:

          Just curious why you don’t support Trump and support Cruz? Just looking for perspectives from those who still support Cruz because he lost me a while ago.

          1. helensatmary says:

            He is a strict Constitutionalist. That is what keeps us free. Trump does not like the 2nd amendment..Those who have guns are Patriots, we need them and they are not the cause of murders it is the criminals on the street who get guns illegaly. He is very serious minded and does not come across as someon to have a beer with but we are not electing to have a beer with but to keep us safe. And not only safe but give us back the role we were meant to have. Small government who are ruled by the People. He remembers he is a servant, as President, He knows those serving in the Congress and Senate are servants of the People…With Cruz we will take our Country back.. He is honest, hard working and trustworthy!

          2. Bos95 says:

            If you believe that then you should read this. because Cruz is just another politician.

          3. Terry Watts says:

            And you should read the record at !!!

          4. SDofAZ says:

            Now, would that be a Cruz site? Yup, truth would be found there most certainly. NOT!

          5. SABER says:

            Ha Ha Ha Lyin’ Ted

          6. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Ted Cruz a conservative??? You didn’t check him out did you?? You got your information from the liberal mainstream media and Teds speeches, same as I did at first. Try researching him out like I did. Cruz was a shoo-in favorite of mine up to around February. I’ll not say he has done no good at all, but his agenda is more different than most people know. Because I am retired disabled I’ve had time to do EXTENSIVE research, starting around July last year, ALL candidates and ALL parties . Yes, I was VERY disappointed in Ted, and it was like a kick in the stomach but then, I’ll get over it. Such is life.
            He is the appointed messiah/savior of the radical Christian sect of 7 Mountains Dominionism that seeks to place their members in control of our culture and create a NWO though the domination of business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. Check it out. (

            He voted for the H1b visas, voted to fast track the abominable TPP, supports the TPA, supports the UN Agenda 21, lied about being a Christian (he’s a dominionist which is a heresy of Christianity), he lied about being a conservative because no conservative would support the bills he voted for, he affiliated himself with the Council on Foreign Relations, liked about his finances, he was called a “slickster” by his college peers, he opposed the deportation of illegal aliens, not one thing that Cruz promised he would do once in the Senate was anything but a blatant categorical lie, TRUMP raised every single issue that came under debate and if he hadn’t, Cruz wouldn’t be talking about them now, he shrugged off his weekend appearance at an event run by his “Death to Gays” pastor, his donors are NWO banksters, money launderers, tax cheats, pro-amnesty advocates, and believers proponents of revisionist history – all of whom are buying big favors from him which he will have to pay back, just like Obama has been doing for 7 years. He’s a dangerous globalist. He cares little about American jobs and even less for American sovereignty. He has ignored the decimation of ranches, family farms, and manufacturing in America since the passing of NAFTA, which resulted in an astronomical loss of jobs and exorbitant trade deficit. His parents were divorced in 1997. While at Princeton he came under the tutelage of Robert George, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations who poses as a conservative Christian but serves common core UNESCO and the CFR agenda. He associated himself with Lamar Alexander (a Trotskyite) and Newt Gingrich, a supporter of third-wavers Alvin and Heidi Toffler, who said “We need to get rid of the Constitution and property rights.” One of his supporters is Farris Wilks, who supports the secretive Council for National Policy. During one of the debates Cruz said “The first thing that I think we need to do is audit the Fed,” then failed to show up for the vote – the same thing he did when he promised to vote against Loretta Lynch then failed to vote against her. He voted for the S.Amdt Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which if you read it, does nothing to improve border security and include provisions that seriously undermine immigration enforcement. Oh. he’s a slickster all right.

            Need more? I have lots of files on Cruz, Trump, Kasich, the Bushes, Clintons, etc. Who do you want to know about?? Like I
            Said earlier, I’ve been doing research since July of last year, almost every day, hours on this computer. I actually felt sick when I realized what my “favorite” was really all about. Cruz will roll over right after he is elected. He would not defend the constitution, he is globalist, NWO! AND you can’t take millions to run for president and then reject those that invested that money in you. A wise man said “When a poor man gives to a politician it’s a donation When a rich man gives to a politician it’s an investment”. Cruz is a RINO puppet and is doing what the RNC/GOP wants him to do.

