Border patrol agent explores newly discovered US-Mexico drug tunnel with GoPro camera

April 21, 2016

With a GoPro camera strapped to his helmet, a U.S. Border Patrol agent dropped down into a newly discovered drug tunnel under the U.S.-Mexico border, where he uncovered lights, a series of stairwells and a sophisticated rail system.

The discovery of the once-secret 800-yard tunnel — believed to be the longest ever found in California — led investigators to more than a ton of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana, officials said Wednesday.

The tunnel extends 300 yards from a house in Tijuana, Mexico, to the border and then 500 yards on the U.S. side to a fenced lot in the San Diego industrial area of Otay Mesa. The lot was advertised as a wooden pallet business, with one sign reading, “Otay Pallets — We Buy Pallets.”

In addition to the rail system, the tunnel was equipped with an elevator that could fit up to 10 people, officials said. The exit on the U.S. side is about 3 feet wide and was covered by a trash bin. U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy told reporters the bin was used to store narcotics that had been spirited into the U.S.

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  • Grandpa82 says:

    Too many of our “repreentatives’ are involved in these deals; that is why they fear Trump and the possibnility that they will be exposed ! Both parties are dirty !


    A wall constructed with the same type of listening devices that are used on the border between North and South Korea that monitors any digging what so ever by the North and thousands have been blown up by American and South Korean troops would put a stop to it but oBOZO doesn’t think it’s important enough. Someone should drop dynamite down oBOZO’s worthless throat!!!!

  • Climax says:

    When does Obama start taking responsibility for all his failures in office. Seems like all the Democrats want to do is point fingers at anything but themselves for the last 7.5 years. They keep pointing back at Bush, OK, when do they stop and start pointing the finger at themselves for not doing a darn thing but fail. Oh, that’s right, now lets blame Congress. Seems that since the Democrats are so ineffective that we should just get rid of them all and actually get something LEGALLY done.

    1. I Seigel says:

      What mention does this story make about the Obama Administration pointing the finger at Bush for this? The article does say that many tunnels have been discovered since 2006, during both administrations. And there’s no mention in the article about blaming Congress either. Or are YOU pointing fingers and blaming Congress, and then criticizing Obama for allegedly doing it?

      1. robert sanders says:

        Somebody are to stop this digging instead of talking about it. It seems California should step up to the plate and help out.

        1. I Seigel says:

          If California needs to “step up to the plate”, then they should get funding from Congress to do that. Are they supposed to take it out of their own budget? Should Texas, or Arizona? Congress needs to give them the money. Just like Congress should stop complaining about the complicated tax code and that the IRS has to improve customer service, after they cut their funding the past 5 years and cut 17,000 jobs. Who is responsible for the tax code? For the past several years, it was Paul Ryan. Where was the rewrite and simplification of the tax code that Ryan and the Republicans promised? And why are they criticizing the IRS that the tax code is so complicated? The IRS has NOTHING to do with the tax code, other than enforcing the rules that Congress writes.

          Sorry for going off topic….

    2. robert sanders says:


    3. I Seigel says:

      I see just as much finger pointing from conservatives as from the libturds. You listen to a Trump rally, and all you hear are Trump supporters blaming everyone else for their problems. Obama, immigrants, socialists, Muslims, Jews, the One World Order, Alinsky, Soeros, the IRS, blah blah blah. I don’t remember conservatives ever doing that before, looking for scapegoats because they owe too much money or can’t find a good paying job or can’t afford their medicines. It’s not just the blacks and the illegals that are whining and looking for handouts. Sounds like the tea partiers are whining and pointing fingers a little too much, too. What happened to the cherished conservative principle of self-reliance and pulling your own weight? What’s all this blaming on other people for your problems?

  • mythoughtsare says:

    Shoot them as they come up on the American side. After all, they are invaders – right?

    1. Climax says:

      How many does it take to make an Army. Uniform: Sarapies and Sumbrario’s.

    2. robert sanders says:


  • ronald larson says:

    mikey you are such a screwed up person!!! End of story!!!

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Find more tunnels in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California. I am sure there are plenty of mother tunnels there.

  • PPTA says:

    Why are we putting up with this:? The Establishment Republicans do not even bring this stuff up! How many Jihadists come here through tunnels like this?

  • Dennis B Anderson says:

    No – No – No thats not the Ohomo way? With a little bit of cooperation with Vincente Fox it will be widened with lights enough space for 2 way compact car traffic. Now wasnt that special people you just know they would be lousy at building a wall. Wait till they get in there and then blow both ends of their tunnel. We will call this government action Stoned & Curious.

  • Gale says:

    Thank you obama you worthless idiot.

    1. snowyriver says:

      He is keeping one campaign promise… “to fundamentally change America.”

  • Mike Zimmerman says:

    In studies done of politics and major news stories fox viewers come in last place. Even people who watch comedy Central shows like the daily show, the Colbert report, and the nightly show are more informed.

    1. KKmoderate says:

      You are now blathering and making no sense…again, “low information” people like you should, in my humble opinion, just retreat to your verbose dungeons and stop trying to impress the rest of us with your name dropping, Colbert report my my! Studies? my my again!
      Get an education! Get a life!

      1. Mike Zimmerman says:

        Just because you’re unaware of that; or choose not to accept it doesn’t change that fact. It’s called Faux News for a reason. Or bullshit mountain as Jon Stewart calls it.

        1. KKmoderate says:

          You reference a satirical comedian who has a late night show as your source of news and you think you should be taken seriously? You are dazed and confused.
          And you vote? No wonder we’re going down the tubes.
          BTW I read your rant about the economic and job “improvements” in the last 7.5 years. I suggest, again, you find a source of information other than at the coolaide factory Mike. Those statistics are not even close! It’s so easy to Google the escalating US debt on a freaking table:

          Remember when you read statistics on the Job performance of this administration that the baby boomers are retiring in droves when they cannot find employment in their late 50’s -60’s. Isn’t it interesting when a completely separate set of facts results in an outcome that validates your closely held beliefs.

          You are truly uneducated, misinformed and, I repeat, “low information”, in fact you seem to not even care. You just blow off on whatever trash is occupying your damaged mind

  • Politically Incorrect Tees says:

    They can destroy all the tunnels they want, but it’s not going to stop the CIA from importing the drugs it wants to.

    You don’t see the government doing a damn thing about the banks that launders the billions upon billions of dollars.

    The sad thing is the next thing you know the very same banks that launder the drug money will want a taxpayer funded bailout.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The rail system in the tunnels makes it easier to smuggle heavy nukes.

  • Jim Crumpton says:

    Obama told the Border Patrol to leave the illegals alone and now you see why, they bring drugs in thru the tunnels. They are paid by the drug cartel, how can you have a president who cares if he sells guns to the drug cartel knowing that they can’t trace them.


    I want to know who it is that keeps turning off the seismic sensors? Any ground disturbance is easily detected with seismic sensors – even the excavation of a tunnel of any magnitude. so, either there are no sensors, OR, someone keeps shutting them down when their is digging, or drug runs. Someone on this side of the Border is guilty as hell and we need to polygraph every Agent assigned to that location. #TRUMP2016.

    1. dlynch says:

      It’s your congress that is the evil one that allows this to go on. When Trump gets in, and he will, there will be a difference!!

  • gerald Hughes says:

    Stick a two foot tube in it, seal it, start pumping chlorine gas into it

  • Albert Maloof says:

    Get with it Zimmerman.

  • Doc says:

    Legalize drugs, problem solved.

    1. USCBIKER says:

      You mean like in Holland, where they’re flooded with vermin anyway? you’re a special kind of stupid1

      1. Doc says:

        And you’re a complete idiot.
        It’s obvious that what we are doing isn’t working. Billions of dollars down the drain, prisons full. Drug cartels running wild. Anyone that wants drugs has them. Why keep doing the same thing when you know it doesn’t work?

  • barbarakelly says:

    And here we have our tyrant obama telling us he wants the borders open, Way to go Jack–ss . You truely know how to take care and protect the American people——what a dummy.

    1. chris says:

      “Dummy”? Try “traitor”.

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    These mexicans are slugs and we cannot let them cross our border whenever they wish, without papers and other checks.
    Why do we bother with all the checks at the airports, around this country, is we let anyone in the back door, especially scum like the mexicans and south americans we are allowing to come here. How about stopping them now, so we do not have to return more.
    Think Trump was clear that the Wll alone was not the answer but a prime part of the cure. Surveillance needs to be improved as does the desire to stop and return these people. making it clear that these people will have no chance to stay will also blessed the migration of people through the southern border.
    Wish we had a great neighbor like Canada on the North and South. Mexico is a dog palace and we get all the F/U mutts.

