Donald Trump: ‘We have to look at the positives, also, for Planned Parenthood’

Businessman Donald Trump is sticking by a slightly more nuanced view of Planned Parenthood than many other Republicans are offering, saying that while he’s against the group’s abortion services, they still offer positive programs for women.

“There’s two Planned Parenthoods, in a way,” the 2016 GOP presidential contender said in an interview that aired Tuesday evening on Fox News’ “Hannity” program. “You have it as an abortion clinic. Now that’s actually a fairly small part of what they do, but it’s a brutal part, and I’m totally against it, and I wouldn’t do that.”

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  • AKLady says:

    In 2015, the idea that research is taboo because it involves human tissue is simply the height of ridiculousness.

  • AKLady says:

    Cadaver maintenance is not free. In fact, it can be quite expensive. The day body parts were dumped into a tank of formaldehyde are long gone.

    Yes, PP seeks reimbursement for those expenses– as it is legally permitted to do, and as a business unquestionably should do.

  • David Smith says:

    And Hitler did some good things also, didn’t he?

  • KentS says:

    The other services Trump speaks of can be received elsewhere; just defund PP and give the money to the other institutions so they can expand.

    1. AKLady says:

      PP does not depend upon government funding.
      That government funding it receives is a very small part of its budget.

      1. Mae says:

        Then they don’t need taxpayers’ money, do they? Defund PP to give taxpayers’ relief.

        1. AKLady says:

          No, but poor women need the services that money provides.
          Defund PP, taxpayer expense goes up.
          More children on the welfare roles is just what America needs.

          You should really try think things through, Conservatives seem ot havr this habit of cutting off their nose to spite their face.

          1. Mae says:

            A lot of us would prefer to pay for welfare to paying for the murder of babies. It’s not true that every woman who gives birth to an unplanned child goes on welfare, or that they all live in poverty. Most children aren’t ‘planned’, after all. And there’s always baby daddy to help support the child – plus the over half a mil going to PP every year…

          2. AKLady says:

            PP is a healthcare provider. They provide medical care to both men and women. Abortion is only one of the many services they provide.

            Their main service is the one identified in their name — birth control. They also provide many other medical services — care many could not afford at other providers.

            If you want to rid America of PP, I suggest you allow national health care to become a reality in this country.

            But no, you and your type, fight every step taken to bring health care to everyone. In this case, you want to close one of the facilities that actually provides cost effective health care for the poor.

          3. Mae says:

            There are over 9,000 health care centers across the U.S. that provide the services PP provides – plus other services. They also have no to low cost care for those who cannot afford other providers. States provide Medicaid payments for both men and women. There are countless primary care providers and specialists who provide services to patients under the ACA. PP is certainly not the only provider available. They are, however, the provider of choice for abortions. Who are you trying to bs?

          4. AKLady says:

            There is one huge difference — the centers to which you speak are not in the neighborhoods where they are needed.

            Medicaid is limited to those who are at, or fall below, the poverty level established by the federal government.

            There are many people without insurance, even now that the ACA has been put into force. People are still left to die in this country, simply because they cannot afford to buy health care.

            The PP is not the provider of choice for abortion. Most women living above the poverty level would not seek care at a PP clinic.

            Abortion has always been available to those able to afford the service.

          5. Mae says:

            You seem to imply that abortions at PP are low cost – but PP’s website says first trimester abortions are about $1500 with later trimester abortions costing more. They do have sliding fees – as do community health centers – for those who do not have insurance for health care. For women living ‘below’ the poverty level, $1500 for an abortion is not ‘low cost’. Certainly it is not as low cost as contraceptives – which they can get free or based on income – same as at community health centers where they can also get dental care, vision care, mammograms, and cancer screening for example. I have no idea where all 9,000 plus community health centers are located but with only 700+ Planned Parenthood locations across the country (per PP website), it is unlikely that there is no community health center nearby. If a woman wants ‘health care’ other than abortion, it’s just as available as PP.

