‘Day Without Immigrants’ will shutter businesses, schools

Ernest Yombo would rather students at Latin American Montessori Bilingual school come to class on Thursday, but instead, they will get an unexpected day off.

The D.C. public charter school, where he works as an assistant principal, will be forced to close for the day after more than half of the school’s staff announced their plans to participate in the “Day Without Immigrants” protest.

“As a school, we’d rather work tomorrow,” he said. “But as an administration, we don’t have a choice right now.”

Absences in the classroom are part of a larger citywide boycott, as activists take part in a social media-organized strike in reaction to what they say is President Trump’s pledges to crack down on those entering the country illegally, building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border while more aggressively enforcing laws against those already in the country illegally. The cause is being taken up by dozens of restaurants, schools and other establishments which say they will close their doors or curb their business in solidarity.

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  • Gregory Carter says:

    If the teachers are skipping school for political reasons they should be fired.

  • ONTIME says:

    Would that prediction be a day without Legal Immigrants?…….I don’t think so….

  • Jose says:

    Here is the definition and I will give you the word at the end. Latinos are boycotting by closing Latino places or not showing up for work. What happens next: those in “need” will have to get their “needs” from GRINGO places, eat, buy, visit, recreation at GRINGO places (some have to do this regardless of what else is going on) so on the long run more money will be given to GRINGOS. Most of those that did not go to work ARE NOT on salary so they lose out on a day’s pay so less money to buy things.
    So in the end, who lose more – los “PENDEJOS” (this is the word and above was the definition)

    1. Sigrid Egan says:

      I think “these” people have opened a hornice nest.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    “Forced to close”? I don’t think so.
    “As a school, we’d rather work tomorrow,” he said. “But as an administration, we don’t have a choice right now.”
    Sure you would, lazy milquetoast.

    Apparently, with weak minded “adults”, it’s easier to let the uneducated minds you’re supposed to be leading lead you. In so doing, you’re legitimizing the lawless policies of the last (majorly screwed up) administration.
    Unexcused absences should be met with suspension, not capitulation, you pathetic excuse for educators.
    But then, most in the education field are leftist morons who probably side with the invaders, anyway.

    1. Bob says:

      A prime example of the tail wagging the dog. When I was in school, you could protest, even walk out, but you paid the consequences for it, receiving a bad grade for the day.

      1. Ramon1710 . says:

        Reminds me of McConnell, Boehner and Ryan for the last 8 years, “Ooh, we couldn’t do that. The democrats might not like it.”

  • sand1234 says:

    As ineffective a protest as blocking streets. An absolute waist of time that will have no effect on those who are in favor of enforcing immigration law. Enjoy your day off. no one cares.

  • Buckeye conservative says:

    Just more progressive liberals shooting themselves in the foot. And I can imagine how much a hardship in DC is caused by “dozens” of restaurants closing. In my fly-over area of the US no one knows anything is happening in the liberal bubbles of the country.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Dear Lord, please let Obama and Soros die with their heads up each others butts!!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Another school that can be put on the no fund list, be nice if it were no latino’s left in America day!!

  • AmericanIcon says:

    A day without ‘immigrants’? You mean a day when English is spoken in stores and classrooms, shoplifting and thefts are almost nonexistent…

    1. Sigrid Egan says:

      “A day without immigrants”, what does that actually mean “illegal immigrants”? I would hope all the others went to work or be fired for missing their job duty. I would have in my business. This country consists of immigrants. The Natives are the Indians, guys. Get real, this is all ridiculous. And the Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale/Phoenix, who closed their business for the day. Let’s find out, who they are and avoid going there. IThis country is getting crazier and crazier.

  • teaman says:

    Every school staff member that joins the protest should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY!!!

    1. Sigrid Egan says:

      Well, looking at all the postings including mine, there are actually people here, who find this entire movement insane. I am glad I am not crazy and alone in my opinion.

  • Tiger says:

    New Flash: ” A day without ILLEGAL immigrants is a day filled with Sunshine.”

    1.) School classrooms will be smaller.
    2.) ER admissions will go down.
    3.) Are Drug Dealers taking the day off?
    4.) Are Gangs taking the day off?
    5.) Are the criminals going to take the day off?
    6.) Are they going to give the border a rest and not flow in?
    7.) Are the illegals who use benefits taking the day off and not using food stamps.
    8.) Are the illegals dropping babies going to stay out of our labor rooms?