    1. theseer says:


      1. Med1 says:

        Illegal alien invaders enjoy “the worlds most parasitic relationship”. They latch on the American jobs, money and handouts and suck our economy dry. Wish I had an “America” to latch onto, but I don’t. So excuse me while I leave for work. I know that 32million illegal parasites are counting on my money!!!

    2. Pam says:

      I suggest not “caught and returned”, but shot and dumped back at the border. It will smell really bad, but once a few 100,000 rotting corpses start piling up on Mexico’s northern border, they should start to get the message.
      Like a “roach motel” or the “Hotel California” you can check in, but you will never walk out.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    This is what Mexicans do. They export drugs and poison to the US, make the US their lifetime source of money until the victims are dead, crazy, and in jail.
    Rapist Mexicans come several times through the open borders. The Pope attacked Trump for planning to zeal the border. What does the Pope knows about the evils of these Mexicans and Latin people they bring to the US? Now, he wants socialism to America. Look at most of the Latin socialist countries. They are vey poor, no freedom, and controlled by their dictator leaders. they all run illegally to the US to free load and sell drugs.

  • rifftop says:

    But THEY FOUND THE TUNNEL…RIGHT? SO NOW DETONATE IT……OR POUR SEWAGE DOWN THE HOLE………AND LET IT RUN BACK TO THE HOUSE IN MEXICO. If we didn’t have this idiot in the white house, and the border patrol was allowed to do their job……..most of these invasions would be found. Also anybody caught coming through these “holes” should be shot.

    1. Hgeyer says:

      The idiot Trump ISN’T in the White House! Better hurry up and spend that 25 billion on that wall he wants! LMAO! I guess Conservatives are too lame to realize that they FOUND this tunnel and STOPPED the flow of drugs that we’re coming into the country threw it. In other word, they DID their job because of Obama! Trumps stupid fuc*ing wall won’t stop a thing!

      1. gerald Hughes says:

        Yes liberal dem bloodsucker it will, we want to stop the criminal aliens

        1. Hgeyer says:

          Please name one “wall” in the world that actually has worked to keep people out of something….. Hint, there are none…. Walls just keep honest people honest….

          1. Pam says:

            The 30 foot high wall on MEXICO’S SOUTHERN BORDER! Then, those who DO manage to get around it are imprisoned and tortured.
            Also, the VATICAN’S wall.
            The BERLIN wall that was also covered by guard towers manned by snipers.
            Israel’s wall.
            The “Great Wall of China”.
            Hadrian’s Wall.
            Wall’s around maximum security prisons.

          2. Hgeyer says:

            I said one that actually works! Keep trying…..

          3. Pam says:

            NOTHING is 100% fool proof, but these walls have cut infiltrations/escapes by as much as 95%!
            My theory has always been that anyone coming across our borders at non-designated check points should just be shot on sight!

          4. Hgeyer says:

            So a desire to work and feed your families should be a capital offense? I guess you aren’t one of those pro-life conservatives……

          5. Pam says:

            Where I come from, we shoot trespassers!
            You must be one of those touchy-feely progressives.
            I, too, have a “desire to work and feed my family” but have been unable to find full time work for almost three years now. How about if we just move into your house without your permission and start eating your food and taking your clothes and your money and tell you that you have no right to complain and also YOU NEED TO LEARN OUR LANGUAGE because we refuse to assimilate to your customs.

          6. Hgeyer says:

            What country do you live in where it is legal to shoot trespassers? It isn’t legal in this country….. Maybe instead of blaming your lack of success on Mexicans you should blame republicans and the wealthy for sending all our high paying jobs overseas. You sound like one of those “takers” that republicans think should just go get a job and stop sucking up government benefits! I bet you still vote for those fools that won’t pass ANY imagration reform and want to do away with food stamps and welfare. In other words a no information voter! Trump says he loves stupid voters……. Are you a Trump voter?

          7. Pam says:

            Never heard of “Castle Laws”?
            Also, my family has never taken a dime of “government benefits” other than TWENTY-SIX WEEKS of unemployment (paid for by my former employers who were driven out of business by “obamacare”).
            AND I DO ALSO BLAME “REPUBLICANS” for going along with Clinton and sending our jobs overseas/to mexico. It has only gotten worse since NAFTA.
            AND I believe ANYONE caught employing ILLEGAL ALIENS should be fined out of existence and then jailed and shot for treason for aiding and abetting our enemies.
            For the record, I actually created this account last summer for the purpose of saying (in reference to Donald Trump running for president) that the LAST THING THIS COUNTRY NEEDS IS ANOTHER THIN SKINNED NARCISSIST IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

          8. Hgeyer says:

            Castle laws refer to burglars and NOT trespassers! I believe it was Clinton that went along with republicans on those trade agreements. I seriously doubt your employer went out of business because of Obamacare! The job market has substantially increased since the implementation of Obama care. That is just another myth put out by conservatives! If we don’t need another thin skinned narcissist in the white house ( I’m assuming you are referring to Bush when you say “another”.) than why are so many conservatives supporting that jerk?

          9. Pam says:

            We had to sit by and watch as our customers cut their staffs, their hours and their discretionary spending because no one knew when or how badly stuff was going to hit the fan as this crap kept and keeps phasing in. We were a “mom & pop shop” with three employees and I worked my last five years without a raise. Prior to that, I was getting as much as 10% raises plus bonuses because we were doing so very well.
            If you don’t think trespassers will be shot don’t leave your urban safe space!
            As to narcissists, the only Bush that fits is “jebito”, whereas Obama makes the originator of the name seem shy and self-effacing by comparison.

          10. Hgeyer says:

            How can you blame Obamacare for them going out of business? If you worked for a company with 3 employees it was not even required to do ANYTHING, for any form of Obamacare! ALL the things you mentioned that got cut were because of an economy that was run into the ground by that Bush baby and his bankster friends…

          11. gerald Hughes says:

            The one in germany worked, no on knowingly escaped into Easy Germany
            The purpos of a wall is, it says you may not legally enter her.
            Then you shoot about 6 of the first ones crossing, then the wall becomes very effective.

          12. Hgeyer says:

            Hate to inform you but people still got out of East Germany in spite of the wall and apparently shooting over 200 people didn’t make that wall “effective”. It was also built to keep East Germans IN more than keeping people out! You really should study history if you insist on commenting.

          13. gerald Hughes says:

            My friend, it’s unlikely that you could inform me on which direction that, the sun came up.
            You are just another liberal dem bloodsucker that wants to keep the criminal aliens coming in so that your handouts are not stopped.
            Amazingly enough you liberal dem bloodsuckers still think, that this is, still, about politics.
            We have cordially despised you for 50 years,
            Over the last 7 .5 years that has evolved, we now hate you, we hate you with a depth, intensity and bitterness, that has no bottom.

            Continue to talk, if you like, we are very close to stopping the talk.

          14. Hgeyer says:

            You are right about that! I can’t inform anyone of any reality when they are too stupid to learn. I have never received ANY government hand outs and “criminal aliens” have nothing to do with anyone’s eligibility to receive handouts. I don’t hate you ignorant conservatives. I just feel sorry for your ignorance and stupidity. My mother always told me not to pick on the mentally disturbed so sympathy is all you will get from me. I just hope that your parents had at least one child that wasn’t mentally deranged. You should seek professional help. Your statements show that you are in serious need of mental healthcare. The good news is you can still get medical coverage for this pre-existing condition thanks to Obamacare!

          15. I Seigel says:

            Hgeyer, you’re wrong. It’s important to note Gerald’s statement: “The one in germany worked, no on knowingly escaped into Easy Germany
            The purpos of a wall is, it says you may not legally enter her.” He is saying that the purpose of the wall was to prevent people from escaping into East Germany, and the wall was quite effective at that. No one was able to knowingly escape into East Germany.

          16. I Seigel says:

            Gerry, you must truly be a World Class MENSA Genius! I’m sure you’re absolutely right – no one knowingly escaped into East Germany. PLEASE give us more of your MENSA insights. I’m sure there is so much more I can learn from you.

          17. gerald Hughes says:

            Thank you(blushing) however, it’s easy to appear supremely intelligent, when, one deal with the liberal dem bloodsuckers

          18. I Seigel says:

            Or when one deals with the brain-dead right wing morons and bigots.

      2. MICHAEL J BRUNING says:

        You are a real liberal to be sure. Your filthy mouth proves it. As for the wall? We spent billions building secure borders in the Middle East and even sent our own Border patrol Agents over there to train the locals. The “Walls” over there cost tens of billions of dollars and our efforts over there cost into the trillions. This Wall will go for about 8 billion which is a bargain. It won’t stop everyone and everything, but it will be just one more deterrent that will play a role in stopping the invasion of drugs, terrorists and illegals. Go wash out your dirty mouth!!

