Democrats’ illegal immigration push is backfiring

by L. Todd Wood
December 16, 2015

Leftist Latino leaders announced recently they would attempt to cajole millions of legal Hispanic immigrants in the United States into becoming citizens before the 2016 election in order to swing the tide toward Hillary Rodham Clinton and to punish the Republican Party for its perceived anti-immigrant stance. Of course, the truth is that the GOP is very pro-immigration, as long as it is legal and in the interests of the U.S. That does not matter to America’s new socialist party, the Democrats, where obtaining power trumps (pardon the pun) every other patriotic concern.

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  • ItsJo says:

    Like we didn’t KNOW, this was their plan-“Give ALL Illegals the right to vote for the DemoThug”……Sorry idiots pushing this “Act of Lawlessness”…You WILL FAIL, as Illegal Aliens ARE NOT PERMITTED TO VOTE IN OUR ELECTIONS.

    1. dmttbt says:

      Dead people are not allowed to vote either but they have been known o do it in the past.

  • dmttbt says:

    By the way does anyone actually think they can get the illegals to pay fines and back taxes and penalties and all that bull s it they are shoveling?

    1. Hillaryoncrack says:

      Surely you jest.

  • dmttbt says:

    I agree with the statement made by Hillaryoncrack below. The legal immigrants want the other immigrants to have to follow the same rules they had to follow. Doesn’t it seem strange that almost all our politicians are lawyers but none of them want to enforce the law. It is because they are bought and paid for. Do you really think a organization that handles trillions of dollars is not going to be full of crooks?

  • Roy says:

    liberalism is a bunch of moochers electing looters to steal from the producers

  • Rose Boltz says:

    Trump has the right idea. Do it legally and all is fine.

  • TexRancher says:

    Start by REGISTERING THEM like Obama and the Socialist party want to do to gun owners. Then use that info to “CONFISCATE (DEPORT)” them!

    1. dmttbt says:

      They should not be all that hard to find. they are the ones having demonstrations about their civil rights. They are the ones signing up for welfare, healthcare, and food stamps, not to mention the housing and social security. They stand in the streets wanting more because they say they deserve it. Since they are illegal that makes them deserve more than they are already stealing. We have veterans who are dying because they don’t get health care and we have people wanting to take in even more refugees. That actor, that has been calling for the entry of the refugees, I am not saying he is acting when he does that but we have problems here that we can’t afford. One is in the white house and they are not doing squat about that one.

    2. ravenwings says:

      they sure can find our guns but not the illegals!!!

      1. jerry says:

        The only they can find our guns is if we register them.

  • SDofAZ says:

    I am sick of being called isolationist by the media and it was the first accusation leveled at Trump last night. Come here legally and vetted or NOT AT ALL. Try to go to Mexico or any other South American country illegally. They all either kick you out or throw your ass in their jails. This administration and our media are traitors and liars. Put their butts on the border so they get a dose of reality especially with the criminal side of this open border crap. And make their children go to the public schools with all these illiterate, illegal alien hordes they are encouraging. These are gang oriented thugs, put your family where YOUR mouth is liberals!

    1. ravenwings says:

      And this bit about speaking in Spanish after English is bull!!! They come here legally they learn English. So those speaking Spanish and having to be spoken to in Spanish (as the press report on the School closing) are illegals… Send them back to country of origin. No if ands or buts. They must come legally. And it is not unconstitutional not to allow anyone into this country. The refugees need a place but not necessarily here. Set up camps for them in their own region Europe is already in a mess without adding our country.

  • SDofAZ says:

    I am sick of being called isolationist by the media and it was the first accusation leveled at Trump last night. Come here legally and vetted or NOT AT ALL. Try to go to Mexico or any other South American country illegally. They all either kick you out or throw your ass in their jails. And what is wrong with this administration and our media. Damn leftist fools!

  • VirgoVince says:

    When all else fails, TRY enforcing the LAWS on the books, or STOP ALL immigration once we have TRUMP, a REAL elected president and leader, who WILL do it, with OUR blessings!!

  • Hillaryoncrack says:

    All the legal immigrants that are here are angry about the whole amnesty thing. They came here, obeyed the laws, jumped through all the hoops, paid the fees to lawyers, to the Government and became citizens. And these criminals just saunter over and get the freebies and such? No, Trump is right, Latinos are with him. I have many Latino friends and this is what they are saying to me.

    1. ravenwings says:

      Not fair to those who worked so hard to earn their citizenship. Those here illegally should never have the right of anything of this country.

      1. Hillaryoncrack says:

        No it’s not fair and it pisses off the ones that came here and played by the rules. It ain’t easy or cheap to become a legal citizen here.

        1. ravenwings says:

          Do you think this is going to encourage them to vote republican?

          1. Hillaryoncrack says:

            Yes I do and I’ll tell you why. If they’re here legally then they are working hard to provide for their families, maybe buy a home, maybe put one or two kids through college. They pay their taxes and Social Security just like any America. I don’t care if their name is Lopez, they are as American as if they were a Smith or a Jones or a Rosenkowski. And they know that the Democrats want to take all that they work for away from them and give it to a Syrian or an Iraqi or some one who sneaked across the Rio Grande in the night.

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