    Don’t tease us leave us.

    1. chocopot says:

      You forgot to add that welfare and food stamp expenditures will go down and save a fortune for the taxpayers.

      1. Tiger says:

        Right and we would indeed see what we would gain back into our coffers if they were gone.

        1. chocopot says:

          I have long believed that a significant portion (perhaps even a majority) of the various state budget deficits would be resolved if all of the illegals were suddenly not here collecting the wide variety of taxpayer-paid benefits they receive even though the laws clearly state the illegals are not entitled to them.

          1. Tiger says:

            That is correct they are not entitled to any of it and a Texas judge who stopped O’s Dreamers made that clear. We have not a clue how many came across the open borders, how many refugees there really were brought in, the numbers most likely are startling.

  • CBUJAN says:

    Americans are tired of illegal aliens entering our country, they are tired of our tax dollars going to support them, they are tired of them taking American jobs and lowering wages. President Trump get that wall built.

  • mudguy1 says:

    Most all these protests are part of Obama’s OFA “Organizing For Action” The alt left is out to destroy President Trump and America. The sad part of this is that there too many people in the GOP that are willing to stand by and let it happen.
    Yes the swamp need to be drained. But there some that are in charge of draining the swamp that are part of the swamp. Reince Priebus is one that needs to go.
    “I miss the America I grew up in”

    1. Jose says:

      mudguy1: We (GOP) are NOT standing by and let it happen. Problem is most of us have to go to work daily, do not have the backing (money wise) of people like soros, clinton (foundation too), obama, etc to be able to organize, get bussed, put up at motels, etc. If a few of us try to counter any riot (can’t be called a protest) by these thugs, we get greatly harmed to include spit on, beat up, at the very least kicked or sprayed with a harmful substance, etc.
      There are million of us but we do have family and our lives to think of.

      1. mudguy1 says:

        True but there are still too many Rino’s in Congress that can not be trusted, In the Senate it only takes 3 of the Rino’s to undermine Trump. The confirmation of DeVose was proof of that.

  • Sigrid Egan says:

    These organized protests against EVERYTHING President Trump is doing, is fostered by the new Party, the “Un-American, Hate inciting, Racist, Enemy of America Party ” aka DEMOCRATS, headed by Super-Enemy, Barrack Hussein Obama. I am hoping that our new President and his Cabinet will find a law to prohibit, even the least disturbing protest – No screaming, no interfering with other peoples’ life, blocking streets and (which is already on the books) any type of violence, that should include shouting obscenities to the people they don’t agree with. Students, who make up a great deal of demonstrators, should not get loans or have their loans called immediately, when found among these groups. We absolutely need to clean the SWAMP that is circulating in American cities, financed by George Soros, who really needs to be locked up and deported. His foundation (a non-profit – sure!) ‘Open Society’ is a camouflage for his plans to liberalize America and the world. Obama’s new “non-profit” foundation OFA is nothing but an activist organization that seeks to interrupt and unseat Donald Trump. Have we ever seen such anarchy in America in recent history? I have lived here (German immigrant) for 40 years, I do not remember anything like this and, I am truly saddened to see this country literally falling apart, constructed by the ultra-left in this country.

    1. Anouk says:

      Great post Sigrid! I also lived here (French) immigrant for 45 years and I am horrified to see this beautiful country destroyed by these anti-Americans from the radical left.
      If this administration would deported George Soros, locked up Obama and the Clinton, America would be in a more peaceful situation.
      The sooner the better.

      1. Sigrid Egan says:

        Bonjour Anouk, et MERCI! je suis très heureuse d’avoir votre lire. Ces Americains n’ont aucune idée comment est la vie a dehors de cette très très libre pays DES ETATS UNIS. Surtout les jeunes qui sont “enseignes par des professeurs complètement liberals. Malheureusement, cette une trend de notre temps, il parait, c’est la meme chose en Europe et d’autre pays. Il y a longtemps que j’ai habitee a Annecy, Haute Savoie, au lac d’Annecy. J’en ai le meilleur souvenir de cet année en 1964.