          7. Terry Watts says:

            LOL you have them confused ! This IS from the left wing attack on Cruz lol ! Wake up sheeple !!

          8. Terry Watts says:

            Then PLEASE answer WHY does trump have his clothes mage in China and Mexico ? AND WHY does he stand with the LGBT on Tranny bathrooms ? ALSO WHY does he want to STAY NEUTREL with Israel and Pakistan LIKE OBAMA and HILLARY is doing ? WE HAVE TO STAND WITH OUR ALLIES and FRIENDS in Israel ! NOT THE MUSLIMS TERROISTS who want to wipe them out ! Just check those facts and get back with us !! Don’t listen to the

          9. SDofAZ says:

            Good job but even with the facts and research you will not get through to the Cruz support. As they say about the Trump supporters, they have the syndrome themselves and refuse all intelligent researchable points. We are liars, don’t you know. I am a retired CPA and BSA. but to them I am a moron since I did the same as you though maybe not to your extent and selected Trump. However, facts are facts and I can add this. Trump understands finance and he is what we need this go round. And this is going to be ugly when the markets crash and the piggy bank is empty thanks to BO and the FEDS.

          10. Barrustio says:

            What is easily “researchable” is Cruz’s Senate record of delivering on his promises against the entire Washington cartel.

          11. Neal says:

            Cruz is UN-ELECTABLE to become President!!

            HE CAN’T ATTRACT THE DEMOCRAT CROSS-OVER VOTE WHICH WILL BE REQUIRED FOR A REPUBLICAN TO BE ELECTED! OR did you forget the Reagan Democrats? Besides he’s just as big a lier and cheat as the rest of them! Big money backing, spreading untrue rumors, etc.

          12. Barrustio says:

            So who would you pick Trump or Hillary…I know that would be a hard choice since they’re so similar in their stances.

          13. Barrustio says:

            Seems like I’ve seen this post before word for word. So much do you get fro spreading this “The sky is falling anti-Cruz message?

          14. Eleanor Cummings says:

            A often as necessary so people can check the links out. What a pitiful excuse he is for a man, let alone a candidate for president or an American patriot! Yes, we’ve found out that that he’s a liar and a cheat, oath breaker and backstabber, dishonest and manipulative, greedy and rapacious, leaving him with no integrity whatsoever – without one virtue. Just NOT what we want for the White House! We’ve got one like that already inhabiting the WH now! Yes, Ted Cruz is a phony man. He and his wife Heidi are for NWO! He’s not for America! This is the young man I thought loyal and true to America, but thank heavens I learned about him before the primaries!! And I’m sure Kasich knows the old adage, “Birds of a feather …..? You are who your associates are, and this tells a lot about Kasich. At least his wife, Karen was truthful on one issue in her interview, while he lied!!!
            AND, heads up, American voters! Cruz has plagiarized from some of Donald Trump’s speeches!! LISTEN to what Cruz said at the BEGINNING of his campaign about IMMIGRATION and OPEN BORDERS, and what Trump has always said. Trump hasn’t changed hiss position, but Cruz did a complete flip flop, USING PARTS FROM TRUMP’S SPEECHES. It stunned me! He’s stealing Trump’s speeches now! Go back and listen. Let’s ALL get aboard the TRUMP TRAIN. Working together, we will help Trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

          15. Barrustio says:

            If Cruz used any part of Trump speeches he would be totally in the dumps since nothing Trump says is coherent.

          16. Terry Watts says:

            Amen ! they can go to for PROOF ! Donald is a democrat and supports Transgender Bathrooms and WILL stay neutral with Pakistan and Israel ! No way !!

          17. SDofAZ says:

            He and Marco have terrible show up records even before the campaign. It is called attendance and his was remarkably bad way before he started campaigning. Check it out, it is a matter of just a small amount of research.i started with numbers usa. Just google it. Plenty of news about their attendance as junior senators not just during their campaigns. So hardworking he is not.