        1. Kent2012 says:

          highgyserinsky is a shining example of the barely detectable intellect of berni, ho, and the messiah from kenya supporters…waiting until 12:01 am for that EBT card to be recharged with bucks stolen from Real Americans…

          1. No way out says:

            Shut your corn hole, you miserable bigot. Now get back to work, those fries won’t cook themselves.

          2. Harold Sammons says:

            If you go to McDonalds they have endless fries for you hungry folks out there!

          3. No way out says:

            Ask Kent! He’ll give you dumpster day olds!

          4. Kent2012 says:

            your panties are showing…

          5. No way out says:

            You’re a bigot

          6. I Seigel says:

            Oh, there goes little Kent with his panties fetish again…

          7. Kent2012 says:

            just commenting on those panty waists and their wadded up soaking wet panties…you must have been drying yours as we have not had the disappointment of reading some of your leftist diatribes in a while..

        2. Joyce Brogan says:

          They do have potty mouths,goes along with their intelligence.

        3. Hgeyer says:

          Where is this mysterious “wall” that actually works in the middle east? Oh, there are NO secure borders in the middle east…. 8 billion won’t even buy the property that is needed to put this non-functional wall on. Total costs would be at least 25 billion not counting the billions of dollars to maintain it…. and they will still dig under it or go over it.

        4. I Seigel says:

          What “filthy” thing did Hgeyer say? I missed it.

      3. Kent2012 says:

        it would stop morons like you all day…try not to laugh your azz off too hard…then you would have no where to keep you head loaded with both brain cells…

        1. No way out says:

          Kent…the cousin mounting knuckle dragger, carries on.

      4. Stan says:

        Military mines along the border would do the trick.

        1. Hgeyer says:

          Cause we know they can’t tunnel under land mines? Just another stupid idea that won’t work…..

      5. Town Crier says:

        Tunnels are like cockroaches – if you see one there’s a dozen more – if you find ten, there’s a hundred more… Do you think the wetbacks give a S#!T about us finding ONE tunnel? I can remember about a dozen tunnels that have been found in the past that HAVE hit the news!

    2. dlynch says:

      You’d be surprised at how many of our congressmen are tied to these drugs operations. We don’t know exactly who they are but we know they are involved as congress keeps us from having the wall and restricts the border patrol from doing their job by reducing the number of agents.

      1. Rx7pj says:

        a wall won’t stop. tunnels

        1. Smitch says:

          1000 cubic yards of 5000 psi concrete will!

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            How are you paying for that?

          2. Rodney Steward says:


          3. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You’re either high, drunk or plain crazy to think that Mexico would even remotely pay for his wall. They’ve already told Trump to go and have intercourse with himself.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            Don’t get high, don’t drink, crazy I can’t rule out, but It was a joke and I can see where it could be over your head!!

          5. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Sorry I missed your joke. My bad.

          6. louann says:

            Yes they will pay for the wall! Our government sends Mexico thousands and thousands of dollars every year. Its easy you want this money build the wall.

          7. mcgyver35 says:

            Or we cut all the money we send mexico and build the wall and charge Mexicans visiting the US 20 a head to come through customs like they charge Americans …yes, Mexico WILL pay for the wall even if they don’t want to if Trump gets in.

          8. raffaelecafagna says:

            Mike Zimmerman Start Here : Stop all Benefits to Illegals ; ( inform yourself about Benefits They collect ) .
            Money made here by Illegals working under the table and sent back to Mexico .
            If the retarded in congress would enforce E-Verify , illegals would be self deporting .
            You should be having intercourse with yourself .

          9. rifftop says:

            Are you finding it frustrating……..dealing with these nuts? No matter how many times you explain this…..their socialist brains just cannot absorb anything rational. I’m exhausted, here and other sites with the amount of idiots.

          10. KKmoderate says:

            Why do any of us try to educate “progressives” and the terminally uneducated and “low information” citizens? They believe and know what they believe and know. Mike Zimmerman is the greatest fool
            I’ve ever come across. We ALL have to stop giving him air time. Check out his rant on the successes of the current administration. It’s so full of holes it’s transparent as glass and he does not want to be bothered with the facts. He thinks a late night satirical comedy host (Stephen Colbert) is a credible source of information…,

          11. rifftop says:

            yep……..delusion can be caused by different things, birth, medication abuses, too much booze, or inbreeding. But they are so persistent in being jack asses…….we do have to “void” them……..the problem is they still go out to vote…….another reason for literacy tests to return.

          12. raffaelecafagna says:

            It is ” waste of time ” . Mike Zimmerman is a paid troll , coming here to Pollute a decent conversation . Best solution : Ignore the Troll ; with no replies he will be forced to go back to his cave .

          13. KKmoderate says:

            True that

          14. raffaelecafagna says:

            Best solution : Ignore the idiots and they will go away .
            Had WE all Ignored Mike Zimmerman he would have gone back to his cave ; but WE did not and myself first I fell for it .
            Ignore the Troll(S) .Their only purpose is to pollute a decent conversation . Let`s be smart next time .

          15. ipsd48 says:

            …………..and stop all trade with Mexico.

          16. rifftop says:

            Of course they are not going to DIRECTLY PAY……but we drop the billions in aid……stop the transfer of funds from the US to Mexico by illegals working in the US……..just read my statement above. This is not a big deal ………if Obama can waste trillions…….then .building a wall is a small deal. Not only would the wall be in selected areas, but increase the border patrol, sensors, drones, whatever it takes…….and make sure the contractors and persons hired are US …….no Chinese contractors etc. This country is so brain dead……..and follow the lead of the DC Imam…….and his “CANNOT BE DONE MANTRA”……..that they actually believe the crap he spews. Jobs for Americans first……..get all those unemployed vets to transfer illegals, process them back over the border, build the security wall, fence, operate the drones, hire border agents……..if we are going to spend tax money……..we hire US citizens and buy from US companies………better than sending it to Kenya, Iraq, Syria, Iran and all the other sh.tholes that Obama loves.

          17. Rich says:

            They will pay. Might not be with a check but they will pay for it. You must have the negotiation skills of John Kerry.

          18. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Their former president and current one already said they won’t pay for Trump’s wall. They’ve made it clear. And they have no reason to. If Trump wants to build a wall let him pay for it out of his own finances, and not ours.

          19. Smitch says:

            Stop the Food Stamp fraud for one day and it’s paid for!

          20. rifftop says:

            Tax or toll for every vehicle coming from mexico. If somebody thinks they need to vacation down there, tax the trip. Another way to pay for it is out of savings, from deleting benefits to illegals. First the useless politicians would legislate that illegals are not eligible to receive food stamps, housing subsidies, medical care or school space…… removing the incentive for illegals to invade this nation…….the billions saved would pay for the wall, fence, sensors, border agents . Also the idiot Obama criticized Trump’s idea of stopping WEstern Union money transfers to Mexico……..of course it could be done……..every one of those electronic transfers can be monitored……much the same as the Obama regime monitored cell phones, emails, tweets etc. The feds also monitor bank transactions on US citizens…….they know what you have, what you withdraw…..and all your credit card uses…..SO FOR OBAMA TO CLAIM ITS NOT POSSIBLE IS MORE B.S. Next the billions Obama has spent to build mosques and gas stations in the Mideast and Africa would end, as well as free or discounted military hardware, medicines, food to countries that hate us and constantly attack us. The newest Obama/Kerry fiasco…….the US is buying “heavy water” (nuclear) from Iran…..through proxies of course as a back door way to give Iran some of the “billions”….in this case about $30 billion…….but notice how this is not a big news story. Lots of ways to build a wall…….in fact it’s a small cost…..compared to the trillions Obama has blown off. Once Obama is thankfully gone…….we can stop the waste, bogus giveaways and fraud committed by this rotten regime.

          21. ipsd48 says:

            That would cost less than the salary of ONE person processing illegals at the border

        2. Gale says:

          Watever the illegals are getting away with now, they won’t when Trump gets in. PERIOD.

          1. rifftop says:

            Anything is an improvement……..a wall, towers, machine guns, radar, sonar, whatever it takes to curtail, reduce the flow of illegals, their gangs and drugs. Nothing is perfect, but reducing the flow and making the lives for these invaders miserable and deadly is the REAL PURPOSE ……instead of US citizens suffering from their diseases, crime, drugs and abusing our welfare system. Because we have a criminal, accomplice in the white house……..that is the first objective…….to get rid of this muslim, illegal loving hack.

        3. louann says:

          Easy go in blow them up.

      2. disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

        Democrats at the WH and in Congress don’t want to close this drug tunnel. They’ll call you RACISTS! They don’t want to hurt the Mexicans because of their legal or illegal votes. That’s how democrats win the election!