          6. AKLady says:

            You don’t really think those organizations are foolish enough to duplicate services in the same area, do you?
            I know of many communities that do not have health centers.
            I know of many people who are too poor to purchase health care and make too much money for community health centers.

          7. AKLady says:

            There are many organizations which provide the needed funding. Poor women are not denied services.

      2. KentS says:

        Great, they won’t miss it then.

        1. AKLady says:

          Great, and your children and grandchildren will not need to benefit from the research which will take place.

          1. KentS says:

            You mean the research that is also done elsewhere? Just ask Ben Carson if you don’t believe me; he has a Facebook page.

  • gdrake5 says:

    There are plenty of free clinic that can take over the other services PP does and since now they have another source of income they don’t need taxpayer money. You shouldn’t get welfare if you got other income coming in.

    1. AKLady says:

      Who are they?
      Where are they?

      Why do you think government funding is PP’s main source of financial income?

      Why are you think abortion is PP’s primary healthcare service?

      1. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

        He’s a tool who watches too much Fox News.

  • Dave N. says:

    This is unfortunate, he just lost any consideration I may have given him. Planned Parenthood should not be receiving any tax payer funding, they are primarily a abortion factory profiting from aborted baby parts and pieces, from the interviews with senior personnel and leaders of the organization it is absolutely clear that is and has been going on as a standard practice for a very long time. PP is a private company carrying out illegal activities while being heavily funded with tax payer dollars, those dollar’s can be spent on much more ethical health care businesses for women.

    1. AKLady says:

      No, you are simply very brainwashed.
      You believe what you want to believe — even though it is false.
      Abortion has been legal since 1973 — almost half a century.

      1. Dave N. says:

        Whether abortion is legal or not is not the issue. The issue is the tax payer paying a company selling baby parts and pieces for profit and manipulating the process to increase their profit margin. This under the law is illegal and we shouldn’t be funding it directly or indirectly. There are far better and more ethical medical services available for women. Planned Parenthood from it’s inception has been anything but ethical, and that’s a fact which cannot be desputed by anyone. Before you respond you better do some reading on its founder and then carefully locate all of its facilities and see for yourself who is being manipulated by this service provider. The more you know the better off you will be, and making an argument in PP favor will become far more difficult if not impossible.

    2. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

      AND more importantly, Planned Parenthood has commited no crimes.

      1. Dave N. says:

        The interviews with Planned Parenthood medical personnel who have been clearly identified as individuals in executive and management positions have clearly stated what they have been doing and are willing to do. All of which under the law is illegal, you are correct in saying they haven’t been convicted in a court of law. But their actions are more than sufficient for anyone to see and as such should not receive tax payer funding.

        1. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

          Planned Parenthood has been participating in the same arena as most other clinics. They provide needed material for medical research. Dr. Ben Carson, I’m sure you’ve heard of him, did the same thing (though now he’s against it because he’s running for office). The issue is whether the group is SELLING baby parts or simply being re-imbursed for their costs associated with the transport and storage of the needed materials (with cooperation of the patient). I do not believe they have profited from this in any sense. They have simply recieved re-imbursement for the money spent (tax payer dollars). Now, having said that, if the anti-abortion whack jobs like Scott Walker or Mike Huckabee (both have confirmed they’d let a mother die before allowing an abortion) have their way and they don’t need actual HARD evidence then they would prosecute. Fortunately, we, as a nation, don’t use our bibles to make laws as those two would. So I think an indictment is highly unlikely based on thiese heavily edited videos.

          1. Dave N. says:

            Sorry, we are going to have to agree to disagree. I’ve watched the unedited videos which run far longer than what’s seen in the news. The full versions are even more damming as they contain even more information.
            Selling baby parts and pieces for “reimbursement of tax dollars”, don’t know where you dug that one up, that statement has some issues all on it’s own.

          2. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

            Very simple. Tax dollars and donations are spent to preserve, transport and deliver the medically needed research. The re-imbursement by these companies is to cover those costs (which came primarily from tax dollars).