          18. Joan Davenport says:

            If Cruz was such a strict constitutionalist he wouldn’t even run for president because he is NOT qualified and should know that (being a constitutionalist)

          19. trump loves the 2nd amendment, he has a gun license and carries at times, he is a big supporter.

          20. Sara says:

            You are correct

          21. Sara says:

            Trump carries a gun. I never heard he didn’t like second amendment. I know this is a late response, I’ve been sick, but have you changed your mind at all after watching any of Trump’s latest speeches and Cruz not encorsing him the other night? Cruz literally seemed to tailor his last speech to match Trump’s. He speaks well, but my gut doesn’t trust him. I know Trump rubbed people the wrong way initially, but he’s toned it down and is now able to talk more openly about he depth of the corrption. His knowledge of the rabbit hole and desire to fix our hijacked govt is why I opted for him after watching his every move for the last year. Let me know if this softens you toward him at all.

          22. Terry Watts says:

            Simple Check Teds Cruz’s winning record against Obama and the RHINOS just like ! Also check Trumps.. Trump says he will stay neutral with Israel and Pakistan, Also has no problems with transgender bathrooms ! Has his clothing line made in China and Mexico instead of giving jobs to Americans ! That enough ? because there is a whole lot more if not ! Check the facts then make your mind up !

          23. SDofAZ says:

            Now you are lying. The Jenner thing, right? Go see the followup.

          24. Neal says:

            May I ask where ALL your clothes are made? No foreign labels anywhere right? B.S.!

          25. mabera19 says:

            Cruz Says ‘If Obama Can Do It, So Can I’ – Dr. Rich Swier.mhtml


          26. SDofAZ says:

            Me too, started with Dr. Carson and the obfuscating and avoiding tactics he employs when things are done that are not nice or downright deceitful. Way too politician though he wants to pretend he is not a consummate politician.

        3. mabera19 says:

          Hillary is not eligible to be president.

          Former Presidents Act.mhtml concealment removal

          1. Neal says:

            Only problem is she’s a Clinton and since when have they followed to the Law? The seated President will pardon her if she’s indited (which I don’t believe will happen as DOJ and the FBI BOTH report to him!

        4. Bos95 says:

          Mary Lou Collins, If you don’t vote for the nominee then Hillary wins. It’s as simple as that.

          1. Eleanor Cummings says:

            True. If they cheat Trump out of this nomination, I see millions of his voters who simply will not vote for any republican senator, congressman or representative running for re-election or any newly come to the republican scene! They might still vote for the Nominated Candidate (even if it were Cruz or Rubio) – and yes, so would I, just to keep the vote away from Hillary….but I and millions of Trump supporters would not vote for any other republican – period!! Watch and see if I’m not right.

          2. Terry Watts says:

            CRUZ is STILL IN THE RACE moron ! That’s what I hate about you Trumpers..ready to turn America over to Killary !!

          3. SDofAZ says:

            Your comment is why I am beginning to think the Cruz supporters are not very good sports or even very nice folks. It was unnecessary and distasteful. You have shown yourself to be the moron Terry Watts.

          4. Barrustio says:

            Cruz supporters have not beaten anybody up yet to my knowledge…Trump supporters have.

          5. Neal says:

            You cross the line and you will also be subject to being beat up! You don’t like Trump? SO WHAT? Hillery can only be elected if the Republican voters stay home or don’t vote for the ONLY ONE who can get the necessary Cross-Over Vote which IS REQUIRED to elect a Republican!

          6. Barrustio says:

            There’s a reason Trump is attracting crossovers…his stance on abortion and gay marriage are identical to Hillary’s so regardless of who would win between them the liberals win either way.

          7. SABER says:

            Cruz is mathematically eliminated and will never be nominated.

        5. Eleanor Cummings says:

          Our wonderful country you say. Do you know what’s actually going on in DC.??

          UH, HUH! READ THIS!!!

          Obama’s ‘dead pool’ nachumlist”.

        6. Terry Watts says:

          AMEN !!

