Clinton’s full State Dept. schedule won’t be released until after Election Day

WASHINGTON – Seven months after a federal judge ordered the State Department to begin releasing monthly batches of the detailed daily schedules showing meetings by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, the government told The Associated Press it won’t finish the job before Election Day.

The department has so far released about half of the schedules. Its lawyers said in a phone conference with the AP’s lawyers that the department now expects to release the last of the detailed schedules around Dec. 30, weeks before the next president is inaugurated.

The AP’s lawyers late Friday formally asked the State Department to hasten that effort so that the department could provide all Clinton’s minute-by-minute schedules by Oct. 15. The agency did not immediately respond.

The schedules drew new attention this week after the AP analyzed the ones released so far. The news agency found that more than half the people outside the government who met or spoke by telephone with Clinton while she was secretary of state had given money — either personally or through companies or groups — to the Clinton Foundation. The AP’s analysis focused on people with private interests and excluded her meetings or calls with U.S. federal employees or foreign government representatives.

The AP’s reporting was based on official calendars covering Clinton’s entire term plus the more-detailed daily schedules covering roughly half her time as secretary of state. The AP first asked for Clinton’s calendars in 2010 and again in 2013. It then sued the State Department in federal court to obtain the detailed schedules, and the department so far has provided about half of them under court order.

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  • Bob says:

    This is surprising, why? The Clinton Crime Family has played by it’s own rules for more than 20 years now. They can be accused, tried, Impeached and they are more Teflon than Gotti. She could drown cats on the White House lawn, lave and in color on all major media outlets and the lemmings that support her will still deny it. More liberals believe that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and OJ is guilty than will admit there is a possibility that the Clinton’s are guilty.

  • Shelba Herring says:

    If the information was released before the election there would be some people who would not vote for her but there are still people dumb enough to vote for her no matter that she has betrayed this country, committed murder, told a million lies and defended bills raping ways

  • Saltporkdoc says:

    Gee, Ya think?! Why screw up a perfectly good and well paid for election with something like the truth!

  • Saltporkdoc says:

    Gee, Ya think?!



  • MyronJPoltroonian says:

    Does Julian Assange and/or Wikileaks have them? Could they be released in September to Trey Gowdy, security redacted and released in mid-October? Now that would be interesting.

  • Walter Flatt says:








    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      Thank you for your service and honoring the oath we both took. (Ex-GI 06/’59-06/’62.)

  • justinwachin says:

    I don’t understand what the delay is. This request has been floating around for six years. Maybe we should ask if all of her meetings were reserved for donors to the Clinton foundations. We might find that most of her day was spent doing the work of the Clinton Foundation.

  • N.McDaniel says:

    “Lock her up’!!! and the other crooks too!!

  • Tiger says:

    If we are lucky Assange or someone will release them for all to see. The woman isn’t ever going to go to the WH.

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      “From your lips to God’s ears.”

      1. Tiger says:

        Praying daily bring the ball of fire and aim it oh Mighty.

  • Patriot47 says:

    That presupposes WikiLeaks doesn’t have it already.

  • Thomas Martin says:

    Our government is 100% bias and is as corrupt as it can be and it’s all because of the corrupt lying treasonous traitor barack hussein obama. obama has broken our laws and laughs in our faces and shows he supports terrorist and is anti God, America, has not one bit of respect for our laws or our rights, he’s against our military and has shown he has no love for the men and women in blue. Our justice department is a joke and has proven money Talks and BS walks and has let hillary rodham clinton break our laws and she to laughs in our faces. I have no respect for either of these scumbags obama or the clinton’s as they have shown they don’t respect our laws and thinks we’re all as stupid as the ones who ever put the lying traitors into office.

  • Connie Alsip says:

    This is just another example of the Justice System FAIL in America. The politically active shrew, Ginsberg, makes me sick. The rest of the SCOTUS got rid of 1.6 million in stocks after John Roberts was found out. Sotomayor is a liberal twatwaffle who preaches racism as her credo. Clarence Thomas is doing great, thank you very much. Our JUDICIARY is tainted, thanks to Obozo. #NeverHillary the perjuring Butcher of Benghazi. #TrumpPenceIn2016 #TakeAmericaBack

  • Cadfael says:

    Nothing but an organized crime syndicate!

