Congress looks to punish ‘sanctuary campus’ colleges that protect illegal immigrants

Forget sanctuary cities: The next heated congressional battle on immigration could be over “sanctuary campuses” — the dozens of colleges and universities that say they will resist any cooperation with federal immigration agents, unless they are forced to by law.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, introduced legislation this month to do just that, saying Congress should strip schools of billions of dollars in federal financial aid unless they start cooperating with authorities.

Mr. Hunter’s legislation would require the Department of Homeland Security to keep a list of sanctuary campuses and send it to the Education Department, which would cancel federal payments for student loans and financial aid, potentially costing schools billions of dollars.

“This effort is not about telling colleges who they can and can’t accept for enrollment, but whatever decision they make will either mean they receive federal money or they don’t — it’s that simple,” Mr. Hunter said.

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  • sox83cubs84 says:

    At some point, we may take a huge bite out of the National Debt just by stopping Federal funds to sanctuary cities, sanctuary colleges, and Planned Parenthood.

  • exoticdoc2 says:

    Yet they SHOULD tell colleges who they can and can’t enroll when it involves illegal alien criminal scum. They universities are breaking the law and should be held fully accountable up to and including arresting and imprisoning those in charge of the decisions to protect illegal alien criminals.

  • texexpatriate says:

    Yes, concentrate on sanctuary campuses but do not forget sanctuary cities. Stop the nonsense! Cut off all federal monies to the cities and schools that call themselves sanctuaries. If their officers keep doing it, arrest them, try them, and convict them. Put them in prison.

  • Bob says:

    My biggest question is why do they have to be ” forced to by law” in order to follow federal guidelines. Do they follow federal equal opportunity laws with out being forced to? What about federal free speech statues? Do they allow ALL to express themselves with out fear of reprisals from the administration? (not completely, judging by the number of Colleges and Universities that refused to allow or cancelled pro-Trump rallies and gatherings)

    In the 50’s and 60’s when people protested, they knew and were willing to accept the consequences of their actions. They knew civil disobedience in support of your beliefs could wind up with you jail, sprayed with fire hoses, chased/attacked by dogs, if they were lucky. Now these children who always got “participation” trophies believe they can break/ignore laws they disagree with and they should NOT be held accountable. (I wonder where they would get an idea like that?) Too bad. Time to pay for your actions and loose your federal funding that you wish to use on law breakers. Time to re-evaluate your institutions receiving federal funds, including Pell and other grants, federal student scholarships (including GI Bill benefits) and tuition assistance, etc, and see how well you thrive.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    It’s always California, that has to be a pathetic place to live! Stop the money, stop the stupidity, and the same goes for all the illegals here in this country, mexicans or muslims!

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • kbfallon says:

    Let him include….no grants/money from the taxpayers for students to use at these so-called institutions of higher learning….that also have ‘educators” who are almost all liberals teaching strictly those doctrines…they go hand in hand. Lets see how long they holdout without our money.

  • ARJAY says:

    Isn’t it ALREADY ILLEGAL to protect CRIMINALS?!?!

    ILLEGAL residents/immigrants ARE CRIMINALS/law breakers!!

    1. Jean Langford M. says:


    2. sox83cubs84 says:

      Unless one is a snowflake liberal; then they are “Undocumented Democraps”.

      1. ARJAY says:

        OOPS!! I forgot, thanks for the reminder.

  • Bowserb says:

    Stop federal government (aka working taxpayer) funds. Then revoke 501(c)(3) status. Make them taxable businesses.

    1. Jean Langford M. says:


  • Norman Fox says:

    Gee no wonder the leftist, snowflakes and dumocrats are so up set. They wanted their free cake and eat it too. Finally we are getting a government that is about ALL LAW AND ORDER, not a pick and choose as the dumocrats have done for years under the pansies ass obama and his followers.

  • outlawdealer says:

    Do it! Then go after the cities next.

    1. ARJAY says:

      Do them ALL in just one EO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ANY illegals ANYWHERE receive NO GUBBERMINT monies, ever! And cutting off all monies to ANY CITY, COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY and BUSINESSES that have ANY illegals within their buildings/properties.

      Do THAT and they will SELF DEPORT, paying their OWN way!!

      They might even have to send home a request for the money for the one way ticket home!!

      1. Jean Langford M. says:


    2. Jean Langford M. says:


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