        7. VolOak says:

          Even if the GOP remains “strong,” when have they ever had the cojones to stop a liberal Supreme Court nomination? If Hillary is the President, what do you think she will nominate? Trump has stated he will announce a list of judges (after the order of Scalia, Thomas, and Alito) whom he will nominate when vacancies come open. Time for conservatives to get real, regardless of who the Republican nominee is. Unless, of course, you want Hillary’s progressive agenda to rule for generations.

        8. Neal says:

          IF YOU don’t vote for Trump YOU will be part of the cause of this country going under! 8 more years of an open Socialist Government will tip the scales for the once Great Country and will bankrupt it! Of the candidates who are NOT ESTABLISHMENT, Trump has the necessary instincts to maybe change this downward spiral. If YOU want another Establishment Candidate in office you are no better than Hillery or Bernie as they along with Cruz, Hersch (?), Christie, and JEB, are ALL controlled by Big Money Establishment interests and will continue the “Status Quo”!!! Thrid World Country here we come!


      2. PC Bob says:

        You have to remember one thing in ANY election; It ain’t over til it’s OVER!

        1. Terry Watts says:

          Amen Bob ! I live in PC too and im for the ONLY Conservative running, Senator Ted Cruz ! Boehner, Like Trump, kisses the Democrooks ass !!!

      3. just me says:

        no he’s not! Florida 3 guy . . .Donald Trump all the way to the Whitehouse and beyond!

        1. Terry Watts says:

          All of you DO KNOW Donald WILL hand the Election to Killary right ? Just like Obama voters you believe BS instead of looking at the Proven Records of Sen Cruz ! Fools !!

      4. helensatmary says:

        Never underestimate Ted Cruz!!

        1. Bos95 says:

          Yes he will lie and cheat his way to power.

          1. SABER says:

            Or try to…but he will fail like he always does.

      5. Terry Watts says:

        LOL its NOT over till its over Trumper !!

    2. Phannesa says:

      Boehner has not been in my good list for a long time, but I agree 100% with him about Cruz, the wolf in sheep’s clothes!!! cruz is not going to go anywhere and your vote is not going to make a difference.

      1. Sara says:

        Your vote WILL and can make a difference. Go to stopthesteal (roger stone) and also call your reps-Go to Larry Nichols fb page and follow his instructions and pass it around. Steve Piecznik and Wayne Madsen are also great sources of information. Also do everything you can to expose soros and his agent provavateurs and the repealing of the Smith-Mundt act in 2012 under the ndaa to show anyone who doesn’t believe they’re being conned all the way, everywhere they turn.

        1. Phannesa says:

          soros gave money to cruz and kasich, and they gladly accepted it .

          1. kerijay says:

            He gave money to Kasich not Cruz.

          2. Bos95 says:

            He did give money to Cruz as well. I saw it on the news and it was on different websites as well.

          3. helensatmary says:

            That is an out and our LIE!

          4. Bos95 says:

            No it not. check it out. It was on a few websites and on the news.

      2. PC Bob says:

        It’s funny, the Republican lair calling Cruz the devil! That’s rich!

        1. mabera19 says:


    3. American Me says:

      That will be what they call throwing your vote away because Cruz has no chance.We are or should be looking for a man who can bring our country back from the brink.I believe Trump can do that.He will not fail.I’m not crazy about him either but I am pretty sure he can do the job.

      1. Mary Lou Collins says:

        I know. I understand what you’re saying. But my heart tells me otherwise. I did what you’re advising once when I voted for governor in CA. I’ve regretted my decision ever since. I won’t do it again. To me Hillary & Trump are negatives for liberty in our country. I believe Trump is more liberal than he’s letting on noted from his past history. I don’t want to be help responsible for that.

        1. American Me says:

          Between now and November please do some more research on Trump.Look at all he does for other people.Find out all you can.You may just change your mind.Millions of Americans believe in him.Remember this is about saving America.

          1. PC Bob says:

            Mr. Trump has been changing his tune, saying things, I suspect, that he thinks conservatives WANT to hear! Others have done this, too, and been successful at it. But, when called out on his campaign promises, the ones he did NOT keep, President Obama said, “Well, it’s only politics, you know!” You see, lying is just an accepted campaign strategy, ESPECIALLY among the Democrats! All along I have maintained that Trump would be better as a Democrat candidate. If it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck, etc. etc.

