Donald Trump Wins More Than 2 Million More Votes Than Mitt Romney in 2012 in States Voting So Far

Data compiled since the New York GOP primary shows that billionaire Donald Trump’s popular vote total in 2016 in states that have voted so far significantly exceeds the vote totals that Mitt Romney, the 2012 nominee, had in those states in total.

All in all, in the contests that have been had so far in 2016, Trump towers over Romney—having won more than 2 million more votes in the 2016 GOP primaries. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the next closest vote-getter to Trump this cycle, falls just under 300,000 votes short of Romney’s totals in the 2012 cycle.

In total, Trump has received 8,776,586 votes so far this year in states that have already held primaries or caucuses or conventions. In those same states in 2012, Romney received 6,654,029 votes—a whopping 2,122,557 votes less than Donald Trump. That means Trump has gotten a 31.79 percent increase over Romney’s totals.

Meanwhile, Cruz, in states that have voted already in 2016 has received an impressive 6,452,032 votes. While admirable, that’s still 201,977 votes less than Romney’s 2012 totals in those states—a decrease of 3.04 percent from Romney’s 2012 votes.

The analysis shows that of the nearly 40 contests so far, Trump’s 2016 vote totals have demolished Romney’s 2012 vote totals in most places.

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  • Anthony says:

    Trump better be the winner he is the only one that will order a complete clean up of ISIS guaranteed he will be no Obama or Clinton, he will be more like Reagan and Roosevelt, stop playing with them destroy them them before some crazy sells them Nuclear

    1. HadEnough says:


    2. Gnowark says:

      Which Roosevelt? And why not Jefferson? (Who was successful dealing with Barbary coast islam)

      1. Jon Ockunzzi says:

        Both Roosevelts fit the bill.

  • Gale says:

    Romney is but another lying, back stabbing scum politician.

  • Seedman says:

    What a kooky propaganda article. This election cycle had far more candidates staying in the contest than 2012. The comparison is like comparing vegetables and fruit. The fact remains that Trump is a horrible candidate. Senator Ted Cruz respects the Constitution and the rights it protects. Thank God he continues to move ahead in securing the nomination.

    1. gf says:

      You have gone to seed, my man! “Teddy Bear”, is toast!

    2. faxxmaxx says:

      Actually because of more candidates running Trump’s numbers should be less as the pie is divided by more people. See how that works?

    3. Eleanor Cummings says:

      Ted Cruz a conservative??? He respects the Constitution and the rights it ?? You didn’t check him out did you?? You got your information from the liberal mainstream media and Teds speeches, same as I did at first. Try researching him (Cruz) like I did. Cruz was a shoo-in favorite of mine up to around February. I’ll not say he has done no good at all, but his agenda is different than most people know. Because I am retired disabled I’ve had time to do EXTENSIVE research, starting around July last year, ALL candidates and ALL parties . Yes, I was VERY disappointed in Ted, and it was like a kick in the stomach but then, I’ll get over it. Such is life.

      He is the appointed messiah/savior of the radical Christian sect of 7 Mountains Dominionism that seeks to place their members in control of our culture and create a NWO though the domination of business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. Check it out. (

      He voted for the H1b visas, voted to fast track the abominable TPP, supports the TPA, supports the UN Agenda 21, lied about being a Christian (he’s a dominionist which is a heresy of Christianity), he lied about being a conservative because no conservative would support the bills he voted for, he affiliated himself with the Council on Foreign Relations, liked about his finances, he was called a “slickster” by his college peers, he opposed the deportation of illegal aliens, not one thing that Cruz promised he would do once in the Senate was anything but a blatant categorical lie, TRUMP raised every single issue that came under debate and if he hadn’t, Cruz wouldn’t be talking about them now, he shrugged off his weekend appearance at an event run by his “Death to Gays” pastor, his donors are NWO banksters, money launderers, tax cheats, pro-amnesty advocates, and believers proponents of revisionist history – all of whom are buying big favors from him which he will have to pay back, just like Obama has been doing for 7 years. He’s a dangerous globalist. He cares little about American jobs and even less for American sovereignty. He has ignored the decimation of ranches, family farms, and manufacturing in America since the passing of NAFTA, which resulted in an astronomical loss of jobs and exorbitant trade deficit. His parents were divorced in 1997. While at Princeton he came under the tutelage of Robert George, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations who poses as a conservative Christian but serves common core UNESCO and the CFR agenda. He associated himself with Lamar Alexander (a Trotskyite) and Newt Gingrich, a supporter of third-wavers Alvin and Heidi Toffler, who said “We need to get rid of the Constitution and property rights.” One of his supporters is Farris Wilks, who supports the secretive Council for National Policy. During one of the debates Cruz said “The first thing that I think we need to do is audit the Fed,” then failed to show up for the vote – the same thing he did when he promised to vote against Loretta Lynch then failed to vote against her. He voted for the S.Amdt Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which if you read it, does nothing to improve border security and include provisions that seriously undermine immigration enforcement. Oh. he’s a slickster all right.