  • ToniStimmel says:

    Why doesn’t the Court order those schedules delivered by October 15th under penalty of Contempt of Court citations for the President and the Sec.of State. The President could be put under House Arrest at 1600 Penn. Ave. and the Secretary of State in a jail cell on 10/16/16 until they are delivered.

    The Clinton Foundation assets should be impounded under the RICO law(s) just like if it was my foundation.

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      Aressted under “No Bail Warrants”, of course.

      1. ToniStimmel says:

        I didn’t think Bail was an option for Contempt of Court.

  • Angelika G says:

    It is very clear that they all want her to become the next President, one can only hope that the people won’t play along…..It seems like that a few thousand, when you combine the numbers of State Department employees and all the others, can hold a country with over 300 million Citizens hostage….We cannot allow that, they all belong in jail…

  • Sue says:

    There is a town in NJ that wanted a certain project done so they put it up for vote. In the history of the town no project had been voted down until then. The people overwhelmingly opposed it. The town government in reply basically said too bad you revolted but the money’s already allocated so we’re doing it anyway!

  • Linda Heck says:


  • DrBillLemoine says:

    I’m dismayed that SecState daily schedules are released at all. No doubt foreign inspection of public records like that can reveal patterns of meetings around world events for analysis. Can you see Putin inspecting SecState’s activities/meetings around the Syrian crisis when Assad was bombing his own citizens or gassing them. How about Iran seeing what meetings were associated with sequestration and sanctions that brought them to the negotiating table before they gave up nukes? What would Russia and Ukraine see in patterns of meetings around Crimea’s takeover and invasion of that country struggling to stay out of the Russian Federation orbit? It’s mind boggling how much information is being given to real and potential enemies by releasing such daily schedules. Stop the ‘aid and comfort’ to the enemies of America, judges and administration opponents.

    1. gvette says:

      I see you’re still a DemonRAT fool. They already know what Killary was doing.They hacked her E-mails.Shit, she’ll sell them to highest bidder.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Not so big on meta data analysis I see. As one who profits from data mining, I can say you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        1. gvette says:

          Oh, so I guess Wikieleaks, and Julian Assange are all fake? I see you’re still a legend in your own mind, Doc. By the way, doctor of what?

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’m talking about national security here. Tracking the influence and effects of SecState meetings on national security. Do you count Assange as an American patriot? How about Edward Snowden?

          2. gvette says:

            So am I bill. Those people bring in the truth. Something you DemonRATS hate more then anything!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s not the truth I refer to, it’s the hacking sources that threaten security. lol And you think Republicans especially the far right that value truth???

          4. gvette says:

            Probable none of them, but give me an example where a republican has put our security at risk, more then Killary has, with her home brew server.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Top of the head and readily apparent is 47 Senators giving ‘aid and comfort’ to the Iranian enemy during delicate but important nuclear negotiations to stop their WMDs. But since it’s Republicans, not a Democrat, there’s nothing said by folks like you. Those 47 are traitors and deserve impeachment. I hope those involved are replaced if up for election this year. BTW ‘home brew’ isn’t applicable as she had a tech specialist set it up with security provisions.

          6. gvette says:

            It was in her home, in NY. that’s home brew. As for WMD, I guess you over looked the poison gas. I guess that’s not a weapon.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Don’t confuse Syria and Iran. Assad was gassing his citizens; Iran hasn’t done any gassing since its war with Iraq decades ago. Re ‘home brew’ the term ordinarily refers to amateur stuff, not the case with Hill’s server.

          8. gvette says:

            Ok Bill. Illegal. 18 USC §2071. This statute says that anyone who has custody of classified material and “willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years.” Clearly, Hillary meant to remove classified materials from government control.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            You underestimate the long arm of the law. FBI determined there was no basis for prosecution. Did you miss the director’s testimony?

