Concerned citizen calls 911 over man walking ‘with purpose’ with Confederate flag

A concerned resident called police after spotting a man walking “very deliberately” down a residential street in Arlington, Virginia, carrying a hybrid Confederate flag over his shoulder.

The flag was a combination of the Confederate battle flag and Gadsden flag, depicting the famous “Don’t tread on me” snake over the blue and red Confederate banner.

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  • Sounds like the Leftist Vomit Maggot who called in to report the Patriot would, of course, be a cowardly Leftist Fecal Maggot, just like their Kenyan Muslim Homo, Hussein Obama that they voted for. Our 1st Rate Nation needs American Leadership, not 3rd World Tyranny like the Kenyan Primate has brought. It will be a wonderful day for our Nation and the World when we awake to the morning headline of Obama’s Obituary! I will wake my whole neighborhood, laughing and dancing in the street!

  • Scopedope says:

    I’m guessing an ISIS flag or Nazi flag would have been OK. Just don’t fly an American flag or a Confederate battle flag or you’ll offend someone.

  • Lorene James says:

    Come on,This is more Important than terrorist??. Ever who took this picture… Is Not a true AMERICAN. Get off the small things and CONCENTRATE ON THE THINGS THAT WILL MATTER TO ALL AMERICANS.

  • scott says:

    so now the liberal retards wont allow anyone to even walk down the street with their flag.all liberal communist scum must be elliminated from our country along with their followers.all the muzscums,mexicans and their personal monkey army,nigg-rs.

  • Wayne Thorson says:

    A U.S. citizen can display a Nazi flag or a Confederate flag if they wish. If they are a true patriot they will be displaying a U.S. flag higher than either one at the time.

    1. Liz says:

      When I lived in California the police protected the Neo-Nazi groups and individuals when they went places displaying their flags. I guess it is ok to display anything that is against American history and heritage. Granted for some the Southern battle flag indicates a dark time in our past but it does not represent genocide of an entire group of people like some flags do. We tolerate Muslims when the radical part of their religion also represents genocide if you don’t believe as they do so why not tolerate this part of Southern history.

      1. plum82 says:

        Because the USA is full of morons, mu-slimes AND the likes of billary & her minions……

      2. Wayne Thorson says:

        It’s called freedom of expression.

    2. liberty49 says:

      And that is why some Christians are displaying a flag signaling their belief in God over the American flag to show allegiance FIRST to God. That is the right of every American under our Constitution, which the Left is trying to change.

      1. plum82 says:

        They are succeeding….throwing GOD out of the USA will have dire consequences and people are too stupid to get it….this was once an A+ nation and as they slowly but surely eliminated GOD, GOD decided to let them go their own way AND you see the results today….

        1. True! But we are still a 1st Class nation, we just need to rid ourselves of this pathetic 3rd World Non-Leadership coming from the Kenyan and his ilk. Another good reason I wake up each morning hoping the morning headline will be Obama’s Obituary! Now that would be Outstanding!

          1. plum82 says:

            OUTSTANDING INDEED……i think we’re dreaming…

      2. Wayne Thorson says:

        The truth is there is so many wannabe Christians that use the Bible to cover their own bigotry. Especially if they are using it to hurt someone that he created. These people are someday going to have to answer for the way they treated one God’s creatures.

        1. liberty49 says:

          Yeah, you are right.

    3. plum82 says:

      Not in todays society with all the weirdos out there….I agree raise it HIGHER & HIGHER……..

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