Congress now turns to spending bill to keep government open, avoiding shutdown over Planned Parenthood

September 14, 2015

With the Iran nuclear deal debate essentially over, Congress now turns to several other pressing issues, particularly agreeing on a temporary spending bill to avoid a partial government shutdown on Oct. 1.

Leaders of the Republican-controlled Congress have vowed to avoid an unpopular government shutdown. But the party’s most conservative caucus could still create problems, especially if members attempt to link the spending bill to de-funding Planned Parenthood.

With Congress being officially in session just a handful of days before the potential shutdown deadline, GOP leaders haven’t said how they will handle conservatives’ demands while also rounding up enough votes to prevent a shutdown.

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  • dmttbt says:

    If you only spend what you have you don’t have to keep going into crisis mode. Our illustrious politicians can’t even balance a checkbook when it is ours.

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Haven’t seen a poll about Obama’s ratings. Why Must be pretty bad. For a change Obama is facing more and more head winds. The war between Obama and voters just went up. Will he respect or go down in flames? Think democrats see blood in the water? It is there blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john says:

    The only abortion I would have supported is the one mama obama should have had when she was unwed and pregnant.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Ah, so you WOULD make exceptions! Then you’re not a True Believer. Or are you trying to use humor?

  • Bob in Florida says:

    Who says a government shutdown is unpopular? Unpopular with who? Maybe with the Republican ‘Leadership’? ‘We The People’ have no problem with shutting it down – most of it needs to be shutdown – long-term.

    Congress seems to think it hurts their popularity – what they apparently don’t realize is that their lack of popularity has nothing to do with a government shutdown – it has to do with a lack of Congress doing what we want them to do!
    Shut it down
    Do not use taxpayer funds for Planned Parenthood
    Do not pass the Iran Nuclear Proliferation ‘Treaty’
    Get rid of Boehner and McConnell
    Close the borders
    Prosecute and deport illegals

    When you’ve accomplished that, get back to us. We’ll talk to you about what you’re to do next and what we plan to do about your paychecks.

    1. Bonnie68 says:

      Bob we have talked before, there are alot of people who suffer for the nonsense that is played in government. Why do innocent people have to suffer because ignorant people can’t get along for 7 years. The Tea Party are the ones that are causing the problems. The Tea Party have been causing all the problems since they entered the picture. None of them will compromise. It is their way or the highway. The government was based on compromise, and we have had none since before Obama was elected.

      What needs to happen is we need to get rid of the Tea Party in 2016 and maybe we can start getting a government that works.

    2. noelspaid says:


      1. Richard Schwartz says:

        Everybody has an opinion. I want PP AUDITED. Am tired of al the opinions. PP should demand it or what do they have to hide?

  • donemyhomework says:

    How about a Congressional march on the White house. If you’re going to stand up to him, look at him face to face, eye to eye at the White House. Without sitting in their cozy little chairs.

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says:


    1. noelspaid says:

      Love this. shut it down, we’d have reprieve and show some GOP SPINE, GUTS, STANDING UP FOR GOP STANDARDS- SHUT IT DOWN, NO PP FUNDING.

      1. I Seigel says:

        I’ll bet there are a few retired people on this website. I’m sure you can do without your Social Security checks, Medicare and Medicaid payments, government pensions, VA benefits and other similar income and assistance – not to mention all other government services – during a government shutdown. It won’t affect me like that, so I say GO FOR IT!! SHUT IT ALL DOWN!

        1. Paul Dragotto says:

          i’m a retired vietnam vet i’m disabled and just barelly get buy on my soc.sec. i have rent coming up and my insurance renewal. your an incompsonate dildo . hope you loose all your savings and your life.fuck head!!

          1. I Seigel says:

            Ah, so you admit to being one of those moochers and takers that everyone here rants about? Finally the truth comes out.

            Tell me Paul – what is an incompsonate dildo? I know the second word, I’m just not familiar with the first word?