          2. WARGI says:

            He has been responding to us WE The People, and not any of your specialized interest

          3. helensatmary says:

            One day he is for NON transgender bathrooms and NO abortions, and guess what he is now PRO transgender bathrooms and PRO abortions…I think he just told Jenner today again that she/he could Pee anywhere she.he wanted to..except he called her “she”

          4. WARGI says:

            Sorry, but you do not listen very well. You seem to only listed to sound bits that the news wants you to hear. He supports Planned parenthood because it helps women, but he does not support the abortion, that was one of the Cruz statements that finaly turned the switch off for me on Cruz. It is called deliberate editing of a statement to make it say somthing else. As for Jenner the question is where does “it” pee?

          5. SDofAZ says:

            Well said WARGI. I was trying to say the same but you put it together much better. Like an incomplete thought about the Jenner incident. And these folks jump on the little bit sensationalized as an incomplete thought. They need to follow the entire incident and Trumps response when his intent was warped by the media. You would think by now, the folks would know they can’t believe anything at first look. Dah!

          6. SDofAZ says:

            Follow that info up, there is more and the point your just made is like an incomplete thought.

          7. kerijay says:

            You mean like his bankruptcy’s that screwed people out of money or the fraudulence Trump University that is scheduled for court in May I believe.

          8. SDofAZ says:

            Business, business, business as usual and all business folks do it, so do the other folks. What is wrong with most folks view is they just don’t understand how a business functions these days. And the altruistic views you must have are what would put you out of business fast kerijay. And the Trump University issue is being driven hard by a Hillary supporter attorney. It is politics, so what is more significant here? A Trump bankruptcy or failed university program for those who need to apply what they learned and obviously couldn’t or a Benghazi or Hillary email fiasco? Do your research kerijay.

        2. PC Bob says:

          Based on his entire life’s history, Mr Trump is VERY liberal! It’s very difficult to turn your life around 180 degrees and suddenly ta da! become a conservative! A few have been successful at it, but many, many more are just RINO’s! We already have an ample supply of them, thanks!

          1. WARGI says:

            I disagree with you 100% who are you to try and tell me or any other person they can not change their mind or their direction. Have you ever considered it may be you who has no idea where you really stand in society?

          2. SDofAZ says:

            PC Bob is a rabbid Cruz supporter. Can’t reach him. And you are right, but he obviously thinks he knows more that we do and his truths about Trump are like the media, moments in time and not fully representing the entire moment, just the part he wants to make note of.

        3. WARGI says:

          You are basically a continuous liar in this article Mary Lou, and that is the reason you like Cruz

      2. PC Bob says:

        With absolutely no evidence to support your hypothesis, how can you be so sure? He has probably LOST as many $Millions as he has earned! Running a government is not the same as running a business!

        1. American Me says:

          Our Government is just that a huge BUSINESS and a pretty corrupt one at that.I’m looking for a fighter and someone who has fought the fight and won.I would like to finish my life a free man and not the subject of a dictator in a Banana Republic.Even if Trump is not the ideal candidate he sure as hell would be better than Clinton.She is a disgusting POS.When she Cackles it turns my stomach…

          1. SDofAZ says:

            Being a retired CPA and BSA, I concur. The books are the books not matter if it is a business or a government and I do know that for a fact. Though the government has some hidden books. Auditors please, and some legal counsel as well. Trump will blow the doors off the done in the dark garbage.

        2. helensatmary says:

          Yeah, that is how he became a multi Billionnaire!!!! LOL!!

      3. SDofAZ says:

        Or just how about someone who can finally win and steer us back from open borders, hordes of illegal aliens voraciously sucking on the welfare and entitlement systems of this country, and on and on and on. Cruz can not bring the voters to the battle, Trump can.

    4. joe says:

      Hell will freeze over when patriotic american voters will vote for a cuban born in Canada

      1. PC Bob says:

        We have, according to authorities in Kenya, voted for (AND ELECTED) an African born in Africa! No one seemed to get very excited about THAT!

