Donald Trump refuses to apologize to John McCain over ‘war hero’ remarks

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sunday he doesn’t owe Sen. John McCain an apology for saying over the weekend that the senator, who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for six years, isn’t a true war hero.

In a phone interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Trump — who sits atop the Republican field in some polls — said his fellow candidates are blowing his comments out of proportion because they’re jealous or scared of his political power. He also strongly denied that he owes Mr. McCain an apology after making the comments at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa.

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  • Alberto Quintana says:

    John McCain is a veteran a POW and a Navy pilot. He was down in Viet-Nam. He is not a heroe. However, if he consider himself a heroe, he shoul show his actions or his medal for such heroism. However, I am glad he is alive and well.

  • Ludlow Porch says:

    McCain squealed like a pig, the 5.5 years he was in Hanoi! Then came back here and tried to cover-up the 1600 POW’s still in Nam prison camps that were left behind! What a hero. He did as much for those left behind in Nam as he has done for the Veterans in this country! Absolutely Nothing! Trump has McCain pegged, and John knows it.

  • VirgoVince says:

    McCain should have retired right after he quit his run for president and GAVE the position to ovomit, the ugly alien ni66er!
    He’s a rino and as such, deserves no special consideration!

    1. MeForever says:

      He never intended to be elected to the Presidency. He was set up as a strawman by the NeoconZionistCommies who slithered behind the screen in the GOP, and were already behind the screen controlling the DIM party. Purpose was 2 fold… ensure O won, and at same time destroy Palin. He will continue to be protected by his blood through his mom,, the NeoconZionistCommies.

  • scott says:

    shove that piece of sh-t mccain in the toilet and flush it along with bitch mcconnell,traitor boner,pelosi,obamas and all the other treasonous liberal scum

  • MeForever says:

    Thank you Donald Trump for being brave and speaking American. We understand you and will stand with you… all the way to the White House. All Americans who love the USA and want to protect our sovereignty and Rule of Law, Constitution and all our Founding Documents are standing with you. Heck this is fun after being kicked to the curb and steamrolled by the Arsebackwards “Progressives” (i.e. NeoconZionistCommies) who have worked so long without confrontation, in destroying our former world-class educational system, our financial, judicial, all our agencies and organizations. HEY YOU GUYZ, The Americans are coming !

  • Wolfman says:

    So what is the controversy …. Trump said ” He ( ie McCain) is not a war hero. He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured. He’s a war hero because he was captured.”
    Taking the statement as presented Trump first said he was not a war hero…..then he retracted immediately and said he was a war hero….then Trump stated that he likes people who were not captured and reiterated he was a war hero because he was captured.”

    The MSM ( that includes FOX now) is not satisfied with what??….That Trump didn’t crawl to the next news conference and essentially lie that he didn’t say McCain was a war hero??? Or what crawl to the next news conference and say that he only said McCain was a war hero twice …his faux pas he should have wrote ” McCain is a war hero” 100 times on a blackboard like we used to do in grade school ( I guess the teachers have to write ” I must not teach my students about American Civics because then they will know we have an out of control government supported by a sycophant press” 100times). The fact is the Press wants Trump To CRAWL and look weak!!!
    Next thing you know we’ll be told that we need to overlook that little selling out West Point thing with Benedict Arnold ….after all he was a war hero…OR… Audie Murphy was a war hero he wasn’t a pain pill addict…Or Ira Hayes was a war hero he didn’t die at the age of 32 because of alcohol problems. Look war heroes ( which in my book also includes every person ever injured or killed in action) deserve our thanks for what they did in the war to save our freedom……..that doesn’t mean they have a one way ticket to sainthood.
    For example McCain was the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, he has been in the Senate since 1987……What has he done to improve the treatment of vets in the VA……NOTHING OF ANY SUBSTANCE…if anyone should be doing an apology tour it is McCain. The way the country has been going you begin to suspect that his general silence means approval of Yo-Mama’s agenda ….is where we are now substantially where we would have been under a McCain Presidency????
    I could go on and on ….but it all boils down to ….if nothing else the last 8 years….Mr. McCain you had the chance to be courageous …defend the Constitution….and help prevent this whole mess we are in now… I’ll give you your war hero status, if nothing else you have Medals to prove that….but you are a total failure as a Senator and a USA citizen for your lack of fortitude when your Country has needed you most….yes Mr. McCain even more than flying a plane in Vietnam….you blew the chance to save our children…grandchildren…and unknown generations from the debt and Un-Constitutional actions of a rogue President. I ain’t apologizing to you either.