            And are you familiar with the terms irony and sarcasm? Did it occur to you that I might be using them to demonstrate a point, which is that a Republican threat of a government shutdown – a REAL, meaningful shutdown, and not some pretend wimpy one – would be a real disaster for the nation’s economy, security and citizen welfare. But do true conservatives care, or do you only care about the paltry few million that go to Planned Parenthood? What’s more important, Paul – your VA benefits and Social Security checks, or the 3% of the Planned Parenthood budget that goes towards abortion services for endangered or poor or victimized women?

            If the government shuts down, you should share in the sacrifices, don’t you think?

          2. Bonnie68 says:

            Really Seigel – did you like your rant – here is one for you- why are you picking on this disabled vet?

            That is one of the problems I have with republicans/tea party they just don’t care what they say or who they hurt.

          3. I Seigel says:

            1. You’re picking on the wrong guy.
            2. You apparently didn’t read completely my post.
            3. You should look up some of the other comments Dragotto has made in this thread and others.

            Please get back to me after completing #2 and #3 above.

          4. Bonnie68 says:

            Seigel, I am sure that by my post you know I am a democrat, and I really do not like the right wing of our government, and sometimes I don’t like the right wing people on these threads. But this one took hold for me because of the subject matter.

            Anyway, my husband is a Vietnam Vet and sometimes he is hard to deal with, I also spent 15 years at the Denver VA working in cancer. So the vets hold a special place for me.

            Dragotto, sounds upset and rightly so. He said words he should never have said. I just shake my head and give them a pass. But I do see where you are coming from. I just wish everyone even if we disagree can be civil like us. Lets have a drink and agree. You have yours, I’ll have mine and if we ever meet again on one of these things we

            will just get along.

          5. I Seigel says:

            68, I agree with you on a few of your points here, but as you will probably agree, it’s hard to keep turning the other cheek in the face of such wanton and repeated idiocy, foulness and fearmongering.

            Here’s a little gem from our man Paul from about a month ago:

            Paul Dragotto I Seigel • a month ago


            I Seigel Paul Dragotto • a month ago

            You are wrong. I don’t know what part of the “aviation business” you were in, but hopefully it didn’t involve anything where you had to see. LAX does, indeed, have a chapel. ORD and every major airport in this country has one. I’ve been to most of them. I’m in the flying business, too.
            And another from the Dragotto Hit Parade:

            Paul Dragotto Luke • a month ago

            C omunist
            A ss
            I ignorant
            R ats
            I Seigel Paul Dragotto • a month ago

            I’ll give you a C+ for cleverness. D- for spelling. Try harder next time.
            There are others that are far worse, but he’s not man enough to let you find them easily. Hiding behind his mama’s skirts…

          6. I Seigel says:

            And now we hear – not from this website, because apparently they don’t consider it newsworthy – that Dr Ben Carson proposes to eliminate the VA. How’s that grab ya??!!??

          7. Bonnie68 says:

            Well, well, my first thought is he isn’t elected yet! Next thing that comes to mind is I am not sure that is a good idea because most of the senior docs are vets themselves and respect and understand what our patients have gone through. Our patients are special and sometimes can be very demanding because they feel as if they deserve more because of the service to our country, they do.

            I had started this before and got out of it to look some other things up. Even when I was there most vets were glad we were there to help them. When we went to work for the VA, we were lectured about who our patients are and what they have gone through. It was really intense. But you got the message.

            I know for a fact, first hand, that when Congress started making cuts, when they cut the entitlements and all the departments that did not put any money into the government, the VA also got cut. The VA was cut constantly. So why was the VA is such bad shape? Who were the ones that screamed at them the most? Who has had the House since 2010? Yes, you got it. With the exception of the last 2 yrs of Bush admin and the first 2 yrs of Obama admin. The republicans have run Congress since the first 2 yrs of Clinton admin. But did you ever hear one of those Congressman ever say “we are sorry for all the cuts we made in your budget!”

            Oh and he wants to put the VA under the DoD and have the Health Savings Plan to take care of their medical. I know better, and so do they. They are already screaming, that the people at the VA know about them.