          10. gvette says:

            No bill. i didn’t miss the the former Hillary employee letting her off.

            Many are unaware that Comey’s served on the board of banking giant HSBC (‘international drug money clearing house’) before parachuting softly into the head of the FBI in 2013. That’s only the beginning…

            It appears that James Comey (who is actually a lawyer by trade) also has long history of cases ending favorable to Clintons, including the case of Sandy Berger, a former Clinton Administration aid. During the Berger probe, Comey said publicly that ‘we take issues of classified information very seriously’, all the while seeming to undermine the scope of the investigation – presumably to protect the Clintons:
            Then again, for you DemonRATS, everything is fair game!

          11. MyronJPoltroonian says:

            LOL! I see the “Data Mining Profiteer” is replying to you yet again.

          12. gvette says:

            LOL….yes. I find him amusing. I’ve told him before, he’s just a legend in his own mind! I don’t think he impresses to many people, other then his fellow DemonRATS. Funny what they look up to, isn’t it.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Aren’t you overlooking the very real needs for facts, precedent and law to adjudicate any suit? Judges have some but not a lot of leeway just like attorneys in court cases. You are arguing that over decades and multiple suits, there is always someone conveniently placed to help the Clintons–not likely. It’s conspiracy stories run amok, and you are a willing gullible reader. You also argue that Democratic attorneys/officials are smarter than Republicans as AttyGen Gonzales was thoroughly disgraced finding ‘waterboarding’ legal for Bush2. Bush and Cheney are also both international criminals for war crimes and can’t leave the country pending arrest for trial at The Hague. Who slipped up in those legal cases? Not Democrats.

          14. gvette says:

            You’re a laugh , Bill. I gave you a fact. Trouble is, you DemonRATS are so void of facts, you don’t know what one looks like.

          15. DrBillLemoine says:

            Any one who has taken a law course, or taught one, knows it takes more than just facts to make a conclusion, i.e. indictment. YOU ignore precedent and the law. It won’t wash for anyone on the right, so bereft of anything but smoke and mirrors, to accuse the left of not knowing facts. It’s a laugh.

          16. gvette says:

            Law is law Bill, until it involves Killary. I posted the law for you, but, like I said, you DemonRATS are above the law!

          17. DrBillLemoine says:

            You could make a good lawyer. You cover law and facts but not the Comey cited precedents. All three must go your way to indict. The FBI Director didn’t find that and recommended no indictment. Try again.

          18. gvette says:

            LOL…Bill, i watched the who thing. Comey did what was good for Comey. It’s not over yet!

          19. DrBillLemoine says:

            Yes, it’s over. Just like Benghazi and all the other Hillary attacks by the right. You are like a dog with a bone you won’t give up. Woof.

          20. ezekiel22 says:

            Simple Benghazi was a gun running operation that actually armed ISIS. Considering the ties that that group has with the Muslim Brotherhood you should be concerned. You should be concerned of the number of MB people involved at high levels in our government including Huma Abedin. According to the FBI CAIR is an offshoot of MB. You don’t have to believe IDC. Heaven sales you don’t do any reasearch.

          21. DrBillLemoine says:

            Now you are confusing Iraqi armed forces abandoning American materiel to ISIL with Fast and Furious, neither related to Hillary. Do you even know the Muslim Brotherhood is not in power in Egypt?
            Plus you confuse women’s ascendance with Muslim women’s oppression. Muslims don’t value women or their leadership anywhere outside America; your Abedin crack is nonsense. Stay off the sauce.

          22. ezekiel22 says:

            It is not Comeys job to recommend a mocha latte let alone indictment. That would be the job of Lynch. His job is to investigate. Only.
            You tell for the old song and dance. You see the fact of the matter is that Clinton is guilty and the statutes she violated are felonies that do not need intent for one to be guilty. You need to read them yourself and not Rachel Maddow. Yes sir I had clearance and double custody is a blessing. If I did what she did you would be paying my room and board. She ain’t no better than I am. What was not discussed is that if she had of been indicted that would have disqualified to run for president. That may have caused a constitutional crisis. Some think Obama would have done the martial law thing. I think it would have been the Speaker of the House would have made the call until Congress voted. As it stands now we can vote for a sociopathic liar or a egotistical blowhard that steps on political correctness.