      Need more? I have lots of files on Cruz, Trump, Kasich, the Bushes, Clintons, etc. Who do you want to know about?? Like I

      Said earlier, I’ve been doing research since July of last year, almost every day, hours on this computer. I actually felt sick when I realized what my “favorite” was really all about. Cruz will roll over right after he is elected. He would not defend the constitution, he is globalist, NWO! AND you can’t take millions to run for president and then reject those that invested that money in you. A wise man said “When a poor man gives to a politician it’s a donation When a rich man gives to a politician it’s an investment”. Cruz is a RINO puppet and is doing what the RNC/GOP wants him to do.

    4. Jon Ockunzzi says:

      Your math is as seedy as your political acumen.

  • paulyz says:

    Why TRUMP will beat Hillary, the Media, Rino Establishment, & Cruz would have you think otherwise, why they are so Desperate.

    1. Anthony says:

      I agree 100% now Cruz and Kasick are now together pulling together to push Trump out, (a) Cruz is a second Romney and and Kraysick could be that he was promised a #2 spot,??? that’s the only way he will have a chance to get up there, both of them melted down together are still worth nothing.

  • Jm says:

    Romney had the advantage of being able to Lie, Cheat and Steal before voters woke up to the treachery of the Republican Establishment. They have no such advantage in the future. Romney would lose 60% of his 2012 voters if he ran today.

  • Eddie says:

    Half of con artist Trump’s votes came form “New York values” leftists. The other half came from stupid rednecks. These two groups are Trump’s base.

    1. WARGI says:

      So why do you care? You are obviously a Sanders supporter

    2. Eddie says:

      Wrong again. Sanders, Clinton, and Trump are ALL socialists. Ted Cruz is the ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE running for President.

      1. Ken says says:

        Eddie – you should be on Comedy Central. The Bush Family does not train and place Conservatives. Ted and Heidi both trained and were guided by the Bush Family. Ted is a Professional Establishment Politician and his wife is a Power Broke Wall Street Banker and member of the Council on Foreign Relations along with Bill Clinton and George HW Bush Ted not only sleeps with the enemy – Ted and Heidi are the enemy.

      2. Eleanor Cummings says:

        Really?? Defender of the Constitution, huh? Not with his past actions! Okay!! I’ve been researching ALL the candidates and politicians for almost a year. Cruz WAS first choice but I don’t like his past actions and lies. Now look this stuff up to verify. Read to the end – especially “VOTED TO MERGE AMERICA, MEXICO AND CANADA!! Which explains his WEAK position on Immigration!”

        If you plan to vote for Ted Cruz, you MUST know these things! Educate yourselves on him and his wife. Check ALL the candidates. I am sickened at the corruption I’m finding in our “trusted” representatives!! I really thought Cruz was different. What a disappointment (for me, anyway)!

        * Heidi Cruz has been employed by Goldman Sachs since 2005. She is currently on leave.

        * Heidi Cruz is a member of the leftist council on foreign relations, advocates of world Government and a New World Order.

        * Ted Cruz was George Bush’s top policy advisor.

        * Ted Cruz was in the federal Trade Commission.

        * Ted and Heidi met when they were both Bush staffers.

        * Cruz advised on legal affairs and Heidi on economic policy for the bush administration.

        * Heidi was director for the Western Hemisphere on the national security council under Condoleeza Rice.

        * Heidi served as deputy U.S. Trade Representative to USTR head,
        Robert Zoellick, working on China trade policy.

        * Ted Cruz’ campaign chairman, Chad Sweet, is a former CIA officer.
        He also worked for Goldman Sachs.

        * Ted Cruz voted for cloture on TPA, (trans pacific partnership agreement)
        fast track trade authority, removing the hurdle of concern for further amendment, and clearing the way for passage!
        It didn’t have to be recorded, so nobody knew this. He voted NOT to require approval of congress before other countries could join, including China.

        * Cruz has openly stated that he will NOT use a deportation force, and will continue to use the failed ICE system, where an illegal has to commit a crime first, then be caught.

        * Cruz belongs to the radical Christian sect of 7 mountains dominionism, that seeks to place their members in control of our culture and create a NWO though the domination of business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. He is the appointed messiah/savior of their group.

        * Ted Cruz has only been a citizen for about 19 months! He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 so he could run for president.
        There are also other reasons that he is not constitutionally eligible, including the fact that both of his parents were NOT U.S. Citizens when he was born, only his mother was.