  • ONTIME says:

    When McCaine apologizes for besmirching the vet status he used to gain office and the way his scandalous political career has gone…maybe a, thanks for fess’n up” would suffice…..

  • Seedman says:

    For whatever reason Donald Trump is doing and saying the right things. Carry on Donald!

  • Bernie says:

    McCain has been a Washington insider for too long.He doesn’t even know even know himself if he is republican or democrat.He is a good example of what’s wrong with Washington.It’s time to get rid of all the politicians like him so we can take back the country and make it strong again.Before we’re all living under Obama’s buddies the ISIS.

  • KevanRowlee says:

    Justin Raimondo at wrote a good article shinning the light on The Donald which I tend to concur with. That said Trump should not apologize to ‘Bomb-bomb Iran-Open borders John McCain who never saw a country he didn’t want to bomb & invade. To claim McCain is a war hero is akin to saying the Muslim Kenyan Obama is a Christian who weekly attends a Calvinist Presbyterian Church…. or alleging Satan is the Prince of Peace.

  • Terry Rushing says:

    I dare say that McCain did not allow himself to be captured and I would also imagine that the “interrogation” by the captors was far from a “friendly conversation” so McCain’s survival is likely a credit to his endurance. That having been said, it is also apparent that McCain has ridden the coat tails of his service and as a senator he has repeated instances of “progressivism”, establishment Republican alignment and support for open borders. Further, McCain originated the name calling and this is the logical consequences. Perhaps the senator could pave the way to reconciliation by offering a retraction of his remarks about Mr. Trump. As for all those other “candidates” who want Trump to “drop out” as a result of this exchange, their pleas sound more than a little self serving.

    1. Ludlow Porch says:

      McCain rode the coattails of his father, all the way to the Senate! And was elected by a sympathetic vote.

    2. KevanRowlee says:

      I concur with your last two sentences. However your first sentence is tantamount to placing a dirty bird cage over a open pot of otherwise good tasting soup. 🙂

      1. Terry Rushing says:


      2. Wolfman says:

        Kevan I never heard that phrase before and you had me laughing for 5 minutes…thanks this has been a long day with the Iran UN BS and I hate to say it the trumped up Trump charges etc. .Thanks for a little joy.

  • Ludlow Porch says:

    John McCain is a Democrats puzzie! 7 years in the “Hanoi Hilton,” don’t make you a hero, it makes you a POW. Nothing more, nothing less! Respect him for his service to his country, and that does warrant respect. Not hero status.

    1. The redhawk says:

      You are a Certified HEADINASS LIBTARD….How many times did you vote for that Inconsequential Coward OBAMA????

      1. Ludlow Porch says:

        I cancelled out 24 votes for Obama! I voted once 24 times, for Mitt!

        1. The redhawk says:

          I bet you thought that Mitt was in the (D) column… YOU lying sack of DUDU!

          1. Ludlow Porch says:

            I have never ever in my entire life, vote for a Demoncrat!

        2. runnindeer says:

          Oh bull!

          1. Ludlow Porch says:

            I just put on 24 different NRA caps.

          2. runnindeer says:

            You are an ass that is seriously in need of attention so you continue to troll these boards. You just made the list along with a few others that I won’t bother to recognize or respond to again so I guess you need to change your post in name or just go play somewhere else.

          3. Ludlow Porch says:

            You are just envious. I just not as Anal Retentive as you are!

          4. Duke-Jinx says:

            Can I Please get on that List Too ??
            Thanks ahead of time. 🙂

  • The redhawk says:

    May be it IS time for this GAS BAG to PUT a CORK IN IT…there are much better Candidates to concentrate on…

    1. Ludlow Porch says:

      Name one!