        1. Anouk says:

          Merci Sigrid! Quelle bonne surprise de correspondre en Francais avec vous.
          Annecy est en effet superbe. Le lac est magnifique.
          Je suis d’accord avec vous les Etats Unis est un pays libre et plein d’opportunites pour ceux qui le veulent.
          I really feel sad and upset to see these brainwashed radical leftists trying to destroy this great country.
          They should move to a Communist country like Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba…
          Au revoir et a bientot j’espere.

          1. Sigrid Egan says:

            Well said, Anouk, that is exactly what I have been suggesting to the left. We in Germany were the closest to a free Western world, that I grew up in and the East, where communism ruled until the wall came down in 1989. They were two different worlds in every regard – East Germany looked like pre-war times in ’89 whereas the West had built up and recovered from the WWII. The West had to pick up the industries in East and could not even use East Germans for labor since they didn’t know how to work, everything was handed out, so no incentive to work. And this is exactly, what the Obama administration tried to do with this country. I want to believe that it is not too late and Trump, like him or not, will pick up the pieces and get America back to where it was. For me, I came by myself and built a travel business that I had until 1999, that could have not easily happened in Germany.

          2. Anouk says:

            Well Sigrid, To let you know I used to live and worked in Manhattan for more than 25 years
            I am retired now and live in Naples Florida.
            My partner and I love the Big Apple and we do not like what is going on now.
            We hope President Trump is going to get rid of these parasites and vultures and as you said get America back to where it was.

          3. Sigrid Egan says:

            I am with you all the way. I love Manhattan too, it is magic. Used to work for Thomas Cook in the late 70s and always started my German groups in New York and ended there. Yes, it is unfortunate that a lot of New Yorkers are such a….ses. Never went to the West coast of Florida, it is still on our agenda. It must be lovely.

  • Myron Samples says:

    Terminate the teachers, give them all the time they want to protest.

  • The Redhawk says:

    If I had a business and any of these LAW Breakers did not show up….it would be PINK SLIP DAY on their Return at opening of Business!

  • Bob says:

    Good news…Knowing which business are supporting this give me the knowledge to know where, or where not, to spend my hard earned money. If a restaurant or store is closed today in support of this made up, media supported non-problem, they obviously do NOT need my patronage or my money. I really could care less if a restaurant closes today, and I am sure they could care less about my patronage. However, if we ALL refused to patronize any of these establishments, how would that work? BOYCOTT THE BOYCOTTERS!

    1. Betty says:

      I am with you all the way stores and ect that close for this will be boycotted just as others were

      1. Angiemcarter says:

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    2. BillB says:

      Amen! I had the same thought❗

  • Humble Servant says:

    This is disturbing to think these people use our children as hostage over everything to achieve their agendas. The teachers union is part of this group of thugs on a power trip. I think Trump needs to have HLS onsite to locate any protester that litters or starts fights or damages personal or public property and deport them back to their own country if they are found to be illegally in America. This was a country of laws and borders before the crazies took over and tried to destroy it. Trump is only trying to bring sanity back to a failing society. If you are so hell bent on building a country to suit your needs maybe you need to try one of the other countries you so dearly love. You know nothing about building or protecting a great society but you are sure in a big hurry to run this one into the dirt. Stand out on the front line and give your life for another and when you return tell me the story of an honorable person, you won’t be in such a hurry to tear down this nation. Until then your voice is just noise…..

  • KT says:

    For the record…….. Latino’s in America! President Trump is not against you…..He is inforcing the laws already written!!! You need to abide by the laws to become an American. It is not that hard to understand….However, President Trump is in his right as the Leader of America to do so……It has happened on many other President’s watch, in times past! All this fear mongering on social media is the problem, they should shut it all down for 30 days…..Then there will be some peace! All this is, is the Media stirring the pot and causing strife in our society. People wake up! You are being used to do the dirty work of all these progressive liberals!

  • Jim says:

    wow, what a good example this school is setting (NOT)!
    Teach children it is ok to break the laws you don’t agree with!
    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION tells the whole story … “ILLEGAL” DUMMIES!
    This Administrator Ernest Yombo should be fired, and the teachers also, for sponsoring an illegal act!
    The Administrator should have a meeting with parents and explain why He does NOT WANT AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AND THAT LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, WAS A LARGE PART OF WHAT MADE AMERICA GREAT!

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