Former George W. Bush Speechwriter: Rand Paul Gave ‘Aid & Comfort’ to Rioters

August 16, 2014

Robert Patterson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, said Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) gave “aid and comfort to the rioters and the protestors” with his op-ed in Time against the militarization of local police forces.  Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday, Patterson said that Paul was “outdoing” President Barack Obama’s “attempt to show moral equivalence between the rioters and the police” with a Time op-ed that even Al Sharpton praised. Patterson said that it is “another illustration of out-of-touch Republicans who are looking for love in all the wrong places” by “pandering to liberal and corporate elites instead of the middle america that the party needs to rebuild the center-right majority.” Patterson, who also worked for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, said Paul “wants the affirmation of the elites and the media” because it is “a lot more fun to be lionized to by the New York Times and Time magazine” and “sit in corporate luxury boxes” than to understand the middle class that Nixon and Reagan understood is “decisive” in any national election. Patterson said the New York Times and other mainstream media elites “look down on average, ordinary Americans” because they think they “are not as sophisticated as their intellectual” and foreign

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  • Cynic says:

    Rand Paul has the same freedom as Patterson does to say what he thinks.

    Paul is correct about the militarization of the police. I’m just not necessarily convinced that the Ferguson riots is a good example to use.

  • patriotism-matters says:

    Campaign start for another Bush? I hope not.

    1. Patriot says:

      We have had Enough of the INEPT candidates like the Bush’s, the Clinton’s…my God get real these ARE the SABOTEURS of our nation. They BROUGHT in the UNITED NATIONS initiative AGENDA 21
      that is destroying and devouring our nation AND the REST of the WORLD from within with the USE of OUR UNITED STATES TAX DOLLARS…worked for BY WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! What an INSULT!
      People speak about SLAVERY…..WE ALL HAVE become SLAVES to this ROTTEN BAND of OULAW MISFITS that believe THEY are SUPERIOR to US and NOW THEY are in POSITIONS WERE they can ABSCOND with our TAXPAYER DOLLARS and further degrade us.
      Never Give Up! Never STOP FIGHTING!
      Hold these CREEPS ACCOUNTABLE!
      There is GOOD and BAD in BOTH parties. WEED them out, and MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

      1. patriotism-matters says:

        I Agree with 95% but think party mentality is exactly what they want. Rebloodlicans (I’m a recovering one) and democrips(never will be one) are just two gangs fighting over the turf that is America. I don’t trust either one.

        1. Patriot says:

          I agree!
          Curious about the 5% that you are not in agreement with??? Kindly elaborate.

          1. patriotism-matters says:

            More than two parties to choose from. Also can choose Independents. Constitution party(mine),is underfunded but ethically, morally, and Patriotically top notch.

          2. Patriot says:

            I agree with your statements, however Big money and The Machine has defeated many exceptionally moral and constitutional candidates, also third parties have shifted margins and infused DEMO- RATS who I believe pose a greater danger today for our country.
            Some Candidates are “Placed” in the running to diffuse votes claiming they are of certain beliefs when in reality they are the masked enemies of the U.S.
            Currently many “libertarians” are entering RACES…again to Muddle the vote.

            There is Mass Corruption Afoot!

          3. patriotism-matters says:

            Agreed but from both sides. Some Tea Partiers on the leadership levels are but rebloodlican moles as are some of the “Tea Party” candidates.

            I was supposed to be a National delegate in 08, the GOP sent me this and I didn’t go. I did say something to them that ended with “you”.

            Dear: XXXXXXX(removed my name)
            As a Delegate to the National Republican Convention. Please be aware of the following expectations of your service in this capacity. You will be expected to attend. It is not sufficient to allow the alternate to take your place.

            There are substantial costs.
            1. The registration fee alone is generally $300 or
            more, and “guests,” if you bring your spouse, cost the same.
            2. For security purposes, you will be required
            to stay in the convention hotel, at a cost of $2-300 per night (5 nights).
            3. You will be expected to contribute significantly to the national party and campaign, $1000 is almost the
            4. You are expected to contribute to the “TV image” of the Party by being present, applauding and cheering at the “right” places, etc.

            ********You should also be aware that, unlike your service as a State or local delegate,your influence on the process is considerably limited. The other primary states will, by
            convention time, have determined the Presidential nominee. The platform process is divided and the opportunity to participate in even a piece of it is limited. After the convention, the platform is generally ignored. For this reason, the role of National Delegate is generally seen as a “reward” for long and faithful service to the Party,
            rather than as a “representative” to a deliberative body or a “learning opportunity” for newcomers. *******

            If you accept and believe you can meet these qualifications, please answer all of the following questions, Yes or No:
            Do you pledge to attend the National Convention, health permitting?
            Do you have the financial means to do so?
            Do you pledge to support the Republican Presidential nominee after the convention?
            Do you pledge to work for the Presidential
            candidate AND for other Republican candidates during this campaign season?

        2. Cynic says:

          “I Agree with 95% but think party mentality is exactly what they want.”

          Exactly! By bickering about which of the two major parties will save the world, we take our eyes off the issue: that neither party is looking after our interests, neither party is upholding the Constitution, and neither party deserves our support. On the contrary, both parties are producing traitors who are willingly selling us down the river. Take off your blinders, partisans; you are being sold a bill of goods.

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