Email shows Cruz moves to weaken Trump grip on delegates

by Gregory Krieg
April 5, 2016

Donald Trump won the Arizona Republican presidential primary in a landslide, but Ted Cruz’s campaign is trying to break the billionaire developer’s hold on state delegates in anticipation of a convention fight this summer — a move the Trump camp has branded “shenanigans and trickery.”

A Phoenix-based political consulting firm working with the Cruz campaign emailed Republicans in Pima County Monday asking supporters to join the Texas senator’s state delegate slate. The outreach is part of an organized effort to elect Cruz loyalists to the GOP national convention, where they could vote for him on a second ballot.

Trump dominated Arizona’s March 22 contest, defeating Cruz by 22 points — a margin of more than 117,000 votes — and locking up the winner-take-all state’s 58 delegates for at least one round of voting at the convention in Cleveland.

But Cruz, as he has in a number of states, is now seeking to better position himself should the nomination fight go multiple ballots.

In the email obtained by CNN, Sam Stone from the Cairn Consulting firm contacted Republican precinct committee members in Arizona’s 10th legislative district and invited them to join Cruz.

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  • nodo says:

    This whole cry baby crap from Trump is just another indication that he refuses to learn anything at all. I do not say our present rules of engagement for delegates is the best in the world, but the rules were there for everyone to see and study and take advantage of. Trump clearly made no attempt to learn anything about them and for all his billions did not bother to hire such an expert. I wonder if he ever really intended to go this far on this farce he calls running for president when he clearly knows nothing, attempts to learn nothing and just makes hair brained claims and statements and then blames the rest of the world when he is called on them.

  • Upaces says:

    My words first: This is sooo sleezy of Cruz to do:

    Then, next question: Senator Cruz, what did your people have in mind when you bought the rights to the 16 year old modeling pictures of the now Mrs Trump, which oddly ended up in the media right before the Utah primary ?? Next Question: Do you not find it odd that your campaign gave to a competeting candidate $500k? What reason was their for this??

  • mamere17 says:

    Anyone who believes Cruz is not “one of them” is sorely mistaken. Anyone who believes Trump is not the best qualified, principled and intentioned candidate has had the wool pulled over their eyes for too long. Bottom line is that this is class warfare. The middle class never existed in history until a few hundred years ago. It is being systematically destroyed by the plutocracy that rules this once fine, noble nation, founded on principles of equality. Without this “blue-collar billionaire”
    (Trump ), the middle class is the biggest endangered species to exist (and the EPA will not come to it’s rescue…). There has always been and will always be the rich and the poor. The rich will always be powerful. Those seeking power will always become the puppets of the rich. Cruz, Kasich, Hillary, Bernie will crush the middle class because they seek power and wealth and lack a true moral compass.. Delegates are up for grabs in their own struggle for fortune and power. It is a sick and corrupt system that we have only this brief window of opportunity to change. People have to wake up. God bless Trump.

  • Upaces says:

    Embattled White House candidate Ted Cruz‘s cheating scandal is set to explode wide-open, with fresh — and blockbuster — allegations that the married conservative senator was named in the black book of a notorious Washington D.C. madam who mysteriously died, has learned.

  • Eddie says:

    TED CRUZ is the ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE running for President. NOT a pathological liar like Trump who is only good at hurling obscenities, hiding his tax returns from voters, defrauding college students, attempting to seize property from elderly ladies under the guise of “eminent domain” so he could build a parking lot for his limos, and having one of his storm troopers assault a female reporter. No wonder con artist Trump won’t debate Ted Cruz one-on-one. Cruz would show Trump up for the inept clown he really is.

    1. mamere17 says:

      You do not have your facts straight at all. Become better informed.

  • champion2211 says:

    I know these people are smarter than that to believe Cruz is worth a vote. If you have followed his adulterous ways and lies you will not end up changing your minds even when he lies to you about Trump. Just stand your ground and vote Trump not Cruz.

  • ketrout says:

    Cruz and the GOP will go to any lengths to steal the election away from Trump. I do hope that ALL of the delegates stand with Trump to win and become our next president.

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