      1. KevanRowlee says:

        Without reservation I’d suggest Boy Paul. I realize the best part of Ron’s genes stuck to the bedsheets and never made it to the egg, but Rand is the most Jeffersonian of the GOP candidates.

        1. Ludlow Porch says:

          No! Paul is too weak on all of the issues. He is to “establishment!” I’ll go with TRUMP!

          1. The redhawk says:

            He is a Circus FREAK!

          2. Ludlow Porch says:

            Trump is a FREAK! A FREAKING, American! Red, White and Blue! Thru and Thru! And Americans have become as scares as hens teeth.

          3. The redhawk says:

            A FREAK NEW YORKER EASTERN MORON….Not a Uniter.. a SElfish OAF…and a FREAK

          4. Wolfman says:

            Redhawk Whom do you consider a uniter and give us some sound reasons of what they have done ( not said)!!! Remember based on what he said and his skin color…the Great Uniter …Yo-Mama only proved he had the ‘er’ part of the word down pat(
            Don’t say I think that Trump is a uniter….I don’t… but the fact is how is anyone going to unite a true Conservative with a Nancy Pelosi…they can’t and won’t. This country is pretty much broken in half…did Yo-Mama ever give a crap that he actually divided the country even more’??? Nope! The left considers ‘uniting’ to be agreeing with their position.. the same as being ‘diverse’ so long as we are all the same. You know all this why are you mad at us??

          5. The redhawk says:

            Kasich has United Ohio… Even in Cleveland he WON with a 67 % of a normal bIG BLUE city….Walker has United Wisconsuin by Freeing it from Union Control and even now non unionized School teachers are for him and the State is out of Debt… Jim Webb (D) has worked in the Pentagon, is a Marine VN hero and was a Senator from Virginia with a good Bi partisan record…FIORINA Ran a big Corporation and has Dealt with Many World Leaders….. THE NYC Tabloid FREAK is NONE of the Above since his EGO is all bout HIM!

          6. Wolfman says:

            Those are good points. However, remember before Trump entered the race the hatchett jobs the press did on Scott Walker…also Walker recently told an illegal that he should follow the law to become a citizen,as soon as the daughter started to cry, he backed off and retracted his statement…not exactly courage under fire.
            This is the Primaries we all have our favorites…let’s see who wins ….I personally at one time thought of write in or third party…but I will vote for an Honest Candidate with courage and conviction that is Republican..I will not vote for a Duplicitous McConnell or Boehner type of candidate.
            Remember , Al Franken said virtually the same thing about McCain…..where was the phony outrage then??? Also when McCain ran for President the MSM didn’t care about his hero status then!!
            As Yogi said ‘It ain’t over til its over’. I appreciate your reminding me of the pluses the others have.

          7. Wolfman says:

            Redhawk saying un-filtered truth does not equate to a freak. Please re-read his exact words if the McCain thing is bothering you he called McCain a war hero twice!!!

          8. The redhawk says:

            tHE FREAK said:” Mc Cain is Not a hero because he was Captured”… Is in the FREAK’s mind the Only Heros to be Survivors or those Killed??? and Which branch of the Military did he serve??? The FREAKS PLATOON … he better RETRACT his A hole comment and apologize to ALL who SERVED

          9. Wolfman says:

            Not true redhawk The ‘Freak’ said ” “He’s not a war hero,” then he immediately retracted and said”He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, OK?” So he said McCain is a war hero. What’s he supposed to do apologize ad infinatum ???
            Put all that aside McCain is a lousy Senator who has had 8 years under Yo-Mama to fight his Agenda and help veterans. What do we get in those regards …sound of crickets. So in reality the war hero has watched a President take multiple Un-Constitutional actions and instead of opposing him vigorously… he has stood by and let our debt grow to almost $20Trillion….he has watched the VA continue to abuse vets as if he is helpless to correct these issues. I’ll give him the war hero status he earned it ….but he has also earned the status of a cowardly ineffective Senator and citizen.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            You mean un-filtered half truths and lies. He hates illegal but has no problem letting them build his hotels. He never give you anything like real numbers that can be checked. He’s a windbag and is hurting the republican party. If you want a dictator vote for him. If you want Hillary as president vote for him.