  • Reality99r says:

    Not only should Planned Parenthood be defunded, they should be prosecuted.

    1. AKLady says:

      For what?
      Roe v. Wade 1973
      Read it and educate yourself.
      Abortion is legal.

      1. Mae says:

        This isn’t about abortion. This is about modifying abortion procedures in order to obtain the body parts requested, and selling human body parts for a profit. Neither of those activities are legal.

        1. AKLady says:

          There is nothing illegal about any of PP’s services.

          1. Mae says:

            How do you know? Can you prove it? You claim you went to law school so present the evidence, counselor. PP might need to hire you to defend them.

          2. AKLady says:

            PP has an entire law firm at its disposal. In addition, the American Civil Liberties Union attorneys are also front and center on this issue.

            The law is published on line. Read it. Learn something.

          3. Mae says:

            I have read it. You’re the one arguing that the sale of human body parts and modifying abortion procedures to obtain the best ‘specimens’ are legal activities. PP’s law firm and the ACLU do not agree with you. The laws do exist and all they can do is ‘try’ to prove PP hasn’t violated those laws. You might want to send them a ‘good luck with that’ card.

          4. AKLady says:

            No, Mae, you are the only one talking about “sale” of human body parts.

          5. Mae says:

            Really? You must not be keeping up with the news. It’s a hot topic across the nation. Even Congress has been discussing it.

          6. AKLady says:

            No, you are reading the “scandal” intended to damage PP. It costs money to preserve cadavers for research. Having those expenses paid by the end user is not illegal.

  • Jimbo says:

    I can’t vote for Trump. I was glad he entered the race, and stood up to the media and liberals, and spoke his mind, but NO money can go to Planned Parenthood, because they have already proven to conduct illegal, gruesome activities against innocent unborn babies and mothers. How many times have we heard that Planned Parenthood concealed statuatory rape so that they could get paid to kill a baby? (many) They may CLAIM they don’t use federal money for abortions, but the funding frees up OTHER moneys to do abortions.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Trump – or any president – isn’t the one who decides funding. That privilege goes to Congress. Just because Trump isn’t giving a “black or white” answer re PP doesn’t, to me, disqualify him.

      1. Jimbo says:

        Who said he was responsible for the funding? I sure didn’t! What I said was that I can’t vote for a man who supports ANY funding of Planned Parenthood, whether for cancer screenings (that they don’t do), or birth control (which taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund), or abortion.

      2. AKLady says:

        The U.S. Supreme Court decides which laws can stand,
        Roe v. Wade, 1973, decided the legality of abortion.

        There have been hundreds of attempts to overthrow Roe, they have all failed.

        Never again will anyone control a woman’s right to choose.

    2. AKLady says:

      Abortion is legal.
      Has been since 1973.
      What rock have you been under?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      1. Mae says:

        What rock are you still under? This is not about abortion! Abortion itself may still be legal but changing abortion procedure to facilitate selling human body parts for profit, and now we hear without the consent of mothers or consent under duress, is not legal.

        1. AKLady says:

          Selling body parts is illegal.
          You have been taken in by lies.

          Cadavers have been used in research for centuries.

          If a woman wanted, she could have the cadaver sent to a funeral home, embalmed. placed in a casket and buried in a cemetery. A father could do that also.

          Somehow, I don’t see that happening

          1. Mae says:

            What I don’t see happening is AKLady taking the time to learn what the law says about selling human body parts or what the law says about changing abortion procedures to obtain human body parts. Most likely because you don’t ‘want’ to know for whatever your personal reasons…

          2. AKLady says:

            I went to school to study law.

            I don’t do Internet law for the foolish, bigoted, uniformed …

          3. Mae says:

            So how many times have you failed the bar?

          4. AKLady says:

            Keep those insults coming.
            America needs more embarrassment.

          5. Mae says:

            This from someone who said “Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie”? “What rock have you been under?” “You have been taken in by lies”? Now you’ve made me laugh.