      3. Rodney Steward says:

        Not only drugs, but child prostitution! We have some sick SOB’s in congress!

        1. dlynch says:

          You are absolutely Right!!

      4. sue lenhart says:

        Are any of these Congressmen also connected to Fast and Furious gun running scandal? Was just wondering . . .

        1. dlynch says:

          Only two so far and the authorities did not give their name but last I heard was they are under grand jury scrutiny.

          1. ipsd48 says:

            Don’t forget the CA dem that was just convicted of selling full automatic weapons.

    3. 7papa7 says:

      I would prefer to see cyanide gas put down there and just go in occasionally to burn the bodies that are there. Then get the next group a month or so later. Just make sure that you are constantly gassing the tunnel. That will continually lower the number of drug dealers and that is a very good thing.

    4. Rx7pj says:

      the idiot left the white house 7 years ago.
      the border patrol does do their job and how’s that almighty fence going to stop this?

    5. Patti1947 says:

      You are right. Because we have an idiot of a president, all this crap continues to happen with no consequences. Can’t wait until that moron is gone. He has ruined this country. Hope it can be repaired.

      1. Mike Zimmerman says:

        Let’s see, since 2009, when he took office the stock market has gone from 6600 to 17,000. Unemployment has dropped from 12% to 5%. Two wars have been wound down. One trillion has been cut from the deficit he inherited from bush. Millions more people have health insurance then did before he took office. Bin laden is dead. The auto industry was saved from extinction. Somewhat stricter regulations have been put in place to regulate wall Street.
        Let’s contrast that with the Bush administration. The worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history. The horrific response to hurricane Katrina. The financial meltdown of 2008 which caused millions of people to lose their jobs, homes, life savings and retirements. Two unpaid for wars put on our nation’s credit card. The unpaid for Medicaid donut hole payments. Never caught bin laden. Lied us into a war with Iraq which totally de-stabilized that part of the world. Removed the major enemy in the region to iran. His attack on Iraq led to the formation of Isis.

        1. k9 says:

          what a bunch of bullshit.
          who’s ass have you had your head hiding in?

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Your response shows how little you know and how poorly you express yourself. Right about the level of a first grader.

        2. John D. Laskowski says:

          If you believe Obama’s 5% unemployment how do you explain the 94 million US citizens are unemployed -most have stopped looking for work – are on welfare and NOT COUNTED BY OBAMA ! You are an idiot !
          As for your comparison of Bush and Obama you are drinking the Kool-Aid And you cannot capitalize Bin Laden ????????? NO – Obama pulling out of Iraq caused the forming of ISIS. I’ll bet you want to vote for Hillary also. Enough said.

          1. Climax says:

            He’s a paid Democrat Bot, just forget him as he’s just doing his job no matter how pathetic it is.

          2. raffaelecafagna says:

            Best solution : uninformed , confused , brainwashed Mike Zimmerman paid Troll coming here to pollute a decent conversation ; Ignore him .
            If WE here would not reply to the comments of this retard Zimmerman and Just Ignore him ; he , Zimmerman , would go back to his cave and stay there .

          3. rifftop says:

            I gave a lengthy response to “Mike”, but keep in mind none of our facts, retorts or debate can ever “fix the mind” of a leftist, socialist or Marxist. They are stubborn, disconnected and mostly driven by their own religious beliefs……that being the worship of globalism, socialist theory, hate America, and always support the Imam Obama. Bin Laden is their token story. Bubba Clinton had 5 opportunities to get him…..and didn’t……..hence we had 911……Obama hesitated, made excuses, until enough military advisers overwhelmed the clown to DO SOMETHING, while they had the chance. Obama RELUCTANTLY let them get Bin Laden. We must remember part of the Sharia law that Obama learned in the Madrassa is to not kill a fellow muslim………unless they convert out or oppose the Islamic rules. Obama did not want to then or now take deadly action on muslims, that is why all these attacks continue……..and he uses weak, half measure responses. These are those occasional bombings, take out an occasional ISIS leader…..but never a full destruction of their stronghold and militia. His support of the Muslim Brotherhood …… take over Egypt with Morsi……..proved everything we need to know. The Egyptian people were smarter and dumped Morsi…much to Obama’s disgust. Our goal in the US is to get rid of Obama…….do not replace him with another Marxist (Clinton), whose VALUES are also twisted, perverted and unacceptable to the survival of this nation. We had enough of the Clintons, Obamas, Bushes…….and need a “cleaner” pro American, reconstructionist, nationalist………who will at least attempt to return our economy and jobs to our citizens, to end this insane spending on WHO KNOWS WHAT, and end this invasion of 3rd world, incompatible, unneeded immigrants.

          4. Edwin Kaplan says:

            Well said!

        3. disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

          Most Americans are having part time jobs. Their hours of works were reduced due to the Obama Care that is too expensive to cover. Now they are all on the welfare payroll, free food stamps, free health care, no income tax to pay, free everything.
          Still there are 94 million unemployed. 53% not paying Federal income tax. Our national debts to $20 trillion.

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Your figure is impossible. (94). That figure would include retirees as well as elementary, high school, kindergarten and college students. Obviously they’re not working full time. Duh!!

        4. Blane Tresedder says:

          Keep drinking the kool aid, and believing the lies the left wing media spews forth.

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Not a Kool aid consumer. I prefer water.

          2. mcgyver35 says:

            And you prefer it contaminated

        5. Rodney Steward says:

          U be one sick puppy boy, YO clown has run up more debt than ALL other Presidents combined in history, and remember, he also made liar of the year, 2 years in a row! Just maybe U fell for some of these lies, sure sounds like it!

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Actually, he inherited more debt than any other president in history. Clinton left bush a billion dollar budget surplus which he and the Republican controlled house and Senate blew through like drunken sailors. Bush put two wars on the US’s credit card. After the 2008 financial Meltdown he bailed out wall Street with a $750 billion dollar loan at the tax payers’ expense. Let’s not forget the Medicare donut hole bill which he didn’t pay for either.
            So no, you aren’t even close on what you said about deficits.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            And now we have ISIS under Obama, are you part of the dumb down system, if Millennial that explains it all!!

          3. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Bush attacked Iraq. He didn’t disarm Iraqi army. Most of Isis is composed of former Iraqi military. If he doesn’t attack Iraq, we don’t have Isis. Seems straightforward to me.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            Seems pretty uninformed to me!!

          5. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Only to you.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            Who’s the dumba$$ that was going to end the war, and didn’t leave enough troops for any kind of control, wasn’t Bush, YO brown clown, and it came back to bit his what ever, or was it that he was running guns to the different tribes that formed ISIS! But what better way to cover his PU than to let the only people that knew DIE, Benghazi! When the SHTF, thank God your kind will be the first to go, U can blame the Kool-Aid!

          7. Mike Zimmerman says:

            How quickly you are forgetting that George W. Bush signed a status of forces agreement with Iraq requiring us to withdraw our forces from Iraq. Obama followed through with it. Once again, you have bush to thank.

          8. Rodney Steward says:

            Not all forces, was to leave at least 40,000 troops, but as YOU SAID, YO BOY followed through alright, pulled them all out but 2,500! Now look at him, stacking them back in for his foolish mistake, must be a black thing, or a muslim thing! U Kool-Aid kids just can’t let Bush go, could it be YO boy has no accomplishments at all!

          9. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Bush is why we have Isis, in the first place. You can’t ignore that. No invasion of Iraq; no Isis.

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            There was NO ISIS 4 years ago, and how long has the boy been PREZ.? This is Hellary and Obama’s gun running babies! And why is Obama now sending the troops back in that the dumba$$ removed?? Do U ever watch the NEWS at ALL, it’s been said many times by different news channels about ISIS is the work of Obama and the muslim brotherhood that goes by CAIR in the black house!

          11. charles says:

            You just have to let stupid be stupid he doesn’t want his head out of the sand.

          12. Rodney Steward says:


          13. Climax says:

            Clinton was riding the coat tails of Regan and every POTUS is affected by the previous POTUS’s actions for his first term. Clinton was no angel, he was corrupt and a known liar, and was even impeached. Now Hillary is the mother if ISIS, lies about it, and even says we never lost anyone in Libya! The Clinton’s are total Liars and frauds as well as criminals. Obama is just a idiot who does his handlers directions. He may have inherited the highest debt in history but he has doubled or tripped that…..not decreased it one red cent. What was Bush to do when we were attacked on 9/11 and when we knew who and where they enemy came from? Explain that to the families of 2500 dead people, more people killed than at Pear Harbor on December 7, 1941, or didn’t you learn anything about this in the new school BS being put out today? Do we just talk to our enemies and give them tea and crumpets, or do we make them fear us so they never do it again. I think Bush was right, we go in and swat them, not draw lines in the sand and them let them step over it over and over again. Grow up and get a set, take the panties off and strap on a pair because you definitely didn’t grow them.

