FCC Commissioner ‘Outraged’ At What CBS4 Investigation Revealed About Free Phone Program

by CBS Denver
July 22, 2015

DENVER (CBS4) – Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Ajit Pai says a CBS4 probe of a government cellphone program revealed fraud, waste and abuse in the government’s Lifeline cellphone program that he called “shocking.”

“The CBS4 story highlighted the fact that in places there are no safeguards, workers are signing up people using fraudulent certifications,” said Pai, one of five FCC commissioners.

The comments from one of the top administrators at the FCC came seven months after the CBS4 investigation and just weeks after Pai played the CBS4 broadcast report at a monthly FCC meeting so his four fellow commissioners could see problems with the program before they voted to broaden the program to include broadband service.

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  • TexRancher says:

    Time to get real! The Obama phones are nothing more than a government bribe to get and keep the low info types votes for the socialist party! Any time you have a government give away program, it’s an invitation to abuse as this is proving out!

  • KentS says:

    The bottom line…

    “Despite Pai’s opposition the FCC commissioners voted 3-2 along party lines to expand the Lifeline program to broadband.”

  • AuntB38 says:

    Well, all of this super monitoring was initiated under your president. I did not hear comments like yours when he was using it. Strange how views change.

  • Wolfman says:

    Pai is the only normal one in the bunch….the others had no idea that Socialist give aways …that have an economic incentive for the vendor handing them out…leads to fraud…I mean Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Credit cards, etc. constant fraud …but cellphones .. Now there is a fraud proof system!
    When will we actually have people in places of power that actually treat the Government funds as if it were their own money they are spending????

  • Dudley DoRight. says:

    What they don’t tell you is: The phones are yours in possession only. The GPS, in the phones, tells your exact location 24/7. Since the Govt. is paying for these phones, they can monitor your conversations without a warrant.

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      But, if the pattern of this administration is followed, an applicant for a freebie phone who was identified as a muzzie would not be tracked or otherwise spied on as a matter of “political correctness”. Everyone knows how law abiding and peaceful these rag heads and their sympathizers are.

      1. Dudley DoRight. says:

        Didn’t you hear of the “Special Bill of Rights” that protects only Dune Coons, blacks, and gays?

  • MeForever says:

    Can’t wait for the Trump Administration to begin!! He will have the best Cabinet who will have expertise and The Buck Stops Here on their Department Desks. There are so many O awarded Cabinet positions simply for grooming and putting him in IL Senate then in OO2x. Trump’s Cabinet will walk in with strong brooms and staff with dust pans and trash bags… and will know what to do and to Report all to Pres who WILL Report all to Citizens. God Bless Them Now.

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      My guess is that if Mr. Trump is elected there will be all sorts of “rats” leaving the sinking ship of “Freebies”.

    2. lea82835 says:

      Be Careful what you wish for!!! If you look at Trump’s record, you will find that he has contributed MORE to Democratic Candidates than to the Republicans. He would be a disaster as the President. Trump is for TRUMP. PERIOD.

      1. ed says:

        Before you condemn Trump I would like to know if he supported Democrats simply because they were Democrats or if he supported the candidate because he liked their views. We all know candidates switch party affiliation just to get elected. Some have even changed while in office.

        1. lea82835 says:

          I’m not condemning Trump I simply believe he would not be good for the USA. He’s good for Business and that is what he should stick with. He has voted back and forth for “business interests”. I’ve been a Democrat, a Republican, and now an Independent. The first President I voted for was Eisenhower, even though I was a Democrat. I’ll soon be 80, and I have NEVER seen so much division as there is today, between POLITICAL PARTIES, BETWEEN RACES. The huge influx of Muslims by Obama (without approval of Congress) is very troubling also. Read, “Rules for Radicals” and you will find where Obama is leading us.

      2. gavinwca says:

        He does business in a fascist, democrat city. What do you expect no contributions no building permits.

        1. lea82835 says:

          I have to assume that you are a resident of New York City. From what I read, NY had “turned around” and had been considered a safe City. Now under the present Mayor, crime has again increased. How did it get to be a “fascist, democratic City”. How was he elected? Did you help to vote him in?

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