          11. Wolfman says:

            Doesn’t he build most of his stuff in Jersey and New York…. which require Unions. Last I worked in New York the Unions were mafia run and you hired who they sent. If you haven’t noticed the Republicans ran half-baked moderates in 2008 and 2012. I may be wrong but I believe we lost. You do understand that the MSM feeds us BS to make you panic. Obama is as Rad as you get and he won twice…..what makes you think throwing another softball into the ring wins the fight?? Doing the same thing multiple times expecting a different result is the definition of insanity!!! Don’t yell….just explain logically why it would be different this time…I really want your thoughts..I already know your emotion.

          12. bobnstuff says:

            Trump is building in DC about five blocks from the White House and he has about 35 illegals on the site, someone interviewed one of them. In Trumps world rules are for everyone else. The republicans lost in 2008 because of one thing, Sarah! I would have been happy to vote for McCain until she came on board. Mitt is an a$$. I worked for a Baine Capital company and would have voted for anyone before that man. He’s a theft. I hope this time the republicans don’t blow it but I hold little hope. So far
            John Kasich is the only one in the clown car I have any use for. I believe he could get things back on track and maybe Washington could start working again. The republicans have forgotten how to govern. I keep track of new laws being introduced and things are in a sad state. The biggest problem for me is I want a government that leaves my personal life alone, on in my bedroom, not in peoples body’s and not in may church. I want them to legislate not litigate. Stop wasting money on hearings that aren’t going to end in better laws.
            Stop trying to get dirt on the other party and start trying to fix the problems of the nation. I guess that’s to much to ask for.

          13. Wolfman says:

            Bob thanks for the explanation. I see where you’re coming from and now I ‘m questioning what is bluster and what is fact about Trump. Facts beat BS all the time. Guess the Emperor forgot his loin cloth . Thanks for the insight…now I have some verifiable information to consider.I’m also the kind that I believe illegals don’t belong here ….so they never worked for me in my company. Thanks for taking the time to provide information . I realize Palin is polarizing and has her faults…but there is a gutsiness there that is lacking in too many others.
            You will be more effective if you tell what you think in an articulate manner. Even if you only convince one Progressive ,who is on the fence,or/and one independent that we Conservatives are not the neanderthals the press tries to make us that is two more votes for freedom… instead of two less…multiply that by 500,000 or 1,000,000 other intellectual conversations that show we are articulate..and pretty soon you have some big numbers!! Thanks again for your time…don’t give up..your correct in many things you say and articulate in presenting all your logic!!

          14. festmatt5440 says:

            ” Speaking ‘ of freaks ‘.

        2. Wolfman says:

          Rand Paul may be Jeffersonian…..unless it isn’t popular enough. Kevan, your a smart guy…I’m not trying to be a wise guy but he already flipped and flopped because his numbers were low. Maybe if he was the Rand Paul of 2-3 years ago that seemed like he was willing to stand his ground…but now…I think he is a shadow of his oldself. I respect your opinion …can you give me some recent insights I could hold onto???

      2. The redhawk says:

        JIM WEBB… John Kasich…. Carly Fiorina…. Marco RUBIO….ANYONE of these of Either Party would be better than the IDIOT in PHONY hairdo or the Sow of Chappaqua…

        1. Ludlow Porch says:

          Liberal, BS! Well what do you know, another “Anal Retentive Liberal!” Go take a dump!

          1. I Seigel says:

            Now I’ve seen everything! Some idiot calling “redhawk” a liberal!! Did you eat your young for breakfast, Clodlow?

          2. The redhawk says:

            These HEADSINASS LIBTURDS will try anything… even at the danger of being Retarded Delusional Obamabot potted plants…. they are true S-IT for Brains LIBTARDS….LOCK and Load and keep them at bay!!

          3. I Seigel says:

            Redhawk, don’t get me wrong. I think you’re an a**hole, but at least I’m not stupid enough to call you a liberal! I wouldn’t want to insult you! I enjoy our chats too much.