            Carson getting into office is just not going to happen. He has just ticked off the most veteran

          8. I Seigel says:

            If you want some REAL entertainment, look in on this thread here:


          9. pete G says:

            The money Obama is giving Iran would keep the Government running for quite awhile if they only paid the necessities. Obama would have you believe everything shuts down, that’s another lie he likes to tell. They need to challenge this lying a$$ hole once and for all.

      2. Bonnie68 says:

        noelspaid – is that what you want is GOP spine. Don’t you care that people that need their checks won’t get theirs?

        Probably not. You republicans only care about yourself and your pockets and screw everybody else. That is why, come 2016, the who USA will be BLUE

        1. Richard Schwartz says:

          Bonnie: The blood in the water is liberals getting the heave ho. You have had your day in the sun. You have circumstances now that make it impossible for you to win. Your candidates are from the past. voters have tried it your way and they want things to change. Hilary is dead and who do you have on the bench?

          1. dmttbt says:

            They have someone running and he is actually a democrat socialist member. He has been in the government a long time so he must have talked a good game. The present president says we know capitalism doesn’t work. Where are these people coming from and how in the — did they ever get elected once, much less many times. Honest election is what they have in other countries that they send our military over to oversee.

          2. Bonnie68 says:

            Richard we will see what happens in 2016. Things will change and one or the other will not be happy. If the rich are happy the poor will die in the street and no one will care because the people who have supported the rich all of these years have always taken from the poor and lower classes.

            We saw the poor dying in the streets while Bush sat in the White House saying he didn’t know anything about it. That is what will happen if the right wing people get it. They might as well get them all a boat and ship them all off to another country.

            We spend trillions of dollars every single year supporting the rich and their businesses, And the republicans in Congress make cuts in the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Education. It has been proven the cost of corporate welfare is the country more than social welfare.

            If the lower classes win, the rich will not be loosing, they will still be rich, they will just have to pay a tax on their profits like they use to, even during the Reagan years. But they will still own their businesses, and have profits. But the middle class can actually pay their bills, put food on the table, the military won’t have to depend on food stamps because they will be making more money. There will be equality all around. We will actually be able to lift people up to get them out of the sewer and into the workplace.

          3. Richard Schwartz says:

            Bonnie: I don’t expect drastic changes in social spending. My complaint how this incompetent government is run. How do justify 50% of revenue collect does not go to programs they are assigned. My complaints are why can’t government be honest? Note not social programs just a government that is out of control and nobody addresses it. WHY You tell me why is considered acceptable? I could go on and on. People are rebelling against the system and that is good. If the things you say will happen we would have a rebellion. Why do we have a State Dept? We do use use diplomacy and we lose.
            If I over spend I cut back and change spending and I bet you do the same. Do you support those on entitlement should work? I do. I can make 4 meals for $3.00 per serving. I do it and freeze. I don’t only talk I do. When will government be accountable to us not the special people? If you don’t want to reduce entitlements, where do we cut? You tell me.

        2. dmttbt says:

          It sounds like the only ones you care about is the ones getting a check from the government. I happen to be one of them. When people act as though we on social security are getting a free ride it shows me they have no idea of what is paid in to get some out. The employer and the employee each pay in 15.3% of all the wages they make all their life and that is for a failed insurance policy sold to the American people with no allowance for withdrawal from the plan. The democrats are the ones who championed that idea and they exempted the people in the government because it was good for we who were forced to keep it but not for them. Teachers and railroad workers were exempted but the rest of us weren’t. The funds grew and when there was no money in the other sections of government they depleted the social security fund and filled it with IOUS. Like the ones the lottery winners in Illinois get instead of cash. What else would you expect from the government? They had a plan that with the young life expectancy rate they would gain all this money and hardly ever pay out. Then we messed up and started living longer. Al Gore stepped in and broke the tie vote for having to pay social security on the money you get from social security and they have added many restrictions to avoid paying anyone enough to live on. I know they say that it was never meant to be a retirement plan, but I am betting that is exactly the way they were selling it at the time.