          6. AKLady says:

            You are still lying.
            You are still insulting Americans.
            Your are continuing to embarrass America.
            Your ignorance is not the least bit funny — it is terribly sad.

          7. AKLady says:

            Maintaining cadavers for research is expensive. Those costs must be captured. Call it selling body parts is lying. Apparently, lying is something you approver of.

          8. Mae says:

            I really do not care what you think of me or of my attitude. You might want to read the guidelines for posting because I am not someone who tolerates bullying or harassment. I am responding this time only to tell you not to comment to me again.

          9. AKLady says:

            Please stop harassing me.

          10. AKLady says:

            Please stop threatening me.

      2. Jimbo says:

        Slavery was once legal too. Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean you should do it. I don’t lie, and I don’t live under a rock. You live in willful ignorance. Well, like everyone, you’ll be answering for your sin soon enough. I hope you can explain to God why you promoted the killing of innocent unborn children.

        1. AKLady says:

          Abortion is a matter of choice.
          It is a choice I will continue to support.

          Whether or not I would every avail myself of such a choice is not at issue in this discussion.

          You are making false accusations against PP. You show no restraint, whatsoever, in regard to those false accusations — for which you have no proof.

          You also are totally ignorant as to how such money must be handled. If you think those government funds are mingled with those used to finance abortion, you are expressing abject ignorance.

          PP has multiple restricted sources of income. They have multiple bank accounts in which those monies are deposited to and distributed from.

          1. Jimbo says:

            The videos speak for themselves. They represent accurately the mindset and cruelty of the organization and it’s employees and supporters. If abortion was a matter of choice, why are you and your ilk forcing the rest of us to pay for it? If you were concerned about “choice”, then you would be concerned that millions of innocent unborn children have been denied the right to exercise ANY choice. Jesus said some people would never repent of their sins and accept salvation because of their hardness of heart. You are in danger of that. The longer you support this abomination, the more it hardens your heart, and the more likely you will reject God.

          2. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

            I like to ask the pro-life with no exceptions people this: if you were to get your wet dream and make it illegal again, how many of these forced births are you willing to adopt and take care of? Some will have special needs and some won’t make it. But as long as the baby makes it OUT, even if the mother dies (oopsy, not my fault!) that’s all that matters. Right?

          3. AKLady says:

            Women’s lives do not matter.

            Pregnancy is their fault.
            Abused children are their fault.
            Rape is their fault.
            Divorce is their fault…

            They have even been blamed for wars.

          4. Jimbo says:

            Most pro-lifers (like me) contribute their time and or money to organizations that help mothers with their pregnancies, help children with medical problems, arrange adoptions, etc. What do YOU do to help those young mothers and babies? Why don’t YOU take responsibility for the babies others conceive?

            Oopsy, not my fault? Two people are ALWAYS responsible for a pregnancy. It’s just not the people you think should be responsible.

          5. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

            I don’t feel the need to discuss my charitable contributions (which ARE not used as an excuse to write off on my taxes like most). My point was that people like Scott Walker, Mike Huckster and Marco Rubio think letting a woman die is exceptable as long as the baby gets out (whether it’s still born or not). But when asked what we do with all these babies they (for some unknown reason) have no answer. “We’ll figure it out” is a likely response. The adoption system is broken and has been for decades but the Huckster and his companions wanna add a million newborns a year to it. How does that idiotic plan workout?

            It doesn’t. But the Huckster and his “family values” are 100% against programs that can deal with the abortion problem effectively. Like sex education. Wanna prevent abortions prevent unwanted teen pegnancies. Red states do have a higher rate of teen pregnancy than blue states. Why? Sex ed versus the hilariously failed experiment of abstinence (according to surveys it has between an 85 and 90% fail rate).

          6. Jimbo says:

            You’re so wrong about all of this. No one has ever advocated letting women die to protect a baby. All that is necessary is for a doctor to try and save both human beings.

