Calexit III? New ballot measure plots another route to California independence

by Jim Miller
August 18, 2017

On Thursday, people unhappy with California’s place in the United States filed yet another proposed ballot measure that could lead to the Golden State striking out on its own.

This time, the goal is convening a U.S. constitutional convention to overhaul what proponents call a moldy national blueprint out of step with life in California.

The measure says a reworked Constitution should include a provision creating a “clear and reasonable path for states to achieve complete independence from the United States should any state so choose.” No state has become independent under the existing U.S. Constitution.

“The world has changed dramatically since 1787,” reads the preamble of the California Calls for a Constitutional Convention, or “Cal Con Con.”

8 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Worried Vet says:

    Potus should sign an EO giving them permission to leave the union. Then stop all federal funding and any payments for bases. This will teach those whiny idiots a true lesson in a very short time. They are already broke so in a few months without federal money they will beg to come back or millions will leave for the good ole USA. We should treat them just like any other country and make them get visas

    1. Francesjwright says:

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  • NM Leon says:

    Let’s do it. A constitutional convention is just what we need, and now is the time to do it while we have the majority of the Governorships and state legislatures.

    Doubtful CA’s proposal would be passed, but there are numerous fixes needed.

  • Tiger says:

    Well Buckwheat I can assure you, plenty of people would love to see the end of you and your liberal flubs and slugs. Actually you are more in the category of thinking like a Third World Crapper and deserve to make that dream come true.

  • Jose says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE let them draft an amendment so the rest of us (in the USA) can vote them out of the union and I bet they will immediately get over 3 million LEGAL VOTES approving for them to leave the union. I certain would vote for this and would even spend my own time and money getting votes (maybe even from ILLEGAL INVADERS) so the “majority” approves their departure. PLEASE, PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN.

  • LLuke47 says:

    This is how liberals spend their time, they never work for the people to make things better, they’re constantly finding ways to cause trouble and not do the jobs they were voted in to do, vote them out and vote for people who want to serve the people instead of themselves and their wicked party..

  • PoorPitifulPearl says:

    While I hate to see disolution of the United States of America, perhaps it would be better for us all to allow California to just seceed and go it alone. We certainly can build a wall to keep them out of the rest of the country, and allow those poor, unfortunate conservatives who live there to trade places with the rest of the leftist/progressive/complainers in the rest of the country. California is so far in debt, yet their looney-tune Gov. Moonbat wants us to bail him out to fix the dams that are failing, that he failed to address a long time ago. They think we need them because they are the “food belt” but with the practices they employ in growing foodstuffs, we’d be better off growing our own sustainable gardens. I’ll be happy to turn my huge swimming pool into a hydroponic garden and feed the neighborhood as well. We’ve got a long growing season down here.

    1. jimbo6 says:

      Not all of California is liberal. There is an east/west divide. We only need to get rid of the coastal areas and I’m sure the inland portion would love to remain in the Union.

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