Brown Hits Shaheen Over Blocking of Cruz's Anti-ISIS Bill

September 19, 2014

The Scott Brown campaign released the following statement after Senate Democrats blocked Senator Ted Cruz’s bill to strip American ISIS fighters of their citizenship. Brown has used foreign policy, immigration and the economy to pull even with Jeanne Shaheen in the New Hampshire Senate race. “It’s disgraceful that Senate Democrats have blocked a measure that would have stopped American ISIS fighters from returning to the United States and inflicting harm on our citizens. My question is, where was Senator Shaheen? A strategy against ISIS has to take into account the need to keep them from slipping into the country. Jeanne Shaheen failed to lead on this issue and instead silently acquiesced to the effort to prevent this common sense measure from becoming law.”

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  • belladonnacotton says:

    Scott Brown is backed by CAIR/Muslim terrorist group right here in America. Be careful of whom you back because his sins will be yours.

  • ArtPope says:

    Seems to me that this legislation raises serious constitutional questions and needs to be properly vetted. Ready shoot aim policies and practices in Washington are a major determinate in the mess the Country is in now.

  • sutherncon says:

    If they insist on following the pseudo president and his lap dogs, lets just replace them.

  • I Seigel says:

    This is such a completely bogus story, it’s pathetic.

    First of all, yes, a Democratic Senator FROM HAWAII blocked the Senate from fast-tracking the bill. Ted Cruz tried to fast-track it yesterday, which would have given legislators ZERO time to debate the issue, since Congress was set to recess today (Friday). Scott Brown’s opponent had NOTHING to do with this. He just conveniently blames her. ANY politician running against an incumbent could do likewise. Shame on him, and hopefully the people of New Hampshire will penalize him for his disingenuousness (i.e., lying)

    FOX – I say again, FOX – has the news story right here:
    A showdown over the passports of so called ‘foreign fighters’ – Americans and other westerners who have joined the ISIS terror army in Iraq and Syria – came to a head on Thursday when a U.S. senator killed legislation aiming to strip them of their citizenship.
    Democrat Mazie Hirono, a freshman senator from Hawaii, objected on the Senate floor when Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tried to fast-track his ‘Expatriate Terrorists Act.’
    Cruz bypassed the Senate’s committee process in order to rush the legislation to a vote, meaning that any single senator could block it.
    Since the Senate is sprinting through its final days in session this year, he said, putting the bill through committee ‘would mean that it could not pass in time to prevent Americans fighting right now with ISIS from coming back and murdering other Americans.’

  • Ddenney1 says:

    COMMON SENSE??? What does that have to do with Demon Rat politics?? The southern border is wide open until Perry sent troops that stopped 4 terrorists on 9/10 and Sin ate Demon Rats are so worried about offending illegal aliens and their “legal” family members that they will not stop them from coming in at will!!!! Now I guess they want the TERRORIST VOTE too!!! I for one wish Cruz could win the Presidency but that’s a pipe dream with as many RINO’s that keep VOTING for the Status Quo!!!

    1. reggie says:

      check out examiner * com for aug 28, vicky Nissen c I a admits … He already had their vote, he’s one of them.

    2. hijinx60 says:

      Ddenny1…. I agree and the Mexican Prez is complaining about our trying to stop the illegals and at the same time, they are still holding a U.S. Marine, last I heard, for wandering across the border. It is BS !!

    3. ArtPope says:

      For our own benefit it seems to me that we should try to refrain from allowing political spin artists from either party to manipulate us with this kind of press release. It is obvious that this is nothing but a red herring to get us to dislike one candidate over the other…nothing more.

  • ch says:

    What the hell is wrong with these stupid, liberal, communistic, democratic muslim loving idiots. Why would you turn down a bill trying to keep Americans turned traitor with ISIS from returning to the country. How about if we supply ISIS with some congressman and representatives. Then lets see if they change their tune about these people.

    1. ijohnc1 says:

      Great retort, give them the communist democrats from the senate.
      I never thought I would see the day our once great country, traffic in illegal alien children, give arms to our Muslim enemy’s , let our veterans die in the halls of VA hospitals, short change those Seniors on social security, hell the list is too long to print.
      Let us patriots join together and throw these bums out of office.
      God Bless America, we need his help.

      1. Trish P says:

        You’re so right. The list is so long that you’d develop carpal tunnel syndrome typing it up. Last time I did this it was several pages long and now it is probably triple that. I pray to God every night to help our country.

        1. ArtPope says:

          Maybe god is helping. We just have to listen and observe. Sometimes God doesn’t think our individual desires are correct and helps us in spite of ourselves

      2. karacek says:

        Right on the mark… There are many Americans already confronting our elected officials on their unconstitutional stances. is where it’s ! All 50 states constituted and fighting to restore our Republic and Constitution, the supreme law of the land. We have government of the people, by the people and for the people WHO PARTICIPATE! We cannot be ignorant and free. Join the fight and let’s get rid of the traitors.

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