          14. raffaelecafagna says:

            Mike Zimmerman
            you are a leftist paid troll coming here Polluting a decent conversation ; go get a Real job .

          15. rifftop says:

            he also inherited a clean mansion……..that now smells like a goat farm. Clinton left Bush a recession……….started in march 2000…….stop making up nonsense. Obama doubled the 200 year debt in just his 8yr term……..he stole $750 billion from medicare to dump into his Obamacare/Medicaid program to take care of his indigent muslims, Hispanics immigrants that he loves………He robbed senior Americans who paid into Medicare every damn month…….to give it away to scum. Medicaid is not paid for by the recipients……..because the are either low Income or indigent…….or illegals. This is the only nation on the planet your can enter illegally and collect free medical care, food stamps, housing subsidies, school seats and earned income tax rebate through the TIN tax form. All of this is an insult and theft to taxpaying citizens……and it is becoming a boiling point………the sooner Obama is out of the white house and a new “leader” defuses and reverses this treachery…….then maybe the pot will not boil over.

          16. ipsd48 says:

            So you admit Clinton OVERtaxed us.

          17. Mike Zimmerman says:

            No, I don’t think Clinton overtaxed anyone. If you want to talk about high tax rates look at them, on the wealthy, under Ike. What I was referring to, regarding Clinton, is that he continued the de-regulation of wall Street which helped to contribute to the idiocy that wall Street committed in destroying the economy in 2008. This started under Reagan, continued under daddy Bush, Clinton and bush, Jr. Congress also was very foolish in repealing the Glass-Stegall Act. The ratings agencies also screwed up as well. A lot of blame to go around.
            I do think we need to reform the tax laws so that the wealthy have less tax breaks. They can afford to pay more in taxes. Corporations need to have tax laws changed so they get no tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. They also need to be required to pay taxes on the money they’re hiding overseas. Also corporate inversions need to be outlawed as well. Also, the cap on social security needs to be raised from the current $118,000 ceiling to all earnings. Currently if you make $119,000 you get social security taken out of the first $118,000. If you make $20 million you still only get social security taken out of the first $118,000 and none thereafter. By eliminating the cap you put much more money into social security. While I realize the wealthy won’t be able to collect social security, there are taxes people pay that should change, as well. For example, why should seniors continue to have to pay school tax? Obviously they’re not going to be having any more kids.

        6. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          Yup, and those figures are a load of bull manure, if what you said, or repeated from your source of information were true, then we would not have almost 100 million Americans on some sort of welfare. The employment figures are skewed, and the stock market is an entity unto itself.
          As far as a bursting bubble, that goes right back to the Clinton initiative backed by Fanny May and Freddie forked tongue Mack. Remember, everyone should own a home, so banks and other financial institutions were instructed not to show even a hint of racism, and not confirm, or verify employment or earnings. Real smart move that was. Bush did try to call them out on that, but he was told by Barnie Frank, and others that everything was just fine, and to leave it alone.
          So take your Obama, and left-wit glorification, then shove it where the sun don’t shine.
          On the Iraq thing, it was voted on, the Hilda-Beast voted for it.

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Just gave you the facts. I can’t help it that you choose not to accept facts.

          2. Town Crier says:

            You wouldn’t know a FACT if it hit you with a bazooka shell square in the @$$!!!!!!! I’ll tell you ONE TRUE fact – when the $#!T hits the fan, AS IT WILL, you won’t know whether to crap or go blind, so all you’ll be able to do is stagger blindly into a FEMA camp if you’re lucky, or onto the barrel of terrorist’s gun if you aren’t.

          3. mcgyver35 says:

            You haven’t given any facts, you gave Democratic talking points. In other words LIES

          4. Climax says:

            Democratic thought process: Tell something that is a lie long enough and it becomes a fact.

          5. rifftop says:

            Beliefs are not facts……..besides all lefties use “feelings” not facts. As said by mcgyver………democratic talking points……all the same rants we hear for the lib press. You libs sound like DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ……confused, infused, indoctrinated and robotic………no matter how stupid your answers, or how they do not fit the circumstances……you keep babbling the nonsense………..then if it doesn’t work………you call everybody a racist ( a major liberal rant). Why do lefties hate individual rights as prescribed by the constitution? Instead of constantly attacking the constitution, the founders, the success of the nation, its charity and protector of many nations, as well as formerly the most innovative, self reliant people who provided most of the world food, technology, medical science etc? The current left wing democrat party has become perverted and out of place with loyalties outside our borders.

          6. Mike Zimmerman says:

            And the right wing is addicted to Charles and David Koch as well as the rest of the millionaire and billionaire class. That’s where the right wing’s loyalties lie. IKE wouldn’t recognize today’s Republican party, neither would Lincoln. They’d think the Republican party has lost its’ collective mind.

          7. Climax says:

            Most of our problems we see today started during the Clinton Administration. Sure we had other problems but the terrorism, national security problems, housing finance, economy failure, jobs being sent across borders, unemployment, loss of patriotism and strong values all started with the Clinton Administration. Do we really need a Clinton II act to finish us off?

          8. rifftop says:

            Glad you came out of the “funk, the darkness, and the coma”. I don’t want to repeat all my “above comments”, but Obama is a nightmare…….and this nation has lost so much initiative, self responsibility and opportunity. We are running massive debt…..for no reason and these fools want to keep going this way. Iraq was, is a mess, and Obama made it worse, by letting it become a stronghold for ISIS and removing troops out too fast, before it could become a viable state. Hey we stayed in Germany and Japan for decades ……first to rebuild, then to protect……a very long time, but it turned out better for it. A perfect example of Obama’s disgusting governance and view of the nation……ENDING THE SPACE PROGRAMS……AND HITCHING RIDES WITH THE RUSSIANS TO GO TO THE SPACE STATION OR EXPLORE…….what an embarrassment Obama has made this nation.

          9. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            You got that right, however calling that P O S an embarrassment is an understatement, for the likes of Obama it is compliment. Then around the corner laying in wait is the Hilda-Beast. This “woman” is certifiably insane.

        7. Obwon One says:

          I want what Your taking

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Caffeine is readily available.

        8. Town Crier says:

          That’s the ravings of a DUMBCRAP that believes every word the talking heads on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & the rest of the MSM, (Obama’s propaganda wing), say, “Everything is fine, go back to sleep…”!

        9. mcgyver35 says:

          Your a moron if you believe anything you just posted. The market is artificially inflated. Unemployment is actually in double digits. The two wars have not been wound down, in fact they just deployed more troops there. I know this as fact. I live near Fort Brag and have friends that just got sent there for an 18 month stint. The deficit is 7 trillion HIGHER than when Bush was in office. Obama care is a total disaster… This week the largest insurance company in America announced that they are dropping out of Oblammer care. GM and Chrysler took bailouts…Chrysler still had to be bought by a foreign country to survive. Ford took no bail out and are thriving like never before, so no thanks to Oblammer there. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen didn’t get bailouts they are thriving also, again,no thanks to Oblammer there either. Now to address GM, How does the number one selling car manufacturer get in financial trouble and lose their position as number one and become number 2? They should not have been bailed out. They took the bailout money and have lucrative bonuses to CEOs and went to China and built the new manufacturing facility… So they took our money and our jobs. So Oblammer DID NOT save the auto industry as you stated…he only “saved” one company, one that should not have needed saving anyway…GM. And again you are incorrect about Katrina also. Bush had the national guard ready to help but the Democratic governor refused the help he offered her. You really should do some research and stop spewing lies .Now we address the financial crash…it was triggered by something the New York Post (a liberal paper) bragged on Clinton for doing in 1999…deregulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 81% of people that were denied loans were given loans. Two things happened 1) banks raised the prices on houses because the government were going to back the loans . 2) the banks attached ballon payments to these loans. So when the person working at Walmart for $8 an hour buys a $225,000 with a barely affordable $450 monthly payment watched their payment jump to $950 a month when the ballon kicked in. So guess what happened…the 81% lost there homes back to the bank…but not before destroying the home they lost. I personally saw these houses. They punched holes in every wall and ceiling, ripped plumbing from the walls, busted out the windows, ect ect ect. Bush didn’t create that disaster. Slick Willie did that. And WMDs were not a lie. He did have them. He committed genocide on whole towns . I have friends that are soldiers that were there and I gave seen photos of them standing beside those weapons. You sir need to lay off the Democratic koolaid and study facts , feel free to research all I have said.