          4. The redhawk says:

            So says the FREAK from Canarsie… but don’t get carried away with titles since you may be also another Progressive Result of too much Inbreeding among EASTERN IDIOTS..

            I escaped FREAK CITY after graduating College…in 1960……….. thank GOD!

          5. I Seigel says:

            Where is FREAK CITY anyway? Was it even built in 1960? Canarsie? You’re posts get more and more ….. interesting.

          6. Wolfman says:

            See there you are talking to yourself again just to throw us of the multi personality track…kinda like Jeff Dunham and his Jeff Dunham puppet

          7. I Seigel says:

            I may be talking to myself. But YOU did answer! Does that mean that you’re one of my multi-personalities? I kinda doubt it. More like an evil, retarded twin. Or Kuato.


            But I still luv ya.

          8. Wolfman says:

            If I’m one of your multi personalities that means you are also the Insane Elmer Fudd I…We…Us ( redhawk) were called by another post member. US’n keep this up we are already up to four ….. five if you count ‘wolf’ as one six if you count ‘man’ as another one of us….we keep this up the whole posting thread will just be one person arguing with himselves…… we’ll make the lady who actually had 13 different personalities look like a moocher!! ..I like the direction this is taking

          9. I Seigel says:

            LOL just doesn’t seem quite sufficient a response!

            Strange, but I could have sworn this thread and all the other ones here WERE just one or maybe 2 people arguing with themselves. You mean that’s not how it is!?!?

          10. Wolfman says:

            Alright you got me I’m actually an evil retarded twin ( which makes you the smart triplet)…which now brings us up to seven personalities!!
            I’m actually hoping that some conversations settle down and people start ‘splainin’ where they’re coming from and what their actual point is. I believe once everyone states their position any intelligent person…which actually eliminates me…will know what the emotion is…without the top secret swear word spellings…I include myself in this emotion first reason second syndrome…. but I’m also nuts…no excuse just fact

          11. Wolfman says:

            That’s me!!!! I feel just like Arnold in Terminator 2 when he picked up the mini-gun and John Connor said….Now that’s you!!!

          12. Wolfman says:

            Hey Sigs I thought I had sent you some other posts. The one about Climate Change and Trump negotiating. ….now that I’ve actually had a talk with you …’re like a shark…. you feed off this rhetoric…..and it just makes you more amused and stronger….am I close??? You just throw a bomb and then tally the rational and irrational responses…..kinda like the Phantom of the Opera …. orchestrating a chaotic operatic melodrama….. I called you the Jeff Dunham puppet but your actually Jeff Dunham….but look like Michael Jackson!!! FYI, I looked it up.. Canarsie is a middle class neighborhood in Brooklyn…you called yourself the thief….oops!! FREAK from Canarsie when you were redhawk!!!….or is Trump from Canarsie….or are you actually Donald Trump????

          13. I Seigel says:

            Ok, you busted me.

            Yeah, I don’t get the Canarsie reference. I think I posted in another thread, where someone accused me of something or other, that “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn”, which is what Capt America said to that red Nazi to really piss him off.

            I don’t think I recall any climate change stuff. Was it something interesting or completely stupid?

          14. Wolfman says:

            Sigs maybe your the great uniter that redhawk keeps looking for. None of our multi-personalities agree…but while we all think each other are a-holes ….wait!! that’s it…so long as we all think we’re a-holes …and don’t argue that one point we can actually discuss differences instead of shouting out…..Naaaaah!

          15. I Seigel says:

            I notice that Redhawk has checked himself out of this discussion. It might be a coincidence, but he hasn’t posted here since I ran out of Maker’s Mark. That’s GOT to be a coincidence, right? Come back Redhawk!!! I know. I’ll open that bottle of Blanton’s I was saving for a special occasion…

            Yes, by golly, I think you may have found the key to all of this. IF we can actually agree on that one point, that would be a great start to a discussion instead of a shouting match. It would be kind of like trying to play a poker game in the middle of a sharknado, tho, I’m afraid…

          16. Wolfman says:

            Hey Sigs …..Ever notice that you and redhawk are never seen at the same time….kinda like Michael Jackson and LaToya Jackson….Are you sure your not the same person???

