Clinton’s vow to push Supreme Court left galvanizes conservatives wary of Trump

ST. LOUIS — Hillary Clinton ended up helping Donald Trump repair some of the damage from his lewd comments about women this weekend when she ran hard left on the Supreme Court — reinforcing the one overriding reason conservative Republicans have for voting for their flawed presidential nominee.

Her promise to use Supreme Court nominations to push a left-wing agenda did more than anything Mr. Trump said during the debate to win back his supporters, conservative leaders said Wednesday. That included evangelical voters who were repulsed by a 2005 videotape that surfaced over the weekend showing the Republican nominee using vulgar language to boast of his sexual exploits.

“I believe it justifies overriding other concerns like those generated by this tape,” said the Rev. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life.

“Virtue exercised in our own personal choices is important, but policies contain or contradict virtues as well, and there is a corruption in our public policy right now,” he said. “So it is not only that it outweighs the personal failing, of which of course he is repudiated himself and is repenting of, but corruption and immoral outrageous are also incarnated in public policies.”

Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, never mentioned the Constitution in her answer to a question about the justices she would nominate. Instead, she vowed to pick judges who would pursue abortion rights and impose new carve-outs of First Amendment protections for political speech.

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  • snowyriver says:

    Wait a minute.. It has been confirmed the Hillary and Obama were using Benghazi as a base to run arms and ammunition to ISIS. That is treason against the USA. The punishment for treason is life in prison with no chance of parole..
    Now it is confirmed that Hillary deleted emails that were under subpoena. The punishment for that is three years and never holding a govt. position again for the rest of her life.
    Now Hillary allegedly wanted to assassinate the women Bill assaulted.
    Seems to me that this election has only one candidate.

  • Janis says:

    They should be getting behind Trump. Remember she said she would appoint people with “life experiences”. The Constitution does not put any qualifications for a person to be appointed to the Supreme Court. They do not have to have a law degree or even have to be native-born. She could attempt to appoint someone who came here illegally, and eventually gained citizenship. She could appoint a muslim refugee who became naturalized. Can you imagine what “life experiences” they would bring to the Court.

  • Andy Palmer says:

    I listened to Hillary answer the question on the Supreme Court with great glee because she was very clear in the direction she wants this country to take. Her whole campaign is predicated on the stupidity of voters who are too dumb to grasp what a radical left wing nut job she is. The Trump coalition of conservatives, evangelicals, and NRA members will storm voting booths and take back our country.

  • Karll says:

    Trump really needs to put ads out in the swing states regarding
    what could happen if Hellary packs the Supreme Court with gun grabbers And her desire for “open” borders.
    25% of the country are legal gun owners
    60% of the country wants More border security.
    He needs to get people motivated to Vote this time!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    So, will the Never Trumpers support the Constitution or follow through with their previously announced threat and vote for Hillary?

    What the Never Trumpers don’t seem to understand is that they say they are fighting for conservative ideological purity, while they are putting a final nail in its coffin. They think they are protecting the Constitution and the ideals of the Founding Fathers.

    They forget that the Constitution came years after the Declaration of Independence and the launch of the Revolution. The revolution was not at all about ideological purity. it was about freedom from government tyranny. We are back at ground zero, folks. We don’t have the luxury today to make a play for ideological purity.

    Our government is not threatened, it has already been taken over by a corrupt, tyrannical political (and global/industrial) establishment. Our fight is against government tyranny, just as it was at the beginning. Trump is the leader of that fight, not the purist talk radio show hosts who are panicking because their little fiefdoms are in jeopardy.

    If the Founding Fathers were alive today, every one of them would surely vote for Trump, and fully endorse, support and promote him. What the heII are you fools thinking? This is not about you remaining pertinent. it is about saving the country that you profess to be concerned about!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    The Constitution was never mentioned but twice and both times by Trump, and did anyone even notice that there was not one American Flag at the debate! I’m sorry, but anyone that could vote for Hellary is UnAmerican, Period!!

    1. CharlieSeattle says:

      Democrats are not American patriots, not anymore!

  • Lorraine E says:

    If hillary Benghazi clinton becomes the next appointed president bet she appoints barak Hussein obama, eric Fast & Furious holder, Loretta lynch, bill clinton, and huma abedeen to the not so supreme court.
    If hillary is appointed as the next president, hopefully Justice Clarence Thomas will retire immediately so that he won’t mysteriously die of “natural causes” with a pillow over his head like Antonin Scalia.
    Guess the new name for murder is “natural causes”.

    1. CharlieSeattle says:

      ArkanCide, ClintonCide.

  • Walter Flatt says:


  • justinwachin says:

    Donald Trump was wise to release his Supreme Court consideration list. For all his flaws, Donald Trump is the only candidate likely to nominate jurists like Scalia and Thomas to the high court.

    If you think Kagan, Sotomayor and Ginsburg are great justices then Hillary is your candidate. She will fill the Court with people of similar worldview.

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