        Cruz will do anything to take the spotlight off the fact that he is IN THE POCKET OF THE BIG BANKS that gave him MILLIONS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! Furthermore, Cruz certainly don’t want the AMERICAN PUBLIC to know that his


        (This part I found scary)! Wise up, he’s not who you think he is but claims to be!

        Now go back and LISTEN to his ORIGINAL speeches when his campaign first started, especially in regards to immigration and open borders!! THEN LISTEN TO TRUMP’S SPEECHES!! Ted Cruz is NOT adverse about doing a flip-flop on his own original campaign rhetoric to steal Mr. Trump’s, almost word-for-word. Oh, yes. Cruz has plagiarized from some of Donald Trump’s speeches!! Listen to what Cruz said at the BEGINNING of his campaign about IMMIGRATION and OPEN BORDERS, and what Trump has always said. Donald Trump hasn’t changed his position, but Cruz did a complete flip flop, USING PARTS FROM TRUMP’S SPEECHES. It stunned me! He’s stealing parts of Mr. Trump’s speeches now! Go back and listen. WE ARE FED UP WITH HIM – BIG TIME!!!

    3. Anthony says:

      you are probably right and you know what that son of a gun tomorrow morning will wake up and still be Trump, Rich white redneck

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    Well Lets take this poll for what it is worth ! ( Very little.) Trump has indeed drawn more votes the either Cruz or Romney in 2012. However if for instance we were to deduct the liberal democratic cross over votes For Trump. Trumps vote totals would be even lower then Cruz’s vote totals to date.. Look to the closed primaries. Even in Trumps home state He is beaten by Both sanders and Hillary by huge landslide margins. And now that the cross over democrats have all gone home. Trumps percentage of vote totally has dramatically declined even as his Republican only voters percentage has grown. Yes in the state of New York Liberal all the way state I might add he trump drew 60 % .But 60% of 25% is not saying much is it. Still not convinced of a Trump general election Lose . All the indicators for a general election Trump defeat are becoming more obvious and even more prevalent the further along into the primary season we go. Every last poll whether it be a Far left source ,middle of the road politic source. or a far right polling source., Each of them have Trump losing by 7% or upwards of 15 % To Hillary Clinton. We cant say that about Ted Cruz who either beats Hillary by as much as 5% or is in the margin of error tied with Hillary . So do we wish to win or do we wish to become a socialist nation its yours our choice Make the right decision dump the Lyin progressive Debate ducking hump Trump

    1. Ken says says:

      If Hillary, Cruz or Kasich win the Election in November it will be another win for the Establishment – just like the last 27 years. It sure is great to have a choice this year – at least in the Primaries. Now we need to kick butt in the GOP and throw out all the RINO Puppets – the nominating rules have been carefully written to make sure that an Establishment candidate gets the nomination. If you weren’t listening to CNN or a Troll you would know that Hillary’s worst nightmare would be running against Trump. Ted is not only sleeping with the enemy – Ted and Heidi are the enemy – Bush trained and Establishment backed

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        So you say rinos . Your talking about Trump who infact is far left. And only wears the moniker of republican as an advantage for Hillary O blind one.

        1. Ken says says:

          Hey peat – U R so good you should be on Comedy Central. U R not Tosh but U could get a few laughs.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Well if my last post gave you a chuckle. This next one shall make all the Trumperteers cry. On this day O4/25/2016 new polling ls released. Havin hillary expanding her lead over Trump by even larger greatwr margins. Whether or not these polls,become self evident remains to be seen. It does however give rise an credibly doubt as to the strength or lack there of a possible Trump Presidency

          2. Ken says says:

            Keep chuckling peat – Hillary’s manager was just on tv answering some question about the campaign. She would prefer to run against Ted because he “is easy to take down” – Kasich would be a challenge but beatable and Trump is scary because he does not play by the rules and doesn’t furnish info about what he will say and question. It’s all fair game to Trump. Keep chuckling babe.

          3. Peatro Giorgio says:

            My O my how naive the boy Kenny is .Are you truly listening to words of Hillary ” Really ” Facts -are facts Both Hillary and Trump have been joined together from the beginning. Their plan has been to divide the republican primary voters . Why else would have Hillary highly recommend that Donald Run for office.
            Think about that for a moment .Then place some deep thought into thees polling facts,Trump very own internal polling shows him way behind Hillary; as has every single national Poll Thus far So yes I am chuckling at your false notion, That Hillary fears running against Trump. Long term freindships have away of making puppets look as the puppets they are

          4. Ken says says:

            Sweet Peat – it’s time to remove your head from your anal safe place and work toward being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. EOC

    2. Ken says says:

      You create some very interesting “statistics” do you write for CNN?

      1. roy paul shields says:

        Peatro is the script writer for Fox and their darling kelly.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says:

          Thanks for the complement. But hardly I tend toward the upper channels . Like Dana. On the Blaze. Mark Levin and many more like them .