          23. DrBillLemoine says:

            Amnesia with all the tired old arguments we’ve covered many times. You–the dog with a favorite bone. Let go of the irrelevant notions repeated by Trump and radicals so you don’t bore me, us progressives further. You have no ideas or understanding at the national level.

          24. ezekiel22 says:

            No honey I understand plenty including one unmistakable fact. I can and do formulate independent opinions upon gathering evidence. Something you have a hard time dealing with.
            To be pointed I have recently refuted your propaganda against the second amendment, your hypocrisy on gays, your insistence that dems are not racists to the point of lauding high ranking members of the KKK. No big deal you are welcome. I like history.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  • tom says:

    Several someones at the State Department need to go to jail over this. They are engaged in a cover up. If anything was learned from Watergate it is that the cover up is often worse than the original crime. We MUST know this information BEFORE the election else the public has not been informed about who (Hillary) or what (corrupt pathological liar) they are voting for.

  • Climax says:

    Since when and who told the State Department that it could disobey a Federal Court Judge’s orders? Kerry is knocking on the cell door next to the one Hillary will be put in if he keeps this BS up. Who and what is he protecting by delaying, as if we don’t now already.

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      “Ohh Noo!” “Lurch” is still the Secretary of State? “Oh good grief.”

  • Climax says:

    What is the State Department hiding about Hillary that they cannot divulge until after the elections? I think they forget they work for us, we don’t exist to provide taxes for them. Perhaps we need a major revolt against the State Department and even more especially to force them to actually read the laws concerning collusion which makes everyone of them that is involved in a cover up liable in court with sentences of fines to prison. Are they willing to gamble that? Where are the leaks?

  • Dan says:

    Unacceptable. Get it done before the debates no matter how many people it takes to get it done!

  • JIMBO says:

    What the hell is going on with this country. A federal judge has ordered the release of the information regarding Clinton’s pay to play game. Yet the state department is not and will not comply. Do we still have a system of law or don’t we? Enough of this crap. Put this Bimbo in jail for disobeying a federal court order.

    1. carroll wood says:

      we have the best judges money can BUY

      1. gvette says:

        or, they have the best judges YOUR money can buy.

        1. carroll wood says:

          Thanks, with people like you still out there I feel my time in service was not wasted after all. best to you and yours

          1. gvette says:

            Thank you for your service. Right now we need a lot of people, like you, and me. If Killary gets in, the country you fought for, will be gone, for good, I’m afraid!

          2. carroll wood says:

            “from my cold dead fingers”

          3. MyronJPoltroonian says:

            When this speech becomes illegal, I’ll become a criminal: “I may become an enemy of the state, but never of the people”. Remember this: “Always aim just below the blue helmet, or at the center of the face mask. No matter what color it is.” (Ex-GI 06/’59-06/’62.)

      2. astrojohn says:

        …said Don Corleone…

    2. Ethel Halstead says:

      American citizens have a right to make a citizen’s arrest of any person they catch in the act of committing a crime. So, since American citizens know beyond a doubt that Hilary has committed at least two crimes against this country, Perjury and disobeying a federal order, isn’t it about time to assemble as a unit and do our patriotic duty by arresting this criminal and bringing her to justice. And since Obama has also knowingly lied about his delivering four hundred million dollars, in cash, to Iran, the same applies to him. So, before he can pardon Hillary of her crimes, isn’t it about time to speak to that federal judge that the state department is ignoring, and together bring impeachment charges against him for his crimes against the people of America? And the same for Hilary. At least, as long as the charges are in place, even if nothing can be done before the election, Obama can’t pardon Hilary and the charges will be waiting even after the election. Let us begin or assemblage for the purpose of protecting our country from two of the worst political criminals in History. As “legal” citizens of this country have RIGHTS to protect it. So let us begin !!!