            The adoption system is not broken. People are lined up waiting for babies. They are going to China and Russia for babies.

            There is nothing idiotic about letting babies be born either. Politicians (including Democrats) like to say, that “Children are the future”. That’s right. Children ARE our future. They will solve the world’s problems. So why do you insist on killing them.

            Sex education doesn’t prevent abortions. It just shows kids what kind of contraceptives to use. And contraceptives inevitably fail, excepting in the hookups you promote (lesbianism).

            I don’t think you were born gay. Somewhere along the line, you decided you hated men. So you hooked up with a woman, and now, since you resent men and their part in conception, you are attacking the babies.

          7. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

            you said: “You’re so wrong about all of this. No one has ever advocated letting women die to protect a baby. All that is necessary is for a doctor to try and save both human beings.”

            Doctor (to patient): “Now you calm down. You will not die. I just had a talk with President Huckster and he said God talked to him personally and informed him and the other pasty old, REALLY old white guys that are more than qualified to make your medical decisions have agreed as soon as we get the still born baby out of you…we can try and save your life. Hold on, Vice President Walker wants to chime in. Yes Mr. Walker? You had a talk with a god too? He said you and The Huckster are heartless fake Christians, I agree. And you should be ashamed of yourselves for forcing a woman to do something you’d NEVER let you’re wife or daughter go through. I agree again you Charlatan. Too bad y’all got your wet dream of banning abortion w no exceptions. Now I’m ATTEMPTING to save the life of the mother and this still born brick inside her. Yes, of course the brick is more important!”

            Then this expertise came out of your mouth: I don’t think you were born gay (You’re right I wasn’t LMAO). Somewhere along the line, you decided you hated men (LOL another common theme of yours). So you hooked up with a woman (Lesbian porn is my favorite too. But you NEVER watch that cause you’re a “Christian”), and now, since you resent men (check my profile. I never claimed to be a woman and you are convinced every woman who disagrees with you resent men LOL) and their part in conception, you are attacking the babies (I do collect them).

            And yes I know I’m, according to you in every case where someone disagrees with you on anything, (cue scary music) “mocking God”. Correction, I’m mocking his extrememist followers.

          8. AKLady says:

            The videos are edited.
            You are not being forced to pay for anything.

          9. Jimbo says:

            Sure they are, like any videos on any subject. They are edited to remove dead time, when nothing is happening. They are shortened for quicker viewing. Sound levels are ramped up or down so people can hear clearly. Brightness, contrast and color are adjusted. You would have us believe they inserted make believe events. That is not true, and you know it!

            And YES, I am being forced to pay for abortions. When my tax money goes into this company’s coffers, it frees up other revenue to pay for abortions. That’s not so hard to understand, is it?

          10. AKLady says:

            Except, that is not how it works in the real world.

            Nonprofit organizations are subject to multiple financial audits — federal, state, county,. city, medical, United Way ….

            Because PP is repeatedly in the spotlight, its offices are audited far more frequently

          11. Jimbo says:

            You just don’t listen… It doesn’t matter what column PP puts contributions in (private or tax money). It matters that the donation of tax money frees up other money so PP can provide abortions. That is the same thing as using public money for abortion.

          12. AKLady says:

            No, you simply rely upon other’s ignorance to support your hate campaign.

            Drop the lies. They don’t impress any adult who has business experience.

          13. AKLady says:

            PP provides health care to MEN and WOMEN.

            How many men do you know have gotten pregnant?
            How many men do you know have had an abortion?

            One of their major services is STD testing and treatment. Another is fertility testing.

          14. Jimbo says:

            The “services” PP provides to MEN is to cover up their rape of underage girls, by providing abortions, and concealing that from law enforcement.

            PP encourages children to to have sex, so they can sell abortion. Of course they will provide contraceptives, which they know fail.

            I am sorry you resent men so much. Maybe you are hooking up with the wrong ones. Come to think of it, I don’t known why a real man, someone who wants a family, and would be a good father, would hook up with someone of your views.