      2. Peatro Giorgio says:

        No I write for my own amusement. Though I do read many news sources . I tend to stay away from pundents. As I am a non partisan Independent voter one who prides himself in evaluating information objectively. It is a pity many commentators, do not follow suit.

    3. WARGI says:

      Fools like you have argued from the beginning that Trump is going to loose, but he continuously wins.
      Don’t you think that you should look at you own thought process and quit telling others how dumb you are in the process.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Well lets talk about who truly is the fools. It is those whom would presume Trump to have converted to a Conservative ideology . When in fact he is as he has always been. Just one more socialist hiding behind a liberal moniker. He is as ill-suited to be president of the united states as is Obama Hillary and Bernie. I’m not the one needing to open my eyes.As you the deaf dumb and blind to truth trumperteers are. Yes the followers of the pied piper The lyin conman of con men Trump the lyin hump. I boldly make this promise Trump will lose at the convention. But if by some shear magic he manages to win the nomination .He as assuredly as I am writing this will lose in the general election. I have in fact made to such wagers 1,00.00 for the primary and another for the general election. That is how certain I am of his guaranteed lose in both . Just for laughs sake I real could not afford to lose. 5 months of savings to reach that $ 2,000.00 amount.

        1. WARGI says:

          Usted es sólo un montón de b *******. En otras palabras lo que me está diciendo es que usted no tiene dinero y no tienen ningún huevos? Además de su boca está unido al extremo equivocado.

        2. Ken says says:

          Trump was a Patriotic American when Cruz was born a Canadian Citizen and his father walked out on them.

    4. paulyz says:

      No way, Cruz polls bad against Hillary, & he gets MILLIONS LESS votes, Less States, & Less Delegates. Forget Sleazy Ted or Sneaky, Stubborn Kasich.
      TRUMP all the way!

      1. Anthony says:

        Cruz does not have a captain’s quality to navigate the big ship called (USA) he needs to get himself a couple of rubber Ducks and practice how to navigate them in soap suds inside the bath tub first.

        1. paulyz says:

          Obama is still playing with the community organizer rubber duckies.

          1. Anthony says:

            wrong the duckies have died, he starved them to death, they were American duckies, he decided to feed the criminals first

      2. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Here’s the reality. 65% of all republicans. Voted for and want anyone other then Trump..That the reality You are facing. Pity is you and many other Trumperteer’s have much to be ashamed for. Trump conned you fools. As he has conned 5,008 Ex Trump university students as he has conned many businesses associates. As he has conned many of partners. As he had conned two previous wives. The only ones he hasn’t conned is those of his political persuasions. They are the left and far left. They are his friends. Wake up O sleeper.

        1. BackingTrump says:

          who are you trying to convince, us or yourself??
          Trump 2016

        2. paulyz says:

          See my other post, with only 3 candidates running TRUMP gets 60% of the votes, meaning Cruz NOT supported by 60% of the peopke. In the last 6 States, Crus was barely getting 15%.
          Bet that was a big shock to you, huh?

      3. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Aah had Trump an Cruz been on equal footings meaning running head to head from the beginning. Trump would have been crushed. As it stands now. The only one polling lower negative rating then Hillary is Trump . Each and every single poll from every political persuasions is in the negative for Trump. Both Cruz an Kasich beat hillary Trump doesn’t even come close. But please continue decieving yourself.

        1. Ken says says:

          Aah – Trump is the one with the most votes.

        2. paulyz says:

          Your theory about number of candidates running was just blown out of the water. With only 3 Republican candidates running in the last 6 States, TRUMP gets an average of 60% of the votes, had Kasich dropped out, it would have been closer to 90% for TRUMP!

          TRUMP also is 400 Delegates ahead, won EVERY County in 5 States, Millions more votes, & 3 times the States. Looks like YOU are the one that is deceiving yourself.

    5. faxxmaxx says:

      In all your reasoning you never mentioned that NY voters had to switch parties last Oct in order to vote republican in April’s primary. Therefore many missed the deadline. However, the GE is a different story. We’ll see Bernie voters, Independents and disenfranchised democrats voting for Trump in Nov.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Many like you think an thought the same. Well I’m here to tell you. As a truly independent voter. Such thought is rather irrational an illogical. As we have already seen Democrate voters have returned home. Independent voters in large part are of an intellectual level above . That with which Trump has drawn his support from. Trump draws his supporters from those who hold deep hatred ,bigoted, racist. Mostly low info low eduacted type . Though it is also true some of his supporters should know better then most. Just who Trump truly is. Can you say Progressive socialist.

    6. BackingTrump says:

      Maybe so, BUT Crush Cruz didn’t get any of the crossover voters!!

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