        1. WARGI says:

          It is your fault, because I sure made a stink about it

        2. American Me says:

          I didn’t vote for that fraud living in our house.I saw through him from day one.I think he though destroying America would be easier.So far we have stopped him.Now we need the clean up crew to fix this mess.

        3. mabera19 says:

          We do not need another Obama in the White House!

          Cruz Says ‘If Obama Can Do It, So Can I’ – Dr. Rich Swier.mhtml

      2. helensatmary says:

        That is not even intelligent!

        1. joe says:

          I understand your comment coming from an illegal alien, thats all you can say

        2. SDofAZ says:

          Made sense to me, no vote for Cruz per Joe!

    5. Davidme2 says:

      Hello Mary Lou-I am very sorry to hear that you would not vote for Mr. Trump. I will vote for Mr. Trump because he is an Outsider and a very successful business man having earned billions in the process. “We The People” Need and Outsider!! A President Of The People, For The People And For Making America Great Again !! He is paying his own way and not looking for contributions for his campaign as he does not want to be owing to anyone favors. This is where our current elected representative need to be, but instead they contrive and take and campaign for their own self interest! Mr. Trump has donated funding for New York City to their ice skating rinks and the grand central station make over. He is loved and appreciated by his family and loves them back! He knows that America is Not What it has become and knows it is Not Where America Should Be, Economically, Militarily, Ethically, Spiritually, Washington, DC ( District Of Corruption ) has become a cesspool of Self Interest and Self Indulgence and America Has Been and is the Victim !! Early on, I sent Senator Cruz what contribution I could. However, when Senator Cruz came out and openly stated he would Not Have A problem With A muslim President, even being sworn in to office using a Quran and his flip flopping on Illegal Immigration , I no longer am a contributor, nor will I be again !! Other Then John Boehner, There seem to be a large number of other representatives saying the same thing about Senator Cruz. I feel most of them to be just as bad as Senator Cruz !!

      I hope you might change your opinion of Mr. Trump and if he is the Republican candidate vote for him!! The only other choice would likely be Ms. Clinton and there could be No Worse Choice then
      her !!! We Must All Vote For The RIGHT and For The Future Of America !!

      1. Sara says:

        Trump knows a whole lot more than he’s letting on. He cannot just blow the lid off yet because too many people don’t know the first two feet of the rabbit hole, but he does and I trust him. Americans need to do everything they can to keep him safe. If you’re military or ex doing private contract work and you support him, I ask that you offer your service and protection, because the secret service are a wonderful bunch but I think he needs more than that. He needs some good old spooks watching out. I’m far less concerned about some lone assassin than someone getting to him from the inside.

        1. American Me says:

          He wears a vest and carries concealed and beside secret service he has his own guys that have been with him a long time.But I agree you can never have too much security.The forces of evil don’t want Trump to win and I pray that he is safe and that he can Make America Great Again.

        2. Davidme2 says:

          Hello Sara-I am with you in concern for our Mr. Trump!! I am ex military Air Force and am to far over the hill to watch his back, but to pray for his safe keeping!!

          Keep the Faith and Trust In Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for Mr. Trump, “We The People” and America !!

      2. kerijay says:

        He’s been an insider all his life as he even said so.

      3. helensatmary says:

        He is also part of the problem…Remember he has had access and will continue to give access…..A snake does not change his colors. That is how the very rich get richer and they respect each others need to grow and be more prosperous…We just pay the bills and are inconsequential!

        1. Davidme2 says:

          Hello-Well even Cruz would be a Much Better Choice for America then Ms Clinton !! However, I am still all in for Mr. Trump !!!

    6. mabera19 says:

      Proof that Ted Cruz did not become a US citizen at birth _

      1. helensatmary says:

        How many times lawyers bringing him to Court saying he is not a natural born citizen the case thrown out each time. How many times would it take to get through your head. He is a Natural Born Cirizen of the United States of America!!!

        1. mabera19 says:

          No, he is not… Judges and Lawyers can be bought..

          Constitutional Eligibility is a Matter of National Security – The Family Time Line of Rafael Edward _Ted_ Cruz » Sons of Liberty Media.mhtml

          1. SDofAZ says:

            And the point of the lawsuit is those bringing it have to show they have standing, it’s a trip point and is quite well used by judges and lawyers. Sooner or later one of those suing will establish standing then the show will start.