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Seeing as how Toyota, Honda and Nissan are Japanese companies; Hyundai and Kia are Korean companies; and Volkswagen is a German company, why would the US bail them out? That makes no sense. Actually, saint Ronnie Reagan is the one who started it by de-regulation of the banking industry. Let’s not forget congress who repealed the Glass-Stegall Act. Daddy bush helped weaken regulations even more. I agree Clinton did more weakening. A very good documentary on it is called “Inside Job” which goes into a lot of detail about what led to the 2008 crisis and how very little punishment has been given to the guilty parties.

        10. ROB says:

          Explain the stock market’s explosion with businesses stagnant. Explain why unemployment is at 5% but yet there are 93,000,000 Americans not working. Why has poverty numbers risen by 24% since king barry took office.

          1. I Seigel says:

            What do you mean “businesses stagnant”? The 93 million include all retirees – many of which have decided to retire early – high schoolers and college age kids who choose not to work and many MANY others who are not seeking work. And many of those 93 million you mention are already starting to look for work again, as all those “stagnant businesses” are hiring and wages are creeping up. And maybe the increases in the minimum wage will encourage more people to find work. Another thing that could encourage people to find work are good paying jobs, which unions help to support. Not the low wages that lots of companies choose to pay to non-union or immigrant or illegal workers.

          2. ROB says:

            What I mean sir is the stock market “boom” is certainly not a result of an economic rise. It is totally driven by the quanitative “easing” by the fed pumping money into the system thru the banks and investments they are making instead of loaning it to people to start up businesses.

          3. I Seigel says:

            There have been plenty of startup businesses in the last several years. Lots of venture capital going to tech, biotech and other startups. Lots of merger and acquisition activity on Wall Street. In the main, continuingly good earnings reports from companies. There are monthly reports of more hiring, and more people getting into the workforce. There are also increasing signs that companies, mostly tech, cannot find the skilled workers they need, so they seek more H1-B visa to import foreign brainpower. These are all signs that the stock market “boom” isn’t just the result of the quantitative easing that was necessary to prevent the US from falling into a Europe-like recession.

        11. Climax says:

          Obama/Democratic Robot. Remember that liars figure and figures lie. The truth is the truth and no matter what kind of BS your peddling the American Public knows better.

        12. raffaelecafagna says:

          Mike Zimmerman
          you have been brainwashed so bad your brain is under the left sole of your shoe . 20 Million Americans can`t find a decent job ; 49% of the population is on welfare , EBT cards and give me give me everything free .
          Talking about Bush : when he left at the end of 08 the deficit was 10 Trillion ; your dear O didn`t stop any spending ; if you remember all the bailouts , solyndra , electric cars , all auto makers , banks , housing , etc. etc.
          now call him the 20 Trillion man .
          You are very Confused .

        13. rifftop says:

          Unemployment is still high…….full time jobs replaced with part time low pay jobs. Benefits gone for many workers. Many dropped off the unemployment rolls once it expired. The tax base is the smallest percentage in history (real easy concept..the more people working to contribute taxes, the easier it is for all workers, and the more revenue is taken in to pay off the massive debt. Wars continue in the Mideast, Africa. Libya is a mess, Syria is never ending. We put token troops there at risk……while millions of refugees flee (indicating the fighting is ongoing). Nothing is cut from the NATIONAL DEBT OF $20 trillion. It keeps growing, just the pace is slowed, but the debt is still going up. The national debt is the key number…….created by an accumulation of deficits. United Health just dropped out of the Obamacare fiasco…….because they are going broke. Premiums are going up, while care and medical coverages are going down. Student debt is in the billions and expected to be the next financial disaster like the 2009 mortgage mess. When the young cannot find suitable jobs beyond fast food clerk to pay the bill……..they will be in bankruptcy. Obama robbed MEDICARE of$750 billion to fund his corrupt Obamacare, which was a scam to transfer funds to MEDICAID TO SUPPORT HIS IMPORTATION OF ILLEGALS AND MUSLIMS WHO NOW GET FREE MEDICAL CARE. So Obama actually imports the health care problems by bringing in illiterate, non eligible, unvetted, undocumented immigrants who are a combination of disease infected (ie the El Salvadoran kids 60,000), illiterate (burden to our schools and local communities) or criminals robbing, raping and killing Americans (ie women in California..recent events). We have Somalis in Minnesota…….sucking up benefits, while demanding “Islamic food” from the FREE FOOD PANTRIES. The Obama regime is purchasing “heavy water” from Iran for about $30 billion through a proxie……..but that isn’t big news. Nobody talks about Kerry’s daughter Dr Vanessa Kerry marrying an Iranian physician Dr. Brian Nahed………whose best man was Mohammad Javad Zarif, who is the current minister of foreign affairs…….and Kerry’s counterpart in the Iran nuke negotiations. Yeah we agree Bush was weak. His building a PanAmCan highway for Mexican truckers was crap. His attempt to have UA Emirates manage our shipping port at Long Beach California was pure insanity……..but compared to this regime…… was just a blurb or introduction to globalist “sh.t on America” policies. Obama has taken his treachery way beyond Bush…….the interference with Egyptian government and his support of the muslim brotherhood (fortunately Egyptians finally rejected Morsi and that crap), removing Gaddafi …an admittedly bad guy…….but with no alternatives, not replacement……..just left Libya in chaos, beside the death of our people in Benghazi…caused by that shrew Hillary , a complete incompetent. Obama’s dealing with the Russians…….is completely a failure….while they do as they wish, even flash our ships….with no response. A garbage Iran nuke treaty, while they pop test missiles…….again nothing. His bowing and scraping to his religious superiors, Saudi Arabia. Yeah Bush dropped the ball …..but Obama destroyed the entire ball field. You have to be brain dead to think all these years of his commie, muslim VALUES result in any improvement for US citizens……minimal jobs……fake CPI inflation reports, printing money……thereby devaluing everybody’s income, savings, investments. Everything this hack touched got worse…….and no phony government reports will change what people are living through.

        14. Edwin Kaplan says:

          Who paid you for your stupid analyzing?
          Hellery and DP?

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            No one. Just stating the obvious facts.

          2. Edwin Kaplan says:

            Than I apologize.

      2. rifftop says:

        I’m with you. It’s amazing how the population has bought into the Obama VALUES, pure garbage. It’s okay when he spends billions on importing illegals and muslims from all over the planet…trillions spent on what?…..nothing good for US taxpayers, citizens……….he’s been “3rd world building” in the US his hatred for this country is so blatant………yet lots of brain dead , lazy, drug addled, slobs got sucked right into his agenda. The next great holiday is when this commie muslim vacates the white house and it gets fumigated. And hopefully enough people wake up and do not install that shrew Clinton (female version of Obama) who has the same VALUES DEFICIT and warped philosophy of what this nation should be doing. Notice how the topics of “IMPORTANCE” have really become junk issues…….ie gay marriage and rights, the “war on women” (I’m still looking for that battle), climate change (formerly global warming……all of which has been a part of this planet’s history…the geologists and archeologists find “climate change” has existed for centuries…before industry existed), Then there is the race baiting and cop bashing everytime a black criminal is killed. Now we have the BATHROOM CONTROVERSY….for those who are gender confused. Already we have girls complaining about grown men entering “ladies rooms” because the LAW SAYS SO, and of course they are perverts abusing a stupid law. Whatever is between your legs……..dictates the bathroom. If somebody actually went through a surgical change…… be it. But this insanity of just declaring your sexual preference…..and using an opposite sex toilet is the most idiotic topic ever. And these moronic politicians sit there and approve this crap. Then idiots like Springstein jump to this topic and cancel a concert. Other than the staff, stage crews and audience…….Springstein’s cancellation is meaningless……..he proves nothing……..and looks like an idiot…….and merely screwed those who needed the job. We are long over due to rid ourselves from the OBAMA VALUES SYSTEM……..and it cannot come soon enough.

    6. Mike Zimmerman says:

      But how many tunnels have they missed? The drug cartels wouldn’t have such an open market in this country for drugs if they didn’t have the customers buying their products. This so-called war on drugs has been a total failure just like prohibition was.

    7. Smitch says:

      I use to shot ground squirrels when they would pop their heads out of the hole! That sure was fun, maybe the US should put an open season on the grease stains popping out of the hole!

    8. disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

      That is a very good idea. Detonate a time bomb to dismantle the tunnel.

  • Mike Zimmerman says:

    So much for Trump’s wall stopping the flow of drugs and illegals from Mexico into the US.

    1. paulyz says:

      The WALL will stop Millions of ILLEGALS, & a lot of the drug problem, much better than the wide open mess we have now. They have developed sensors to detect tunnels. There should be a wider no-man’s strip around the border making tunnels much harder to build & easier to detect.

      1. Mike Zimmerman says:

        So are you willing to shell out the minimum of $25 billion dollars it will take to build that wall? If so, take out your checkbook and start writing.

        1. southernraised says:

          In the long run, the wall will cost less than the millions of illegals streaming through now..