          17. I Seigel says:

            I DID notice that! Interesting. But not like Michael and LaToya (aren’t they both dead?) More like Auric Goldfinger and Dr. No.

          18. Wolfman says:

            If they are both dead that explains my original dilemma….Yeah! now that you bring it up …there was a hint of almond shaped eyes in Goldfinger’s glint….or was that Odd Job… I always get them mixed up ’cause they look totally different!!

          19. The redhawk says:

            No you are a dump and the World is saturated enough with HEADSINASS LIBTARDS LIKE YOU!!!

          20. The redhawk says:

            Hey PORCH MONKEY even for an INBRED IDIOT of Generations of IDIOTS that was a really IGNORANT POST…FREAK!

        2. Wolfman says:

          I repeat like whom????

          1. The redhawk says:

            I repeat NOT the FREAK.. YOu wadded Panties MORON…… i bet you Voted for OBLAMO!!

          2. Wolfman says:

            Actually, you are wrong I voted for Palin ( kinda reminds me of a female Trump) and Romney( under duress). Yell all you want …but you still haven’t explained your point very well. Besides the insanity gig is mine …although I have to hand it to you …you are reminiscent of Jack Nicholson’s character in ” As Good As It Gets”. I challenge you to a ” Who Is Cuckooer Duel”….en garde’

    2. Wolfman says:

      Like whom???

      1. The redhawk says:


        1. Wolfman says:

          I agree the Like Whom was boring but you eventually made some very valid points…so why not start out valid…then go psycho if someone doesn’t listen to reason. Thanks for putting up with me and giving me some insights.

  • teaman says:

    I am a 72 year old Vietnam VET and if you are a McCain LOVER but have guts, watch this video and learn the truth!!

    1. KevanRowlee says:

      Spot on, teaman.

    2. I Seigel says:

      This clip is also entitled, “TeaPartynado 4 – Republicans Eat Their Young”, and can be found on conspiracy websites everywhere.

    3. Lorene B says:

      Interesting video, Trump knows his subject.

  • Lorene B says:

    I don’t think Trump should apologize. I think he should refuse to talk anymore about McCain’s hero status or lack of it, instead, bring to light McCain’s lack of support, care and concern for our veterans. Then move on to other topics that are important to cleaning up America.

    1. ONTIME says:

      Nah, let Macaine come to the table and admit to his scandal filled career…there are thing McCaine was involved in that begged for jail time….

  • KDC says:

    McCain is a blow hard! He brags about his loyalty to the military, and he probably is to a point, but he is one who needs to put his money where his mouth is. No one really likes McCain anyways because we see what he is. He’s an elitist, NWO, illuminated, est. republican. Need I say more? Hey, he’s like Jeb Bush!

    1. Ludlow Porch says:


    2. MeForever says:

      track his blood through mom… isn’t he related by that track to same folks as Cohen/Cohan Kerry?

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says:

    Just because John McCain was a prisoner of war does not made him a hero, just another of the thousands of prisoner of war. Did he get any medals for vapor etc. He only got them for when he was a prisoner. what about all the other prisoners of war, why did they not get metals. meritorious service while interned as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam from December 1969 to January 1973.

    1. MeForever says:

      ’cause he is special. Pappy Admiral in ‘Nam same time sonny boy. Grand pappy bigsh*t in Navy tooooo.

      1. Bob2002 says:

        Plus, McCain’s grand-dad was a four star Admiral. Good old boy network.

    2. runnindeer says:

      I have known two and my spouse has known one returned POW. These men went through pure unadulterated hell, but received nothing . Neither of these people could have ever considered being in politics as John McCain has done. They were all too emotionally and in one case physically damaged to have done so. Sargent York didn’t call himself a hero. Neither did Audi Murphy, and General Patton, as well as numerous others that did do meritorious valor. John McCain is a politician.( I have considered him a Closet democrat for years.) — Even one of the victims of the recent murder of the 5 military people in Tennessee by that drug using hate filled Muslim, — refused to be called a hero and ( that man was a purple heart recipient twice over.)

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