          15. AKLady says:

            Lie, after lie, after lie.
            If you want your opinion respected, tell the truth.
            Your insults are comically immature.

        2. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

          Two questions:
          1. when christians get into a debate over something (abortion or gay marriage) and you run out of facts to support your case that you nearly always go “you’re going to hell for this” and usually with gleeful anticipation in your voice. You are the fourth different person in the past week I’ve seen this from.
          2. People have been predicted we are living “in the end times” for 2000 years. What makes you think he’s gonna come now just because you say so?

          1. Jimbo says:

            I didn’t run out of facts to support my views on abortion and gay marriage. And since when do YOU worry about facts?

            I’m not happy to see anyone go to hell. A real Christian has a commission to spread God’s word, and thereby prevent people from going to Hell. As for predicting the end times, I have never done that. But you never want to bet that it is a long time away. If you think you can wait to get right with God, you may be mistaken.

          2. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

            Jimbo, you said and I quote ” you’ll be answering for your sin soon enough.” That sounds like what I described above about the end times. Cause how will I pay for my sins unless he returns? HMMM? End times.

            And since I “promoted the killing of innocent unborn children” with my TV commercials and radio spots I’m next planning to promote my Zygote and Corporations are People Too campaign.

          3. Jimbo says:

            You really are ignorant. Everyone faces judgement when they die. I said nothing about “end times”. You may think you are being clever in showing contempt for God and the unborn, but it is really quite sad.

          4. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

            Zygotes and Corporations are people ask Mike Huckster. I’m promoting family values here.

            It’s funny watching you play semantics with the whole “end times” dance. lol.

            And is it always people are “mocking” or “showing contempt for” God when they disagree with your views? Another VERY common theme in your posts and other “christians.”

  • The redhawk says:

    Hey DONALD… pandering for the Uneducated Uninformed Liberal Progressive WOMEN Vote in REAL RINO MODE???? Or are you a REAL Conservative as you Claim to be and are just OUT of TOUCH with REAL Conservative Values??? Which is it???

    1. AKLady says:

      Law is neither conservative or liberal.

      There is a very simple solution to your issue — if you do not approve of abortion — don’t have one.

      In the mean time, mind your own business.

      1. Mae says:

        By your criteria, if we do not approve of murder then don’t murder anyone. In the meantime, we should just mind our own business and not speak against murder.

        1. AKLady says:

          There is a huge difference between a child and a group of cells which are a parasitic. Cancerous tumors are alive, we’ll let you keep your, OK?

          1. Mae says:

            There’s a gigantic difference in people who blame the baby for their choice to engage in sex without contraceptives and those who accept responsibility for the life they have created.

            You clearly are one of those who blames the baby for the mother’s choice to have sex without the use of contraceptives. Does blaming a baby make you feel powerful? Why not just drown kittens too?

          2. AKLady says:

            There are many reasons for abortion.

            You simply have chosen to dwell on one.

            With people like you, it is always the mother’s choice.

            Well, darling, I hope you are faced with some of those problems … rape, genetic error, threat to life, illness, fetus missing limbs …

            One of the most horrendous things that a mother can endure is being forced to bring a fetus without a brain to term. A beautify infant in every way, but unable to even breath on its own …

            There are many reasons for abortion. You obviously have not experienced any one of them.

            However, you have decided that you are allowed to sit in judgment of every woman on the face of the earth.

        2. AKLady says:

          You level twelve insults, then complain about me?

  • carpkiller says:

    Who is going to say what they use money given to them for.It is obvious you can not trust the people running it.

    1. The redhawk says:

      Not sure that DA DONALS will not claim to have ” MISPOKEN”….Unless he is REALLY NOt a Conservative after all….

      1. AKLady says:

        Yes, conservatives — just like the Church which imprisoned, even hung, researchers who dared to “violate” a corpse.

    2. AKLady says:

      And just how do you expect those cadavers to be maintained in a useable condition? Cadaver research is not something new in the field of medical science.

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