    7. Eleanor Cummings says:

      Cruz was a shoo-in favorite of mine up to around February. I’m did not sa he has done no good at all, but his agenda is diferent than most people know. Because I am retired disabled l’ve had time to do extensive research, starting around July last year, ALL candidates and ALL parties . Yes, I was VERY disappointed in Ted, but then, such is life.

      Some things he did because of NWO. He is the appointed messiah/savior of the radical Christian sect of 7 Mountains Dominionism that seeks to place their members in control of our culture and create a NWO though the domination of business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. Check it out. (

      Ted Cruz has only been a citizen of the U.S. for about 19 months! He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 so he could run for president. There are also other reasons that he is not constitutionally eligible, including the fact that both of his parents were NOT U.S. Citizens when he was born, only his mother was. ( I look for the RNC to use Cruz to draw delegates away from Trump, then they’ll prove him ineligible and hold their “brokered convention”, nominating easily controlled Jeb Bush)

      Cruz will also do anything to take the spotlight off the fact that he is IN THE POCKET OF THE BIG BANKS (including Souros) that gave him MILLIONS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! (A wise man said “When a poor man gives to a politician it’s a donation When a rich man gives to a politician it’s an investment”.) Furthermore, Cruz certainly doesn’t want the AMERICAN PUBLIC to know that his wife Heidi is a MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND VOTED TO MERGE AMERICA, MEXICO AND CANADA!! Which explains his WEAK position on Immigration! (This part I found scary)! Wise up, he’s not who you think he is but claims to be!

      Ted Cruz has only been a citizen of the U.S. for about 19 months! He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 so he could run for president.

      What fine, upstanding, honest members of the GOP – they are not!! They should NOT hold ANY office in our land. They have proven to us, the voters, that they have little to no respect for our position on illegal immigration, our protection from terrorism, our economy, and the treatment of our military, both active and inactive! They just keep on doing what they want for their OWN benefit – without our consent, treating us like childish sheeple. They have failed us, so they no longer deserve our respect, or our support. That is the reason we want business and career people nominated, over their establishment professional OATH-BREAKING, BACK-STABBING politicians. The “silent majority” is no longer silent!! We are ANGRY! WE ARE FED UP WITH THEM – BIG TIME! Okay then, let’s show them a MAJOR LANDSLIDE, Trumpeters!! A LANDSLIDE like they’ve never seen before! We can do it!! JUMP ON THE TRUMP TRAIN!!! Check out this link Trumpsters and sign the WE WILL WALK petition. We need to unite to keep them from stealing the nomination from Trump- The People’s Choice. Here is the link Trump followers need to read – and pass on!

      There are also other reasons that he is not constitutionally eligible, including the fact that both of his parents were NOT U.S. Citizens when he was born, only his mother was.

      Cruz will also do anything to take the spotlight off the fact that he is IN THE POCKET OF THE BIG BANKS (including Souros) that gave him MILLIONS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! (A wise man said “When a poor man gives to a politician it’s a donation When a rich man gives to a politician it’s an investment”.) Furthermore, Cruz certainly doesn’t want the AMERICAN PUBLIC to know that his wife Heidi is a MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND VOTED TO MERGE AMERICA, MEXICO AND CANADA!! Which explains his WEAK position on Immigration! (This part I found scary)! Wise up, he’s not who you think he is but claims to be!

      Now go back and listen to his ORIGINAL speeches when his campaign first started, especially what his stance was on immigration and open borders. THEN LISTEN TO TRUMP’S ORIGINAL SPEECHES!! A bit of plagiarizing on Ted’s part, wouldn’t you say? He stole Trump’s speeches, almost word for word. Now that takes guts!!

      No, people are learning about Cruz. He’ll never get the nomination.

    8. Terry Watts says:

      Me too Mary Lou Collins !

    9. plum82 says:

      That’s because you’re STUPID……….

  • Tipper3 says:

    Now, Mr. Boehner, please tell us how you really fell about CRUZ. Hilarious!

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