    3. Ethel Halstead says:

      What is going on? In case nobody has noticed, our country has been taken over from within by the worst political enemies one could imagine, and we no longer have a justice system. And if that isn’t as plain as the noses on our faces then we had better find our eye- glasses and take a long hard look at the overall big picture. Read the article below and help me get the ball rolling toward saving our country!!!.

      1. Dolores Adams says:

        Things will get a lot worse if Corrupt Clinton gets the presidency.
        Just pray the people will maybe finally see through her and will NOT vote for her. I won’t hold my breath.

  • Realityindeed says:

    Why not release these e-mails as they become available, even if there is 2 or 3, or a hundred?

    1. Ethel Halstead says:

      That’s simple enough, they have to ‘wipe’ them before releasing them.

  • unbridled says:

    The whole town should be closed down. Nothing good comes out of DC,,,,NOTHING!

    1. carroll wood says:


  • Bill Cash says:

    There’s no surprise here. This entire administration is as crooked as a butterfly pretzel. Hillary has received more “donations” from the Muslim nations than she has in the USA. This for promises made to them on the immigration issue. All of this was “set up” during her stint as Secretary of State and with blessings from Mr. Obama.

    1. joaniet says:

      Not surprising…. It was part of his promise to fundamentally change the nation (in his case, to seriously bend it towards Islam). In her case, she went along because she saw it as a way to become unbelievably wealthy. The Clintons and the Obamas, although seeming to hate each other at times, are a compatible match (conjured up in hell) because they are all scammers and lack morals, in my opinion. The four of them think nothing about how their actions adversely affect Americans. Why is anyone out there too stupid to see this! Of course. the democrats count on the stupidity of the public– that’s how they remain in office. The failure of schools is their baby — and they are highly motivated to keep it that way!

    2. Ethel Halstead says:

      Well, Bill as I mentioned in the articles above, there is something we can do about it. But we will have to find an “All American” attorney to help us get the ball rolling. But I would imagine that some of you out there are capable of checking through our legal systems and finding one with a good track record for competence and integrity, that all who join our efforts will approve of .
      This criminal party that has taken over our country and completely destroyed our justice system cannot be allowed to stand.
      It is becoming more clear every day now that the big push to take away our weapons was due to this day of reckoning that they knew would ensue as soon as we realized that all of our rights as American citizens had been flushed down their toilets. They knew as American citizens that we would fight with everything available to us to save our country. Well, Citizens, that time has come.

      1. Wolfman says:

        Ethel…notice the sound of crickets!!! I have given up on talking… most of the people on these sites vent but I doubt their resolve. You are a brave woman ….don’t frustrate yourself talking. There is some serious organizing that needs to be done to accomplish any worthwhile opposition…the left has been doing this for years while we actually thought voting ‘Republican’ would change things. We’ve been scammed and I believe time has run out. If Trump wins it will only be because they need him to be a non-left fall guy for the next ‘Derivatives Disaster’ that is coming….and as been highlighted on similar blogs this one will be real cute and make 2008 look like an economic boom !!!

    3. carroll wood says:

      How much does an FBI head costs??? Supreme Court justice????

  • Nellie McConnell says:

    More corruption in government at all levels. Obama all the way down! Looks like Hillary’s. Muslim aids did her work for her.
    Vote for Trump! Our country can’t stand another 4 years of more Obama/Hill dictatorship.
    God Bless Our Country.

  • Daniel Amare says:

    Crooked State Department stands with CrookedHillary Clinton.

    1. carroll wood says:

      amen. crooked all the way to the Supreme court

    2. Robert Barnes says:

      JAIL THE BITCH NOW Tons of evidence at THE CLINTON CHRONICLES etc.

    3. Retired says:

      Gov. employees working at snails pace as usual.

  • nokabosh says:

    We can add the State Dept to the list of corrupt agencies. They are stiffing the public’s need to know who Clinton met in her office. Any lower-level gov’t employee who took bribes for favors would lose their job, pension, and face jail time.

  • Blue 3 says:

    I wasn’t aware that the AP was part of the vast right wing conspiracy. Good for them. Welcome.

    1. Anitasloudermilk4 says:

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