          1. I Seigel says:

            What part of “complete government shutdown” don’t you understand? Are you going to pick and choose which parts you want to shut? How truly conservative. And a real hypocrite.

        3. pete G says:

          Apparently Bonnie doesn’t know what a shut down even is. All the checks will be mailed Bonnie, even yours.

          1. I Seigel says:

            Shut it down. ALL down. No Social Security checks. No VA benefits and medical. No Medicare. No Border Patrol. A complete shutdown. Lets see how popular Ted Cruz is then.

      3. dmttbt says:

        There is no GOP spine and there is no Demo spine. They are all spineless crooks, no matter which banner they gather under. How long is it going to take for people to see what is really going on. Have the republicans done anything to counter act the stupidity yet? No. Have they come forth with plans and cures and fixes for problems? No. Have they tried to stop the Iran treaty which will possibly be someone’s crowning achievement as the most ridiculous thing ever done by the united states. I want someone to list the names and accomplishments of politicians who have done the right thing. Then list the politicians who are asking to be reelected. There should be a national shame for our politicians.

  • Bonnie68 says:

    The republican Congress wants to defund Planned Parenthood because they receive federal money and they do abortions. Here are the problems.

    Republicans do not believe in abortions, for any reason, and they do not want the money that their tax dollars pay go towards those abortions.

    No one is expecting anyone to change their beliefs on abortion and the right to life. Everyone is entitled to their own religious beliefs.

    Panned Parenthood is under the obligation of the Hyde Amendment passed by Congress in 1976, which excludes abortion from the comprehensive health care services provided to low-income people by the federal government through Medicaid. Congress has made some exceptions to the funding ban, which have varied over the years. At present, the federal Medicaid program mandates abortion funding in cases of rape or incest, as well as when a pregnant woman’s life is endangered by a physical disorder, illness, or injury.

    A Breakdown of Services for Planned Parenthood
    42% – STI/STD Testing and Treatment
    34% – Contraception
    11% – Other Women’s Health Services
    9% – Cancer Screening and Prevention
    3% – Abortion Services
    1% – Other Services

    1. noelspaid says:

      THAT is nonsense – and even if it was 1%, NO FUNDING OF PP – period – our taxes paying for something illegal (HYDE AMENDMENT) and something we are adamantly against for RELIGIOUS RIGHT REASONS- HAS 1ST AMENDMENT PROTECTION AGAINST MY MONEY GOING TO ABORTION.

      1. Bonnie68 says:

        You want to shut down the government because Planned Parenthood offices are doing abortions that can’t be paid for with federal money except with tight regulations?

        You want to make people who get paychecks from the government to go without because 3% of a business follows the laws that Congress has imposed on them?

        You want to make all the visitors to this country not to be able to visit our national treasures, monuments and parks because Planned Parenthood is doing what they are legally allowed to do?

        Okay, I hope you are not someone who is getting a government check of any kind from the government.

        1. noelspaid says:

          I want everything and anything legal done to STOP THE BABY KILLING- we are no better than the Nazis or ISIS, killing the innocent – got it?

          1. Bonnie68 says:

            I am sorry. You can have your belief. Every one can have their belief. But I can not force my belief on you. You can not force your belief on me. That is the law.

            The problem. There is the law, that says females may get an abortion under certain circumstances. If they do not have the right to get an abortion, then we are going to be sending those women to the back alleys to have the abortions done, and possible die. That is not what I want for any female. How would you feel if you had a granddaughter who was raped and was so emotionally distraught that she said to you, that if you make me carry this child I will kill myself so I will not have to give birth to that devil. Those are the reasons we have legalized abortions. No woman should be made to carry a child she does not want. You have to think of the woman. My pat answer to someone who disagrees with abortions is the don’t have one. But instead of thinking of your belief, think of the poor woman.

