Can Johnson Beat Clinton?

by Jonathan Easley
June 10, 2016

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson leads presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton among self-identified independents, a new poll finds.

A Fox News survey released Thursday found Clinton leading overall with 39 percent support, followed by Donald Trump at 36 percent and Johnson at 12 percent.

But among independents, Trump leads, at 32 percent, followed by Johnson, at 23, and Clinton, at 22.

It’s the latest sign of early polling strength from Johnson, who many believe is poised for the best showing from a third-party candidate in decades.

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  • Ted Crawford says:

    I would have gladly voted for Johnson rather than Trump or Hillary, only to find that Johnson is a Junky! I’m forced to write-in a candidate, albeit the one I believe should actually BE the Republican Candidate, Scott Walker!

    1. onefour says:

      Ted even tho it’s your right to do a write-in candidate you are doing the country no good by doing so. It will help Hillary tho.

      1. Ted Crawford says:

        Well, I’m sure as he_ _ not going to do an imitation of King Priam and vote for a known Democrat, even a Liberal one like Trump!
        I haven’t made that mistake since 1972, don’t intend to allow history to repeat itself now!

        1. onefour says:

          Yes, Trump was a Democrat but changed sometime ago as have many people including myself. Haven’t voted for one since Kennedy. Without voting for someone that can win over Hillary and Johnson isn’t it you might as well vote for her. I view Johnson as a spoiler.

          1. Worried Vet says:

            I agree. We will have to wait and see. I hear reports for both saying he will take away votes from them
            I don’t see it since his views seem closer to the GOP or at least what I have read so far. I will keep researching then make up my mind.

          2. Ted Crawford says:

            “Some time ago” Really? When? In 2013 he supported and financed Terry McAuliffe over Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia!

        2. Worried Vet says:

          I agree with you about not making the same mistake twice. My point is we are making the same mistake twice if we don’t give Trump a chance. It is very hard for me to vote for him but I believe it’s for the good of our country. When we don’t vote it gives liberals a chance to win. This is one reason I will bite my tongue and do it. I know were in really bad trouble if Hillary wins. We’re really in more trouble if the liberals take back the Senate or Congress. God help us then. It’s your right but at least think about it.

          1. Ted Crawford says:

            Respectfully, with respect to the Senate and very probably even the House, there is NO “IF”, it’s a GIVEN! The Senate of the 115th.Congress will be 54 – 56 Progressive! Even should the Republicans maintain a slim majority in the House, it will be so compromised by Progressives that the selection of the next Speaker will be a battle Royal!
            Consider; Do you honestly believe that those squishy Democrats and Left-Leaning Independents that Trump is so proud of supporting him, will actually vote for ANY Republicans running for the open Congressional Seats?!

          2. Worried Vet says:

            I agree but I can hope and try to do all I can to make a difference. I will and I will fight in my district to elect we hope the more honest and fair. We can’t do much else for now. I fear if things don’t change were headed for civil war. People will not stand by and let these liberals continue to take our rights. This assault on guns will be the breaking point I predict. It’s bad enough they are trying to deflect the truth with their new cause transgender in bathrooms. They ran out of causes when gays were allowed to marry so that issue isn’t deflecting the truth. The slow , methodical assault on Christians and our values is in this country is disgusting. They can’t just pass a law to take it away they know the country would rise up. I feel like the proverbial frog in the pot slowly having the heat turned up and it boils to death not realising what’s happening. I am afraid we’re the frogs. They turn the heat up and adjust to our reactions. We let them this is how the supreme Court is passing laws against the founding fathers and I pray most of us and our morals. This decline in morals will destroy this country. When I see where people want to fight back it does give me hope. I pray it don’t come to civil war but if Hillary wins she promised to go around Congress to take our guns. That will I’m afraid will be the last straw.

          3. Ted Crawford says:

            Depending on her degree of patients she won’t need to take Executive actions, with that Senate, she’ll have SCOTUS completely corrupted within the first two years of her first term, They’ll take the heat away from her!

          4. Worried Vet says:

            You have great common sense. Your comments will help people to think for themselves. Who knows we could save this country after all.

          5. Worried Vet says:

            Your right if she stacks the court this country is doomed for many reasons. The main one is the debt we can not susstain this rate of spending. What’s sad is I hear very little about it now since Cruz dropped out. I don’t understand how anyone can imagine adding more sent when we owe close to 20 trillion dollars. For the life of me I just do t get why that don’t seem to bother many. I’f the dollar fails or if Hillary is elected when the dollar fails it’s us that will be hurt not the elites. There are only five countries the last I checked that isn’t In debt. I’f the dollar fails because one the UN wants the Euro to be the world’s currency where we get the money to pay bills? I see one way maybe the only way and that’s to take people’s savings accounts, 401k account and maybe stock accounts. I delete emails telling me the government has paved the way to do that, I also don’t pay attention to we must buy gold and silver. I am wondering maybe I should. It’s very scary to me. I have seen what collapse can do. There are many countries right now with broke governments because of greed and stupidity and people starving. I pray were not headed in that direction. I don’t worry about me I’m old been there done that, seen the world but I do worry about my family especially my grand children what are we leaving them?

  • Jim Matis says:

    Well, as long as Hellray doesn’t get elected, I’m happy as long as it isn’t that dead beat blabbermouth Sanders.

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Samders has the young people thinking we can give away free everything. When anyone tells me they like Sanders I tell them to look up Venezuela. Their people are doing so well. Bernie has said he is a socialist and so is that country. That system works so well when people are starving no water that’s clean no medicine now that’s the way to run a country. When these women say they support Hillary I ask them do they know she thinks taking us down the road to more Sharia law do you even know what that is. It amazes me how many woman, gay people who support Hillary have no idea what Sharia law will do to them. The media has done it’s job of not informing the public. It’s up to us to tell anyone who will listen.

  • Donnie Buchanan says:

    I would love to see Killary come in third place. It would be the greatest put-down ever for that ….

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