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            So take out your checkbook and start writing.

          2. southernraised says:

            Be glad to, just as soon as the actual building starts!

          3. dlynch says:

            You watch!! Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall and like it!! It is a great plan and one that mexico won’t be able to say no to!!

          4. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Only in Trump’s wildest dreams!! This is a man who has had to file bankruptcy 4 times. Had to have another failing business bailed out by a Saudi prince. He’s had a failed steak business, wine business, university, mortgage business as well as casinos fail. His own kids didn’t even register to vote in the NY primary for daddy dearest. He doesn’t even know how to tell the difference between 9/11 and a 7/11 convenience store. The majority of his money he inherited from daddy.

          5. theseer says:

            alot less costly…

          6. ai says:

            That is right. Build that wall. GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!

        2. paulyz says:

          The WALL, of which 700 Miles have already been approved in 2006, will cost approx. 8 to 10 Billion. The savings to American taxpayers in health care, unemployment, education, & crime would pay for itself in a few months. Besides, Mexico will be paying for it one way or another.

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Take out your checkbook and start writing.

          2. Triple J Jackson says:

            Take out that gallon of Clorox and start drinking.

          3. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Sorry, I don’t live in Flint Michigan.

          4. paulyz says:

            Be glad to, LOT cheaper than paying for all of their costs!

        3. KKmoderate says:

          As soon as I see liberal checkbooks out writing to cover the costs of government benefits being paid out to the criminal illegals, OK Mike? Then we have a plan?

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            No government benefits are paid to illegals. Just a fantasy pushed on fox news.

          2. kybob says:

            Not until they “pop out” an anchor baby – then they
            qualify for more benefits than American families

          3. Triple J Jackson says:

            Your Friggin crazy too. Someone in my family is a Judge for SS service and trust me I hear all about it. A White man with no legs can’t get help but you best believe a Mexican that won’t speak English will get everything and a lawyer. On your dime so take out YOUR CHECK BOOK.

          4. Mike Zimmerman says:

            It sickens me the amount of hatred people have for people from other countries; especially since they are from other countries as well, assuming they’re not native born American Indians.

          5. KKmoderate says:

            I thought I had met the most absurd liberal, you have far surpassed that status, Mike! You’ve gone around in a circle back to where you can just cast dispersion on anyone for anything. Do you have an intellect? Of just an opinion?

          6. Triple J Jackson says:

            It sickens me that people like you would prefer to help people from other countrys and let Our Own starve , loose jobs, loose homes and Rights just to coddle illegals that don’t even try to conform to America. Nope you would prefer to let them do what ever they want. Not speak English not obey laws and turn our country into the 3rd world toilet they ran from. And by the way I am American Indian. Mother is 100% father is 50%. And I know both ways. And. We don’t want or need any liberal helper talk for us.. And don’t blame the Republicans for our debt. Blame your king for selling us out to China. And don’t hand me any of those fake poll numbers. I got one for you how many people are in America? If in employment is 5% and 100 million people are in employed? Oh wait this just don’t add up! Who dat? Whaaat? Somebody is a big fat LIER!

          7. Mike Zimmerman says:

            My point is that unless one is an American Indian we are all immigrants to this country. And look how terribly, over the decades we immigrants have treated American Indians. Andrew Jackson being one of the worst offenders. I get tired of people who’s families imigrated here for a better life have the nerve to get upset with other people imigrating here. Rather they come legally or illegally doesn’t matter because we Europeans who immigrated here in the last two centuries didn’t consult with the American Indians about us coming here.

          8. Triple J Jackson says:

            Look the country is full! It’s simple as that. When we have too many Deer coming into our land we kill some off to keep the balance to maintain a healthy well fed herd. Same as America we are full close the gate. Or as history always does there will be war. Look I don’t know how old you are but once you have kids a wife and grand kids you realize that one day they are not going to have a chance because they let the rats into the house. I’m all for people coming here legally! And being American’s. Not changing the Hollidays because they don’t do them ok well deal with it. Or not learning English or Partying in the street when a Muslim puke blows up American’s and Children. I’m sorry but it’s time to stand up. Or YOU AND I AND OUR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS WILL BE THE DAMN INDIANS! Can’t you understand that? Or has you collage professor totally brain screwed you where your eyes don’t work? Come on I don’t want my little grand daughter to have to be Raped because Liberals think it’s cute to let Muslim Men run wild and do as they wish to girls. Just look just really read up on what’s going on in Germany. And in 2 years Obama and Hillary will have America just like that. And then I will be the first Patriot to fire the first shot. Because I’m not going to sit back while it happens to my loved ones. Close The fuck#!n Gate before we have to start shooting deer!

          9. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You sure live with a spirit of fear.

          10. Triple J Jackson says:

            No I’m a realist! I’ve been all over the world. I’ve been in war in real Battles I’ve seen how they HATE US. I’ve seen how they are not scared to die to kill or even hurt US. I’ve had to kill I’ve had my best friends killed. I’ve seen women Raped and beat by them Animals. So don’t tell me I live in fear . you are like a kid that doesn’t believe you can ever die. Trust me you can and You will. How is up to you. Go over to Europe take some of daddy’s and mommies money and go see. I have been there And done that and got the Scars to prove it.

          11. Pam says:

            Very, very well said!

        4. Craigmm says:

          25 billion will be cheap compared to what we spend annually already. I read that with welfare, medical, prisons and school we spend over 100 billion annually to take care of the illegal invaders. The budget has been approved for 10 billion already to build the wall, so we will be further ahead, schools will improve, medical costs will go down as there won’t be so many free loaders, costs of our prison system will go down too. It’s simply a win-win for citizens of our once great country. Make America Great again. I don’t like Trump but at least he won’t be owned by people expecting pay backs which counts big for me.

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Get out your checkbook and start writing.

        5. Triple J Jackson says:

          Why not ? We give every other third world shit hole billions for nothing. But are allowing a cancer to eat our country. Tell you what Zimmerman why don’t you go live in one of the shit holes like you want our country be like for about FOREVER then let us know how useless America is.

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You have a Republican controlled house that can’t even get a budget bill out of committee, let alone on the house floor for a vote. How in the world do you expect them provide funding for a wall? They can’t even get a bill put through for the massive infrastructure structure problems we have. How do you expect them to pay for a wall?
            It’s just pure fantasy on Trump’s part and any rational thinking person realizes it.

        6. Stan says:

          The cost of illegal immigration costs more. In Los Angeles alone it costs over a billion dollars. Over 200 million $ is spent for public safety, 400 million $ for health care and anchor babies, 450 million $ welfare and EBT cards , Millions to feed and house illegals in our prisons. Building a HIGH WALL on our southern border is much, much cheaper.

      2. Hgeyer says:

        A wall won’t stop anybody! They will go over, under or just walk threw the door in the wall! Half the illegals here came in as tourists and just stayed! Your republican politicians won’t sent them home because their corporate sponsors need the cheap labor to be able to pay for their politicians! Not all of them sell out cheap!

        1. dlynch says:

          The wall is supposed to have centries every 1/4 mile. That is 1,320 ft. A high powered rifle makes it an easy shot.

          1. Hgeyer says:

            If we have “centries” every 1/4 mile what would we need a wall for? Another stupid idea that won’t work……

          2. dlynch says:

            It worked in China. It is called the great wall of China!!

          3. Hgeyer says:

            Actually it didn’t… The Huns still invaded….. They had things like …… Wait for it….. Ladders and ropes!!! Just like Mexico….

        2. Triple J Jackson says:

          You know I’m sick of You stupid liberal fools. One hole in the dirt that was owned by the cartel. And your stupid ass thinks every stinking dirt bag south of the border can use it. Grow up fool. Personally if I had it my way I would arm every Border agent with a rifle and tell them to head shoot every Mexican they see coming over. And then I would send everyone like Yourself over to Mexico and Shoot you if you tried to come back. Then all the cheap labor you speak of will open back up and construction jobs will come back in America. And a whole generation of men and women will be able to find labor jobs again. And Maggot before you say American’s don’t do labor. Bullshit that’s a new thing Maggots like you started saying to make it seem as we have a use for them stinking short criminals.

          1. Hgeyer says:

            If you want to keep illegals out you simply need to arrest and prosecute those that hire them! Plain and simple! Except THOSE are the people that are the political base for the republican party….. In other words it will never happen! Why would I say that americans don’t do labor? I (n american) have been doing labor in the construction industry for 40 years and only hire americans….. Sounds more like you are the maggot here….. stay with what you know….. eating *hit and bothering people!…..