          2. noelspaid says:

            That’s the “efficiency” reasoning most people use, but philosophically if you BELIVE life has value or life is sacred, abortion cannot be justified – it’s just plain killing – killing the innocent. S.C. couldn’t even figure out when life begins. No one can, but the intelligent response to this is to err on the side of caution. MANY PEOPLE WANT TO ADOPT BUT CAN’T FIND BABIES TO ADOPT. We aren’t guaranteed a life without insult, pain, inconveniences, problems. The answer is NOT TO KILL A BABY – many charities typically take them in, care for them, and get them adopted out. Either one loves the value of life, or believes life is only important if NOT INCONVENIENT to another. Sorry you have no faith, but am very happy with mine and do not judge what you do not know. My life has had far more difficulties than an “inconvenient

          3. Bonnie68 says:

            So you are just like the lady clerk in Kentucky. You will do what I believe regardless of what is law.

            It doesn’t matter what happens, shut down or not. The

            Hyde Amendment makes it part of the Constitution and they can not shut down the government to stop an established Constitutional amendment. This is just another bunch of Tea Party bull sh!t session.

    2. I Seigel says:

      Assuming your figures are correct – (which they appear to be, because I checked several different websites that all basically agree on those amounts) – then if conservatives shut down the government over Planned Parenthood, it will be because of 3% of the money that PP receives from government grants, which, according to their annual report, is a little over $6,000,000. So over $6M, the government will be shut down.

      I say to all clear-thinking Republicans, GO FOR IT! But this time, let’s stand up tall and make sure that NO government money is paid out during the shutdown. No picking and choosing which parts of government are shut down, that’s the namby-pamby way. SHUT IT ALL DOWN! No payments to military paychecks, not to Social Security checks, not to Border Patrol, not to air traffic control, not to fuel and ammo for military ops, not to the Congress’s lunchroom and medical facilities – EVERYTHING gets shut down because of that $6,000,000. Then we’ll see who wins the next election!!

      Stand up for principles. Stand up to Obama. To hell with the safety and welfare of the homeland and the citizens. Fetuses are so much more important!

      1. Bonnie68 says:

        Hey Seigel – That 6 million you want to shut the government down over is nothing. I want to shut the government down for the trillions of dollars we give to the energy and oil companies to offset the taxes they would have to pay. Plus when the taxes are less than the money we give them they don’t have to give extra back. Wow, I’d like to get that deal. Pure profit for screwing the taxpayer. Oh, yeah and we have to buy their products too. Hey 6 million is nothing compared to that kind of money.

        Those kind of deals have been going on since before Obama came along.

    3. Bob in Florida says:

      I question the figures you provide. What is the source of those percentages? Are these percentages PP show for their ‘proposed’ services? Do you have any reliable/verifiable actual expenditures?

      I’ve read statements (that I have no way to verify) that most PP Offices do not provide any women’s health services except abortion.

      Since neither of us are providing verification of the facts’ we state, why are yours any more believable than mine? I suppose you believe Obama’s budget, too?

      1. Paul Dragotto says:


      2. Bonnie68 says:

        Bob in Florida, can you use the internet. don’t answer that I was trying to be funny. Do a search in any search bar and ask what does planned parenthood do with the money they get. Not every PP office does every service I am sure, these figures are from the national office that hands the money out to the different states. The states also contribute to PP. I live in Indiana and our governor had a study performed recently and found no problems and he did not pull funding. But I don not ever expect anyone to take my word for it. Look it up. Research what people tell you before you believe.

        1. Bob in Florida says:

          Bonnie –
          Thanks for a civil response (unlike some others on this forum).

          The reason I questioned your percentages is that the information I see on the internet (it is not information I have searched out; it is information in articles that I received) indicates otherwise.

          My question, rather than being a “Beat Down” as Mr.Dragotto implies, was merely meant to ask if you are confident in your information. I find that relying on information found (or provided) on the internet is risky.

          Rather than get into a battle of ‘my information is better than your information’, I find it more productive for everyone if we just each check the information we base our ‘opinions’ on to see if we wish to reconsider. That way one only spends as much time as he/she wishes to spend digging up old articles to see where their information came from.

        2. Richard Schwartz says:

          Ever heard the term AUDIT? Let’s see what is actually going on or are you afraid what the audit will show?

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