          2. Triple J Jackson says:

            First off Maggot. If you were a contractor you know that there are No entry level jobs in construction unless you speak Spanish. My first job was at 15 being a helper for a plaster crew. It was toting mud and building scaffolding. And there was only American’s on that job. Fast forward 30 years and I was going over plans for the Demo of the gator bowl in Jax Fl. The immigration came in and arrested every one. I was there and when it was over 11 people we’re left. So don’t tell me They haven’t taken over. And every contractor should go to Jail for working them. I’m sick of people saying we NEED them. No we do not. Those jobs they do are good jobs. And American’s Craftsmen need those jobs.I don’t know any young man that wouldn’t go straight to work on any job site. But they can’t. And Its hard to Arrest the illegal if the president mad a law where they can’t hold or put them in custody.
            The only way to stop it is Not Work them. To protect our border. If they don’t learn English they go back if they break laws they go to prison. And being here illegal and working 15 men on one SS# is breaking the law. So don’t act like I don’t know what I see. We need our country back. We need those jobs back and we need Trump to WIN and do as he says.

          3. I Seigel says:

            Your answer here is very confusing.
            What do you mean that contractors know there aren’t any entry level jobs unless you speak Spanish? If there were plenty of young men American Craftsmen that would go straight to work on any job site (as you said), then why don’t they? They don’t need to speak Spanish, if contractors would hire these American Craftsmen? Who’s got the responsibility here for hiring? Obama? Or the contractors looking for cheap labor? Where are the unions protecting these jobs for American Craftsmen? Nowhere to be seen, I’ll bet. Why? Because the contractors and state legislatures fight like mad to keep them away, so the businesses increase their profits at the expense of American Craftsmen.

          4. Triple J Jackson says:

            Do you know anything about construction? First off contractors 90% of them sub work out thats (Sub contract) ok and those Subs have the crews 99% are Spanish speaking. Now subs don’t hire people that they can’t communicate with. Because 99% of the Subs are Not from here. It use to be a kid could walk up to a job site ask if They needed help and so on and start doing (neck down) labor. And if he was good enough to keep he would be a helper then the more he learned the better he would be played. Every boy I grew up with got jobs like this. From 15 years old we worked the job sites or the farms. Still with me or are you confused? Now in the 90s we started seeing a lot of Mexican Spanish crews coming on. The price paid for hanging drywall went from 5.50$ a board to 3.00$ in a few months. The avg carpenter made 20-25$ per he in 1993 I made 28$ per hr. In 1994 our pay was cut to 15$ per he Because The illegals were working for. 10$ Now they were hacks and the Gen contractor I worked for only wanted craftsmen that had pride. So he kept us for 15$ but he had to drop his prices because the market was flooded with workers. That’s how that works. And union. What’s that you must be from up north. The only unions are for government jobs and ship builders with in 200 miles of here. So to answer you clear if the jobs are available American’s will do them. And if The work force is not over flooded to where contractors can under pay men and get away with it because 10 guys that don’t pay insurance or taxes live in one home and will work for 8$ per hr. How does any one expect things to get better.. We have to take care of American’s First.

          5. I Seigel says:

            So JJJ, it sounds like your beef is more with the contractors or subcontractors than it is with the laborers. If the hirers weren’t wanting to cut costs and save money and pay decent wages, then the American Craftsmen would get the work because they do a superior job and they supposedly work just as harder or harder than cheaper, immigrant laborer. Or maybe your complaint should be directed at the American Craftsmen who don’t feel the need to be competitive with immigrant laborers and be willing to work for the same wages the immigrants earn.

            And let’s leave the immigrants out of the discussion for a minute, and instead of American vs immigrant laborers, it’s a matter of union vs non-union American laborers. Now you have Americans competing with each other for the work, and the workers willing to work for the lowest wage will find steady work. That’s the value of unions – they help to keep the wage standards – and safety and benefit standards – high for EVERYONE.

            It’s like those people who blame Obama for the loss of jobs, and then they go shopping at WalMart where they buy all the China-made stuff. Sure, the customer is saving money so they can buy food and clothes for their families, or gas, or have some extra for a fun weekend. But they’re costing Americans their jobs by not shopping at local stores and insisting on buying American-made products.

            People make decisions – or vote – with their wallets. You spend your money and you make your choices. It’s not honest to blame Obama or the libturds for your choices.

            And if you never shop at WalMart and you shop at your local mom and pop stores, then this isn’t necessarily directed at you, JJJ.

          6. Triple J Jackson says:

            What the problem is is that The Illegals Not immigrants! Are flooding the job market. Now let’s leave the leagle Immigrants out. Because they are just like legal born American’s as far as I’m concerned. Now the Illegals they don’t pay Tax they don’t have insurance the pack 10 deep in one van so it’s one glass Bill. They live 10 deep in a house until they totally destroy it and move on. So my “Beef” is with our STUPID government that will not let the immigration and border patrol do their jobs. And send them back. My Beef is knowing that Politics to the government is to screw it’s citizens and coddle the illegals. Because they want votes. And don’t turn my words around My beef is with the Illegals also. When they come here and try and turn America into Mexico They don’t obey laws they have no respect for people or property. You know I watched a group after work Sain net a pond in a neighborhood take every fish out and move to the next. So now the people that owned that pond are just out. That’s the kind of Beef I have. My beef is with people that think Unions and Government are for the people. First we never Needed any Union before every thing was grand. Until the Mexican invasion. The problem is no one under 30 knows what it’s like to work. They think sitting on a telephone in front of a computer talking to people is the same as framing houses. And bring that same mindset. Tell you what Monday morning I challenge you go to every Construction site you can find. If you speak Spanish tell them you do not. And try and find work. And tell me something is not wrong!. And I don’t shop Wal-Mart! I drive a Chevy and ride a Harley I shoot American and built my own house. I raise my own beef and pork. And my tractor is a old Ford. So when I hear No speaka the English every where I go yes I got a “beef”

          7. I Seigel says:

            Well, I gotta commend you for not shopping WalMart. And buying American cars. Sounds like you’re a guy who practices what he preaches.

            Not to keep arguing with you, but something you said made me think: How do you know these illegals have insurance? How do you know they’re the ones emptying the ponds of fish? Or not paying taxes? What makes you think they’re not legal immigrants? Just asking.
            And I still have to place a good part of the responsibility and the blame on the employers for hiring the cheapest labor they can find. If the promise of work wasn’t there, the illegals wouldn’t be sneaking into the country to work. Some of the reddest states are the worst – Alabama, Indiana, etc can’t do without the illegal workers. The governors and state legislatures there make a big show of trying to keep illegals out, but the businesses complain and threaten and lobby, and so the Republicans look the other way so that ADM and Cargill and Monsanto and the growers in Alabama can get their crops picked. And if contractors could move their job sites to Vietnam or Malaysia or El Salvador to get cheap labor, you know they would. There are not too many businesses that believe in America First.

          8. Hgeyer says:

            I AM A CONTRACTOR (ver 30 years) and all my employee’s were “entry level” employee’s and trained by me! Thanks to republicans that continually fight to destroy unions with their right to work (for less) laws and other anti-union bull$hit. We DO NEED them because our crops would rot in the fields if they weren’t there to harvest them. This has been proven to be true on many occasions! Laws to require employers to verify citizenship are continually fought by republicans as well as corporate owned democrats! If you want to take your county back you need to take it back from those worthless republicans that you keep voting for because both houses of congress are controlled by REPUBLICANS right now. FYI! They are the ones that make the laws and NOT any president! This is a fact! Trump ISN”T the answer, he is part of the problem! He hires imported labor for his projects while those willing americans you talk about are collecting unemployment! Another FACT you chose to ignore! Trump’s people have continually said that the “show” he is putting on is only until you elect him and he really has no plans to implement all his stupid idea’s yet you bury your head in the sand and support him anyway. Like he has said, he loves stupid voters!

        3. paulyz says:

          Why Establishment is fighting Trump, but the Democrat-Socialist Party absolutely won’t ever secure our border or pass Mandatory E-verify.

    2. dlynch says:

      That wall will stop a lot of this sheet. The tunnels only provide a small part of the smuggling.

      1. Mike Zimmerman says:

        Get out your checkbook and start writing.

        1. kybob says:

          Hey Mike – when Hillary gets elected we are all going to have to start writing

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You must be in the 1% then. Tax rates on the wealthy need to be at the level they were under Ike. The same with corporations, as well. Coincidentally, under Ike was the last time a Republican president had a balanced budget. We also had a thriving middle class. The interstate highway system was built back then, as well.

    3. Med1 says:

      Fine. Then we use drones instead. I have no problem making our border 100% impenetrable.

  • Dick Ellis says:


    1. Lorene B says:

      This sounds like a workable solution…

    2. dlynch says:

      That won’t do it but a forced fed pressurized Napalm blast would. To reach the destination it would take 50,000 gallons of gasoline. I would like to see either one tried!!

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